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Slave Auction Part I: Chapter 4

The Baths

It was five seconds after he closed the door that the tall blonde said, “That’s a cute tattoo you have on your ass.” A little giggle rose from the black hair woman’s throat while Ellissa’s face turned bright red. “It’s Ariel, right?” Her words weren’t mean; she was just trying to have a conversation.

“Yeah, the Little Mermaid,” Ellissa said softly.

“Walking in here with that fancy business suit, I wouldn’t have expected you to have anything like that,” the blonde continued. “Then again, here on the Farm, you never know what to expect.” Ellissa glanced up at the tall woman. “I’m Leah, what’s your name?”

“Shh!” the other woman interrupted. “We’re not supposed to talk.” She looked nervous.

“We can talk,” Leah said. “Just not in front of the trainers and masters.”

“We probably shouldn’t anyway,” the dark haired woman said. “Just to be safe.”

Leah ignored her. “What’s your contract for?” she asked Ellissa.

“My contract?”

“How long did you agree to?”

“I don’t understand.”

They heard heels clicking on the hardwood floor and fell silent. Kim strode into the room with a frown on her face. “You know you aren’t supposed to be talking without permission,” the striking woman said with contained anger. “We haven’t even started yet and you’ve already earned demerits, Leah.”

“Sorry.” The blonde woman didn’t look all that apologetic.

Kim held her gaze a long minute until Leah dropped her eyes down. Ellissa studied the strong-willed woman in her black leather pants and red bustier looking exactly like a dominatrix should. A gauzy white shirt covered the exposed skin on her arms and shoulders but hid nothing. The riding crop that Ellissa had noted in their first encounter was still hanging from Kim’s belt.

“Formal training begins the afternoon. We don’t have much time, just a week before the auction. I don’t expect to turn you three into perfect submissives in that short amount of time but since the three of you want this so much it shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

“I don’t want this!” Ellissa burst out.

Kim’s lips twisted in amusement and she glanced back and forth between the two other chained women. “Leah, Justine, I’ve discovered already that Emelia wants to go through the full treatment of the unwilling slave. Since I’m being paid to fulfill a fantasy, I’m more than happy to go along with her need to play this role. I’d appreciate it if you would assist as needed.”

Leah shrugged. “I want to do this,” she commented. “It’s going to be fun.”

A slow shake of Kim’s head gave a quick evaluation of what she thought of the blonde. “The slaves eager to be broken are the ones that are most difficult to deal with I’ve discovered,” Kim commented. “Don’t worry, I’ll find your limits and push you past them.” There was ice in her voice and Leah shivered.

“Is there going to be much pain?” Justine asked in her quiet voice.

Kim licked her lips before answering. “Of course there will be pain, but it will be leavened by great pleasure as well. Hills and valleys, ladies. You can’t have the highs without the lows.

“This is wrong!” Ellissa insisted. “You can’t do this to me.” Though she was naked and chained to the wall by her neck she tried to adopt a pose of anger and power. Kim wasn’t intimidated.

“Leah, Justine, your first duties will be to prepare Emelia and yourselves. Slaves aren’t allowed any body hair. Shave her—and yourself, Justine. Braid your hair back. Hers is too short for that, so leave hers loose. Leah, you remember where the baths are?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ellissa noted that with interest. Leah had been here before, obviously.

Kim found a long length of chain from one of the storage cabinets and locked a cuff to Leah’s left ankle. Justine stood passively as Kim measured a four foot length and locked Justine’s ankle to the chain as well. Ellissa backed away when Kim tried to do the same to her.

“I can’t have you running free,” Kim said politely.

“I’m not doing this!”

Kim sighed. “Yes or no, ladies: do you remember your scene safeword and your contract safeword?”



Kim looked expectantly at Ellissa. “Just say your contract safeword and we’ll be done with this little farce—if that’s what you want.”

“I don’t know what a safeword is,” Ellissa said, and then corrected herself. “Well, I know what one is, but I don’t know why you think I have one.”

“We included one in the contract you signed if you want to end everything. Just say it and we’ll be done here.”

Ellissa just goggled in confusion at Kim who took the opportunity to grab the brunette’s leg and quickly lock her to the long chain. Looking down at her leg Ellissa seethed with anger because she had been so easily distracted and tricked.

