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Mid-Thirties Slightly Hot Mess Female Seeking Billionaire: Chapter 23


Dear Diary,

Why do I love dancing on tables so much? Don’t answer me. Well, it’s not like you can answer me because you’re just a piece of paper with pen written on it, and if you did answer me, I think I’d freak out, but I wish I knew why. I really wish I knew why I love to dance on tables so much. Maybe it’s because I love the movie Coyote Ugly, but I’m not Piper Perabo. I certainly don’t have her moves and I don’t have her body. Though, if I’m being quite honest with myself, I kind of like dancing on tables. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel sexy and free and maybe it’s because every time I dance on a table, something hot happens. Though, that something seems to be happening with Ethan Rosser and I’m not really interested in going down that road with him because he is a jackass. And when I say he’s a jackass, I mean he’s the biggest donkey going. If he started snorting and sounding like a donkey, I wouldn’t be surprised.

However, that doesn’t really excuse the fact that I did it with him again and by did it, I mean it. Yes, we fucked. I hate that word though. It sounds so crude, but maybe that’s just who I am now. A table dancing, crude hoe. Love, always, sassy Sarah.

I immediately called Isabel as I left the business meeting. I am furious. With myself. With Ethan and with the creep Bob, that made it far too obvious that he wanted to take me to his hotel room after the meeting. I am on my way home, but I am upset and need to speak to someone.

‘Hey, Chica, how’s it going?’ She says as she immediately answers the phone.

‘Oh my God. I’m so pissed off.’

‘Oh gosh, what did that asshole do now?’ She cuts me off before I can even finish my sentence.

‘What? How did you know?’

‘Because it’s always Ethan,’ she giggles. ‘At least it’s always been him the last couple of weeks whenever you’re upset.”

‘He’s such a jackass. Girl, he did not ask me on a date. He was not interested in spoiling me. He…’ I take a deep breath. ‘Let’s just say that he is the most arrogant, pompous…’

‘He’s a prick, huh?’ She cuts me off again and giggles.

‘Yeah, he’s a prick and I do not even want to think about him. What are you doing right now?’

‘I was just about to watch Love is Blind. The new season is out. Oh my gosh. There is this guy called Jimmy and he…’

‘Girl, I don’t even want to talk about that right now. You want to go and grab a drink?’

‘Another drink?’

‘What do you mean another drink?’

‘I’m just surprised that you’ve wanted to go out so many times during work nights for drinks. You don’t normally.’

‘Yeah. Well, I don’t normally have to deal with a grumpy jackass of a boss, but I am certainly dealing with that right now.’

‘Maybe it was better when he didn’t know who you were then?’

‘I don’t know,’ I say, thinking out loud. ‘I mean on the one hand, I didn’t have to put up with this bullshit. On the other hand, who wants to be invisible?’

‘So what exactly happened?’

‘I went to The Champagne Room looking all hot, thinking it’s a date, and he was there with a bunch of men because it was actually a business meeting, and he got really rude and annoying. Then one of the guys was basically telling me how he wanted to go down on me in front of everyone. Like what a pig. Why are men such pigs?’

‘Whoa. Who was telling you that he wanted to go down on you? Ethan or…’

‘No, not Ethan. This guy called Bob something. Maybe Bob Jackson. Not to be confused with Jackson, Ethan’s best friend who works at Rosser International.’ I sigh. ‘Anyway, I could tell that even Ethan was pissed off, but girl, right at the end he was like, to me, ‘I hope you didn’t think this was a date because it’s not a date.’ I was like, ‘I didn’t think it was a date. I haven’t even thought about you.’ He was like, ‘Well, that’s good because I’m not interested in getting into a relationship.’ I was like, ‘I wouldn’t want a relationship with you anyway.” I take a deep breath. ‘Anyways. I need a drink so I can forget about him.’

‘Girl, that sounds like a lot. You want to go to the Owl and the Pussycat again?’

‘Fine,’ I say. ‘Meet you there in 20?’

‘Sounds good. I’ll be there, and don’t worry Sarah, it will be okay.’

‘Uh-huh. I know that’s what Bob Marley says, but was it okay for him?’

“Touche, though I think he says it will be alright.” She giggles and hangs up.

I make my way into my apartment and study my face in the mirror and then I study my body. I do look hot. Totally inappropriate for a business meeting. Totally, totally inappropriate. I want to die. I can’t believe Ethan told me that he was sorry that I’d been confused and that I thought it was a date. A part of me was still confused. Why hadn’t he said it was a business meeting? And why had he gotten onto his knees when I told him to kiss my ass? Who does that?

‘Oh, this man is going to drive me crazy,’ I say to myself as I shake my head.

I splash my face and take a deep breath before I head into the kitchen and grab some water. I drink two glassfuls and then head back to the bathroom to redo my makeup. I decide to keep on the same outfit because I look good and I’m not going to change, even if I do look really sexy.

