Slave Auction Part I: Chapter 5

The Paddle

There was another woman in the kitchen busily preparing a meal at the stove. She was dressed in a traditional French maid uniform and Ellissa was fairly sure it wasn’t just to designate her as a servant. She wondered what the maid had on underneath the costume; it wasn’t obscene or overly sexy, but there was more than a touch of implied sexuality in the way she wore the uniform. She showed just a bit too much cleavage, her skirt was shorter than it should have been, the body was just a little too tight.

Leah led them over to a table that Ellissa hadn’t noted on her first incursion into the kitchen. It was rectangular and glass topped with place settings for three; a simple lunch meal was already set on the three plates. The three slaves moved together, sliding into position on the table’s bench. The purpose of the glass top table became obvious to Ellissa when they were seated. There was no tablecloth or placemats. The glass serviced to expose the slaves; nothing was hidden from view.

The maid brought glasses of water to the table and placed them in front of the slaves. “You’ll be well fed,” she said. Her voice was firm and a bit prim, which seemed out of place for the Farm. “See to it you don’t overeat or eat too little. You’re to be sold as is, we don’t need you gain weight nor do we want you to have no energy. It takes a lot of energy to be a slave.”

Ellissa looked at her blankly not knowing what to say. She was too afraid to pick up her fork and start eating. It was Leah, naturally, who spoke first. “Thank you, Analise.”

The maid gave the blonde slave a withering gaze. “You aren’t to speak or address me unless spoken to first, you know that.”

Leah’s eyes went to the table, staring at the plate of food in front of her. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I forgot.”

Analise sighed. “I doubt you forgot. You’ve always been a defiant slave, Leah. I’ll inform Kim of your mistake and have demerits added to your total. You already have demerits, don’t you, Leah?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m not surprised. You enjoy a good paddling, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Analise now shook her head. “Kim says she’s found a way to break you. I’d like to see that.” Since Leah hadn’t been asked a question she kept her mouth closed and her eyes on her plate. Analise waited a long moment and adjusted her tight top, exposing a bit more cleavage, before she said, “You may eat. When you are done, go to the barn. Don’t keep Kim waiting.”

With that she walked out of the kitchen. Ellissa still didn’t move. She waited until Leah picked up her fork and started eating. Only then did she follow suit.

“Can we talk?” Justine asked softly, her lips barely moving. “Are they watching us?”

“Of course they’re watching,” Leah said in a normal tone of voice, indicating a camera in the corner of the kitchen’s ceiling. “But we can talk as long as there’s no other mistress or master in the room.”

Ellissa suddenly realized how hungry she was and started eating eagerly. It was odd to be eating naked. Her ass was cold on the hard, bare bench, but there was also something comforting about her unity with the other slaves. They might have nothing, but they were in this together.

“How long is your contract for?” Justine asked Leah.

“Two years.”

Justine gasped. “I only applied for six months. I’m going back to school with my money. What about you?” she asked, turning her head to Ellissa.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Justine asked.

“I’m not supposed to be here,” Ellissa said. “There’s been a mix up. This was supposed to be for Emelia, my partner. She likes this sort of kinky games. This isn’t for me.”

Leah snorted. “If it was for her, why are you here? Or, an even better question is, why are you going along with this?”

“Because I don’t know what the fucking safeword is that gets me out of this goddamn mess!” Ellissa was seething just below the surface.

The other two slaves just laughed softly at her. “She’s really going all out playing the reluctant slave game, isn’t she?” Leah asked Justine.

“I’m not playing,” Ellissa insisted.

“Look, Emelia,” Leah said in a tone that indicated she flatly didn’t believe a word of what Ellissa was saying. “You can play this game. It’s fun for you, I’m sure. Just don’t expect us to buy into it. This is America in the twenty-first century. Pretty white girls just don’t get kidnapped and taken to a secret resort to serve as a sex slave without their willing participation. We’ll play along; just don’t expect us to believe you.” She finished the last of the food on her plate. “Come on. We need to get to the barn before Kim does. She’s already going to paddle my ass and I don’t want to make her any more angry than she needs to be.”

Ellissa considered protesting and refusing to walk lockstep with the two other women, but combined they were much stronger than her and it was just easier to go along with the game for the moment. They left their plates on the table; presumably someone would clean up after the slaves. Marching across the lawn was easier on the second try. Ellissa’s pussy vaguely itched at her recent shaving but she didn’t scratch at her crotch. She was certain there had to be something in the rules about touching her sex.

In the barn Leah led them into the back where they had been chained to the wall and they waited for Kim to arrive. They freed themselves of the chain on their ankles and, at Leah’s insistence, put the chains to the black leather collars around their necks.

