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Jinxed: Chapter 24


woke up in a room filled with more machines than I had ever seen in my life, making more noise than I had ever heard. It was loud, it was cold, and I wasn’t entirely sure I hadn’t woken up in Hell. It would serve me right for all the bullshit I had pulled–building a house on someone else’s home. Wallowing in my self-pity. Not seeing people for who they really were. Relying on money. But then I turned my head, and she was there. Savannah. Hair a mess, pulled up into the ridiculous hairstyle she liked so much, eyes sleepy and bruised with exhaustion, and looking right at me with the biggest smile on her face.

“You’re awake,” she breathed.

“And you’re not in the house,” I pointed out. I looked around the stagnant room, assuming I was in a hospital of sorts. All I knew was that as much as I hated the loud room, it was a hell of a lot better than the four walls I had been forced to look at for the last hundred years.

She filled me in on what had happened over the last week, and then crept in next to me in the small, uncomfortable bed. She clung to me while I clutched her to my chest and cried until there were no more tears left in my body, and Savannah’s shirt was soaked through. I mourned everything I had lost, and everything I had found. Everything seemed like a blur.

For two weeks, I stayed in the hospital, the doctors making sure everything was functioning as it should. They couldn’t explain to me how I was still around after hearing as much of the story we were willing to share, and I didn’t bother to explain. Some things in this world you just couldn’t understand.

On New Years Eve, when I left the hospital, Brynn offered to let the four of us stay at her place. None of us wanted to leave Savannah’s side, and she and Brynn had a lot of catching up to do. Between Brynn’s granny being sick and our experience in the house, she’d had enough excitement–for right now at least–and she ended up staying home after the holidays.

We spent most of our time learning how to live in the modern world. Savannah took us to a bank, and to get new identification–making us an official part of this new world. I was surprised to see my bank account still intact, the interest offsetting the inactivity fees, and along with what was left of Savannah’s inheritance, we had enough to be more than comfortable. She bought a laptop, and showed us how to use computers. One day she came home with even smaller computers she called phones. I wasn’t very good with mine. It made a lot of weird noises and annoyed me, so it was off more than it was on. Grocery stores, too, were something that overwhelmed us. There was so much choice at our fingertips, when we had been used to none.

We were lucky to have a place to stay, but Brynn’s home was small, and we were quickly overstaying our welcome. A hotel would’ve been too costly, especially with none of us working quite yet. Savannah offered to go back to the diner, but I wouldn’t let her, especially after I discussed it with Luther. Finally I addressed everyone as we sat in Brynn’s living room, Savannah on Theo’s lap while Luther and I shared the couch. “Why don’t we go back to the house? It’s big enough for all of us,” I suggested.

Brynn, Savannah, and Theo stared back at me. Luther and I exchanged knowing glances.

“What?” I asked, frowning. “It makes the most logical sense.”

“Yes, but…” Savannah cocked her head to the side. “Are you sure?”

The house was filled with bad memories, yes. Being trapped for so long. Being cursed. Dying. But it was also filled with good things. Meeting Savannah. Watching her moan my name. Finding a family, and a purpose. And the idea of taking back control over the house that held sway over me for so long was an absolutely delicious idea. “Yes. I’m sure.” My orchids needed me. And Luther and I had hatched a plan.

We moved back the next day. It was weird standing in front of it, knowing how much time I had spent hating the house, resenting everything it had taken away from me. Now, looking at it, I realized it was just a house. It wasn’t anything special. The people inside made it a home, and looking around me now at the people I loved more than anything else in the world, I knew that was what had been missing from the beginning. A family. People who loved unconditionally. It was what we had all been missing.

So we got to work.

Most of the furniture was removed, donated to charity or antique stores. A new start was what we all needed. She did request her and Luther’s library armchairs stay though–a request I was more than happy to oblige.

