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Hucow Slave: Story

Hilary wasn’t a typical slave in the sense that there were no metal bracelets around her wrists or ropes tethering her in place. Still, she kept right where she was, because it was exactly where she wanted to be.

She was free to leave at any time, but really, it was she who was begging to stay. The man (she did not know his real name) found it pathetic and almost didn’t want anything to do with a bitch who was so eager.

He was used to treating women roughly, cruelly. And none of that Fifty Shades cutesy crap, either. No, the women who came to him for his ‘services’ wanted to experience pain and humiliation at a level that left them feeling less than human, sometimes for a month at a time.

Hilary could only spare a weekend, but she came ready – ready to be used and mistreated. She was a powerful businesswoman by day who desperately craved to submit by night. She was exhausted from being the one in control all the time; numb to the rewards of ‘having it all’ as a modern woman and mother. She desired, more than anything, to be hurt in a way that would at least make her feel something.

‘Remember your safe word. If you use it, the punishments will end and you’ll never see me again. If you manage to endure all that I plan to give you, however, you agree to forsake your former life and become my submissive full-time. Your career will be gone, your family will forget you, and you will eat, sleep and shit when I tell you. You’ll offer your holes to me happily and as needed, never uttering a single complaint. Then, one day when you least expect it, you’ll be dumped, broken and fucked raw, by the side of the road. Only then will you be back in the world you so desperately seek to escape.’

The man peered down at her sternly. She’d been naked on her hands and knees on the hard floor since he’d arrived, accepting her place as the lesser creature. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, and her skin was starting to bruise. She gave one simple but decisive nod of agreement.

The man flipped on a camera, directing its lens down on her. It was his way of owning a piece of his women forever.

‘You think you’re tough, you think you’re a strong woman, but really, your head is filled with lies that have been spoon-fed to you all your life. You’re still weak compared to a man and will always be lesser than one – physically, mentally and especially emotionally. You’re nothing but a piece of meat that will be forced to take cock in ways your pretty head can’t even fathom. Just look at your drooling pussy. The fact that you can’t even contain yourself in my presence disgusts me.’

Hilary’s fat cunt was, indeed, soaked with anticipation. She was quivering in fear in a way that also aroused her immensely.

‘I—I’m sorry,’ she managed to stutter, eyes glued to the ground.

‘Why are you here?’ boomed the man as he began to pace in front of her.

‘Because – I want you to hurt me. I need to be broken before I forget how to feel at all. I want you to spank me, beat me, whip me raw until I’m red and crying. In the real world I’m someone important, but in here I want to be nothing. So go on and fuck me until I scream – until I’m pounding on you with my fists to release me from your torture.’

‘Such big things to ask for from such a little girl,’ sneered the abuser.

‘You may have tits and an ass, but really, you’re a fucking child deep inside. Unable to care for yourself, you’re here putting your trust in someone who reminds you of the father you never had.’

The man removed his pants as he spoke, revealing a frightening, flaccid cock. It was impressively long even at rest and more than a handful to wrap around in girth. It was an obscene sight and a cock that would only fit into a select few. Hilary tried not to display the utmost fear she felt in its presence, but her eyes gave her away.

Noticing her distress, the man told her, ‘If you think this dick is big, just wait until I mold your cunt to take objects as large as an elephant trunk. Soon your pussy will be trained to handle anything.’

Hilary brightened at the thought, eagerly anticipating what would soon be slammed inside her. She smiled for the first time as her red lips were pulled tightly over her pretty teeth. She had a mouth that loved to suck cock, though she hadn’t gotten nearly enough of it since she was always so busy with work. She’d soon have this monster’s shaft shoved down her throat, though, and in time, whoever else’s he saw fit to violate her.

‘You’re right about one thing, however. You are nothing,’ Hilary’s captor reminded her as he wheeled over a complex form of milking machinery.

No mother would ever be safe to use this, as it was by no means a gentle device. It was industrial standard and could cause real harm if the man saw fit.

‘Your breasts are swollen and disgusting. You’ve replaced the perky set of tits men crave with a pair that reminds them how your cunt is loose and wrecked from pushing out a screaming child. You’d be lucky to have any man fuck that ever again. You’re nothing but a moo cow now, and you need to get milked because I can’t stand the sight of those fat milk sacs attached to your chest.’

Hilary’s huge, over-full breasts did, indeed, droop to the top of her tummy. With a forceful grab one of them was bound with scratchy rope. The man was squeezing her tits into a more accommodating shape for the milking machine as he tied them together, tighter with each pass. It was a compressing feeling that the young woman relished.

Hilary’s mounds were starting to purple as the dom continued his masterful bondage. It was a process than thrilled her and got her wet between the legs.

