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Slave Auction Part I: Chapter 2


“Are you sure you want to do this?” May asked Justine as they pulled up to the chain blocking the driveway. The Farm’s driveway pillars were set back far enough from the road’s edge for May to pull her car all the way off the county road and up to the chain.

Justine’s leg had been bouncing up in down, announcing her apprehension, but now she denied any anxiety at all. “Of course I do. Why else would I have gone through the application process?”

“Do you really need the money that much?” May asked her friend. “I’m sure you could get some loans or find some other way to pay for school.”

“Nope. No loans. I’m paying as I go.”

“You’re going to lose a whole year if you go through with this.”

“Just a half year. And lots of students take time off in the middle of college to figure out what to do with their lives.”

“You’re not figuring out what to do with your life,” May pointed out. “You’re selling yourself as a sex slave.”

“It sounds so dirty-nasty when you put it that way,” Justine joked.

“This isn’t funny!”

Justine sighed. “I know. It’s not funny. But this is an easy way to make the money I need.”

“Most girls just go into stripping for easy money,” May snorted.

“I’m not most girls. I’m a woman and I can do whatever I want with my body.”

“I’m just worried about you,” May said with a shiver. “This is the sort of thing you read about where a woman disappears for five years to serve as a sex slave in some Middle Eastern country where women have no rights and she winds up dead or some baby machine for a sheik with too much oil money.”

Justine laughed at her friend’s paranoia. “You worry too much. No such thing is going to happen to me. Maybe if this was New York City, but we’re upstate and upstate is dull and boring.” She let out a half laugh-half cough. “I’ll probably wind up serving the most boring man imaginable who wants to do it missionary style every Saturday night. I’ll also have to cook his meals and wash his laundry. That’s less fun and more work.”

“See?” May snapped back at her.

A silence formed between them.

“I’m still doing it,” Justine said as she put her hand on the door handle. She had spied a figure walking toward the driveway’s entrance from the big red barn in the middle of the property and she didn’t want to be in the car when he arrived.

“I know,” May said quietly. “I love you and I want you to call me if anything goes wrong, okay?” They both knew the request was silly, but May still needed to say it.

“I will.” She hugged her friend and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before getting out of the car and meeting the man who was now walking down the driveway. Justine stepped up to the chain and waited for him, digging the folded cardboard invitation out of her back pocket as she did so.

“Your name?” the man asked. He was tall and handsome, but in a forgettable way. Justine briefly locked eyes with him—his were a deep green—before she looked down at the dusty driveway.


“I’m Mark. Your friend will have to leave before you are admitted,” he said when she proffered her invitation to him.

Justine turned around and shooed May away. The other woman put the car into reverse, backed out onto the road, and drove cautiously away. Justine turned back around as Mark took the invitation from her hand.

“Put these on,” he told her, handing over a pair of leather cuffs. “Then take off all your clothes.”

The cuffs buckled on her wrists just like a Chesterton’s dog collar. Justine winced a bit as she remembered her childhood pet still living with her parents. Once the cuffs were in place she pulled her t-shirt up over her head and paused when she didn’t know what to do with the item of clothing. Mark took it from her and she casually pulled her athletic bra up over her head as well, as if stripping down to nothing just of a county road in the middle of nowhere was something she did every day.

Her nipples immediately hardened in the cool morning air. Mark didn’t seem to notice her nudity. After she kicked off her sneakers and stuffed her socks inside the shoes, Justine pulled down her jeans and panties at the same time, but took a moment to fold them neatly. When that was done she stood in front of Mark and he seemed to see her for the first time.

Though she wasn’t on any college sports team, Justine kept herself in shape by running every day. She wasn’t a competitive runner, but she knew if she stopped her daily exercise, she’d wind up getting fat like her older sisters. Other than being in physically good shape, she was otherwise unremarkable. Justine sported shoulder length black hair, breasts that were neither large or small, pubic hair that was shaved into a neat rectangle. Having a naturally pale complexion made her skin gleam in the sunlight. She had the start of tan lines from the shorts and tank top she normally wore when running, but it was still too early in the year for a full-on tan.

Mark glanced at her pussy. “You’ll have to shave,” he commented as he pulled out a thin metal chain and held it up.

Justine nodded and, knowing what he wanted, raised up her wrists for him to attach the leash to. The cuffs brought her arms together and Mark turned around to lead her to the barn. She followed him—at this point she had little choice—with her earns throbbing with every pulse of her heart. She was scared, but eager to see what would happen. She told herself this would be an adventure none of her classmates could ever imagine.


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