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Mine To Honor: Epilogue One


One month later

“Mammma,” Cici starts babbling and my eyes open, looking over at the screen on my side table. Cici is standing up in her crib, holding on to it as she bounces at her knees and calls, or better yet, her voice goes louder and louder. “Mmmammmmaaaa.”

“I think she’s calling you,” Levi mumbles, his body hugging me from the back, one hand hugs my waist, the other is firmly on one of my breasts. Instead of letting me go, he pulls me closer to him.

“She’s not calling me, she’s calling Lisa.” I move, his hands loosen around me, making it easy to turn in his hold and wrap my arms around his neck. This is my early morning wake-up and I know Cici isn’t screaming bloody murder yet, so it gives me time. But it’s a toss-up if it’s five seconds or five minutes, we both know it. There are times when we chance it. Not often, but today it feels like it’s going to be the latter.

“Do you want me to get her for you?” he asks as he buries his face in my neck, kissing me softly. “Since she’s calling you.”

I roll my eyes. “All she says is mama.” I lift my leg to wrap around his hip, his cock lining up with my pussy perfectly.

“How long do you think we have?” he asks, moving his hips up, slipping in just the tip.

“Not as long as it’s going to take you,” I moan out as he fills me, my eyes close when he rolls my nipple between his fingers.

His fingers leave me. “I can be quick.” He turns me on my back, still planted in me and I chuckle. “I can be really, really quick.”

I wrap my legs around his waist. “I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing,” I joke as he slips out before slamming back into me. He throws one of my legs over his shoulder, making him go deeper in me.

“For today,” he answers as he pulls out to slam right back into me, “it’s a good thing.” His mouth slams on mine as his tongue slides into my mouth. We’re in a rush and a frenzy to get to the finish line before the wailing starts. “Fuck.” He lets go of my mouth. “It’s always so fucking good.” He thrusts into me as he buries his face in my neck, as he puts my other leg over his shoulder, and when he thrusts into me again, my eyes roll to the back of my head. It’s crazy to think that one touch from him and I’m already wet and ready to come. It’s like his dick has magical powers. “You’re squeezing the shit out of me.” The sound of skin slapping together fills the room. “I’m almost there.”

I don’t say anything. “There,” I say right before I moan my release. “Keep going,” I beg of him so I can ride out this orgasm that feels like it’s been lingering for years. As if I didn’t come four times before I even went to bed last night.

“Baby,” he whispers in my ear as he plants himself as deep as he can go and comes in me. Just knowing he’s coming in me makes me come again, I squeeze my legs around his neck. “I take it back,” he huffs as he slides out of me. “Couch sex is second to morning sex.”

I laugh as I hear the whine coming through the monitor. “You only liked couch sex last night because I was riding you.” He rolls out of bed laughing.

“You also sat on my face before and took my cock in your mouth.” He grabs his boxers from the floor, putting them on. I stare at him a couple of minutes longer, taking him in. His muscles flex when he starts pulling them higher and then he looks at me with his hands on his hips, and my mouth waters. “Not sure I need to tell you this, but anytime your pussy is on my face and your mouth is on my cock, it’s going to be high up there.” He motions with his hand to the top of his head.

I roll off the bed, grabbing a pair of panties from the floor. “Your tongue has magic powers,” I throw over my shoulder as he watches me, his eyes focused on my ass. His cock that was semi-hard looks like it’s coming back to life.

“I’ll go get her,” he offers when Cici has decided she’s done waiting.

“I’ll be right there,” I tell his retreating back as I walk into the bathroom to clean myself up. I snap up a pair of shorts and tank top before going to the bathroom. I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth when the door opens, and I look over. “See, she’s right there,” he reassures Cici who has big tears in her eyes, as she smiles at me. “I told you she was coming.”

I spit out my toothpaste, bending over to rinse my mouth. “What is with the tears?” I ask as I dry my hands off and then take her.

She lays her head on my shoulder as she takes a big sigh. “What happened?”

“I told you she wanted you,” Levi says as he kisses my lips. “I barely got her diaper on her before she lost her shit.” I smile.

I rub Cici’s back. “Are we hungry?”

“I think we are hangry,” Levi voices, walking over and grabbing a pair of shorts. “I would offer to take her, but she’s already pissed at me.” He looks at Cici, who looks at him but doesn’t get up from my shoulder. “So I will make coffee and breakfast for my two girls.”

“That sounds like a fantastic idea,” I say as we walk down the stairs. “Everything we want on a Saturday morning.” I walk to the kitchen to make her a bottle while Levi makes me a coffee. I grab the bottle in my hand, go over to the couch, and sit down with Cici. “Good morning, grumpy pants,” I say, and she smiles at me as she grabs her bottle and lies in my arm. Levi comes over with the coffee cup and hands it to me, but not before he leans down to kiss my lips.

“Nananananaan,” Cici says to him.

“Oh, now we like me,” he coos to her, smiling. “You get a kiss, too.” He bends to kiss her nose. She drools and smiles at the same time before putting the bottle back in her mouth.