When he was done tying her, to her surprise, udder cream was applied to her nipples, albeit in a rough and harsh way. It stung to have her most sensitive points manhandled in this manner, but Hilary knew better than to utter a single complaint. The milking nozzles were then shoved onto her nipples, their forceful suction having an immediate latch-on effect.

Hilary watched intently as the man fiddled with the settings.

‘You’re nothing but a dirty fat cow, aren’t you? One that will be of no use to anyone after your tits have dried up.’

The girl found the bravery within herself to quiver back.

‘Yes, I am a cow. Nothing but a stupid animal whose cream needs extracting. Please pull the milk from my breasts until I rue the day that I ever got pregnant.’

The man gave no indication that he was the least bit appeased by her words.

Wanting to serve him, Hilary’s mind raced as she started to call out in desperation.

‘Moo. Moooo! Mooooooo.’

It was pitiful really, how much she wanted to provoke this man and prove to him how badly she needed to be abused. She was grunting and gasping and chewing on her bottom lip as she pressed on with her bovine groaning.

Her bleating was cut off the second she was forced to experience a new kind of pain. The dial on the milking machine was turned almost to the max as she yelped and exploded into tears. Thick, wet lines cascaded down her gorgeous, flushed face as she winced and tried to get used to it. Fortunately the human body is very adaptable and can survive far worse than this, so a few heaving breaths later and she was fine.

Each time the monster jacked the machine up to a higher setting, it got a little less painful, a little more enjoyable. Hilary’s nipples were tender and red and raw from engaging in tug-of-war with the tubes; her skin would be stretched and sore for days. But through all the tears there was also a deep satisfaction that she felt, the kind you get when you finally achieve your highest desire.

The man, meanwhile, was growing quite aroused by the vision of this pain-craving slut going through a gamut of emotions. Her screams, her tears, her grunts, and – eventually – her moans shot blood to his cock and turned him on like a man with a criminal sickness. He was now even more gloriously and frighteningly big. Whether Hilary would be able to handle it or not was a question they were both dying to know the answer to…

The man left the slut to milk as he moved to a cabinet stocked with all manner of sinister tools. His eyes scanned the interior of the chamber, unsure of what to settle on first. There were just so many ways to inflict that sweet, sweet pain, from crack whips to crops and heavy duty paddles. As he scanned the rows of shelves, one tool in particular was calling out to him. It was a cast iron skillet for beating, not cooking. One had to have a bit of muscle to wield it, but this was no problem for the domineering male, of course.

‘It’s time for your ass to know what the color red looks like. Stand up and as I spank you, I command you to keep count. You’re to rattle off each rep, followed by a ‘moo’. If you lose count or can’t keep up with me, a far worse fate will come of your ass. Got it?’

Hilary nodded fervently as she rose on her legs.

‘Yes, Sir! I won’t let you down!’

‘You better not,’ he replied in a low growl.

She trembled slightly as he rounded her backside, tits still attached and getting milked by the machine. Goosebumps pimpled over her entire naked being as she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck. He took in a deep inhale of her scent.

‘Mmm, I think this flesh will smell even better when you bleed.’

The woman instinctively stuck her ass out a little more at the thought of it, brushing her bare bottom into the man’s thick cock. She had a firm, plump rear with plenty of surface area for prime smacking. The man admired it with lust as he lightly dragged the edge of the pan across her skin.

Hilary parted her legs and spread them so the back of her glistening pussy was exposed. Her juices were trickling down her legs, waiting for that first contact.

The man reached under and cupped her pussy with a hunger, swiping over it with his grasp. Hilary pressed into his hand needfully, her folds on fire with a burning passion. To her tortured disappointment, his touch was fleeting as he slid off her and slicked the juices he’d collected from her pussy onto her ass.

The 28-year-old whimpered as the man readied the skillet against her curve, practicing his swing as if it were a golf club. Suddenly, without warning, he jerked back and then connected, inflicting a powerful punch. It was the most painful spank of her life, and Hilary let the man know through her screaming. Her voice was warbling as she remembered she needed to keep good on her count.

‘One, moo!’ she managed to eep out, her voice cracking.

Again, he connected with her flesh.

‘Fuuuucck,’ cried Hilary in pain, the wind fully knocked out of her.

‘I mean – two, moo!’

She braced herself for another hit. They were coming harder and faster now as the room echoed with the sounds of her ass getting beaten and the chug of the milk machine as her nipples got sucked.


‘Three, moo!’ cheered Hilary as the pan struck her ass like a gong.

The spanking was breaking the top layer of her skin and exposing new, pink flesh in its place. But still she did not ask him to stop; this man was training her to fully embrace the truth that pain is just weakness leaving the body.

With each successive strike, she grew a little more used to it, a little more aroused. Her master hadn’t increased the strength of his hits in a while, and Hilary found herself really craving it.