The walls got a new coat of paint, and the old electrical was updated to code, along with modern plumbing and top-notch appliances. New furniture arrived daily. The backyard garden was a labor of love between the four of us, something we were still working on today. But seeing the roses I had planted so long ago blooming so beautifully, and Savannah’s face light up when she saw them made it all worthwhile.

Every goddamn second of it.

I couldn’t wait to see her face.

It’s funny how life works out sometimes. You think you’ve got everything figured out, down to the last little detail. You’ve planned every bit of your life, down to how your days will look. Marriage, traveling, kids, work, success…whatever it may be. You spend your time striving for these goals, ignoring everything else along the way, because to you, that isn’t “success.” It isn’t quantitative, so it doesn’t register. Instead, you keep your blinders on, still running towards your goal.

And then one day, something happens to shift your focus. Reality smacks you in the face, making you realize what was important all along. And the important parts? They’re all those little moments you don’t think will add up to much. But when you put them all together, the most amazing colors emerge in the tapestry of your life.

A hundred and twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have bet anything, not one cent of my riches, this would be life today.

Fifty years ago, I wouldn’t have believed I would ever be happy. Loved.

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed I would choose to ever remain in this house, of my own free will.

Yet, here I was. Savannah sprawled out on the blanket next to me, her golden head in my lap. I brushed the loose tendrils away from her face just for an excuse to touch her. She said she was going to read a book Luther had brought home from the town library for her–a place I wished he never realized existed–but she was snoring softly. The book rested on her chest, still held open with her fingers. It looked like it was about to slip.

Trying not to wake her, I snuck the book from her hands, sliding her bookmark into place and placing it next to her. I smiled as I listened to the gentle sounds of her sleeping. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we had come out to the garden to take advantage of the sunshine. Although, in all honesty, you would usually find us outside unless a snowstorm was rolling in. We had enough of the inside. Our souls wanted to breathe the fresh air, and feel the sun on our faces.

“Don’t tell me she fell asleep again.”

I grinned and turned to see Theo shaking his head. Even with access to barbers and hairdressers–among a thousand other things I had to get used to–he kept his hair long. He said it was because Savannah liked it, but I wasn’t sure that was the only factor. “You already know she did. Maybe if you didn’t keep her up all night, she wouldn’t need to nap in the middle of the day.”

Theo rolled his eyes. “I’m not the only one keeping her up. Besides, she spent last night in Luther’s bed, not mine.”

Luther looked up from the rosebush he was shaping. “What am I being blamed for now?”

“Keeping Savannah up,” Theo responded. “She’s passed out on Felix’s lap, and she said she’d come to my meeting with me today.”

His addiction meeting. One that came with sponsors and lots of steps and little badges. It was one of the new facets of modern life I found fascinating. In 1907, alcoholics just died. Apparently in 2022, they helped them recover.

Luther and Theo had told me things that had been invented since I had been trapped in the house, but being told and actually seeing them were two completely different things. Cars, for one. I had seen them driving up to the house. I knew how they worked. But being inside one, a moving thing that wasn’t alive…I wasn’t sure I would ever get used to that. Anytime I had to ride in one with Savannah or one of the men, I would cling to the side, keeping my eyes closed until I arrived.

Don’t even get me started on those damn smartphones…mine was still off, unless Savannah wasn’t with me. Just in case.

I’d learn everything about modern life, though. Learn it all to see Savannah every morning when I woke up, and kiss her goodnight every evening. The woman in question rolled over in my lap, looking up at me with a smile. “Hi,” she whispered, rubbing her eyes.

God, she made me feel alive like never before. Maybe it was just a fluke from being the first woman to step in the house. Maybe it was something more. I wasn’t about to question it. “Hi,” I murmured. I shuffled down so I was lying next to her, pressing a kiss to her perfect mouth.

She moaned, leaning into me. Savannah always woke up needing sex, and who was I to deny her? Not like any of us ever would. And here in our garden, we were as secluded as possible.

