Sissy Feminization: Exposing His Secret: Chapter 4

James shuffles towards the chest draws, grabs the miniature makeup cabinet and sheepishly waddles towards his wife on the bed. Kathryn flashes an evil grin as she gently opens her legs revealing her hungry, dripping and exposed womanhood between her legs and points to the space between her thighs.

‘Present yourself dear hubby’ the blonde demands

James nestled himself between his wife’s slender legs, snuggling himself further towards her growling pussy. His body feels trapped and he starts to feel smaller as the realization of his wife’s control and his subconscious submission to her as he gradually transfers the power over his actions.

‘You would make the perfect maid’ Kathryn lifts James’s chin and smiles and she gently draws invisible lines across James’s innocent face. Kathryn digs into the portable makeup cabinet and digs out her powder case, she flips open the container and taps the end of her powder brush against the pink powder, unsettling the contents.

‘Welcome to the beginning of the end’ Kathryn gently powders James’s cheeks applying the soft pink powder on both of his cheeks.

James coughs on his first contact as the air around him turns into a blurry haze of pink smoke while his wife continues to dab at his reddening cheeks.

‘Don’t worry babes, you’ll get used to it’ Kathryn riffled through the various shades of lipstick until she found the perfect colour to match James’s face. The stern blonde grabs the darkest shade of lipstick and hovers the piece in front of James’s eyes.

‘Was this your favourite colour?’

‘Uuuuummmmmm’ James’s struggled to respond as he felt the heat building inside his powdered cheeks.

‘Let’s try it on for size shall we?’ Kathryn twists the bottom case of the lipstick and grabs the bottom of James’s chin, holding his face still.

‘Don’t move or this is going to make a mess all over your face’ Kathryn firmly pressed the tip of the lipstick against the corner of her husband’s trembling lips and skillfully traced across the full length of his lips.

An unusual sensation of femininity cloaks James and he starts to feel his masculinity slowly start to shrivel away. Dressing in his wife’s underwear and applying the makeup himself was one thing, but trapped between his wife’s legs as she gleefully applied her own makeup in preparation to robe him as her maid was a different experience.

‘Stand up’ Kathryn cups James bra, adjusting him to show off the full depth of his manly bosoms.

James stands as ordered by his wife.

Kathryn grips the waistband of James’s pink panties and pulls them up tighter, ensuring the full set of her husband’s manhood is neatly contained in her used underwear.

‘Perfect’ She grabs the maid’s outfit and holds it against James’s front. Kathryn pulls out the knee high pink skirt and motions for James to hop onto one leg allowing to slip on the cotton material. The dominant wife glides the skirt up James thigh, stretching the rubber waistband around the top of the skirt,fitting it snugly around his waist. Kathryn stretches her arms out and dangles the light pink blouse in front of her husband motioning for him to robe his upper torso. James quickly follows his wife’s instructions.

Kathryn spins the maid’s hat between her fingers before popping the final piece of the outfit on James, tucking his hair neaty under the hat. She taps his head a couple of times to indicate her satisfaction at his obedience.

‘Okay, now give me a twirl’ Kathryn demanded

James hesitantly shuffled his feet slowly, eventually turning his body full circle on the same spot showcasing his once manly body now wrapped inside his wife’s pink bra and knickers,covered by her maid outfit.

‘God you look so feminine’ Kathryn squealed as she clapped her hands together ‘Any man walking down the street would mistake you for a woman’ She slipped her hand under her husband’s skirt and  wrapped her soft hands around his panty restrained manhood throbbing for her attention ‘and I bet they would be mentally undressing you, picturing you in all sorts of dirty positions ready for action’ Kathryn smiled as she felt James’s cock twitch involuntarily in excitement.

‘Would you like a new name?’ Kathryn asked

‘What do you mean?’ James stuttered in confusion

‘Well you don’t appear to be dressed like a James. I think you need a new name’

James struggled to respond.

‘I know, we’ll call you Jennifer’ Kathryn gently squeezed her husband’s testicles ‘that sounds like the perfect name for you. Jennifer’ she repeated the name for impact.

James felt his face quickly turn red overcasting the strong pink makeup.

‘Now Jennifer’ the softness in Kathryn’s voice was quickly replaced by a darker tone ‘your first task as my maid is to clear up the bedroom. Make sure everything is left tidy  and make sure you dust the place perfectly’


‘You heard me Jennifer’ Kathryn tightens her grip on Jennifer’s trapped balls ‘Get moving and get  cleaning. NOW’

The sudden switch in her voice frightened the husband, he had seen and lived with his wife’s aggressive streak for many years, it was something that turned her into one of the city’s most successful lawyers but this voice she was commandeering now, it was different. Strong. Powerful. Terrifying. Jennifer’s hesitancy of cleaning the bedroom dressed in a maid’s outfit in front of his wife was replaced by a need to please her and to avoid pushing her buttons further.

Jennifer didn’t hesitate a second longer and he started to quickly scoop together the strewn items of clothing and makeup across the bedroom, hastily placing the items back as neatly as possible as he could in their original resting place. His cock continued to strain against his wife’s pink underwear as he started to welcome the freedom of movement the skirt allowed him. Jennifer found the skirt made bending over easier.

‘You look beautiful every time you bend over in that skirt’ Kathryn remarked watching her husband clearing up items on the floor, unaware every time he was bending over, his panty clad ass was on full display to the whole world. ‘You are doing such a good job, I may turn this into a more permanent position’ Kathryn smiled as she looked around at the bedroom quickly turning from a mess into a sparkling clean showroom.

