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Saving Hailey: Epilogue



Dad drops our empty glasses into the sink and grabs two cups, moving toward the coffee maker. I quickly check the time on my wristwatch, frowning at the late hour.

It feels like Broadway brought me here just moments ago, but my time with Dad is almost up.

“I don’t think I have time for coffee,” I say, watching Dad maneuver his wheelchair around the kitchen.

One of the bullets Rhett sent his way exited through his back and shattered his spine. He’s paralyzed from the waist down but copes surprisingly well. After his years of active service, I expected him to have a hard time adjusting. Not only to his new mobility, but also his lack of job. He officially retired from the force as per Carter’s request.

But Dad’s resilient. Or maybe he’s simply grateful for the second chance and an opportunity to right his wrongs.

“Carter will be here soon,” I add, watching Dad’s face fall.

He motions at Broadway’s car parked by the curb, the driver inside, eyes scanning the street. “Then why did he bring you?”

“You know Carter doesn’t leave me without security.”

“Still? He’s the boss now, isn’t he? Is there a threat I should be aware of? Are you safe?”

I nod, busying my hands with redoing my ponytail. “I’m safe. Carter’s just… overprotective.”

Dad pulls a disgruntled face even though we both know he’s secretly glad that someone’s always looking out for me.

“Well,” Dad chirps, his hand hovering over a third cup. “I don’t suppose there’s any point in making him a coffee, is there?”

I shake my head, faking an apologetic smile. I have nothing to apologize for, but I can’t help it. Dad’s been through enough and I hate piling any more on his plate.

“What are the chances we’ll bury the hatchet?” he asks.


Nonexistent, actually.

Carter hates my dad for what he did. I’m not happy about it either. I haven’t fully forgiven him, but I want him in my life. He’s the only parent I have and he’s trying hard to earn my trust. Carter would never say we can’t spend time together, but he makes it a point of honor not to interact with Dad beyond a stiff greeting.

I doubt anything will ever change on that front.

It’s been six months since Dad almost died, Rhett really died, and I had the worst panic attack in the history of all panic attacks.

Though, it wasn’t exactly a panic attack.

My mind simply opened the floodgates and the black hole that imprisoned my memories started spitting out every waking moment from the past two years.

It was like reliving the time I lost on fast-forward. So fast, in fact, that the rush of images still makes my head spin whenever I think about it.

“Your silence speaks volumes,” Dad sighs. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you have him.”

“Are you now?” I raise a skeptical brow. “He won’t believe me when I tell him.”

Dad chuckles, turning his wheelchair my way. “Don’t get me wrong. I hate that you’re dating a criminal, but I know there isn’t a line Carter won’t cross to keep you safe.”

No there isn’t. As surreal as it is, I truly am the center of Carter’s world. And he is my world.

Dad waves the cup in my face, silently trying to persuade me to join him in another coffee before I leave, but the sound of Carter’s Pontiac cruising down the road seeps into the house.

“He’ll wait,” Dad says. “Won’t he?”

“Any other day, he would,” I admit. “But we have plans tonight. Dante’s coming from Chicago so we can’t be late.”

“Ah… I forgot. It’s the grand opening, isn’t it? What’s the club called again?”

Scarlett.” My cheeks heat a little.

Dad doesn’t comment. Not because he doesn’t have anything to say, I’m sure he does, but there’s no time. Broadway pulls away from the curb just as Carter parks in the driveway. He kills the engine and exits the car, making my mouth dry out.

I’ve known him almost a year, but the sight of him, immaculately dressed, inked up to his throat, broad-chested, and sinfully hot still makes my heart skip a beat.

Or two.

Fine, a dozen.

Adjusting his rolled-up sleeves, Carter heads for the front door while I gather my things.

“Tell him I said hi,” Dad teases. “Will I see you next week?”

“Of course. Same time, same place.”

He chuckles, waving me off. The first few times I came he expected a hug goodbye, but after a few awkward situations, he stopped forcing closeness on me. I think he’s hoping that one day I’ll take that step.

