Rescued By The Merman: Chapter 33


Errik claims my mouth in a passionate kiss, leaving me breathless and panting. He pulls me close and swims us out toward the rock formation and the small island that we consider ours.

Instead of going up onto the beach, he remains in the water. He wraps his strong arms even tighter around me, and pushes me back against one of the rocks.

I wrap my legs around his waist and twine my arms around his neck, gently running my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck as his gaze meets mine, full of desire and possession.

His stav is a hard bar between us; only a thin scrap of silken material separating him from my entrance. “I want you, Halla. I long to claim you as mine. But I will not make love to you if you do not—”

I press a finger to his lips to silence him. “I want you, Errik. More than anything.”

His glowing blue eyes hold mine with a possessive gaze. He uses his claws and tears away my silken undergarment.

He cups my cheek and presses his lips to mine. His hand travels down my neck to the valley of my breasts. He tugs at the neckline of my dress, freeing my breasts and cupping one in his palm.

A low moan escapes me as he brushes his thumb across the already sensitive peak.

“You are perfect,” he whispers against my lips.

He positions the crown of his stav at my entrance. His nostrils flare, and his pupils dilate until only a thin rim of glowing blue is visible around the edges.

“You are mine, Halla.”

The bright moonlight affords me just enough light that I can make out the details of his body. My mouth drifts open when I glance beneath the water to his stav extending from his mating pouch. With his pointed ears, glowing blue eyes, sharp fangs, and dark claws, he is terrifyingly beautiful, but I am not afraid.

“I long to claim you as my mate. Will you accept me?”


My heart pounds as his gaze holds mine, the breath stuttering from my lungs as he slowly enters me.

Tight heat blooms in my core as he breaks through my barrier. He rolls his hips back and forth, slowly advancing. He’s so large that, at first, everything is tight and uncomfortable as he sheathes himself deep inside me.

I’ve never felt so full. When he shifts his hips, everything changes. The pain disappears and is replaced by only pleasure.

We stare at one another in mutual wonder at the feeling of our bodies joined together as he strokes deep inside me.

He groans as I wrap my legs around him. “So tight,” he rasps.

My fingers trace over his powerful form. The strong muscles of his tail undulating beneath my hands as he pumps into me. Each stroke becoming longer, deeper and more forceful.

My head falls back and my lips part on a moan as sensation overwhelms me. I’ve never felt so full, and I love the delicious friction of his stav moving deep inside me.

He cups my breast, rolling the sensitive peak between his thumb and forefinger, careful of his claws as he touches me.

I arch up into his hand. “More,” I breathe.

Something unleashes inside him. He wraps his arms tighter around me, pinning me between him and the rock. I always knew he was strong, but as he thrusts into me, I finally understand the full extent of his strength as his powerful form moves beneath my hands as they trace over his back and down his tail.

His breath is warm in my ear as he groans. “You are mine, Halla.”

The muscles of my channel beginning to flex and quiver around his length. Pleasure coils deep in my core. I’m so close to the edge.

A slight twinge of pain deep inside me turns quickly into pleasure, and I gasp as warmth blooms in my core. My toes curl with pleasure. “What is that?” I barely manage.

“My stem,” he groans. “It extends from the tip of my stav to enter your womb and fill you with my seed.”

The sensation is so intense, my body tightens around him. Each thrust becomes longer and deeper.

His name escapes my lips as a soft moan. I’m so close to the edge.

His gaze holds mine, fierce and possessive. He growls and the vibration moves straight through me, and I fall over the edge into my climax. Wave after wave of pleasure washes through me as I cling to him and cry out his name.

My release triggers his, and he roars, “Mine!”

An intense burst of warmth erupts deep inside me, filling me with an endless rush of delicious heat. It triggers another orgasm, this one even more intense than the last, and I cry out his name as pleasure fills me so great I can barely contain it.

I’m not even recovered from my orgasm when he begins to move inside me again. His eyes search mine. “I must have you again, Halla. Do you accept me?”

I wrap my arms around him. “Always.”

When we have finished making love for the second time, he pulls us up onto the beach. Just when I think we’re finished, he positions his tip at my entrance and groans low in his throat as he pushes into me again.

My eyes roll to the back of my head at the delicious stretch as he sheathes himself deep in my core.

He takes me slowly this time, his eyes staring deep into mine as he strokes into me. Another small twinge of pain turns into intense pleasure and I arch up against him as his stem enters my womb.

As he continues to move deep inside me, it doesn’t take long before I’m close to the edge once more.

My head falls back as a low moan escapes my lips. “Errik,” I breathe out his name.

He grips my chin. “I want to watch you as you come,” he growls.

His gaze holds mine as his lips pull back in an almost feral snarl. He quickens his pace until he is pumping into me. My body tenses like a bowstring, and I fall over the edge into complete and glorious oblivion. He roars as warmth blooms in my core, and he fills me again with his essence.

We both pant heavily as we come down from our release. He captures my mouth in a branding kiss and breathes against my lips, “You are mine.”


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