Fierce Queen: Epilogue


I lay back on the sun lounger and closed my eyes as the heat of the late afternoon sun warmed my face. I smiled as I listened to Alejandro and Matthias splashing in the pool.

Our grandson. That had sounded so strange at first, but he was two years old now and I’d got used to being a nanna in my twenties. Lucia had blossomed since she’d become a mum and she was a natural. She adored her son. As soon as she got home from college, she played with him, read to him and made his dinner.

I must have drifted off, because I was woken by a warm hand rubbing over my stomach.

‘You ready to come inside, princess?’ Alejandro said, his voice as smooth as chocolate.

‘Sorry. Did I fall asleep again?’ I asked as I opened my eyes and sat up with a groan.

He laughed. ‘Yep. I’m going to start calling you Sleeping Beauty.’

I swatted his chest lightly with my hand. ‘Don’t be so cheeky,’ I grinned at him.

‘I wouldn’t dare, princess. But, seeing as you’re tired, how about an early night?’

I laughed at him. ‘Your early nights are never about sleep, Alex,’ I said, even as I felt a thrill of pleasure shoot through me at the thought. ‘I seem to remember you promising me plenty of early nights and rest during our recent vacation.’

‘Well, I seem to remember us spending plenty of time in bed, or generally in a horizontal position,’ he grinned at me as he continued rubbing his warm hand over my swollen belly. ‘And as soon as these babies are born, I’m going to take you all back to our beach house so I can fuck you on the sand every single morning.’

I laughed out loud. We had just spent two glorious weeks at our secluded beach house in complete isolation and privacy, and it had been incredible, but I suspected we wouldn’t be getting back there for some time. ‘I am pretty sure your mom and dad would have something to say about that. They’re almost as excited about these babies as we are. Not to mention Lucia and Matthias. You’re going to have to put some of your plans on ice, big guy.’

He flashed his eyebrows at me as he ran his hand down my stomach and slipped it between my thighs. ‘Is it my fault that I happen to have an incredibly sexy wife,’ he growled.

‘An incredibly huge wife,’ I reminded him.

He leaned down and kissed me softly. ‘You’re eight and a half months pregnant with two babies, princess. And you have never looked more beautiful.’

‘Now, I know you’re lying,’ I smiled at him.

‘Does this look like I’m lying,’ he looked down at his swim shorts and the outline of his hard cock could clearly be seen. ‘Now, come up to bed so I can make you come before I fuck you senseless.’

‘You’re a sex maniac,’ I grinned at him.

‘Me? I’ve hardly been able to keep up with you and your pregnancy hormones lately. So stop with your smart mouth, or I’ll fill it with my cock!’

I took his outstretched hand and allowed him to pull me up. ‘I love it when you’re bossy,’ I said as I sashayed past him.

He smacked me lightly on the ass and then he came up behind me, slipping his hands over my hips and pressing his mouth to my ear. ‘I’m going to fuck you so hard for that, princess.’

I felt his words deep in my core. ‘I certainly hope so.’


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