“Everyone remember,” Kim said sounding more like a high school gym teacher than a professional dominatrix, “the scene safeword is red. That will stop the scene and we’ll re-evaluate. You all know your contract safeword—” and she winked at Ellissa, “—but be careful when using it. You don’t want to lose your contract payout at the end of your service, right?”

“I’m not doing this for the money,” Leah commented.

Kim whirled on her. “That’s another demerit,” she chastised the slave. “You’re earning them quickly. Watch your mouth. Leah, lead them to the baths and all three of you get clean. After baths, go to the kitchen. After lunch, we’ll start formal training.” She then efficiently unlocked each of the padlocks holding the three slaves to the wall using a universal key on a small ring hooked to her belt. Kim turned on her heel and left the barn.

Two of the slaves were momentarily mystified at what to do next, but Leah took the initiative. “We have to walk together,” she told them somewhat unnecessarily. “The slave baths are around the back of the main house. It’s not far but we need to be coordinated in our steps.”

“You’ve done this before?” Justine marveled.

“Yes, a few times.”

“Then why are you going through the training?” Justine asked.

“I’ve played slave games before,” Leah qualified. “I’ve never trained to serve as a slave for a two-year contract. Now put your left hand on my shoulder. Ellissa, put your left hand on Justine’s shoulder.” She clucked her tongue. “You two are so much shorter than me. This is going to be rough going.”

“How so?”

“We have to walk lockstep, like in a chain gang. It takes a little practice and it’s easier if everyone is the same height.”

“I don’t know why I’m going along with this,” Ellissa muttered to herself.

Justine answered anyway. “Because you want it,” she said. “We all want this.”

The trip from the barn to the house wasn’t that difficult, but it was slow going. The group only fell to the soft grass once. It was a good thing they were headed to the baths because by the time they managed to get their feet again they were all covered in dirty, dusty, and grass clippings. As they walked Ellissa found herself thinking about her situation. The day had started normally, getting up, taking the car service to the airport, but instead she wound up here, naked and chained to two slaves when she should be flying to Cleveland in business class to confer with a client. Inside she was panicking over her job and company. This could destroy everything she and Emelia had spent the past five years building.

Then she remembered that somehow she and Emelia had gotten mixed up. Since Emelia was supposed to be on vacation things would quickly get sorted out by the afternoon, evening at the latest, and the both of them would have a good laugh about it. Ellissa would know about Emelia’s secret little sexcapades and she would hold that over her friend’s head for years to come. She just needed to survive the rest of the day.

Ellissa decided to go along with the game. There wasn’t anything really wrong with what she—or Emelia—was doing. Yes, it was an incredibly silly and kinky little game. But she wasn’t really a slave. It was just a game they were playing for some adult amusement. She might have to perform a few kinky acts and get used to being naked for the rest of the day, but that wasn’t any worse than what she and Emelia had done in college in their sorority.

Well, actually, maybe it was worse, but it had been a long time since Ellissa had had a boyfriend. Maybe she could get a little sexual relief out of this mix-up.

It was strange walking with two other naked women in the sunlight, but they didn’t comment on it so neither did Ellissa. Leah seemed to know where she was going, and since the other two were walking, she had to go along with them.

The baths were contained within a small freestanding building wedged in between the large L-shaped swimming pool behind the farm house and the formal garden that took up a huge swath of the yard between the house and the edge of the farmland where corn was growing. When she stepped into the bath house, despite what she was expecting, Ellissa was impressed. In the past few years she had seen some impressive facilities in the many hotels she had stayed in. This one wasn’t overwhelming, but it wasn’t just a simple changing room and shower stall either.

The entire place was tiled. A row of open showers lined one wall, while a large sunken tub, large enough to easily accommodate a handful of people, took up most of the other wall and much of the floor space. A bench ran along the back wall. Justine was the first to speak.

“How the hell are we supposed to get in that together?” she asked, shaking her ankle making the chain jingle to emphasize her point.

The tub was already filling with hot water. It wasn’t supposed to be a hot tub, but Ellissa saw jet openings to make it a spa in which to relax. It might have been acceptable to Kim for the three women to take showers under the nozzles that ran along with wall, but it occurred to her that getting clean wasn’t the point of the visit to the bath house. The real point was to relax and create the correct mindset for the newly minted slaves.

