Pegged in Public: The Story

(Pegged by her Gang, Sissification, Feminization, Public Humiliation, CFNM)


The woman looked at the man with a glint in her eye. Amanda liked sex. A lot. But she also liked to be the one in charge when it came to the bedroom or wherever she wanted to enjoy her fantasies. She sat at the bar nursing her drink when she saw the man look over at her. She instantly turned her head and sighed. She knew the idiot would come try to talk to her but she also knew that he wasn’t her type. No. He was the overbearing, I want to make you scream and tied you down kind of guy. The problem was she wanted to be the one to do the tying down.


“Hey baby want to go somewhere? You know and talk?” He had on a three piece suit and was the type of man that most women would fall over their own feet for.


“No thanks. I’m waiting for someone.” She smiled as the door opened to reveal the person she was waiting for. The man walked in with a lopsided grin as he looked at her. He wore a polo shirt and khaki pants. His eyeglasses peered too big for his head but she knew he was the one for her. She smiled as he made his way over on the other side of her. She turned giving beefcake her back as she smiled at the newcomer.


“Really? Him?” The beefcake an almost whine to his voice as he said it. She never looked back around at him as she shrugged.


“Yep.” It was her only response as the man angrily flung himself from the chair and walked in the direction of the table he had been at earlier. She could just imagine him sitting there almost pouting as he watched the woman who turned him down flirt with another man. The worst part she knew was that the beefcake thought himself superior to the man she now gave her attention to.


“Hey handsome.” Her pointer finger slid down the collar of his shirt to the small little buttons. She watched as his Adam’s apple rose with the gulp he took. “So. You wanna take me home or what?”


“Yes.” It was his only word as he stood. She waited in the chair as he stretched his arm out for her to take the lead. She knew she hadn’t gone wrong. Beefcake saw them head for the door and almost intercepted until she looked at him and winked. He slowly sat back down and watched them leave the bar. Amanda walked to her car and handed him the keys. He slowly pushed the unlock button and held the door for her while she sat gingerly into the seat of her small car.


“I will follow you this first time.” He nodded quickly and took no time making his way to his car. He slowly pulled out into traffic and started off slow to make sure she kept up with him. He periodically glanced in the mirror to check for her and was relieved when he saw her small red car and headlights looking back at him. He pulled into the driveway of his small three bedroom house and made sure to park on the left side of the space, giving her the shortest distance to the door. She slid from the car and walked to the door.


Kyle felt his hands begin to sweat and quickly wiped the excess moisture on his pants legs. He was almost panting when they finally came to his living room. Amanda played the part well. She was a magnificent dominatrix. He came to her and slowly took her coat as he hung it up in the hall closet. She looked at him and smiled. Slowly she undid the small buttons on the side of her dress and let it slide quietly to the floor. She knew Kyle was excited. Especially if the tent in the front of his pants told anything.


“Ok. This is how this is going to work. Have you ever been someone’s slut before?”


His eyes instantly widened at her words and he began to talk. “Why do you…”


“Answer the question. You will not like the results if you don’t.” Her eyebrows rose as she looked at him. She knew he was having a hard time with the way she spoke to him. Amanda and Kyle had been together for over a year. Their life together seemed perfect. She was unaware that Kyle had a secret fantasy until a week prior. She remembered the conversation well.


“Amanda?” Kyle sat at the kitchen table with a newspaper curled in his hand.


“Yes.” She turned to look at him.


She watched as he gulped and started to fidget with his fingertips. She knew instantly that he was nervous and something was bothering him.


“You know how we have been talking about our fantasies and such?”


“Yeah. Do you have one that you want to share?” Amanda had always been straight forward. She was also a little strict. Many said that she would have made a great teacher. She on the other hand had decided to go to law school instead. Now she was one of the most sought after attorneys in the city.


“Well kind of.”


“Come on just spill it. Or better yet why don’t you write it down. I will look at it and we will act it out on Friday.” She was glad they had separate places. This way she could follow him and they could act like this was their first time together. She was surprised when she read the paper he left some time later on her table. She laughed as she looked at it. It was perfect. She had secretly wanted to be more dominant in their sex life. Although they had a good sex life, she wanted more. Much more. Now was her chance to get everything she wanted. She came back to the present as she looked at him.


“No Amanda.”


“My name is Mistress from here on out. You will direct me as only Mistress but only when I regard you as my pet. If you state it every time you will look like a dumb ass and it will aggravate me to no end. Understand my pet?”


