Acts of Salvation: Epilogue

Ren Moretti

“I knew he had money but not that kind of money,” Cassie’s sister, Aria, not so quietly whispers to my fiancée as she strokes the leather seat she’s in.

I silently laugh to myself. We’re in our private jet and not too long ago, Cassie was in that very seat doing the same exact thing.

I let out a sigh of contentment. There is no greater pleasure than knowing I’m able to provide my little angel with experiences beyond her wildest dreams, and by extension, her family too.

If anyone deserves life’s riches, it’s most definitely her. On more than one occasion, her acts have been my salvation. I don’t think I could ever fully repay her for what she’s given me—but I sure as fuck am gonna try.

“Aria, you know he can hear you right? He’s sitting not ten feet away.” Cassie rolls her eyes in irritation. Something I’ve noticed the sisters do a lot around each other. Regardless of their banter, those four are as thick as thieves. Even their sister Ceci gets in on the action from half a world away.

“Before we land, I wanted to let you know exactly what we’ll be walking into.” I suppress a smile with a twitch of my lip. “The Renzettis and the men of WRATH have a pact. An understanding. We’ve helped each other on countless occasions and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.”

Aria’s eyes are wide, but not with fear. No, her eyes hold intrigue and hunger.


“Right. I remember meeting Johnny and Twitch when they were down in Texas for Silver’s rescue. God, what those assholes put Silver through was sick.” Cassie’s beautiful mouth twists into a sneer.

“Don’t worry. Everyone responsible got what they deserved,” I assure them both, silently letting them know that where this family is concerned, justice will always be served.

“Well don’t worry about me. I don’t scare easy.” Aria purses her lips, her eyes emitting a defiant glint.

“I wasn’t worried. You’re Cassie’s sister, after all. She’s a warrior.” My hand reaches out to trace the contours of my angel’s lips. I’ll never tire of the gentle slopes and angles that make up her beautiful face.

“Stop looking at me like that or we’re going to have to make use of the bedroom back there.” Cassie’s head motions toward the secret panel leading to the plane’s private quarters.

“Holy fuck! There’s a bedroom in here?!” Aria’s comic look of surprise has all of us bursting out into a round of laughter, bringing a much-needed lightness to the air—and we definitely need light, given the darkness were about to encounter up ahead.

“Men, good to see you.” One of my hands reaches out, grasping Gavriel Renzetti’s forearm as I lean forward and clap his back with the other.

Motioning toward the women, I move forward with introductions. “This is my fiancée, Cassie, and her sister Aria.”

Johnny DeLucci is the first to speak, “Cassie, it’s good to see you again.” He’s greeting my fiancée but his eyes have yet to pry themselves from Aria. I swear if he looks at her any longer, her clothes are bound to burn off from the intensity.

“You’ve come to collect your trophies, I take it.” Gavriel cuts into the awkward tension, for which I’m grateful.

Aria is a grown-ass woman, and I for one will not be cock blocking unless I know the douchebag in question is unworthy. But despite all that, I still would rather avoid it altogether.

“Yes. But I’d like a minute with them alone before transport.”

“No problem.” Gavriel holds open a door that leads to the exterior. “Ladies, if you’ll follow me. I think it’s time you met Sia. If what I hear about you is true, she’ll want to talk your ear off all night.”

He must be talking about Aria. She’s a pretty amazing lyricist and has worked with some high-profile artists in the past. Good. I don’t exactly want them around for what I have to do next.

Nodding toward them, I signal that it’s okay to leave. Not because I control them, but because they know I’d never put them in harm’s way. Trust is something I’ve had to earn with Cassie, and now that I have it, I’d be a damn fool to fuck it up.

As soon as they clear out, Johnny leads me back to a small room with no windows where two treacherous bodies lie on the ground—bound and gagged just as they’d done to my Cassie.

I feel no pity for these two. They’ve made their bed and now they’re going to lay in it.

“Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.” I kick at Woodrow’s body, needing him to be wide awake for what’s about to go down.

I’m not a particularly violent man, though I’m more than capable should the occasion arise. No. My form of vengeance comes in a much different package. Silent and unassuming. To the outsider looking in, they’d be none the wiser.

And though I’d love to see this man writhing in physical pain, the blow I’m about to deliver is sure to be a million times worse.

Woodrow groans into his gag while his eyes crack open, letting me know he’s awake and listening.

“You’ve been a very busy man, doctor.” That last word is spat out as if it were pure vile. “In my hand, I hold dozens of statements from previous patients of yours—all claiming sexual assault. Some of them were even minors.” As if I didn’t hate this man enough, the more I dug through his past, the more it revealed just what a sick bastard he really is.

He mumbles something unintelligible into his gag.

“Nah, ah, ahhhh.” I wave a finger back and forth. “I’m not done yet.” I hold up a piece of paper and bring it close to his face. “This right here proves that not only are you guilty of being a sexually sadistic bastard, but also an avid accomplice to insider trading. All those ‘lucky’ investments that helped make you your millions? All illegitimate. Highly Illegal.”

The bastard has the audacity to cry. His eyes leak as a pathetic whimper escapes his mouth.

“Oh, but I’m not done. All of this has been turned into the authorities. And guess what? There’s a warrant out for your arrest.” I don the biggest grin since Cassie agreed to be my wife. “Lucky for you, I’m also a bounty hunter when need be, and word on the street is you and your accomplice here are fetching a pretty penny.”

Barbie squirms in her restraints as a sequence of squeals escape her. One look at her and her bug eyes let me know she’s been listening to every word I’ve said.

“Oh, yes, sweetheart. Don’t think that we’re leaving you unscathed. Everything pointed to you covering the doctor’s tracks as far as his illicit groping sessions were concerned. Not to mention, there are several images of you with Woodrow here as he retrieved very sensitive information leading him to his investments.” My wide grin turns into a maniacal one. “You, my dear Barbie, are also named on a warrant.”

Barbie burst into full-blown hysterical wails, flailing herself against the wall in a futile attempt at escaping.

“Shhhh, Barbie. It’s best you save your energy for prison. I hear they don’t take too kindly to those who aid pedophiles.” I turn my back to them, unable to look at their repulsive faces any longer. Scum of the earth, that’s what they are. But death would be too quick of a punishment. No, they deserved a slow tortured existence.

Nodding to Johnny, we exit the room, the guards resuming their post. With business handled, it’s time for some fun.

I’m ready to show my angel why this is the city that never sleeps. Lucky for me, what I have in mind has nothing to do with the nightlife and everything to do with our bedroom.


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