“Roll over, darling. Let me take care of you.” I pushed her gently, and she rolled onto her back without complaint.

She was wearing a dress, one I had bought for her that I absolutely loved. Having access to new clothes, new anything, was a high like no other. Seeing Savannah in dresses brought out something primal in me, knowing her pussy was only a shred of fabric away from my touch. I pushed the bright red fabric over her hips, pulling the lacey panties she wore down and off. No more dark reds, not anymore. We lived in the light now, the four of us, and our clothing reflected that. I parted her legs, kissing up one thigh, and then the other. She tasted better than anything in the world. Her hands leading my head where she wanted it told me I was on exactly the right track.

“Do you want something?” I whispered, letting my breath tease her pussy.

“Felix, please,” she complained, pushing her clit up towards my lips. I held her legs flat though, not letting her move.

I smiled. “Fine. One orgasm, and then you have to let all of us have fun.”

Savannah leaned up on her elbows, looking around at the three of us. “Insatiable, all of you.”

“You love it,” Luther added.

She leaned back, putting her hands back on my head. “I do. Now make me come.”

“With pleasure.” I hummed, and pressed my lips against her swollen clit. She cried out, jerking her hips into my mouth. I pushed her thighs flat once more, and sucked her clit until she begged.

“Oh, fucking hell, Felix.” Savannah cursing meant I was doing a good job. My hands held her hips down, and my tongue teased her slick folds. Eventually her curses gave way to incoherent cries of pleasure. I put more pressure onto the throbbing bundle of nerves. Normally I’d fuck her with my fingers while I licked her until she screamed, but I wanted to torture her just a bit, holding her in place with my hands.

Still she squirmed, desperately seeking the friction she needed. Her need turned me on, my cock painfully hard beneath my jeans. I wanted to be inside her so damn bad, but the tension made everything feel even better.

“Make her come, bro. We’re dying over here,” Theo muttered. I didn’t even mind he called me bro, because I knew he wanted to fuck her as badly as I did. I could use his need as my excuse, already imagining sinking inside of her wet heat. So I shifted, widened my lips to scrape my teeth over her clit, and slid a finger inside her at the same time.

She cried out and came on my mouth, her pussy clenching around my finger as I licked and sucked her through her orgasm. Fucking decadent.

“Such a good girl for me,” I praised, pulling my clothes off. I rolled her limp body onto all fours. “Now you’re going to be an even better girl and take care of all of us.”

Savannah moaned, in pleasure rather than protest. She pushed her ass back, already eager to be filled with our cocks. I slid underneath her, keeping hold of her hips, and lowering her onto my waiting dick. I knew the other two would join us in whatever position they saw fit. Savannah’s mouth dropped open in a sigh of pleasure as her pussy slowly took me. She groaned as she sank flush against me. It was like she was made for me, still pulsing from her orgasm but molding perfectly to my cock. I rocked lazily, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face, and the way her still-sensitive body reacted to my touch. If I made her come again, I knew it would be explosive, rattling her to her core.

I would make her come again, of course. How could I not? Her golden hair dropped against me, tickling my chest. I looked up to see Theo pushing her back lower. “Give me your ass, sweet girl.”

Already nude, he smirked at me over her shoulder, already nude. He had probably stripped off his jeans the moment I started eating her out. She pressed her hands into my chest, and leaned up while Theo slipped his finger through her wetness between us. She arched into me. I rested a hand on either cheek, forcing her eyes down to look at me. “Relax, and let us fill you. Don’t fight the pleasure. Don’t deny yourself.”

Savannah nodded, looking into my eyes with such intensity, I could’ve pinpointed the exact moment Theo thrust inside her tight asshole even if I hadn’t been inside her myself.

“Holy fuck,” she moaned. I knew more curses would follow. “Fucking hell. Make me come already.”

I laughed, and Theo rocked slowly into her ass. “Not yet, darling. You’ve still got one more cock to take.”

