Dr. Brandt: Chapter 50


We couldn’t get to Cam’s place fast enough. After coming to the conclusion that he wanted me back through more vampire talk than I expected, I couldn’t wait for us to get out of there. I didn’t care about dinner at that point. I was damn hungry, but not for food.

“Jacks is spending the night with Collin and Elena tonight,” I informed Cam as we walked up the steps to his beach house.

My breath was caught, and a shiver spiked up my spine when Cam looked back at me after unlocking the door. “Okay,” was all he said.

Cam’s eyes were darker than the night sky. I’d never seen him look so passionate. I was expecting to be scooped up in the man’s arms, but instead, I was pressed against the front door after he closed it.

His hands immediately went to the zipper of my strapless dress. I exhaled, my eyes heavy with a rush of euphoric energy. His lips teased mine with a gentle kiss while his hands slid down to my hips, gently and effectively pulling the dress up and over my head.

“I love you,” he said, his hands sliding over my ass and cupping it.

Our lips crashed into each other, hungry and desperate. Our kiss was wild and heated, and my senses were so blissfully assaulted by the sandalwood fragrance of his cologne that I hardly felt him pick me up.

My feet were placed gently on the floor of his bedroom—I think that’s where we were—and Cameron turned me to face the enormous bright moon filling the skies over the ocean. Goosebumps covered every square inch of my body, recognizing that this would be different from any other time I’d been with Cameron.

His shirt was off, and his warm hard chest pressed against my back. Time stood still. And I was utterly at the mercy of this strong man standing behind me. I melted into him while he slid a hand around my belly, and his other came up over my forehead, gently bringing my head to rest against his sturdy chest.

The smell of Cameron’s cologne intoxicated me as I fell deeper under this erotic spell. A warm sensation swirled in my belly as his lips gingerly pressed against my neck, his warm tongue tasting where his lips left a sizzling trail up my neck and to my earlobe.

“Fuck,” I whispered in a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding.

Cameron said nothing. All I could feel was an energy of dominance and determination coming from him. We’d waited almost a year for this, and it felt more intense than when we were reunited for the first time since college.

Something was different. I was coming undone from the inside out as he held me, his lips steadily claiming my neck with a determination that drove me wild with desire.

He slid his hand from my belly, my naked body exposed to him for anything he wanted, and he was taking it the way he wanted it. And I loved this.

His large hand slid over my pussy, massaging my clit between his thumb and fingers.

Holy shit.

My knees buckled as he maneuvered my clit between his fingers like he created the body part himself. He caught me with his other hand, pressing my belly and plugging me into his chest.

“I’ll never lose you again,” he said in a low, husky voice. “Never.”

The sound of his voice matched the way his hands held me, loving me. I wasn’t going to be able to stand much longer with my entire body trembling under the hold of this man.

His warm breath covered the back of my neck before he pressed his lips against it. I exhaled and forced my eyes open. I was lightheaded, weak, and fully immersed in the pleasures and sensations only this man could ignite in my body.

His fingers dipped into my hot entrance while his thumb continued to work my clit in circles, and instead of being able to focus on the ocean sparkling under the light of the enormous moon outside Cam’s bedroom windows, my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Jesus,” I said, reaching my hands back and gripping his slacks.

A deep aching need for Cam to be inside me pulsed between my legs, and I pressed my ass firmly against his hard cock.

“Fuck yes,” I said while Cameron moaned and moved his lips from my shoulder to the back of my neck.

His lips made a scorching trail as they gently kissed on top of my shoulders to the base of my neck. I couldn’t speak as he continued to kiss over to the tip of my shoulder and his teeth gently stroked along my jaw.

I tilted my head to allow him more access, just to feel his lips while he continued to roll my clit between his thumb and fingers. His movements were firm but soft, and his rhythm forced the buildup of what I knew would be an explosive orgasm.

I moaned in half agony and half pleasure, unable to move or do anything for fear that the intense sensation building in me would go away.

“Harder,” I groaned, moving my hips to compel his hand to follow my lead.

Cam’s fingers were firm in their movements, and his other hand gripped the inside of my thigh as I moaned.

I needed more.

