Sex Slave at Sea: Chapter 5

I had to sleep.

I was just too exhausted.

Greg tucked me into bed – in my own little cabin that I didn’t know I was going to have. I thought they would chuck me into a six-by-six pen and throw away the key. But no, I get my own little room, just I like I did back at the mansion. It’s exactly the size of Heather’s, though I wouldn’t put too much stock into that. All the guest cabins on the lower deck are probably that size.

So I sleep a dreamless sleep while out there somewhere, Russell Devlin is having words with his daughter. OK, I don’t exactly know what he’s saying, but from how Alice reacted – I’m guessing it’s not something that would appear in a Disney movie.

Upon seeing that speedboat coming towards us, Alice and Heather immediately cut me down. Or at least, they have me cut down by Greg and the quivering deckhand. But it’s too late. The railing I was tied to was starboard – facing the oncoming boat. There’s no mistaking my silhouetted and bound body in that precarious position. Especially if someone on the boat had binoculars.

And it was unfortunate for Alice that not only her father was on the boat – but three of his clients.

Yup, clients. Like in people he wants to take money from.

He had binoculars too.

OK, Alice had tried to cover it up as much as possible, citing the sex slave treaty that I signed or whatever. But then Russell asks for me.

“Did Alice torture you in any way, baby girl?” he says, lifting my chin as he examines the lash marks on my tits and pussy. The marks are beginning to fade, but there are still pink streaks everywhere.

Tears blur my eyes as I gaze into his handsome face. Russell is as commanding a presence as I remember, and my knees go weak just gazing at him. There is so much of Max in him, and yet so much there isn’t.

I say softly, “No.”

Behind him, Alice lets out a gush of breath. Her eyes are an inexplicable mix of anger and fright. I’m surprised.

Bold, beautiful, cruel Alice – afraid of her father when he’s mad.

But then again, it makes sense in every way. She stands to lose a lot if he’s upset with her. Like billions, maybe. And yet, it is her nature to be cruel, and so she wages a war within herself every day.

Why can’t I bring myself to feel sorry for these people?

Russell raises my breasts to reveal my undersides. The side of his mouth twitches – not with amusement.

“Sit on the table, child, and spread your legs.”

I obey, letting his burning and frankly hungry eyes rake my open pussy. The lash marks are even more severe here upon my tender flesh, especially on the soft undersides of my buttocks – where the skin is the whitest.

I know that Russell desires me. It gives me a frisson of pleasure to know that he desires me.

He does not take me then and there on the table in front of his daughter, even though I’m naked and very vulnerable. Part of me is disappointed as he gives me his hand to help me off the table.

“You need rest, baby girl,” he says. “Greg will see you to your room.”

Alice makes to leave as well, but he stops her with a “We need to talk, Alice”.

And so I’m left to sleep in my big bed in my own cabin – all alone and comfortably. I’m naked, of course, but not tethered.

I don’t know how long I must have slept (and woken up, and slept again), but the sun is flooding my cabin windows with orange and crimson light – suggesting it is late afternoon – and there’s someone in the room with me.

It’s Max.

I let out a cry of relief and sink into his welcoming arms. I can’t help it. I’m so glad to see him that tears pour down my cheeks. His smell floods me – that sexy, manly smell of aftershave and . . . wow, is that really seawater? He’s more tanned than when I last saw him, suggesting he has spent a good deal of his time outdoors. His hair is bleached even blonder, if possible.

“Max, Max, Max, Max.” I can’t seem to stop saying his name.

“Ssssh,” he murmurs into my hair, “I know what happened.”

“Why did you leave me with her?”

It just gushed out of me. I couldn’t stop it.

His shoulders tense. I tense too, wondering if I sound too accusatory. Is he going to hate me for it? I can’t bear to lose him – I really can’t! He’s the only rudder I have now in my world gone mad.

He finally says, “I didn’t think she would go that far. I had no choice, you know. You’re contracted to the family, and she claimed her right to you.”

“But she – ”

“I know. Dad’s giving her a shelling right now.”

He lets me cry into his shoulder for a long while. I needed the release and warmth of his arms. When my sobs have subsided, he takes my face in his hands and kisses my lips. I drown in my love for him all over again.

When we have finished kissing – over and over, those hungry, searching kisses that I have only ever experienced with Max – he wipes the tears off my cheeks as I study his beautiful face, as chiseled as any Grecian bust. He has a face I can look at forever, with his marvelous cheekbones, his wonderfully structured jawline and those pools of deep blue that form his eyes.

“Are you going to fuck me?” I whisper.

I’m sore, but I still want him badly.

He tilts his head slightly and appears almost embarrassed.

“Uh, I can’t. I have to prepare you for tonight.”

My heart freezes.

“What’s going to happen tonight?”

He averts his eyes. “Well, Dad needs you to . . . entertain.”

I am aghast. “But I can’t entertain. I’m still sore!”

“Uh, not really. Take a look at yourself.”

To my surprise, my breasts wear only the faintest of pinkish marks. And there is no longer an ache in my pussy. My skin is healthy and glowing. I feel surprisingly . . . rested – like I’ve been given ambrosia and a new lease on life.

Max smiles sheepishly. “We gave you sleeping pills and you slept for three days.”

Three days!

I feel like I’ve been sucker-punched. How could I have slept for three days?

“I’m not kidding.” Max wears an extremely guilty look on his handsome face. Maybe he had accidentally overdosed me.

But my gut is now roiling with the revelation. Three days? And they didn’t attempt to wake me? How could they? How could Max?

He senses this and puts his hand on my cheek tenderly. “I’m sorry, OK? I would never let anything really bad happen to you. As it is, you’re good to go.”

He leans over to kiss me again.


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