“See, all is right with the world,” I state, taking a sip of my coffee when the doorbell rings. Levi stands up and looks at me.

“Are you expecting someone?” he asks, and my heart speeds up a million miles a minute. The last time the bell rang on a Saturday afternoon it was a spot visit from Josephine. It was during nap time, so she caught Levi and me with our pants down, literally. I swear my face was as red as a tomato the whole time. I even told her that we usually don’t have sex during the day. At one point Levi put his hand around my shoulder and mumbled, “Stop talking.”

“Do you think?” I put my coffee down on the side table, trying not to freak out. “It’s her again?”

“She came two weeks ago,” Levi reminds me, walking calmly to the window, where the drapes are still closed.

“Don’t open the drapes,” I whisper. “She might see you.”

“How am I supposed to see who it is?” he asks. He’s about to look out when the bell rings again, this time followed by a knock on the door.

“Okay, it might actually be important.” I’m about to walk to the door when he puts his hand up.

“Where are you going?” he asks, stepping in front of me. “Your nipples have awoken.” His eyes look down to my chest. “And you are holding a child.”

“Oh, good call. You go take one for the team,” I tell him. “I’ll head out the back door.” He glares at me. “We’ll never forget you.”

“Just you wait,” he mumbles before turning to walk to the front door, the bell ringing again. “Whoever it is,” he huffs, “is going to hear it.”

“Idiot.” I shake my head and follow him to the front door, but not too close. Cici looks at me as Levi opens the front door. It’s even worse than Josephine. “Stefano?” I ask right before he walks into the room.

“I told him to calm himself down,” Addison says from behind him, “but you know him. Patience isn’t his virtue.”

All I can do is stand here with my mouth open, watching them walk into the room. “Jesus, did you guys just wake up?” He looks at me, then at Levi. “It’s almost ten.”

“It’s Saturday,” Levi replies, looking at Stefano, then at me.

“Why are you naked?” he asks Levi.

“I just got up. Was I supposed to wear a suit and tie?” he asks. “And why are you here so early?”

“Oh, so he didn’t tell you that we were coming?” Addison folds her arms over her chest right on top of her belly. “You had one job.”

“I—” He looks at me, then looks at Levi. “What is going on?”

“I have no idea what you mean.” I ignore looking at him. Levi and I have been together for the last, I don’t know, two months but we haven’t really told anyone. I mean, it’s not like the daycare doesn’t know we are together. Or that my work doesn’t know, it’s just that no one else knows, and by no one, I mean Stefano and then my extended family.

“Oh, shit,” Addison says, “I might need to sit down.”

“Um, sorry.” I hear a voice from the front door and a woman with long brown hair walks in. Her big blue eyes are shocked at the scene in front of her. Or maybe she is shocked that Levi is standing there half naked. “Should I wait outside?” Her eyes go back to Levi and I am really starting to get heated. In my head, I make a new rule that he has to wear a shirt in the morning.

“No, of course not,” Stefano says to her and I look at Addison, who shakes her head and mouths, “I’m sorry,” to me. “This is the reason we are in town,” he states, “this is Audrey. She’s Sofia’s cousin.”

She laughs. “That isn’t helpful at all,” she says.

“Okay, how about you guys come in,” I invite to them. “I’ll go get dressed and Levi can put on a shirt.” I look over at him. “Then we will join you.”

“I can take Cici,” Stefano offers. “Come to your uncle Stefano,” he urges, holding out his arms, and Cici just looks at him, then me.

“One, you aren’t her uncle,” Levi says, holding out his hand and Cici goes to him. “And two, stop scaring her.”

“I’m her godfather,” Stefano says.

“She’s not even baptized.” I laugh. “Go in the kitchen. We will be right back.”

I walk up the stairs and feel Levi at my back. The minute we are in the bedroom and he closes the door, I turn on him. “What the hell are we going to do?” I put my hands on my head.

“I’m going to get dressed,” he says calmly. “You are going to get dressed and then we are going to go downstairs and have breakfast.” He puts Cici in the middle of the bed with her bottle.

“Okay, but what about Stefano?”

“What about him?” He stands there looking at me as he puts on a white shirt.

“Well, do we tell him about us?” I ask and he stares at me.

“Do you not want to tell him about us?” he counters and puts his hands on his hips. “Do you want to lie and pretend we aren’t together?” He tries to hide his hurt.

“No.” I shake my head. “Of course not.”

“Good,” he says, going to grab Cici. “Now, go change and meet me downstairs.”

“Don’t tell him anything until I get there,” I tell him and he just nods at me. It takes me less than ten seconds to slide on a pair of gray lounge pants and matching T-shirt. I pin my hair up on top of my head, rushing downstairs.

“What did I miss?” I ask when I walk into the kitchen and see Addison, Stefano, and Audrey are sitting on the stools. Cici is in her chair as she eats some blueberries that Levi must have given her.

“I just ordered food,” Levi replies to me as he leans against the counter beside Cici’s chair.

“So.” I walk over to grab my coffee from the side table in the living room. “This is a nice surprise,” I say and feel like I’m going to throw up. Why am I so nervous?