His fingers dipped inside of me and searched greedily for my G-spot. My eyes rolled back in my head while my breath was stolen by gripping and fiery pleasure. I would have fallen to the floor, writhing in desire while the spasm continued to swarm and erupt through my body, but Cam had a steady grip on me.

While my lips grew parched from panting through the intense orgasm, Cam turned me to face him. His moist lips captured mine, and his deep kiss swallowed me up effusively.

I couldn’t gain my bearings. I couldn’t do anything but relish the sweet flavor of the lips and kiss I’d missed desperately for all these long months.

“It’s been too fucking long, baby,” he said, cradling my naked body and returning his lips to mine.

My head was spinning from when we walked into this house to when Cam slipped my dress off me and began working me over in ways I’d needed since the last time we were together.

I couldn’t even focus on what he was doing to my body because I was so enveloped with the sensations making me crumble.

I was back on his bed, his vibrant blue eyes searching mine. “I love you more than I can express, Jessa,” he said, his voice low and raspy.

I reached my hands up and ran my fingers through his hair. This man was perfect in every way, and we were about to make up for a very long year without one another. There was no way thoughts of ecstasy would consume me as they’d done when we first walked into this room.

I maneuvered myself to roll Cam onto his back, and he did without a fight. His smile was lazy, matching his expression, seeming like he was lost in some trance. I straddled him and traced over the firm lines of his stomach and chest.

His body was perfect, and there were so many times when I saw him at the hospital in his dark scrubs that I wanted to take him just like this. There was nothing sexier than seeing this man in his work clothes or when he’d tease my eyes while playing football shirtless on the beach with his friends.

Now, he was mine. The separation and the healing from old wounds was over, and I could fully enjoy him without feelings of worry and guilt threatening to ruin everything constantly.

His hands ran up the sides of my legs. “Well, now you have me, gorgeous. I’m hoping you’re not planning on being gentle?”

His eyebrow arched while he smiled.

“Does it look like I’m planning on being gentle with your sexy ass, Dr. Brandt?”

His face scrunched up in a humorous expression that made me laugh. “Dr. Brandt, eh? I suppose you worked up some fantasies, and now you’re finally fucking the hot doctor?”

I shook my head and pressed my finger to his lips, and he kissed it gently, “And how would you know?”

“I saw how you checked out my tight ass at the hospital.” He squeezed the outsides of my thighs. “And the way you drooled when I went through charts,” he said in some silly, sexy voice.

“Oh, yeah?” I said, reaching behind me for his hard dick and using the precum to lubricate where my hand tightened around him, sliding up and down.

“Mm-hmm,” he said, catching his bottom lips between his teeth and stroking my hand on his shaft. “And the way—” he paused when I pressed my fingers just under the head of his cock.

“The way?”

“Fuck, yeah, the way…” he said, eyes closed and breathless. “Fuck baby.” He sounded so sexy that I felt myself getting wet and hungry for another orgasm.

I wished I could say that Cameron was just a hot doctor, but he was so much more than that to me. He was a good man—the best man. The best father and the most loving, compassionate, caring individual I’d ever known. I loved this man more than anything in my world, and I was so damn thankful we’d somehow managed to survive everything that we’d gone through from the moment he’d left me in college until we reunited to save Jackson—and everything that was madness in between.

I wish we could’ve worked a year ago, but I knew our journey wouldn’t have lasted. I had too much baggage that would’ve fucked with my mind while I tried to build a perfect family with this man. Now, I felt stronger and happier than ever, and the best part was that it didn’t take a relationship to find my happiness. The relationship that Cam and I were about to begin only added to my joy, making all this so beautiful and perfect.

Loving someone the right way was more rewarding than I imagined. But the most essential gift out of all this was that Cameron waited for me, proving that he was indeed the most amazing human being on the planet. Now, all I wanted to do was reward him for that.


I gripped Jessa’s slender waist as she slid onto my throbbing cock. It was a damn surprise I hadn’t come just by touching her for the first time in so long. I honestly didn’t think I’d get a moment like this again, and part of me thought it might be a dream.

I licked my dry lips, watching her eyes roll back into her head while she rocked back and forth. Then, I pulled my legs up, positioning my dick to roll up and against her deep spot.

She leaned back against my legs while I pumped up into her, jolting with pleasure every time the tip of my dick reached her spot. Fuck, this was amazing.