Ellissa expected it to be only a few minutes. They waited nearly an hour by her estimate. “Why is this taking so long?” she half-whispered to Justine.

A smile played on the dark-haired woman’s lips. “Waiting is an art all slaves must perfect.”

It sounded like a platitude from some manners manual. It didn’t help Ellissa’s mood.

They waited in silence a few minutes more. Ellissa swayed back and forth, shifting her weight, trying not to be bored. When they heard the front door of the barn slide open and heels clicking down the hardwood floor to the back room, all three women stiffened and held themselves still.

Kim entered the room and stopped walking in the middle. Ellissa didn’t need to see her to know the dominatrix was carefully evaluating them. “Turn around,” she ordered.

Ellissa did so, checking the motions of the other slaves out of the corners of her eyes. Kim’s gaze raked across their bodies and she nodded in approval at Ellissa’s newly shorn pussy. “Leah, I think you know what is next.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the tall blonde replied.

Kim walked over to her with the assured confidence of a woman who had performed this bit of work a hundred times. She unlocked Leah’s collar from the wall chain with her universal key she kept on her belt and lead the slave over to a padded leather bench along the side of the room. “You’re familiar with the punishment bench.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Leah said as she bent over the bench, laying her arms along the padded leather, her torso now parallel to the floor. Ellissa watched in fascination as the slave did this while Kim opened up a cabinet and selected a short wooden paddle from the many that were hanging inside. Ellissa’s stomach tightened as she realized what was going to happen. For her part Leah looked relaxed and unconcerned that her bare ass was about to be paddled. From Ellissa’s point of view the blonde slave looked completely helpless and vulnerable.

“You’ve already earned three demerits and you haven’t even been here a day yet, Leah. I’m disappointed.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“I’m going to let you work them off now. I won’t be so lenient the next time you forget your place.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Count off, please.” Kim raised the paddle. It wasn’t more than a foot and a half long with holes drilled through the thin wood. Dark leather wrapped the handle and the surface was stained a rich brown. Care had been taken in the crafting and maintenance of the paddle; it shone in the muted sunlight streaming through the windows. Abruptly Kim brought the paddle down with a loud crack that reverberated through the room.

Ellissa jumped in fright. Justine watched impassively. But all Leah did was say, clearly and distinctly, “One.”

A pink stain spread across Leah’s ass and, to Ellissa’s amazement, the blonde giant just smiled in relief. Fear caused Ellissa’s limbs to tingle and shake. There was no way, she told herself, she could endure what Leah had apparently wished upon herself.

The second report of the wooden paddle on Leah’s flesh made Ellissa jump again and Leah just said, “Two.”

The process continued, seeming to take forever, as Leah’s pale skin slowly turned red under Kim’s hand and the slave continued to count up to fifteen. Only then did Kim stop and put away the paddle. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Leah,” Kim said.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

To Ellissa’s ears, the blonde slave sounded contrite and sincere. But then again, there was obviously history between the two women. More was going on than Ellissa was seeing.

“Stay where you are,” Kim ordered. She walked across the room and opened another cabinet, extracted a large jar and a small plastic case before returning to Leah. “I’m sure you’re used to this, but I like to keep my slaves pretty and well-prepared for whatever their new owner desires.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Leah said even though it didn’t seem like a response was necessary.

“Spread your legs wider. You know the drill.”

Leah did as she was told and Ellissa tried to see what was going on, but Kim’s body blocked her view. Leah’s face was impassive, whatever the dominatrix was doing to the slave, but when she stepped away, Ellissa saw a large, obviously cut glass, red jewel sitting between Leah’s buttocks. At second glance it occurred to Ellissa that the jewel must have been right over the slave’s anus.

Kim then stood up the slave, hooked her wrist cuffs to her collar with a short loop of chain, and led the slave back to the wall where the collar was locked to the chain bolted to the wall.

“Emelia, your turn,” Kim said as she unlocked the brunette from the wall and pointed to the bench.

The chain fell from her neck collar but Ellissa didn’t move. She was paralyzed with fear.

“Walk, slave,” Kim all but barked at her, “or you’ll get the same treatment as your friend.”

And so Ellissa did walk, but with wobbling knees. She was relieved when she reached the bench and was able to collapse on it, letting the leather, still warm from Leah’s body, support her body. “Spread your legs and relax,” Kim said as she stepped behind the small woman. “Have you ever had anal sex?”

“No,” Ellissa answered, her voice quavering, not knowing exactly what to expect.