“Yes Mistress.”


“Second rule. You are never to be eye level with me. I am your superior. Your only purpose in life is to please me in any way that I see fit. You will do as I say and only as I say. Understand?”




She stood there looking at him. As he looked at her he didn’t realize it would be the last time that evening that he would be level with her. She wore all black leather. Her bikini underwear was tight and fit her completely. She had paired it with a black bra that was leather as well. She had on long gloves that reached to her elbow. Again black leather. Last was her boots. They were the sexiest part about her. They came up to her knees and zipped all along the side. They were very nice on her well sculpted legs and the heels were at least four inches high which gave her petite frame a better look. She stood tall and confident as she again gave him a look. Immediately he kneeled in front of her. He had seen movies and she would soon learn that he had a collection as well.


She walked around his slowly. “Third. When I come you will be naked. Completely naked and kneeling before me. I cannot do anything with a fully clothed man and if you are not ready for me then I will not waste my time here.”


He quickly began to remove his clothing. He did not see the hint of smile that spread across her lips. He was almost where she wanted him. He kneeled in front of her naked as she stood proudly in front of him.


“Next I will require many things from you. I will let you choose a safe word. This word will only be used when you cannot take anymore. If you use this word however everything stops and I leave. And I warn you that I will not return. Now are you ready to be my slut?”




“Good. Now first we will begin with an inspection. If I like what I see then I may let you taste my pussy tonight. If I do not however then you will be punished. You are to crawl beside me as my pet.” She walked regally into the next room and then into the bathroom. There was dirt on the counter and dirty clothes in the floor. “This is unacceptable. The next time I am here it will be clean completely. Understand pet?”


“Yes mistress.”


“Good now we will go to the bedroom.” She walked forward and let him follow behind her. There was a large chest in his room and she instructed him to pull it so that it ran at the end of the bed long ways. He was then instructed to lay with his chest flat against the chest and to spread his arms wide. She saw his eyes widen when she produced the two set of handcuffs and quickly cuffed him to the bed posts. She then wrapped a rope around his mid-thigh and connected it to the posts as well so that his legs were spread wide with his dick and balls hanging loosely.


“That’s a good little slut now. First I am going to punish you for the dirty bathroom. For cleanliness your punishment will be ten.” He watched as she slowly walked from the room. She came back some time later with a blue duffel bag. She could see his body tense with anticipation and his dick harden at the suspense. She pulled a small leather whip from the bag. His eyes widened even more when she brought out a large wooden paddle.


She quickly removed the stuff from the end table throwing it on the bed and began emptying the contents of her bag on the small table. She made sure to bring each item out of the bag slowly to make sure he could see each one. He saw the whip and paddle and then she brought out a few different bottles. She turned to look at him slowly and cocked her head.


“I will use the paddle for your punishment. Then I am going to use your ass so that you can become my little slut. I will start with this one.”


She produced a black object that had a circle. As she turned it, he could see a long small piece of plastic protruding from the other end. He knew that would be going in his ass. She pulled three more from her bag and each one got a little bigger.


He gulped big when he saw the last one. It was large but he told himself he could take it. His eyes widened when she produced a large black dildo. It was massive and as he looked at her she gave him a smile. There was no way he would be able to take that in his ass. He began to worry slowly and then his worry turned to excitement as she picked up the paddle. Her hand smoothed down one side and she walked to him. She watched as he bit his lip and then she pulled the small black mask over his eyes. Everything was instantly shut from his view.


He began to tremble but knew it wasn’t from fear but excitement. His dick got harder when he thought of her using him. His body arched with the first impact. The paddle left a burning behind. It was large enough that it went across his whole ass, covering both cheeks. He moaned deeply at the feeling. The next impact made him jump even more. The paddle had been turned so that it not only smacked his ass but the back of his testicles making him moan softly. She turned the paddle back the other way to smack across his ass. She took her time slowly making sure he felt the burn for a few minutes before continuing on. When she was on the ninth smack she could see his legs shaking.


“Do not cum. You are not allowed to cum. If you do without my permission then I will punish you again but it will not be so easy or pleasurable. Understand pet?”


“Yes mistress.”


She reached up with her hand to spread his cheeks so that the last hit made a big impact on the inside of his ass cheeks and balls. She stepped back and looked at his ass. It was rosy pink and she knew from the touch that it was hot as well. She felt the power surge through her and her panties instantly became wet with the power she now held.