Maybe I will. For now, I’m perfectly content rebuilding our relationship one weekly coffee date at a time.

I leave him in the kitchen, busying himself with the dishes, and head out before Carter knocks again.

“I hate Friday afternoons,” he says, his dark eyes sliding down my body. He takes a step forward, grips my waist, and pulls me in for a very R-rated kiss.

He wouldn’t think twice if I told him I needed him inside me right now. He’d gladly fuck me on the kitchen island just to disrespect my father. In Carter’s mind, no one who endangers my life is worth an ounce of respect.

Dad’s lucky he’s still alive.

“I think the evening’s starting to look up,” I whisper in his mouth, nipping his bottom lip. “Round one in the shower.”

I’m as starved for him as he is for me. We’ve had little time the past few days while he’s been overseeing the final work at Scarlett.

After the shower,” he corrects. “I have something for you… but you’re not getting it until it’s time to leave.”

Way to pique my curiosity.


Carter won’t let on what he bought me no matter how much I nag. He had the bag on the back seat of his Pontiac, Swarovskiproudly embossed over it,so I know it’s jewelry. Over the past six months he’s bought me way too much bling. Still, as I towel dry in the en suite, I’m more than excited.

“You promised me something,” Carter says, appearing in the doorway. He casually leans one shoulder against it, taking me in the way he always does: slowly, inch by inch. “Back at Lakeside,” he clarifies, meeting my gaze in the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

“What’s that?” I drop the towel, reveling in how fast the look on his face turns feral. With deliberate moves, I reach for a hairbrush, holding Carter’s hungry eyes in the reflection.

“Your ass, pretty girl.” He dangles the Swarovski gift bag on his index finger, then pulls out something silver from the black velvet string bag inside it. “You promised me your sweet ass.”

I swallow hard, staring at what he’s holding—a butt plug. It doesn’t look big… tiny in comparison to the girth of his cock, but the thought of having it inside me makes my abdomen cramp.

It’s not fear… more like anticipation mixing with arousal.

“Um, we’re leaving in half an hour,” I remind him.

“We are. And if you say yes, you’ll leave with this…” He turns the plug between his fingers, showing me the crystal end, “…stretching you for when we get back home.”

He steps closer, so close his waistcoat brushes my bare back. Wrapping one arm around my waist he pulls me flush to his warm chest. The smell of his cologne steals my attention and liquid heat pools in my belly.

The cramping sensation intensifies as he possessively spreads his fingers over my navel, molding me into him. God, I love when he holds me like this. Like he’s caught his prey and can’t wait to play with it.

Dipping his head, he stamps a kiss on my temple. “What will it be, pretty girl?”

“Um… will it hurt when… when it goes in?” I ask, dropping my hairbrush on the counter beside me.

“Not one bit. You should know by now that I can’t stand seeing you in pain. I wouldn’t suggest anal if it’d hurt.”

My heart picks up pace as I spin to face him, both hands bracing against his hard pecs. He’s fully dressed while I’m buck naked, my skin pink from the hot shower, scars on display.

Vulnerable. That’s how I feel.

Vulnerable, but safe. It’s a thrill if I’m honest.

Carter’s wearing his signature white shirt, navy-blue pants, and a matching waistcoat. Signets, bracelets, watch. It’s been months but I still can’t get over how good he looks. He was hot as Nash in those black hoodies and jeans. I considered him ruthless. A force to be reckoned with. A callous, lethal weapon. He was, but Carter is ten times more.

Now I know that he didn’t just tone down his style at Lakeside, his whole personality was toned down.

He moves one hand to my hip, grazing his fingers higher, heating my skin. “I need a yes, Hailey. Tell me you’re ready.”

I’m ready for everything he has in store. He’s proved that my comfort is his priority, so I’m not scared. Simply curious whether I’ll enjoy it.

I glance from the two popped buttons on his shirt to his lips, then meet his expectant stare. “Yes. I’m ready but I don’t think I can put it in myself the first time.”

He smirks, closing my lips with a hot, demanding kiss. At the same time, he hauls me into his arms and rushes out of the bathroom. I land on the huge, perfectly made bed with a soft bounce, smiling up at him.