“We’ll start you with the small trainer, then. I might move you up to a larger size, some girls take to it quicker than others. Don’t move.” Without further warning, Ellissa felt Kim’s fingers probing at her anus. That was worse than going to the gyno, much more embarrassing and intimate. Her fingers left behind a cool wetness and then something else was pressing in on Ellissa’s anus. She immediately tensed up and clenched her muscles.

“Relax, dear,” Kim said softly. “The more you resist, the worse it will hurt. Just let it happen; let it in.”

It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a sensation Ellissa was accustomed to. Kim pushed the object against her tight anus, forcing it open. When it was halfway in Ellissa told herself to relax and then it was much easier. The smooth object went up inside her body and then it was almost as if it disappeared. There was something in her ass, but it wasn’t painful. It didn’t hurt. It just felt like a fullness that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Very good,” Kim complimented her. “The first time a slave takes a plug into her ass it can be difficult. You did beautifully. The plug should stay in place. You don’t need to clench or concentrate on keeping it in. Would you like to see it?”

Her first instinct was to say no, but Ellissa heard herself saying, “Yes.”

Kim handed her a small hand mirror and produced another mirror of her own. Between the two mirrors Ellissa was able to see the red glass jewel sitting atop her anus. It felt wrong, like it shouldn’t be there, but Ellissa found the sensation also oddly enjoyable.

“Up,” said Kim as she looped a chain through Ellissa’s cuffs and collar, leading her back to the wall chain and locking her up. “Justine’s turn.”

Justine went to the bench eagerly. From her position on the wall Ellissa was able to see exactly what Kim was doing. She took a pear-shaped metal object with the red gem on the end of a flared stem, dipped it into the jar of lubricant, smeared some of the lube on Justine’s ass, and then fitted the toy into the slave. Justine kept her eyes on Ellissa, watching her in fascination. When she was led back to the wall, Justine gave her a wink. Kim walked away, disappearing into the front of the barn, and the dark-haired slave whispered to her, “I like wearing a princess plug. It makes me feel sexy. I bet it does the same for you.”

Ellissa said nothing because Kim was returning.

“Leah has already had her discipline and training for the day,” Kim announced and then turned to Justine and Ellissa. “The two of you, however, need a little of the same. Turn and face the wall.”

Ellissa hesitated when she saw Kim unhooking the crop from her belt. She had seen what Leah had endured. She was positive she wasn’t that strong or brave. “Turn and face the wall,” Kim repeated to her in a tone that hinted at dark consequences if she didn’t obey.

“I can’t,” Ellissa all but whined to the dominatrix. She was embarrassed at her reaction; she thought she was a stronger woman than that.

“Yes, you can,” Kim reassured her. “And you will. You don’t want this training to turn into a punishment, do you?” The tall woman absently tapped the crop against her thigh.

“It’ll hurt,” Ellissa continued. “I won’t be able to stand it. Anything but that,” she indicated the crop with a limp gesture.

Kim’s eyes went cold and they moved from Ellissa to Justine who had willingly—happily—turned to face the wall. She had even gone so far as to press her hands against the rough wood and arched her back, making her ass stick out, a smooth and supple target. Kim took three steps over to the obsequious slave, raised the crop, and brought it down four times in rapid succession on the slave’s flesh. There was a sharp slap with each blow, each time followed by a gasp from Justine who turned her head to look at Ellissa. Her eyes were shining and she was smiling through the pain.

Ellissa saw four red and ugly welts rise up from Justine’s skin. The dark-haired woman didn’t seem to mind.

“You take the crop well, slave,” Kim said harshly.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Justine replied as if going through a ritual.

“Was the pain too much?”

“No, ma’am,” Justine answered. “Just the right amount of pain.”

“I don’t give you more than you can endure,” Kim said to Ellissa. “But you’ve been resistant and unwilling to participate. So, in addition to your daily discipline, I’ll have to add on a punishment. You have to learn, slave, that while under contract, your body doesn’t belong to you any longer. It belongs to me, your trainer, or your owner.”

Dumbly, Ellissa nodded her head, understanding the words but not what Kim meant. “Yes.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kim corrected her. “Repeat it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ellissa said.

“Now turn around and assume the position modeled by Justine, or I’ll have them hold you down while you receive your discipline. And believe me that will be a hundred times worse.”

Slowly Ellissa turned around, her body was shaking and tears were forming in her eyes already, before the crop touched her skin.

“Arch your back,” Kim instructed.

Ellissa did so, offering her ass. It felt obscene to her, an overt sexual display with no possibility of sexual relief.

The first strike of the crop made her scream in fear. After the exclamation escaped her lips she realized it didn’t really hurt all that much. Certainly it stung, but it wasn’t unendurable. A moment later there was a burning across both her buttocks as the pain settled in.