“You did well slut. Now I am going to fuck you. I will use my first three toys to get you ready. When the time comes you will suck my dick and then I will fuck you with it. When I am done you will then lick it clean. But first let’s get you ready for my cock.”


Picking up the smallest plug she looked at it slowly and then shook her head. She would not start him out small. He would take the second plug first and then the last one. Carrying a small bottle to his side she squirt the liquid so that it slowly slid between his ass check.


“Relax your ass for my plug slut.” She smiled when he did as she commanded and she slowly slid the plug into his ass. He grunted briefly at the first impact.


“You have a tight ass pig. But don’t worry. I will loosen it up for you quite well tonight and then I have a surprise for you in a couple weeks. After tonight I will fuck you with my dick and when I let you cum I will put it in a jar. When I am finished with you then you will drink it all for me.”


She knew this would be difficult for him which made it even better to require it of him. She smiled as she took hold of the end of the plug and twisted it slowly. He moaned as his head dropped. His dick dripped slowly and she knew that he was now trying to focus on keeping himself from his orgasm. Smiling, she slowly took the plug out. The large plug slowly slipped into his ass as he grunted with the discomfort. She knew she had him where she wanted him. Reaching between his legs she gripped his dick and squeezed the base painfully as he almost choked.


“Do not cum.” He nodded as she moved her hand to his balls. She got back on her feet and made her way to her bag again to pull out more rope.


This rope was much thinner than the other rope and shorter. She sat back on her heels behind him again and then gripped his balls between her hands. She wrapped the string expertly around both balls and making a knot she pulled it tight causing him to buck again and groan. She pulled the string up to make a circle around his waist. Gripping the bottom she gave a little tug causing him to moan yet again. As she pulled she twisted the plug in his ass. He was now panting and as she looked around him she saw that the sweat was slowly running down the side of his forehead.


She knew he needed to cum and badly. She wouldn’t be surprised if he needed to cum more than he ever had in his life. She gripped the edge of the plug and pulled. It released itself from his ass with a plop. Walking to the end table she slowly began to put the belt she had brought with her on. As she pushed the strap through the contraption she placed the small rubber piece between her pussy lips on her clit. Every time she pushed her dildo into his ass or mouth then it would rub her clit and give her an orgasm. She walked around to stand in front of him.


“You need to steady yourself. I am moving the bench.”


She moved the bench so that it was going in the opposite direction and then she slowly sat down in front of him. Her hands dived into his hair.


“Now I want you to suck my dick pig.”


She nudged his lips with the huge dildo and she smiled when he greedily opened his mouth to suck it. It slid into his mouth and she smiled at him trying to accommodate for the size. Little did he know that she had gotten the same size dildo as he was which was above average. She held his head in her hand as she brought his face up and down on the plastic dick.

“I am going to fuck your throat. Relax it and breathe through your nose. Don’t try to swallow until I tell you.” She slid the dildo into his throat and smiled at the way he greedily sucked it. He was good at it.

“You are good at sucking my dick now let’s see if your ass likes it.” He instantly tensed at her words.

“You will like it. Now stop tensing. I am going to fuck you now.”

She slowly moved behind him and slid the whip up the crack of his ass before she lightly tapped him with it. She knew he would like it as he moaned for more. Her hands grabbed both his ass cheeks and spread them wide. His asshole stared up at her and she smiled as she squirted more liquid onto his ass. She nudged his opening with the dildo and then she began to slide into his ass. He moaned as she pushed just the head through and then she pushed even further. She could hear him panting slowly as she kept on pushing into his ass. When she was a little more than half way she gripped his hips and slammed into him.


“Hush pig and take my dick. You want it.” She said it as she slid out and then slammed into him.

“Tell me. Tell me to fuck you slut.”

He was panting but somewhere she heard him tell her through the heavy breathing. “Fuck me mistress please.”

“Do you want me to fuck you hard and fast? Tell me slut.”

“Yes please fuck me hard and fast. Please give it all to me.”

She gripped the string from around his balls and tugged as she slammed into him again. His head was thrown back as she slammed into him again. The rubber rubbed on her clit and her excitement was beginning to build. Gripping the string tightly she began to fuck him hard and fast as the contraption rubbed her clit. She began fucking him to reach her orgasm as she slammed into him over and over and dropped the string forgetting his balls. She gripped his hips painfully between her hands and slammed into his ass over and over. He grunted with the pounding he was getting and moaned with his need to cum. She was now making jerky movement over him reaching her own climax and screaming with her release. She gripped his dick painfully and moved up and down three times.