“Here,” said Leah opening up a box bolted to the wall. Inside was a pair of keys on long coiled wires. “Universal keys. One of the Farm’s safety precautions.” She pulled out one of the keys and bent down to her ankle shackle. To Ellissa’s amazement the lock popped open and Leah removed the chain before moving on to free Justine.

“What the hell is the point of chaining us if we can just free ourselves anytime that we want?” Ellissa blurted out.

Leah laughed lightly as she set to work on Ellissa’s lock. “We’re willing slaves, honey. Don’t forget that. The only reason we’re here is because we want to be here.” She opened the lock and freed Ellissa’s foot. “Are you going to go running off down the road naked looking for help? Don’t be stupid. This is part of the fun.” She stood up and coiled the key’s retaining wire, placing it back into the box before closing it. “And the keys and boxes are on monitors. Kim and her staff can see whenever one is opened and used. We’re allowed to take off our chains whenever we need, as long as we stay in the same room. We have to put the chain back on before we leave.”

“I don’t care,” Justine interjected. “I’m taking a bath.” She went right to the tub and went down the steps to immerse herself in the steaming water. She ducked under the surface and soaked her hair. A moment later she stood up and let the water sluice off her skin. “Are we going to wash ourselves or are we going to play the lesbian fantasy game?” she asked the other two.

Leah stepped into the water and Ellissa cautiously followed. The water was blood hot and soothing. As much as she wanted to resist, Ellissa found herself going along with the other two slaves. “What’s the lesbian fantasy game?” she asked as she settled down into the hot water.

A laugh erupted from Leah’s lips. “It’s where we pretend we’re lesbians in case someone—some man—is watching us from the cameras.” She pointed up at a corner of the room where Ellissa now saw a small video camera was observing everything going on in the bath house. “We’re supposed to wash each other and then have sex just in case some unseen man needs a girl-on-girl fantasy fulfilled.”

The thought made Ellissa nervous. She wasn’t a lesbian, or even bisexual, but someone secretly watching her while bathing made her uncomfortable. And was she actually expected to have sex with these other women she barely knew? “You’re kidding, right?”

“Not about the cameras,” Leah said as she sloshed over to the side of the tub where she found all sorts of soaps and lotions. “Someone might be watching, but they’ve probably seen hundreds of women having sex. Whoever is watching doesn’t care.”

“Are we being recorded?” Ellissa asked nervously, holding her arms up over her breasts.

Leah shrugged. “Probably. But don’t worry about it. No one is going to put the video on the internet.”

“How do you know that? You can’t be a hundred percent sure.”

“And if they do, so what? Just another drop of low-quality video in a sea of porn.”

A pause filled the air, a pause which was quickly broken by Justine. “I think it’s a little bit exciting to know there might be porn of me on the internet without me knowing,” she confided in the other two.

Leah rolled her eyes and then patted the ledge of the tub. “Sit here,” she said to Ellissa. “I’ll shave you.”

“I can shave my own legs, thank you very much,” Ellissa replied with a huff.

Justine giggled and took a razor and cream from the supply bin before sitting down on the opposite side of the tub.

“What are you laughing at?” Ellissa snipped.

“I’m sure you can shave your legs,” Leah replied for the dark-haired woman. “But it’s obvious you don’t spend a lot of time grooming your pussy.” She pointed at the barely controlled nest of brown hair covering Ellissa’s sex.

Trying not to gasp, Ellissa said, “I’m not taking it all off.” At once she was embarrassed. Ellissa had never shaved off all her pubic hair, though back in college she had done a bit of experimentation with private grooming. But that she did herself. She’d never been to a salon to be waxed nor had someone else shave her like that. The offer itself was a bit obscene.

Leah just shook her head. “Of course you are,” she said calmly. “Kim said to do it so we have to. Besides, you’ll want it that way once we really get into training. You don’t want fluids hanging around your pubes, and the hair gets in the way of some of the toys.”

“What?” Ellissa didn’t believe a word of what the other woman was saying.