‘S-siir,’ she croaked in request, exhausted yet wanting.

‘Please, hit me… harder,’ she begged as she swallowed hard and prepared for more.

The man was stunned. He hadn’t been going easy on this bitch at all, and yet she wanted, needed more? His dick had never been harder as he considered his next approach.

He firmly gripped the handle of the pan using both hands and positioned it mid-air behind his prize, questioning if he really shouldn’t hold back at all, because to not do so could kill her. The temptation to give it to her with all his might consumed his better judgement, however, and with a loud slap he sent her small body flying towards the milking machine.

Her 110-pound weight was enough to do some real damage to its delicate parts. The tubes that had been milking her had been ripped off, and glass from the device readouts was shattered and lying next to Hilary on the ground. She was bleeding lightly, but she was okay.

The machine, however, was not. It was broken worse than the spirits of the girls the man lived to violate.

As he approached the crumpled woman he could see that she was spasming and convulsing, not in a seizure, but orgasm. Bitch was literally getting off from being thrown through the air.

He glared at her as he assessed the damage she had caused. Of course it was her fault – she had asked him to hit her harder, after all.

Hilary’s satisfied grin from cumming so epically was wiped from her bruised and bloody face the second she spotted the man.

‘I—I’m so incredibly sorry. Send me the bill, I’ll cover the cost of any repairs. But please don’t stop doing bad things to me. I’m your cow, your bitch, your animal.’

She was rambling on like women always did.

The man gave a sinister chuckle.

‘Ha. I’m amused by you thinking your level of wealth could ever compare to mine. You’ll have to find another way to pay me, because what you can offer me financially is nothing but insignificant pennies.’

Hilary’s eyes swelled with fear as her mind scrambled.

‘Any act, any hole is yours. Name your price and I’ll pay you with my body. I want to indulge the most twisted desires from the farthest recesses of your black mind. I’ll accept anything you choose to do to me willingly and with a desperation for more. You’ll never find another bitch more eager to spread her legs for you.’

Her eyes were staring, pleading with his. The man granted her a smile as her reward for being an obedient little slut.

‘Okay, pet. Now that I’ve stripped the skin from your ass, I think it’s only fair that I leave your fuck slot in a similarly abused state. You may have had dick back there before, but believe me when I say you’ve never had a dick like this.’

Precum was oozing from his tip as he warned her of the violation to come.

Hilary’s face was plastered in a smile as she picked herself off the ground and bent over the broken machine. The man readied his cock with a thick coating of the udder cream, massaging over his jutting pole, buttering it for a smooth and hard insertion. He kept smearing it in like sunscreen as he rubbed over his erection and walked closer to his conquest.

Without warning he roughly cracked her cheeks apart, digits digging into her tender, raw flesh. Such a move elicited a small hiss from a hunched-over Hilary, but every ounce of pain she felt was just a new opportunity to convert it to pleasure.

With a surprising attention to her well-being, the man gradually aligned the knob of his giant cock behind her asshole and glided forward carefully. Her anus parted ever so slightly as it got its first taste of the monster intrusion to come. Such care was short-lived, however, as animalistic desire soon consumed him and caused him to grab onto her hips in a firm hold while thrusting forward in an aggressive thrust.

Her ass took his dick rather well at first, but it wasn’t long before her hole reached its capacity. She moaned lowly as he sank into her, spearing her with his rod.

Only about half of his shaft was covered by her ass as he pumped into her, drilling his cow-creamed cock in and out of her tight hole. Hilary matched each of the man’s thrusts with a satisfied grunt as the explosion built in his balls.

‘Why are you just standing there, cunt?! Don’t make me do all the work!’ he yelled into her ear as he forcefully jerked into her ass in measured strokes.

Hilary gasped and started to sob, knowing she could only take so much. Nonetheless she immediately started to press herself back onto his tool, penetrating his rod into her even deeper and even more painfully. She slid back and forth on his dick, over and over again, as she lubricated it with her inner juices.

The man slapped her across her ass as he pushed and pulled out of her. It was the kind of contact that got the young woman seeing stars as she distinguished between what felt good and what plain hurt.

‘We’re going to have to pick up the pace of this ass fucking if you want our time together to continue. You better start raping yourself with my cock, or I will do it for you.’

The man was bordering on insanity and close to cumming. He just needed that final hard push to set himself over the edge…

Hilary tensed up all over before knocking back into his cock with a vicious force. It wasn’t comfortable, but she loved it nonetheless. She kept going, never taking a moment to rest as she concentrated all of her strength into getting her ass rammed in by his dick. Her whole body was limp and flopping around like a rag doll, except in her ass and legs, which were tight and rippling with muscle.