“You may cum.” She felt him tense suddenly.

Moving her hand she fucked him in the ass for a few more strokes as he emptied himself on the floor.

“Now lick it up.” She watched with her dildo still in his ass as he leaned over and began licking his cum from the blanket she had laid under him.

She watched as he gagged once and then continued to do as she said. She pumped into him a couple times to show him she meant business and then she slowly slid from his ass.

“You have earned a reward. I will let you lick my pussy now and bring me to orgasm.”

She slid around and folded the blanket before moving it off to the side. She released the belt buckle so that the dildo strap on come off slowly and then she sat on the bench. Her legs were opened wide as she looked at him.

“You make lick me three times.” He bent over to lick her slowly.

“NO not like that. I want you to lick me from my ass to my clit. Start at the bottom.”

He did not look up as he did as she commanded.

“Yes now do it some more. Keep on until I tell you to stop. Slowly now.” He did as she commanded as she gripped the hair on the side of his head painfully.

“Now fuck me with your tongue.” His tongue slid into her pussy and she thought she would lose it right there.

Her hand quickly sought out her clit as she applied pressure.

“Suck my clit hard. Now!” He did as she commanded as she hit her pinnacle and moaned. When she was done she looked down at him and smiled.

“Now lick me clean.” Smiling she watched as he licked everywhere he could reach with his tongue to make sure she was completely clean.

“Good. That wasn’t bad for a first time. Now next time I expect a cleaner house.” She leaned over and untied his wrists and then she slowly untied the string around his balls. She reached down to ruffle his hair.

“I will tell you when we will meet again. Just remember there is to be no one else in this house but I and you will not orgasm while we are apart. You are not allowed to touch yourself for pleasure for any reason. I will know if you have and the punishment will be much more severe than that of tonight. Do you understand pet?”

“Yes mistress.” He stayed kneeling naked as he heard her clean and then gather her things.

The front door shut softly a few minutes later and then he heard her car pull from the driveway. Time that week went by fast and he couldn’t wait until Friday. Amanda or Mistress as he now called her had sent him a text on the date and time. He followed her every wish and command over the next few weeks and his house was more clean than it had ever been. It was a Friday night when he got the text that she had something planned and would be over within an hour. He picked up the phone and quickly dialed her number.

“I am sorry mistress I had plans tonight.”

“They have now changed.”


“We can call it quits then.”

“NO. I will change my plans and be waiting here for you.”

When she showed up an hour later she was glad to see the door unlocked although she already had a key. She knew that it was his week to hold the poker game with his friends which was precisely the reason why she had done it. She wanted him to know that she was in charge all the time not just some of the time and that he would do what she said no matter how he may dislike it. It was the same every time. She would come in to the living room with him kneeling by the couch. She would tell him to stand and he would take her coat and hand it only to return to her feet and the kneeling position once done. She would sometimes sit on the couch and demand he massage her feet or kiss and lick them wherever she chose. He loved to worship her feet and felt that he could do it every day. She sat on the couch and he kneeled at her feet.

“I have something special for you tonight. We will be going to see some of my friends. Don’t worry they all know about you. You see they are just like me and want to have some fun so I have loaned you out for the evening. Of course you will have your safe word if you need to use it and I will be nearby.”

She watched as he looked down at the floor. She knew that in the letter he had stated that he wanted to be publicly humiliated. He wanted people to see him at his worst and being fucked so she was finally giving him his desire.

She stood slowly. “GO get my coat please. No you do not need clothes so don’t look at me like that. You will go as you are. You are going to be royally fucked tonight my little slut so there really is no need for any clothes. Come now. We must hurry. We do not want to keep them waiting.”

She slid in the driver’s seat and directed him into the back seat. She told him he needed to sit on his hands and let everyone see his dick when they drove down the street. He watched as they pulled into an alley and next to a big door that was painted red. She got from the car and came to where he was already kneeling on the ground. She quickly clasped the collar around his neck and then held the chain that extended from it as she led him inside.