Jessa’s moans and tight pussy drove me crazy, and her perfect tits bouncing shamelessly in the air made me want to suck them.

I couldn’t resist this perfect woman any longer, so I leaned up and captured her breast in my mouth. She moaned as my teeth nipped at her nipple, hardening it even more. I licked underneath her breast, closing my lips around it. I rolled my tongue in circles, pressing against her nipple as Jessa’s hand came up into my hair, gripping and pulling it while her hips moved faster and faster, giving my cock precisely what it wanted.

I moaned loudly against her hot flesh, knowing that this woman’s movements would make me come, and there was nothing I could do about that now. I wanted it. I wanted pleasure from my woman riding me hard and fast. Jessa gripped my shoulders, pushing me back so our eyes could meet.

“Come,” she ordered, “I want your cum inside me.” She smiled seductively.

My balls were tighter than fuck, ready to send my cum directly into her, but I didn’t want this sensation to end. The rippling pleasure from her moving made me numb to everything but her tight pussy and the boiling of extreme pleasure ready to explode out of me.

“That’s it. Are you coming with me?” I managed.

She practically left claw marks on my shoulders as she forced her hips backward, bringing my cock deeper into her.


Fuck, I was done. I grabbed her perfect ass and jerked up into her, slamming in hard and deep, joining her pleasure with a growl and groaning of my own.

The orgasm was so fucking intense, and it wouldn’t fucking stop. While her pussy clenched around my cock, sending my cum into her, I rolled her onto her back.

This was more than I expected, and the ecstasy streaming through my system was just a warm-up.

As I came down from the orgasm, Jessa massaged her fingers through my hair and offered me a lazy smile.

“You’re so fucking perfect,” I said.

I kissed her lips, and then I noticed we weren’t in the room I thought we were. “The fuck?” I said with a small laugh. “Well, shit,” I dropped my forehead between her breasts. “Looks like Jacks will be taking another room.”

“Is this where he stays in when he comes over?”

I laughed and looked around at all the shit Jacks and I had bought together to help make this room his for when Jessa was cool with him staying with me.

I was never so fucking happy when we told Jacks I was his father, and Jacks responded as if he found out he was the son of some celebrity. I never questioned him for not being upset about why he’d learned so late in life. I was just thankful he responded the way he did.

“The only room in the house with Knicks paraphernalia on the walls and shelves,” I said, knowing that I’d probably never convert my boy into a Lakers fan.

Jessa laughed then her eyes met mine. “You are the best man and father that Jacks and I could ever ask for. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, my dick soft enough to slide out of her warm pussy. “The only thing I regret, aside from not being in his life for so long, is that you raised him to be a Knicks fan when he’s got the genetics of a Lakers fan.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re such a nerd sometimes,” she said, running her finger down the length of my nose.

“I know this is wild and probably the worst thing to say after fucking on our son’s bed—”

“Then don’t say it,” she smiled and laughed.

Perhaps it was best if I waited. Fuck it. We’d waited too long, and life was passing us by each day that we didn’t seize a moment.

“Marry me, Jessa,” I blurted out. I suddenly wished I’d been a little bit more romantic, but hell, maybe proposing to your love with a soft dick after just fucking on your kid’s bed was romantic too?

Jessa laughed and squeezed my head between her arms. “You’re on one of your after-sex highs, and I’m hungry,” she said, kissing the top of my head.

“I will get on my knees here and now and beg for your hand, baby,” I said, nuzzling her neck with my lips. “But if you would like, I will make all of this right by proposing to you on the beach.”

“Naked?” she teased.

“Anything, I don’t give a shit, just be my wife.”

I sounded like a desperate idiot, but I was dead set on this.

“Honestly, Jessa, I need you in my life. You and Jacks are my family. You both belong here with me. Make my life complete and become my wife, baby.”

“I should send you a thumbs-up emoji response just to bring our entire relationship full circle,” she said. Then she grew serious. “Yes, Cameron. I would love nothing more than for you, me, and Jacks to become the family we’ve waited too long to be. I love you completely, now and forever.”

She would never have any idea how much I loved her and our son, but I vowed in my heart to prove it with more than words. She was my treasure and something I’d never planned to lose or take for granted.


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