The tightness in Jennifer’s pink underwear starts to ease the more he moved around in the bedroom, continuing to clean every unturned inch. The flimsy fabric slowly stretching itself to accommodate Jennifer’s manhood. But although his physical manhood was tucked between his legs and remaining hungry and alive as ever. Jennifer started to feel his masculinity and his dominance in his relationship slowly start to chip away as he began to feel powerless under his wife’s watchful gaze mentally undressing him and her dark voice slowly seeping his masculinity.

Kathryn feels her clit beginning to growl, awakening at the thought of emasculating her husband watching him obediently follow her orders dressed in her clothing.

‘Don’t forget this one’ the horny wife points at a piece of underwear tucked under the bed between her legs, hastily shoved under their bed earlier as James had panicked. She watches as Jennifer scoops down to pick up the flimsy piece.

‘I’m getting all hot and turned on’ Kathryn purrs as she wraps her hands around Jennifer and tugs him closer ‘Why don’t you please me’

Jennifer wastes no time in lifting up his pink skirt desperately hunting around for the waistband of his panties in an effort to unleash his restrained cock, hungry and desperate to release itself. He yanks out his thick manhood, dribbling with pre-cum, locked and loaded ready for action and inches his throbbing cock towards his wife’s face.

Kathryn violently bats her husband’s cock out of her face dismissing it’s existence and smiles as he winces clutching his cock, reeling from the sudden burst of pain ‘As you are now a woman, you should please me as a woman should’

She grabs her husband’s head and shoves it between her legs, forcing Jennifer to drop to his knees with his cock dangling between his legs.

‘Do I need to say more?’ Kathryn reaffirms her desires ‘Now put your filthy cock back where it belongs and get your fucking tongue out’

Jennifer quickly obliges, struggling to squeeze his unsatisfied cock back into his pink panties . He sniffs his wife’s pussy and inhales her dominant scent as it orders him to please her. Jennifer rolls his tongue across his wife’s vaginal lips lapping Kathryn’s moistness, kissing her clit with an unparalleled passion, He slips his tongue between her folds and lunges as deep as he can, exploring his wife’s pussy with his wet tongue. His cock presses painfully against the tight confines of his panties growing harder as the tip of his cock painfully scraps against the tip of the waistband. Jennifer winces as he contains the agonizing pain of chastity and helplessness between his legs, and as his subconscious whispers that he may be peeking into the future of his relationship with his wife.

Jennifer’s tongue assaults his wife’s vaginal walls as he hungrily laps up her moistening pussy, selfishly drinking her free flowing juices.

Kathryn grabs onto Jennifer’s head with both of her hands and slams his head deeper between her legs burying her sissy maid in her dark, wet and hungry hole. The dominant lawyer starts to slowly rock her hips, picking up the pace as her husband expertly tongue fucks her pussy desperate for release. Her thighs clench as her pending orgasm starts  thumping for release, threatening to smash through her floodgates. Normally Kathryn would hold her moment of release back for as long as possible but a part of her wants to unleash her force upon her sissy husband sandwiched between her legs, And without a second’s hesitation, Kathryn screams into the air as an undeniable electric surge thrusts it’s way through her body culminating in a violent orgasm as she unleashes her womanly juices, soaking her husband’s face in the process, drenching his sissy maid outfit. She jerks his head forward and rides her husband’s face with an unparalleled aggression forcing her dominance upon her crossdressing sissy.

‘God, fuck yeah’ Kathryn exhales as her vaginal walls drip with enthusiasm as Jennifer’s tongue continues to probe her darkness.

‘How does that feel down there?’ Kathryn smiles

Jennifer muffles a respond as his tongue continues to fight against the downpour of his wife’s orgasm.

‘You have done well, my sissy bitch’ Kathryn kicks both of her husband’s shoulders, knocking him back into an upright position between her legs. She smiles as he stares down at her drenched pussy, satisfied and exhausted, openly teasing her husband’s quickly diminishing masculinity.

‘Time for you to finish off’ the horny and smiling wife is quickly replaced by the stern and demanding one as she stands up walking behind her husband.

Jennifer slowly gets to his feet.

‘Hurry the fuck up you pathetic sissy’ Kathryn barks at her husband ‘And once you are done, you are going to prepare dinner for tonight’

‘What? You want me to prep…..’ Jennifer interjects

Kathryn smiles and quickly swings her arm back, the back of her hand burying itself between her husband’s legs crushing his blue balls against his pelvis. She draws her arm forward and swings back with greater force once more pulverizing her husband’s tender balls.

‘Your masculinity is going to come down a peg or two’ she watches as her husband drops to his knees clutching his throbbing groin rocking back and forward.

‘Ye….ye…..yes……Miss’ Jennifer whimpers as he tries to control the burning fire between his legs, he looks up and stares at his wife towering over him, her powerful legs inches away from his groin.

‘Good girl’ Kathryn kisses her husband’s forehead ‘ I ‘ll see you in a bit, I guess it will take you a little longer as you’ll need to recover first’ she smiles and heads towards the door.

Jennifer leans back against the foot of the bed, catching his breath between the throbbing between his legs. He ponders on the cruel irony of his predicament. His loyal and loving wife attacks his manhood, forcing him to bring her to orgasm with his tongue and only his tongue, crushes his tender balls. And the peck on the forehead. What a fucking insult. Jennifer hunts around for his cock, gripping his rock hard shaft. He exhales, surprised his erection has maintained is steel hardness from the moment he entered the bedroom with Kathryn.


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