There was a long bench that had handcuffs on the top and bottom. She led him to the bench and instructed him to drape himself over it. After he had done so she strapped his ankles in the straps on the bottom and then his hands into the ones on the front. The handcuffs were positioned so that he had to lean over the bench and his ass was stuck in the air. He began to hear people talking behind him and he felt his face flush at the thought of people seeing him like this. He knew however that this wouldn’t’ be the worst part.

“This is not for you my little slut. This is for their enjoyment. You will suck whatever they tell you and you will enjoy whatever it is that they do to your body.” You will be the toy of the night. There were a few women standing near her that laughed.

“Why look at your little slut. He does have quite the ass.” The slap resounded off the walls as her hand connected.

“You will be taking a lot of cock tonight. Come raise your head pig. I want you to suck my dick.”

He looked up at the woman and opened his mouth as she rammed a dildo into his mouth. He looked around and saw that there were four women with his mistress. Were they all going to fuck him? His eyes grew large when he thought of being taken like that.

“Don’t look around. Suck my dick. Come on suck it like the little slut you are.”

He began to suck the plastic piece in his mouth as she moved it in and out with a moan. Amanda watched as the women prowled around her boyfriend and smiled. Pulling a chair with her she sat it right in front with a good view. Her hand slid down her stomach to her pussy as she made small circles on her clit. She began to breathe hard as she watched a woman step behind her pet. The woman started slow and then rammed the huge dildo into his ass all at once. She watched him wince with the impact. The woman didn’t let up either. She watched the show as he was fucked one by one.

When the woman was done she walked around to demand him clean her dildo with his mouth. As he choked down the huge piece of plastic he felt someone else come up behind him. He felt the person massage his ass before grabbing an ass cheek in each hand and spreading them wide open.

Amanda watched as the woman teased his asshole with the tip of her strap on dildo. She began to smile as she pushed slowly inside him. Her pet’s eyes widened when the woman pushed a button. Amanda could see his balls began to vibrate as the dildo began a fast shaking motion. He moaned deep and so did the woman behind him. The woman moaned behind him and she knew that she was feeling the vibrations against her clit. She knew the movement was excruciating for her pet. He was well aware that he was not able to cum until he was given permission. She knew that he was also aware that the permission to cum would be after all the women were finished with him, if it came at all. He was their pet. Their toy to use and use as they saw fit for the night. He glanced over at her as she rubbed her clit faster.

The woman behind him began pumping in and out of his ass in jerky movements in search of her climax. As she began to pound into his ass the woman standing in front of him fucked his face violently with her plastic dildo until she screamed with her second climax. When she was done the woman from behind him came to the front and stuck her dildo into his mouth.


“Open up pig. Time to suck my dildo clean. You like this don’t you little slut?” She smiled cruelly at him as she held his head still and fucked his fast hard and fast.


The dildo was sliding completely into his throat and when he thought he couldn’t take anymore she stopped and threw her head back in a scream. Amanda was well aware that he didn’t know how many women there were as each one took their turn fucking his ass. He began to slump a little when the fourth woman slid her dildo in his ass and fucked him fast and hard. She had been waiting and playing with herself while the others enjoyed their toy. Now finally it was her turn. As she finished and came around to stand in front of him he greedily took the plastic dick in his mouth.


Amanda didn’t know if he was enjoying himself or glad that it was over but either way he sucked the dick like his life depended on it. She would have to remember that in the future. She walked to him and grabbed his dick in her hand.

“YOU may cum after she does my pet.” Her whisper was directed at him as she smiled.

“Thank you mistress.”

“Don’t thank me. You are not done. I have yet to have my fun with you tonight but we will discuss that when we get home.” The gratitude in his eyes turned to disbelief and then he was moaning.

As the woman yelled in front of him she moved her hand quickly on his dick and then stepped away as he emptied himself onto the floor. He was panting heavily and gasping for air shortly after.

She watched in amazement as her pet looked at her and then his head dropped to look at the floor. Each woman thanked her for the use of her pet and then smacked his ass on their way out. Amanda looked over at Kyle. He was royally humiliated. This was what he had said he wanted and she had given it to him. She looked over his body. It was laying limply against the bench. His hips were starting to bruise. She knew his mouth and jaw were sore and that his ass had to be on fire. He had been royally fucked as she told him by a gang of relentless women.

Now his fantasy was complete. She smiled as she undid his restraints and helped him to the car. She covered him with a blanket in the back seat and drove him home. After he was tucked in bed she left him to think about his experience. She headed home for the night until the next time she needed time with her pet.


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