“I wouldn’t let you put it inside that sweet ass yourself,” he says dragging me to the edge. “Lift your hips, pretty girl.”

The moment I do, he shoves a pillow under my lower back, and pushes my knees to my chest.

“Hold like this.” Reaching into the bedside drawer, Carter grabs a tub of lube, squirting a generous amount onto the plug. “This is size one. You’ll wear it for two hours before I swap it for a bigger one.”

“Bigger? How much bigger? And—”

“One size bigger.”

“But we’ll be at the grand opening intwo hours.”

“Yes, we will.” He squirts out more lube, this time over my pussy, and smiles when the cool gel makes me hiss.

I’m about to tell him this isn’t where the plug’s supposed to go, but I fall silent, watching him take a knee on the plush carpet. He spreads the lube over my lips, clit, and then… lower.

I’ve loved every time he circled my back entrance with his wet fingers, and even more when his thumb’s breached the barrier. There’s something thrilling about taking this step. It feels almost forbidden.

“You’ll swap the plug at the club?” I whisper. “Where?”

“My office, the restroom, the elevator… take your pick.” He kisses my thighs while gently toying with the ring of muscles.

Every featherlight touch makes me spasm. I outright tremble when he increases the pressure, enough that my pussy’s soaking wet, but not enough to slip his finger inside.

“So sensitive,” he tuts, licking me slowly.

“Is it edible?”

A nod is all I get.

He’s done playing, done teasing. The greedy, eager beast takes over as he sucks me into his mouth, summoning my orgasm to the surface as fast as possible. I’m not far from coming undone when he groans, savoring my taste.

My hips start working the closer I get, soft moans falling from my lips. I won’t ever get bored of having Carter’s face between my legs. He treats every moment like a prize. Like there’s nowhere he’d rather be, nothing he’d rather do.

Within minutes, I’m poised over the edge, balancing a tightrope. He usually tips me over by slipping two fingers inside to reach my G spot, but not this time.

This time he pushes the plug against my back entrance.

“That’s it, Hailey,” he coos dragging the flat of his tongue up and over. “That’s it… come for me, pretty girl.” He sucks my clit again and, at the same time, pushes the metal tip past the tight hole.

My back bows off the bed as the orgasm explodes inside me, so potent I lose touch with reality. I’m shaking, moaning, fucking drowning in the high.

“Good girl,” he whispers, climbing over me. “How does it feel? Are you comfortable?”

“It’s in all the way?” I pant, peeling my eyes open.

“All the way.” He stamps a cute little kiss between my breasts. “No pain, I take it?”

“I didn’t even register when it went in fully.”

He moves to lay beside me, his warm hand between my legs, lazily grazing my pussy. With a cunning, arrogant smile, he tiptoes his fingers lower, tapping the crystal end of the plug.

A pleasant shudder shakes me, my eyes popping wide.

“Feel it now?”

“Yes. It’s nice. No… odd. Not painful, just odd.”

“You’ll get used to it. And when you do, I’ll want it to be here…” He taps the end once more, “…while my cock is here.” He dips two fingers inside me, finding my G spot with a sniper’s precision. Three shallow strokes and he stops, sitting up. “Get ready, Hailey. I suggest a skirt for easy access. We’re leaving in twenty minutes.”

I already chose an outfit. Something bought. It’s a dress, but not the kind Alex made me wear. Not a flimsy, cute little thing with a floral pattern. No, this is navy blue, halter neck. Backless, midi-length with a slit halfway up my right thigh. It’s elegant and classy. Sexy with how it hugs my frame and far from girly.

After years spent hiding my scars behind baggy clothes, and weeks of the hated baby-doll outfits Alex bought me, I’m finally finding my own sense of style.

The look in Carter’s eyes whenever he sees me naked has helped me overcome my insecurities. I’m no longer ashamed and I’ve stopped heaping concealer over the scars. He loves me just the way I am.

It’s time I learn to love myself too.