She definitely commanded the orgasm out of him as he began to chug violently into her tight ass, flooding it until it was full and wet with his seed. Her body was flushed all over from exertion, her cheeks wet and hair dampened from sweat. She also felt this undeniable glow, however, the kind you get from an orgasm you didn’t realize you’d had.

‘Get on your knees and lick this dick clean,’ ordered the man as he tore her off his cock and whipped her around, yanking her to the ground in front of him.

Hillary dutifully took the man’s girth into her mouth, happy to have such an elite dick down her throat. The taste of her own ass was humiliating, and yet she couldn’t stop sucking it off. She was doing her best to prove that her small mouth could accommodate such a monster cock, and scolding herself anytime she made the slightest gag.

The man had his head thrown back and was moaning in a way that would make anyone a little uncomfortable. He was deriving just a little too much pleasure from all of this.

Before long he looked down at the starving, slathering slave on his cock and pushed her away with disgust.

‘That’s enough, cunt. I can’t have you enjoying your punishments more than I do!’

He went over to the corner of the room and retrieved another machine.

‘Try not to break this one, bitch,’ he told her as he began to set it up.

Hilary assumed the default position on her hands and knees like a dog as the man attached electrodes to her nipples and plugged a cold, steel rod into her pussy.

‘You’re not to utter a word as the attachment is ravaging your pussy. I, meanwhile, will be cracking you across the breasts to get your remaining milk out. Is that clear?’

‘Yes, Sir. Moo!’ agreed Hilary as she faked courage.

‘You’re about to be electrocuted and fucked at the same time. If you don’t think you can handle it, leave now.’

‘I will never leave,’ replied the woman firmly and decisively.

‘My body is a sack of garbage you can kick around and dump wherever you please.’

‘Good girl,’ smiled the man as he switched on the new machine.

‘Now spread your legs a little more for me.’

Hilary obeyed without question as the metal appendage drew back into a starting position. With a furious whir it began to piston into her, frothing her pussy into a wet mess within seconds.

‘Oh godddd,’ Hilary wanted to moan out loud, but that would have been breaking the rules. Her sensitive pussy walls were experiencing a mix of sensations as she closed her eyes and imagined it was the man’s cock – what she really craved – thrusting into her.

The monster went to fetch a black riding crop from his little cabinet of horrors, tapping it impatiently in his hand on the walk back. He pressed a button on the hardworking machine, delivering an intense shock to Hilary’s captive tits.

She bit down on her lower lip but still she did not scream, never wanting their play to end. The buzz to her tits got her nipples leaking and flowing. Meanwhile, the metal extension was jutting into her even faster now as the man swung those first few swings of the leather crop across her milky breasts.

‘One, moo!’ Hilary called out on instinct.

‘Did I say you could count?? Can you not follow basic instructions, bitch?!’ the man asked angrily as he smacked the crop across her face instead of her chest.

Again Hilary’s eyes welled up with tears. She didn’t dare cry, though. She was stronger than that now.

The man set the levels on the machine even higher. She was being both penetrated and electrocuted at a harder and more frequent rate now.

‘You’re loving every second of this aren’t you, you no-good cunt? Answer me when I’m speaking to you!!’

‘I— I am enjoying it, Sir. But I will only obtain true satisfaction when you’ve stripped me of every last ounce of my dignity and then discarded me like the worthless whore that I am.’

The man’s lips formed an evil upturn as the machine was set to full-blast. The metal bar was plunging into the woman’s cunt as the crop beat across her breasts, which were soaked with milk that was dripping onto the floor. Hilary’s face was contorting with all kinds of reactions, from bad to blissful, as the violations raged on. Her body was shaking from pain, pleasure and orgasm all in one. One climax slammed into another, and with each one she could never see it coming nor prepare for its intensity.

Eventually the machine reached its operating limits and needed to be powered down to avoid overheating. Hilary was left utterly exhausted, but at the same time, had never felt so wonderful in all her life.

‘You survived to the end,’ the man informed his slave with a slight hint of pride in his voice.

Hilary was meek but grateful in her acknowledgment of this.

‘Th-thank you,’ she quivered in a soft voice.

‘Don’t thank me yet. I told you in the beginning what it would mean if you made it to the end. From here on out, your existence won’t be your own anymore. Your name – gone, replaced by whatever you’re lucky to have me call you in the moment. Your freedom – mine. You will fuck who and what I tell you to fuck, multiple times per hour, every day until you don’t even have a memory of your former self. You will never know love again while you are with me. You’re nothing but a cow for me to fuck and feed from. I’ll keep your tits sucked so you’re forced to carry that humiliating weight for the rest of your days. And if you ever disobey me, there will be no second chances, no chance for redemption.’

Such surprisingly simple, fair terms for the life she always wanted to have…


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