Maybe some guys will see me and want to flirt. Right now, I’m ready to flirt with any hotties because I kind of need to forget about Ethan. Obviously, what we had done meant nothing to him. Obviously, it had just been one hot moment, and he had told me he didn’t want anything else. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t want anything else either. I might be looking for a man, but I’m not desperate and I’m not going to force myself on anyone. I’m not going to make someone want to date me, and if Ethan Rosser is not interested in me, I’m not interested in him.

Just because he makes me laugh, and he’s funny, and he’s rich and he has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in real life, that doesn’t matter to me. I’m looking for a man with principles. I’m looking for a man that has compassion and is sweet, and makes me feel like a million dollars. That is not Ethan. Ethan makes me feel like, I don’t know. I don’t even want to think about it.

I grab my red lipstick and reapply it and head out the door. Tonight I am going to forget I have ever seen Ethan Rosser naked.

‘Oh my gosh, you look so hot,’ Isabel says as I approach her outside the bar. She’s standing there looking just as sexy in her short red dress.

‘Girl, you are the one that’s looking hot. How did you put that on so quickly?’

‘I have a supply of hot dresses ready for when you want to go out.’ She giggles. ‘You think I look good?’ She twirls around and I nod.

‘Girl, you look like a fricking Victoria’s Secret supermodel.’

‘Yeah, right,’ she says laughing. ‘I wish. More like you do.’

‘Thank you, but no I don’t.”

“You’re hot, hot, hot,” she giggles.

‘Come on. First round’s on me.’

‘Ooh, tequila shots?’

‘I don’t know that we should do tequila shots,’ I say looking over my shoulder as we enter the bar. ‘But you know what? I don’t even care. Tequila shots, vodka shots, rum shots. Whatever you want, we will do.’

‘Woo hoo,’ she says. ‘This is what I’m talking about.’

We dance towards the bar and start singing the Usher song that’s playing.

‘I feel like tonight’s going to be a good night,’ she sings.

‘So do I,’ I laugh and dance around.

I order the shots, we down two and then we head over to the dance floor. I’m singing loudly, and Isabel is dancing around me. I feel relaxed and even though Ethan is still in the back of my mind, I’m not going to dwell on him.

‘I’m going to dance on a table again,’ I say as I head over to a round table in the center of the room.

Isabel smiles at me. ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’

‘I’m sure. What’s that saying? Dance like nobody’s watching?’

‘There’s a whole bar of people watching you,’ she says, gesturing around the crowded bar.

‘Well, that’s great because I deserve to be the center of attention. I deserve for people to look at me and want me.’

‘Girl, every single man in here wants you right now.’

‘Good,’ I say as I get up and dance on the table. I don’t care what anyone thinks. This is my moment to just be free.

I close my eyes and swing my head back and forth. I’m one with the music. I’m sexy. I’m beautiful, and I won’t let Ethan Rosser make me feel I’m not. I’m dancing around, spinning and giggling, and then I feel like someone is watching me. I open my eyes slowly, and my jaw drops as I see Ethan standing there. Looking just as shocked to see me.

‘What the fuck?’ I say under my breath. Is he stalking me? How is he here again?

He steps towards me. There’s a glint in his eyes, and I suddenly start to panic. I step back and twist my ankle slightly.

‘Ow,’ I cry out, as my hands flail and I try to take a step forward to adjust my position. That was the wrong move, and I can see I’m about to fall onto the ground and I have no way to stop myself.

As if in fast-forward, I see Ethan rushing towards me, his arms outstretched as I fall. He catches me in his arms and holds me close to him as he lowers me down to the ground. My heart feels like it will pop out of my chest and my entire body is trembling.

‘What are you doing here?’ I mutter at him, and try to push him away as he’s still holding me.

‘That’s no way to say thank you,’ he says, his eyes burning into mine. I feel like I can’t breathe.

I swallow hard. ‘Maybe because I am not going to say that.’ I glare at him.

‘You need to stop being so clumsy, Sarah.’

‘You need to stop being such an asshole, Ethan.’

‘You need to stop dancing on tables if you don’t have the skills,’ he says, his lips smirking.

‘You need to stop stalking me when I go to bars and dance on tables.’

‘You wish, honey.’

‘I certainly don’t,’ I say. I’m breathing heavily now, and I can feel that he’s breathing heavily as well. My heart races as I breathe in his deep, musky scent.

‘You need to stop being so damn sexy,’ he says as he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me into him.

His body is hard and warm, and even though I want to pull away from him, I can’t.

‘You need to stop wanting to touch me,’ I say, pressing my palms against his shoulders and squeezing tightly.

‘You need to stop being so fucking sexy.’

‘You need to stop being so fucking hard,’ I say as I reach down and rub his cock slightly through his pants.