The VIP area in Scarlett is different to Delta’s. Carter spent many hours designing this space and now I’m sipping a mojito in a high-end velvet loveseat, I love how it turned out.

We’re at the same level as the main club, separated from the dance floor by huge one-way mirrors. There’s a VIP-only bar and six bouncers strategically standing guard.

I smile at the oblivious dancers staring at themselves in the mirrors. They have no idea we’re here and people do funny things when they don’t realize they’re being watched. Women check their moves, practice coquettish looks, pull their dresses higher to show off more skin, while men mostly flex their muscles.

The VIP area is packed with lower-ranking soldiers, not important enough to join Carter, Dante, and their men in the back office. Aside from the mafia men, Carter’s introduced me to a few police officers sitting three tables away, some attorneys, journalists, boxers, and even the manager of the bank where we thought Alex had hidden the evidence.

They’re all enjoying the open bar and the women he hired for entertainment. Layla’s on the dancefloor with a few other girls, all of whom arrived with Dante’s entourage.

I considered following her out there, but the plug shifts whenever I move, so I stayed put. I’d probably end up having an orgasm in the middle of the dancefloor… no, thank you.

Although, if Carter doesn’t wrap up the meeting soon, I might do just that because I’m so incredibly hot and wet that every move sends tiny sparkles along my nerve endings.

Twenty more minutes pass before Carter exits the back office with Dante at his side and the rest of their entourage following suit. Broadway veers left, summoning the bartender, Koby stops by the table of hammered police officers, and everyone else returns to their seats from earlier.

“You look flushed, pretty girl,” Carter says, dropping down beside me. He drapes one arm over my shoulders, tugging me closer, and the plug inside me shifts, causing another fit of shivers.

“I take it you like your new jewelry.”

My fingers whiten around the glass. “Can we go home?”

“Not yet. Two more sizes.”

“What?! That’s four hours!” I whisper-shout. God, I might not survive this. “I don’t think—” I pause, biting the inside of my cheek when Carter drags me even closer and I see stars. “It’s too intense, every time I move, I’m almost there.”

“That’s the point, Hailey. Come on.” He takes my hand and leads me away from the table, ignoring his men’s curious eyes. Every step I take is measured. Each might shift the plug into that sensitive spot. I doubt I’d be able to hold my orgasm in check.

Carter pulls his phone out, tapping a short message as he stops by the elevator.

“Home?” I murmur, leaning into his chest.

“No, Hailey. I left the plugs in my car.”

I grit my teeth, still as a statue while my body hums with the need for release. The elevator dings and Carter ushers me inside. As soon as the metal doors slide shut, he pins me against the wall. His lips coming down on mine, the aftertaste of Bourbon on his tongue lighting up my mind. He moves his knee between my legs, spreading me open, and shoves his hand under my dress.

“So fucking wet,” he tuts, expertly rolling my clit under his fingers. “Give it to me, pretty girl. You’re so worked up you can barely hold yourself upright.”

“But… oh God!” I grip his biceps, my hips moving as I press myself further into his fingers, drunk on the overpowering need. “Ca-Ca… Carter,” I gasp, trembling all over. “Cameras.”

“Way ahead of you. They’re off. Now—”

He doesn’t get to give the order. He doesn’t get to count down. The moment he confirms no one’s watching I stop fighting and the orgasm slams into me so hard my vision blurs.

Carter takes my mouth, drinking every moan, one hand clasped around my back to hold me closer, the other still between my legs, every featherlight touch making me shudder.

“Wait here.” He stamps a kiss on my forehead and only when he moves me into the corner do I open my eyes.

We’re at the lowest level. He grounds the elevator, marching over to the passenger side of his car, less than twenty yards away, pulling a black velvet drawstring bag from the glovebox.

His eyes are darker than a starless sky when he returns, pressing another button so the elevator closes. It doesn’t move, though, still in emergency mode, grounded here.

“Turn around,” he instructs while helping me do so. “Hands on the wall, Hailey. Spread your legs.” I get in position and Carter lifts my dress over my ass, yanking my damp panties to my knees. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re needy. I can’t wait until we get home. Tell me if it’s too much.”