“Just sit down over here and let me help you,” Leah insisted. “I’ve already got a couple of demerits for a smart mouth. That’ll be a paddling or two for sure. You refuse to shave and Kim will give you twice of what I’ve got coming. Now, I like a nice sharp spanking. It gets me revved up. You? I don’t know. Maybe you’re really playing this game to the fullest, looking for a good bit of severe discipline. I don’t know. Maybe you’re new to this game, and if that’s the case, you don’t want to be whipped by Kim first thing this afternoon. She’ll have you in tears for the next week.”

The blonde woman’s words alarmed Ellissa and then she remembered her vow to go along with the game she was supposed to be playing. The loss of her pubic hair was hardly something to get worked up about. It would grow back. So Ellissa nodded and sat down where Leah had indicated.

Ellissa stared straight ahead as Leah smeared shaving cream on her legs. Staring straight ahead wasn’t much help because her eyes fell on Justine who had already completed shaving her own legs and was now scraping away the small, decorative rectangle of curls that sat atop her pussy. They locked eyes and Justine gave her a warm smile. Flustered, Ellissa looked up at the ceiling and let Leah do her work.

Shaving her legs was largely unnecessary because Ellissa had shaved that morning in anticipation of her flight and busy day. Normally she just shaved from the knees down, but Leah went all the way up her thighs and ran the sharp razor over her skin.

“Open your legs up,” Leah ordered when she was done. Ellissa hesitated. She hated doing that for her doctor, and letting a strange woman with a razor get close and intimate with her was a high hurdle to clear. But she gave herself over to the moment and spread her legs wide enough for Leah to squat between them and inspect her pussy. Ellissa tried to adopt the attitude that this was a just a clinical moment, nothing more. But even if she was in a doctor’s office, she wouldn’t have taken off her shirt or be in a tub of water.

“Wow,” commented Leah. “You’ve got a lot of hair. This is going to take some time.”

“Fine.” Ellissa tried to pretend that what was going on was happening to someone else, not her.

Leah put down the razor and rooted around in the supply bin, eventually pulling out a small pair of scissors. “This will make it easier,” she commented and started pulling on Ellissa’s curls, stretching them out, and snipping off the entire length as close to the skin as she dared. Ellissa didn’t look, but sensed that her groomer was dropping the hair not in the water but over the side of the tub. That made Ellissa wonder who was going to clean the tub of the soap scum and tiny bits of shaved hair.

Eventually the scissors went back into the bin and Ellissa glanced down at her partially shorn sex. It was ragged and ugly so she shut her eyes, but Leah wasn’t done. Ellissa shivered as the tall woman started rubbing cream into her wet pubes.

“Don’t get too excited,” Leah told her. “I’m not going to get you off.”

Ellissa’s eyes popped open when she realized what exactly Leah was talking about. Justine giggled and Ellissa glanced at her. The small-framed woman had completed her shaving and bathing. She had even gone so far as to tightly braid her thick black hair into a single strand that fell down her back.

What Leah was doing felt good, but Ellissa tensed up when the cream was done and Leah started using the razor. Despite herself, Ellissa found herself watching Leah’s handiwork. Either the woman was a natural at this sort of grooming or had done it many times before. She worked with speed and skill and confidence. Before she knew it almost all her hair was gone and then Leah was tugging on her inner labia and unconsciously Ellissa backup up as much as she could, pressing her back against the wall.

“Hold still,” Leah muttered. “You don’t want to get cut and I need to remove all the stragglers.”

In a way having the other woman tug on her dainty bits was annoying and uncomfortable. But on the other side of the coin it was surprisingly intimate and sensual. She tried to focus on the obverse side of the coin.

“Tilt your hips up,” instructed Leah. “I need to get down low.”

Ellissa did as she was requested, exposing every intimate bit of her body. Leah carefully used the razor to remove the last few hairs from the bottom of Ellissa’s pussy and then continued on around the smaller woman’s anus. Ellissa told herself it was just part of the treatment. She tried not to think about how much she was enjoying the treatment.

“There,” Leah announced. “Done.” She picked up a cup and poured water over Ellissa’s now nude pussy. The brunette looked down and saw her sex completely and fully exposed for the first time. “You have a very pretty pussy,” Leah complimented her as she ran her fingers over Ellissa’s slightly swollen labia. At first Ellissa thought it was an act of intimacy, that Leah was trying to seduce her, but then she realized that Leah was spreading a lotion over her skin, probably something to prevent razor burn.