“See,” Kim said, “it’s not so bad. Tell me it’s not so bad.”

“It’s not so bad,” Ellissa sobbed, her whole body shaking with each word as tears started streaming down her face. She wasn’t really crying, not yet.

“Three more,” Kim told her and then landed another sharp smack on her ass.

Ellissa shrieked again and let the tears flow.

With the third blow she half-muffled her cry of pain but her tears were running steadily.

The last strike she managed to just barely gasp though she was sobbing silently as tears streamed down her cheeks. Before she knew what was happening Kim was next to her, consoling her, gently rubbing her abused buttocks, spreading a soothing lotion over the angry red skin.

“You did beautifully,” Kim whispered in her ear. “Very good for a first timer. You should be proud because I’m proud of you. A good slave knows her limits and we haven’t gotten anywhere near your limits yet, I can tell. I’ve been doing this for years and I know a strong woman makes a strong slave. You’re a strong woman; I’ll turn you into a strong slave. You’ll be someone that you can be proud of, a slave that your owner will be proud to possess and show off. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Ellissa nodded and then Kim pulled her hand away from the intimate way she was caressing Ellissa’s ass. The newly minted slave pulled in a shuddering breath and found deep inside herself that she was stronger after having enduring the discipline that Kim meted out. To her surprise Kim gave her a brief, fleeting, kiss on her cheek and brushed away her tears. “Yes, I understand,” she said.

“Good. Turn around, put your hands behind your back, and stand tall and proud.”

Ellissa did as her trainer instructed her, knowing the other two slaves were watching her intently. She adopted a pose that seemed to emanate an attitude of pride. The chain was still around her neck and she still wore the leather cuffs on her wrists, but she didn’t have shame any longer. There was nothing wrong with what she was doing. It was a game—a stressful and somewhat painful game, but a game nonetheless. She could do this.

Kim stepped back and smiled at her. Ellissa smiled back. She had always taken pride in her accomplishments and there was no reason not to take pride in enduring the discipline of a slave. Maybe it wasn’t something she would have chosen for herself—her ass was still on fire from being cropped and she was emotionally drained—but those were passing parts of her life. She would come out of this ordeal a stronger woman—it would all be over in a few hours at most.

“You took your discipline very well,” Kim complimented her from an arm’s length away. “Unfortunately you still have your punishment.”

Ellissa blinked, not understanding. Kim’s hand lashed out, the crop gripped firmly between her fingers. She moved so quickly Ellissa couldn’t follow her hand. She heard the sound of the impacts before she felt them and suddenly her breasts were on fire, her nipples screaming with new pain. It was enough to make her fall to her knees. She wasn’t able to inhale to gasp. The collar and chain was just long enough to allow her to stay on her knees, but it pulled on her neck terribly. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping the tender flesh. There was no other way for her to comfort herself.

“You have such pretty tits,” Kim said calmly. “See that I don’t have to mark them any further.”

She turned on her heel and left the barn, leaving the slaves in silence.

“Holy shit,” Justine said after a long empty pause.

“What?” It comes out like a demand from Ellissa’s lips.

“She likes you,” Leah answered for Justine.

“She hates me,” Ellissa said. “Why would she whip any of us like that?”

“Because it’s her job,” said Leah. “But for me and Justine, she did it because it is her job, for you—and we were watching, especially afterward when she was putting that lotion on your—she did it because she likes you. Did you see either of us get lotion?”

“You’re used to this,” Ellissa sniffed but even as she said the words she felt the burning on her ass and tits lessening.

“Just be careful,” Leah warned her.

“Yeah,” Justine chimed in. “Remember what my mother always told me father. ‘We only hurt the ones we love’.”

Ellissa laughed bitterly. “Oh, now she loves me?”

Leah shook her head. “No, she doesn’t love you, but she likes you, and that’s dangerous.” She tilted her head to the side and then took the conversation on a new tack. “If you really don’t want to be doing this, why not use the safeword and get the hell out of here? Or are you just acting?”

“I told you,” Ellissa complained. “I don’t have a safeword.”

“Yeah, yeah. But you could have just said ‘red’ and ended the scene,” Leah reminded her.

“Shit. I forgot.”

“Yeah,” Justine giggled and put up her fingers in air quotes. “‘Forgot.’”

The back door to the barn slammed open. Three sets of eyes went to the entrance where Mark stood, a dark expression on his face. “No talking until afternoon training,” he barked at them and pointed to the video camera up the corner of the ceiling. “We’re watching and listening. Don’t make me use the gags.” For emphasis he laid out three ball gags, hard red rubber balls fastened into a harness of black leather straps, on the work table. He then exited the same way he had come in, slamming the door shut.


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