The sound of his zipper sliding down and the whoosh of material as he frees his cock makes my blood spike a fever. I’ve just had an orgasm but one’s not enough. Not after the past two hours on the brink of release, wet, hot, and desperate.

Carter moves his cock between my pussy lips, then slowly slides in, his rapid, heavy breathing the most erotic sound on earth.

“How’s that? Does it feel good?”

“So good,” I murmur, my cheek against the cool elevator wall, the rest of my body on fire. “I’m so full.”

“And so fucking tight.” He yanks his hips back, then powers inside, testing how hard and fast he can go.

The faster he moves, the better it feels. He crowds my back, toying with my breasts through the navy fabric of my dress, then moves his hand lower to play my clit.

“Fuck,” he grunts, thrusting deeper. “I love feeling you clench around me. You’re close again, aren’t you?”

“Yes, so close.”

His hand falls away from my clit. I can’t see what he’s doing, but he’s doing something while he relentlessly drives himself balls-deep inside me. It’s not until he grabs the crystal plug that I realize he’s about to swap it for a bigger size.

“Good girl,” he tuts, angling his hips to target my G spot. “Focus on how good this feels. I need you to come for me.” He twists the plug inside me, pulling a little.

I cry out, the sensation damn near knocking me off my feet. The plug pops out at the orgasm’s crescendo and when it hits, Carter pushes the bigger plug inside, elevating my ecstasy. It’s so potent, so all-consuming, so fucking amazing that my nails gouge into the wall and moans echo round the confined space.

“I knew you’d enjoy this,” he says, both arms snapped around my waist, holding me flush to his chest, his cock still lazily pumping inside me as he brings me down from the high. “How are you doing, Hailey?”

“I’m good. How are you doing?”

“Never better.” He kisses the back of my head, slowly pulling out of me. “I love you, pretty girl. So fucking much.”

I’m mellow, completely spent, but aware he hasn’t finished. Before he tucks his cock away, I spin, sliding to my knees.

“I love you more,” I say and hold his gaze as I take him in my mouth.




It’s past one in the morning when Dante and his entourage leave Scarlett, heading back for Chicago. Broadway and I watch the taillights of the three Range Rovers they arrived in exit the parking lot. As soon as they’re gone, we enter the elevator, heading back upstairs.

I’m about done with the evening, but I’m not taking Hailey home for at least another hour. I swapped her plug from size two to three in my back office an hour ago. I used the opportunity to go down on her and tipped her into the abyss she’s been staring into for two hours. The sweet scent of her lingers on my short stubble, driving me feral.

We could leave right now, but I’m enjoying her squirming too much to let her stop early… even if my balls are fucking blue, my cock harder than a steel baton.

The VIP area is starting to quiet down now, most of the outer-circle soldiers and associates have gone, only a few left, still drinking. Two cops nap nearby and, across the room, Mr. Chen, with a goofy smile and skewed glasses, is getting a lap-dance.

“What the hell is it now?” Broadway asks, his footsteps picking up pace.

I follow his line of sight, my heartrate accelerating on cue when I notice Hailey’s not where I left her.

She was in the loveseat fifteen minutes ago, sipping her mojito, still as a statue, eyes on the one-way mirrors looking out onto the dancefloor. Since I fucked her in the elevator, she’s been doing her utmost not to make any sudden moves, but right now she’s on her feet by the concealed doorway leading to the main part of the club. Koby’s there with Ryder and two security guards, forming an impenetrable wall to keep Hailey inside the VIP area.

Apollo stands to the side, watching the unfolding scene with two creases between his brows. A few weeks after the shooting at my flat that left his boss dead, Apollo came by to see me.

He told me he was there the night Rhett killed my sister and painted a vivid picture of how it went down. As his loyal right-hand man he stayed by Rhett’s side after witnessing the despair tearing him apart once he realized he’d murdered his own daughter.