When Leah removed her hand Ellissa inspected herself again and it was as if she were seeing her pussy for the very first time. It was oddly sexy to be exposed and bare as she was. Her pussy, she saw now, was little more than a slit with light pink inner labia pouting out slightly. Maybe it was pretty. No one had ever commented on her that way before.

Justine chimed in when Leah stepped back in the water. “It is pretty,” she agreed. “Not that I’ve seen that many women up close,” she quickly added, looking nervously between the two slaves.

“Well I have,” Leah said. “I’m bi and I’ve seen a lot of pussies in my time. Yours is one of the best.”

Ellissa wasn’t sure how to take that exactly so she just said, “Thank you.” The two women continued to stare at Ellissa’s cunt until she self-consciously shut her legs. “Don’t you need to shave yourself now?” she asked Leah.

“Nope,” the tall blonde said. “I’m smooth all the time now.” She grabbed Ellissa’s hand and pressed to her naked pussy. Ellissa felt the smoothness of her bald sex. There wasn’t even the hint of stubble. She pulled back her hand, but didn’t jerk it away as if she were afraid or disgusted.

“How is that?”

“I had it all laser removed a while ago.”

“Smart,” Justine complimented her. “I’ve considered doing that, but it’s so expensive.”

Leah just nodded and asked, “Help me with my braid? I was never any good at hair styling.” Justine nodded and quickly weaved the blonde woman’s tresses into a simple and elegant tail hanging down her back. As she worked Ellissa moved her eyes between the water and the two women’s naked bodies. The water, she noted, was steadily flowing from one side of the tub to the other. At some point in their bath the automatic fill on the tub had stopped but the water hadn’t ceased flowing. Ellissa quickly surmised that new water was entering the tub from the hidden jet and old water was leaving via some drain. This served two purposes: it kept the water hot and it kept it clean as well. The bits of soap and hair went down the drain without lingering in the water to stick to their skin.

Though she was becoming accustomed to being naked around the other women, Ellissa was still a bit uncomfortable with the situation. Leah, obviously, had been naked in front of hundreds of people, men and women, Ellissa had decided. Maybe the same was true of Justine, but the black-haired woman wasn’t so bold about it. Ellissa hadn’t really ever been naked in front of anyone but her doctor and a few boyfriends, and never in a group.

Even though she didn’t want to stare, Ellissa found her eyes continually returning to the bright yellow rings that pierced Leah’s nipples. The blonde woman had big breasts and full nipples and areola. The rings through the sensitive bits of her body made her both sexy, which made sense, and intimidating, which was odd because she was supposed to be playing the role of a slave.

“Yes, they’re real gold. Eighteen carat,” Leah said.

“I’m sorry?”

“I saw you staring at my nipple rings. Their eighteen carat gold. When I had them pierced I used surgical steel, of course, but once they healed I had the gold put in.”

“They’re pretty,” Ellissa commented. What else could she say.

“Thank you. We’d better finish up and get back,” she said. “We don’t want to piss off Kim by taking too long for lunch.”

“How come you think you’re in charge?” Justine asked sourly. “Have you done this before?” she teased.

“I’m not in charge,” Leah said primly. “But yes, I have done this before.”

“You have?” Ellissa asked, intrigued.

“Yes. Once. I’ve been to the Farm more than a few times. And my previous slave contract was only for a month, but I know what Kim wants.” She stepped up out of the tub, her wet braid dripping water down her back. The water had changed the light blonde to a darker tone, almost matching Ellissa’s brown tresses. “When I signed my contract for this time, I agreed to help her with you two.” She lowered her voice conspiratorially. “Don’t tell Kim. That was part of the agreement.” She winked and smiled.

“Help how?” Justine asked with a tinge of anger in her voice.

“Help by moving things along and explaining things to you where it would be a waste of Kim’s time for her to explain.”


Leah slipped the long silver chain back into place around her ankle. “Let’s get moving. We need to dry off and go to the kitchen. I wonder what they feed slaves…”

The three toweled off and hooked up to the chain. Leah led the way to the kitchen. Ellissa found it easier to walk this way now that she had some practice. She was slightly surprised to discover it was the same kitchen where she had met Kim earlier in the morning.


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