Puck Me Secretly: Chapter 61

THAT NIGHT I woke up alone in Max’s bed. I walked into the living room. Max sat on the couch, watching TV.

I crawled into his warm lap and laid my head on his shoulder. On the TV, a film of an old hockey game played.

“What are you watching?”

“Your dad put all the footage he could find of my dad playing hockey onto a CD for me.”

I lay back and watched Garrett play. “He reminds me of you.”

“That’s what everyone says.”

I watched Garrett make an incredible goal that reminded me so much of Max. It felt like they were the same person.

“He’s very good looking. He looks like you.”

Max squeezed me.

Garrett hugged his teammates, a huge smile on his face. “He loved hockey.”


I put my hand on Max’s face. “How do you feel?”


I snuggled back on his shoulder. “I know.”

He kissed my temple. “I think I need to go talk to my mom.”

I nodded. “I think that’s a good idea. Do you want me to come?”

He pulled his arms tighter around me. “I think this one I need to do on my own.”

“I’ll be here when you get back.”

MAX LEFT for Ontario for a whirlwind trip to see his mom. He met up with the team on the road, so ten long days passed before he returned. We talked while he was away, but not about his mom. He seemed subdued on the phone, and I tried to quell the panic in my heart.

I waited with anxiety in his apartment, the night he was scheduled to come home.

When I heard the door open, I ran through his apartment. He swung me into his arms, burying his head into my neck.

“Oh, you feel good,” I squeezed my body tighter against his.

He didn’t speak, just carried me through the apartment and deposited me onto his bed. From my horizontal position, I watched him kick off his shoes and whip off his coat. Then he was crawling onto the bed towards me.

He pulled me against his chest, in the ultimate of cuddles. I burrowed my face against his neck, sniffing his gorgeous scent.

“You smell good.”

I could hear the smile in his voice. “You feel better.”

I lifted my head back so I could see his face. “Are you okay? I was so worried about you.”

He kissed my forehead. “I’m okay.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“I talked to my mom.”

I held my breath.

“We had some tough talks.” His eyes traced over my face. “She cried a lot.”


He sighed. “But you know, we talked, like two adults.”

“And how did you leave things?”

He smiled. It was a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless. “I think we both want things to change between us, but it will not happen overnight.”

“How do you feel about things?”

He rolled me over so I was on my back and his face hovered above mine. “I think I feel really happy to see you.”

I smiled at him. “Dad’s coming back to the helm soon.”

He nibbled at the corner of my lip. “Does this mean you’ll travel again with the team?”

“Thinking about it.”

I could feel his smile against my lips. “Think harder.”

And then his kiss stopped our conversation.

“Fuck,” he groaned, lifting his head up to look at me. “I need you.”

“I know,” I sat up and ripped off my tank top. “I feel the same way.”

He knelt in front of me and unbuttoned his dress shirt. I grabbed his belt and yanked his pants and underwear down. I moved my mouth towards his cock, but his hands caught me.

“No, fuck. I need to fuck you. Now.”

“Not even a little nibble?”

“Why are your pants still on? Get naked.”

I laughed as I lay back and kicked off my pajama bottoms. He stood up and dropped trou, and then he was crawling up the bed towards me with nothing but a hard cock and a smile. His hand slipped between my thighs.

“If I can’t play, neither can you,” I complained, eyeing the massive specimen that thrust proud and hard from between his legs.

“You ready for me?”

“I’ve been ready for you since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

He grabbed my thighs and dragged me down the bed. “Slow or fast?”

I rolled over on my stomach and lifted myself onto all fours. “Fast and from behind.”

He lined himself up behind my legs. I gasped when he dragged the head of his cock up my wet slit. “A woman who knows what she wants. I like that.”

I gasped when he pushed the tip of himself in. “I’m thinking of a career change.”

“Oh yeah,” he hissed, as he pushed himself deeper inside. “To what?”

“Puck bunny,” I glanced over my shoulder at him, and gave him a saucy look. “I want to be a puck bunny.”

“You’re too hot to be a puck bunny. And too smart,” his lip curled as he pushed himself in deep.

I dropped my head, and took a deep breath, allowing my body to adjust around him. Fuck he felt good. “I’m trying to find a way to incorporate this into my day job.”

He pulled his cock back and big fingers dug into my hips as he thrust into me. “I have a better idea.”

My fingers curled around the sheet and I groaned. “Tell me.”

Fingers grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “Get a lock on your office door.”


“I want to fuck you on that desk of yours and not worry someone is going to walk in.”

“Isn’t that half the fun? Risking my dad seeing you…”

He laughed and slapped my ass, hard. “You’re forbidden from talking about your dad when I’m balls deep in your pussy.”

“You brought him up.”

He slapped my ass again. “Say something dirty.”

“You say something dirty.”

“I love it when your mouth is full of my cock.”

I groaned. “More.”

“I love the feeling when your pussy milks my hard dick when you come.”

“Yes, oh yes. Tell me more.”

“I want my hot seed to plant a baby inside of you.”

I froze. He froze. Something delicious twisted in my gut. “Really?”

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

“You want to get me pregnant?” I panted.

“Talking time is over,” he yanked my hair. “Time to get serious here.”


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