But as time went by and Rhett’s need for vengeance got out of hand, Apollo tried helping me to keep Hailey alive, since she was blameless. We talked for hours. He’s always been the one person in my father’s crew I respected, so I allowed him the benefit of the doubt and pulled him into my organization.

He started at the bottom of the food chain but he’s slowly climbing the ranks the more he proves his loyalty. Right now, Apollo’s the right-hand man to my head of security at Scarlett. He’s also my primary source of information on how old Rhett ran his empire. Knowing his dirty secrets helps me decide who I never want to do business with, who needs putting down, and who’s worth my time.

Apollo’s useful. And particularly protective of my girl, ensuring no one undesired enters her personal space. Even right now, he eyes the bouncers with assessing eyes, making sure neither lays one fucking finger on her.

I’m fifty feet away from the commotion, but I can tell my girl is annoyed. She’s in their face, fighting to push past them, her shoulders squared back and combat-ready.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, stopping behind her. My pulse skyrockets when I spin her around and notice tears welling in her eyes. “What happened, Hailey?”

“I saw her,” she says, her voice wobbling. “I saw the girl I met at Noretto’s and your men wouldn’t let me go after her!”

“She wasn’t alone,” Ryder says.

“Who cares?!” Hailey wails, getting in Ryder’s face. “She was here! I could’ve helped her!”

Koby looks at me over her shoulder. “The girl was with a mean-looking motherfucker and three other goons.” His expression softens when he turns back to Hailey. “We can’t just grab her without knowing who we’re dealing with. And not without Carter’s order.”

“Hailey.” I pull her into my chest. “I promised I’ll take Blaze down and I will, but I can’t get back the girls that were sold. It’d be impossible to find them all.”

“I know…” She bites her cheek, getting a hold of herself. “They shoved her under the rug right before me,” she adds, shaking softly in my arms. “I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t help any of them in that mansion.”

She clings to me harder, as if seeking comfort before the memories overwhelm her. She’s growing more distressed and closer to tears with every word she speaks.

“Do you know how slim the odds are that I’d see any of those girls again?” she asks. “And yet she was right here.”

“And you’re one hundred percent sure she was with you at the mansion?” Broadway pipes in, sounding a little skeptical. “There were thirty girls there, how—”

“I’m sure. Her violet hair stands out in any crowd.”

“Lots of girls have violet hair,” he counters.

“Not like this,” Koby says. “She’s not someone you’d easily forget. You’d understand if you saw her.”

Hailey turns to me again. “I’m not asking you to find them all, just her. Please… that man had her on a leash. She must be going through hell, and—”

“Shhh, Hailey, calm down.” Seeing how upset she is, how much finding that girl means to her, I don’t need any more reasons to put my men on high alert. “Ryder, see what you can dig up about the man she was with.”


The drive back home is tense… though not because of the violet-haired girl. Hailey calmed down before we headed out from the club, after many assurances, and left locating Violet in my men’s capable hands.

The drive is tense because the anticipation is tearing me a new one whenever I glance at Hailey’s flustered face. She’s beyond ready for another orgasm, deliciously horny, and all mine to play with.

She keeps shifting in her seat, her lips parting whenever the butt plug moves inside her. If this wasn’t her first time trying anal, I’d tell the driver to close the partition, so I could fuck Hailey right here.

Next time…

Once she’s used to having me in her ass, I’ll order a limo specifically to take her on the back leather seat.

“Not long now,” I say, draping one arm around her.

She pushes her face into my neck, her hot mouth tracing a path along the tendon all the way to my ear.

The softest sigh escapes her, driving me fucking wild. She knows exactly what she’s doing. I had her no longer than two hours ago, sprawled over the desk in my office, but those titillating sighs of hers… those pink cheeks and hooded eyes have kept my cock hard all evening.

I’m beyond ready to pop another one of her cherries. The visual has been topping my fantasy list for months. Ever since I circled her ass with my finger, elevating her orgasm to new highs, I knew she’d love having me seated deep inside that tight little hole. Her reactions to the plug prove I was on fucking point.

“I’m never wearing that jewelry out again,” she whispers, teeth grazing my earlobe. “It’s embarrassing how much I need you.”