‘You need to fucking stop turning me on.’ He blows into my ear. ‘Because trust me, darling, you haven’t even seen hard yet.’

I swallow. I know I’m playing with fire but can’t stop myself. I grab a hold of his face and whisper in his ear. ‘You need to stop making my panties so wet,’ I say, throwing caution to the wind.

He growls as he grabs my hand and pulls me towards the side of the dance floor.

‘What are you doing?’ I say, blinking at him, wondering where Isabel is right now.

‘Something I’ve wanted to do since the first moment I saw you dancing on that table,’ he says.

He grabs me and pulls me down a hallway. He pushes open a door and pushes me inside before closing it. I look around and see a bunch of boxes and bottles. We’re in some storage room.

‘We can’t be in here, Ethan.’

‘Says who?’ He says, pulling me towards him.

‘We’re in a bar and anyone could…’

‘Shut up Sarah,’ he says, as he grabs my face and pulls me towards him. His lips are on mine before I can protest and I kiss him back. He’s hot and hard and I’m horny as hell and I don’t care what’s going on. Or where we are.

‘We shouldn’t be doing this,’ I say, as I run my hands down the side of his arms.

‘But you know you want to,’ he says, as he lifts up my skirt and pulls down my panties.

I feel his fingers between my legs, rough and eager, and I moan as he slips two fingers inside of me.

‘You weren’t lying,’ he grunts as he feels my wetness.

He finger fucks me and my entire body trembles. This is going way fast and I don’t care.

‘Fucking hot. You’re so fucking hot,’ he growls as he pulls his fingers out and sucks on my juices.

He reaches down and unzips his pants and I watch as he pulls his cock out. He looks around and pulls me over to the side.

‘What are you doing?’ I say, murmuring as he bends me over a stack of boxes.

‘You’ll see,’ he says, grunting.

My ass is up in the air and I feel his hand slapping against one of my ass cheeks.

‘Ow. What was that for?’

‘That was for being a clumsy, clumsy girl,’ he says, growling as he pulls his cock up against my slit and rubs it back and forth. ‘Fuck. You want me so badly, don’t you?’

‘No,’ I say, as I push my ass against him and he groans. I feel his cock sliding into me and I moan loudly.

‘Fuck. You’re so hot, Sarah,’ he says, as he slides into me deep and hard. ‘Your fucking pussy’s been waiting for this, hasn’t it?’

He slides out, and I moan as I realize that I want him more than anything in the world at the moment. I wouldn’t take it even if I were offered a million dollars to stop.

‘Fucking horny as hell, aren’t you?’ He says as he pulls me back up; I feel his hands reaching up, and he yanks the top of the dress down slightly so that my boobs are free.

‘Oh, fuck yeah,’ he says, as he plays with my nipples. ‘Hard nipples are such a fucking turn on to me.’

‘Shut up, Ethan. Just fuck me,’ I say, and he laughs.

‘Okay, your wish is my command.’

He bends me back over and slides his cock into me deep and hard, and continues thrusting faster and faster. I hear myself screaming, but I can’t stop it. He feels so good inside of me. I cannot believe that we are here doing this. I cannot believe that even though I’m so mad at him, I’ve let him take me again.

‘Fuck yeah,’ he says, as he grabs a hold of my hips and slams my ass back into him. ‘Fuck,’ he says. ‘I’m going to cum.’

‘Make me cum first,’ I say, glancing back at him and he groans.

I feel his hands between my legs and he’s rubbing my clit.

‘Oh, fuck yes,’ I say. ‘Don’t stop.’

He continues rubbing my clit as he enters me slowly and then he starts thrusting again. I feel myself cumming hard and fast and then I feel him stilling. My orgasm spreads across his dick as he pulls out and spurts over my ass.

‘Fuck yeah,’ he says, his body shaking behind me as he reaches up to play with my breasts again. ‘That was fucking hot.’

He spins me around and looks down at me, presses his lips against mine and kisses me hard. I reach up, play with his hair, pull my dress back down, and then push him away.

‘Thank you,’ I say sweetly and he just blinks at me.

‘Sorry, what?’

‘Thank you for making me cum. That was a nice surprise, but now I’m going back out and dancing for my admirers.’

‘Dance for what fucking admirers?” He looks shocked.

‘You know, all the men watching me as I was swinging my hips on that table.’

‘Sarah, don’t you dare…’

I step away from him towards the door, look back and give him a small little smile. ‘Ethan, like you said before, you and I, we’re not anything. I’m not looking for an emotional entanglement either. I’m not looking for a relationship. Our fucks, while they’ve been quite good, haven’t been the best I’ve ever had. So you know what? Move on with your life.” I take a deep breath as I return to the dancefloor. My entire body is trembling at my lies, but I am pleased at the shocked expression I’ve left on Ethan’s face.


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