“So,” Stefano starts, leaning back in his chair, “what’s the story with you two?”

He looks at me, then at Levi, then back to me. Levi’s eyes come to mine before he speaks. “We’re together,” he says officially. He thinks ripping the Band-Aid off is better than slowly easing into it. Stefano just looks at him now. “We live together,” he continues. “We share a life. We are raising Cici together.” He smiles at me. “Anything you want to add into that?”

“I think you got it covered,” I say, walking to stand beside him. He puts his arms around my waist. “Do you guys have any questions?”

“You bet the fuck I do,” Stefano grumbles.

“Stefano,” Addison says, “perhaps you should—” He looks over at her with a glare. “If you think that look scares me, think again.” She gives him the same look. “I’m not Avery and you can’t cut off my Wi-Fi.”

“Addy,” he says to her.

“No, you dragged us all this way without telling them. Then you storm into their house and are going to give them the third degree.” She shakes her head. “Ethan trusted you to take care of Audrey and all you’ve done is show her—”

“Um, sorry,” Audrey cuts in, “but I’m used to family squabbles.”

“Nonetheless,” Addison says, “you said you would take her here and show her around.”

“Are you going to be moving here?” I ask, happy to take the spotlight off us even for a minute.

“I am,” Audrey confirms. “I accepted a position at Cottrell Group. It’s a hedge fund company that started off on the West Coast, Ida and Ernie Cottrell have branched out to the East Coast. From what they said, their son is taking over for them. It’s starting at an entry level, replacing his PA who is retiring.” She shrugs. “I’m in school at night to get my CPA license, so I figure working for a couple of bankers would be a good idea.”

“That’s exciting,” I say. “If you need anything while you are here, I’ll give you my number.”

“Thank you.” She smiles. “That would be good since I know no one here.” She looks at Stefano. “Which is why my parents asked Harlow, who then asked Sofia, who mentioned it to—”

“That’s a whole lot of people,” I joke with her.

“You have no idea,” she remarks and Addison now laughs.

“My in-laws have what is called the phone chain.” She rubs her belly. “And private planes, you know, just in case they want to pop in for dinner.”

“My uncle trained with the Navy SEALs for fun.” Audrey looks over at her.

“My uncle,” Stefano adds, “pretty sure he got us all microchipped.” He laughs, then turns to us when he sees me lean into Levi. “Are you really sure about this?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say without missing a beat.

“I think I always knew I’d end up with her,” Levi admits and I look up at him. “Which is maybe why I was so scared to take a shot with her.”

“You wanted to take a shot with me?” I ask as he smiles at me.

“Have you seen yourself?” One of his hands comes up to cup my cheek. “I was just—”

“He was banging everyone else out of his system,” Stefano blurts, thinking he’s going to joke about that when Addison hits his arm. “What? I’m just saying. You don’t think she knows he’s had sex with a million people?”

“It’s not a million,” Levi refutes and I just tilt my head. “Wow, you weren’t Mother Teresa either.”

Audrey snorts. “That was funny.”

“So where are you going to stay?” Levi looks at her.

“That’s what we were doing here.” She looks over at Stefano. “He said you guys could show me around.”

“I have my condo, if you want,” Levi offers and my head whips to look at him.

“She’s not going to stay there,” Stefano says, “it’s—” He tries to find the word, snapping his fingers. “It’s—”

“A brothel,” I put in for him and he points at me.

“That,” he agrees.

“We can have it steam cleaned,” Levi says, “and painted.”

“Biohazard cleaning, you mean,” Stefano retorts and I ignore him.

“It’s a two-bedroom condo in the middle of the city,” Levi says to her. “I’m not staying there, and well, we might be moving anyway, so you can stay there if you want.”

“Moving?” I squawk. “Moving where?”

“Baby,” Levi cajoles, “I said might be.”

“Why would we move?” I ask.

“We sleep on a queen-size bed,” he explains, “and if we get a king-size bed, it’ll barely fit.” I don’t deny this. “There isn’t even a room to make an office.”

“Shouldn’t we—” I start to say when the doorbell rings. All three jump to answer it, leaving the two of us alone. “Shouldn’t you talk to me about this?”

“I said maybe,” Levi placates me. “I would like to get a space that is ours, that we can grow into.” He pulls me into his arms. “You know, maybe get another bedroom or two.”

“We are not putting a sex room in a house,” I say and he laughs.

“I was thinking that maybe we would fill it in another way down the line,” he suggests quietly.

“You mean?”

I stop there because the lump forms in my throat when Cici says, “Mama, Mama, Mama.” I see half the blueberries on the floor, her fingers stained blue. “Mama, Mama.”

“Get another kid who calls you Mama,” Levi urges, and all I can do is put my head down in the middle of his chest and silently cry.

“You want a baby with me?” I finally ask him when they come back into the room.

“Didn’t you two just get married?” Stefano yells. “How are you pregnant already?”

“We aren’t,” Levi denies, “but one day.” He kisses my lips. “Sooner than later, yeah?” I don’t answer him because his arms pull me closer to him as he bends to kiss my lips. The word “okay” is swallowed by his mouth.


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