I began thrusting in her pussy slowly, like I had all the time in the world. Like magic, Luther appeared overhead, sinking to his knees next to me. His pants were unzipped, his thick cock fisted in his hands as he stroked it. He nudged it towards Savannah’s lips, and she looked up to meet his eyes. “Wrap your lips around me,” he instructed. “I’m going to fuck your sweet little mouth until I come down your throat. Wouldn’t you like that?”

She nodded eagerly, and her lips parted. Luther pushed his cock into her mouth, and she groaned, her hungry cries of pleasure muffled around him. I smirked. Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have liked to share. Once, I would’ve been horrified knowing my girlfriend had another man’s dick in her throat. Once, I had been naive to true pleasure. Now, though, it was fucking sexy knowing Savannah was filled to the brim, about to make all of us come while we shattered her into pieces.

Luther was the first to move, thrusting into Savannah’s mouth while she gagged and choked above me. I wasn’t worried, because I knew how much my dirty girl loved it. Hearing those noises, and feeling her slick desire coat my dick had me rocking into her. I drove deeper, holding her waist, and then Theo joined in, moving with us.

Someone cursed, but I didn’t know who. Savannah had closed her eyes, still moaning around Luther’s cock. Pleasure was building, tightening in my core. My breathing quickened. I didn’t want to be the first to finish, though. I looked over Savannah’s shoulder and caught Theo’s eye. “Cover her back with your cum.”

Savannah looked down at me, her eyes slits as we fucked her senseless.

Theo grinned. “My fucking pleasure.”

I let him take control of the speed, his grunts filling the air. Savannah’s body rocked with his thrusts, forcing her mouth onto Luther’s cock again and again. He wouldn’t last much longer either, and I was just enjoying every moment.

“Oh, fuck,” Theo cursed. He pulled out with a groan, and I could imagine how pretty Savannah’s smooth back looked covered in his cum. He rolled over to his side, panting hard.

God, what a sight. I wasn’t sure if I preferred Savannah filled with our cum or covered in it, but I would take either. She liked it, too. Already her pussy started to clench around me again, her nails digging into my shoulders. I held onto her hips, rolling her into me so her clit rubbed every time I thrust. Her arms shook, her moans a bit louder around Luther’s dick. “Come for me, Savannah,” I murmured.

She came with a shudder and a cry, her lips latching harder onto Luther. That moment was enough to send him toppling over the edge with her, pumping into her mouth as he came. I watched from below as I fucked her through her orgasm, seeing her swallow every drop of Luther’s cum like such a good fucking girl.

I was losing control, every sense occupied with Savannah. The way she felt, the way she smelled, the way she cried my name and rolled her hips against me was all too much. I gripped her flesh harder, driving deeper and slamming her down on top of me. She was going to be sore tomorrow, but if I knew Savannah, she’d say thank you and ask for more.

“You’re doing such a good job, darling.” I grabbed her as I came, my cock pulsing inside her as I spilled out. “Such a good girl,” I whispered, closing my eyes as I came down from my high.

Above me, Savannah stilled, holding my shoulders as her breathing leveled out. She was just too fucking good. I still wasn’t sure this wasn’t all just a dream I would wake up from one day.

She flopped on her back next to me, Luther and Theo both breathing heavily on either side of us. I hoped it would stay this good forever, the four of us enjoying and exploring until we grew old and died.

I rolled to my side, trailing my fingers down Savannah’s face. Her skin was so smooth to the touch, more freckled from all the time we spent outside. “Where would you like to go, darling? The world is your oyster.”

She smiled, because we both knew this was true. We could go anywhere in the world now, not a single curse or door to stop us. She rested her hand on top of mine, reaching behind her to grab Theo’s hand, and smiling up at Luther. “I think I’d like to go home.”

It was the best goddamn answer I could’ve ever heard leave her lips.


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