“It’s hot, pretty girl. I might push a plug inside you every morning so you’re dripping wet by the time I get home.” I grasp her chin, tilt her head my way and take her mouth with the same ferocity I want to take her.

She’s intoxicating. Mine for months now, but every kiss could rival our first. Every single one deepens my feelings. She tastes like mint, lime, and rum tonight thanks to the mojitos Layla piled into her all evening.

Hailey must’ve had at least five. Any other day she’d pool at my feet after such intake, but on my order the bartender made her drinks almost virgin. Hailey’s not a big drinker. In fact, since our lives calmed down, she rarely drinks at all, but whenever she and Layla get together, they down mojitos like they’re lemonades. I usually don’t mind. Usually being the keyword here. There’s no way I’d allow Dante’s wife to get my girl hammered tonight and fuck with my plan.

Hailey’s moans fill my mouth, her thighs squeezing together, looking for friction once the limo stops outside our house.

“We’re here, sir,” the driver says, stepping out to open the door for us.

As soon as Hailey’s out, I haul her into my arms, so she won’t twist her ankle on the gravel. She’s been favoring heels lately, still finding her style while spending hours in boutiques with Layla whenever we’re in Chicago.

I booked a crew to pave the entire driveway next week.

For now, I carry her inside the house, up the stairs then into our bedroom. Hailey moans when I squeeze her butt, the plug undoubtedly shifting once more.

“How’s size three?” I ask, dropping her on the bed.

“I’m getting used to it.” She smiles, falling back when I crawl over her and shut her mouth with mine.

We’re both fucking desperate, our tongues battling for dominance in a hot kiss.

“Ready?” I whisper, pushing one hand under her dress to rip her panties off.

She gives me a small nod, her lower lip caught in her teeth, uncertainty clouding her features.

“If you don’t like it, use your safe word. Now… on your knees, pretty girl, and grab the headrest.”

Not that long ago, two wrinkles would crease her forehead at the instruction. Thankfully, those days are long gone. She obeys eagerly because she knows she’ll love whatever I’ve planned.

She flips over, rising on her knees, and grips the tall, leather headrest, curiously looking over her shoulder. “You don’t want me naked?”

I smirk, making quick work of unbuckling my belt and sliding my zipper down. “Later. I need to feel you first.”

From the nightstand I grab the lube, coating my cock, then move closer, using one hand to toy with her clit while removing the plug. As soon as it pops out, my cock is right there.

“Relax,” I whisper, my hands full of her hips.

I hold her still, slowly pushing inside her, sinking inch by inch. My arms break out in goosebumps from how fucking divine this feels. With a satisfied moan, Hailey’s head lolls onto my shoulder, pure ecstasy painting her gorgeous face.

“There you go,” I whisper, my lips grazing her temple. “That’s my good girl.”

She’s perfectly stretched, letting me glide in effortlessly, yet she’s still so fucking tight it’s like heaven on earth.

“How does it feel, Hailey?”


“Good different?”

“So good…”

“Any pain?” I pull my hips back and thrust deeper, testing how far I can sink before she jerks away.

“None at all,” she admits, jutting her hips back to meet my moves. “You can go faster.”

“My girl needs a rough night?” I gather her hair into a ponytail and tug, making her back arch further. The tempo of my thrusts grows relentless with every sound falling from Hailey’s sweet lips. “You love it when I use you, don’t you?”

“I love everything you do,” she mewls, the words breathless, another orgasm looming nearby.

It takes a minute before she’s coming again, then another five before the next orgasm rattles her warm body. It takes forty minutes before I allow myself the release. My chest still heaving, I lay beside her, my head propped on one hand, the other ghosting the skin between her breasts and along her flat stomach.

She looks at me through her eyelashes, her lips curled into a blissful, exhausted smile. “I really hope you’re not expecting another round. No more orgasms left in me tonight. I mean it. I love you but I’m done.”

I smirk, brushing a few strands of damp hair over her ear.

“I love you too, pretty girl. And I have my forever with you, so tonight, you can rest.”


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