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The Alpha King’s Heart: The King’s Mate: Chapter 99

For Staying with Me

Kate’s POV

Kate was smiling as she remembered her first encounter with Ethan, he was a good-looking man, and liked him instantly, who couldn’t?

Ethan arrived at some road. It would take him a while to arrive home but it seemed longer now that he had to travel this time of the night, on a road that was empty for a reason.

The mist and the thick darkness only allowed him a vision of a few feet, enough for him not to trip and fall over something. Something like a fallen tree in the middle of the road or a dead body abandoned by some serial killers. His senses had already

peaked from the thought of the danger that would dawn from any direction. A blood-curdling echo of footsteps would seize the moment and he tensed, then curse when realizing it was his own. He should have called his driver to pick him up but

he hadn’t been in his right mind.

Finally, losing his balance over some obstacle, he stumbled to stay on his feet.

During this time, he became certain that he was being followed by three male figures. He increased his speed, walking. This way he would not make it obvious of his awareness. Then, in his moment of fright, the approaching danger hushed for a

few warning seconds. The hair on his head spiked from the feeling of danger’s presence approaching in stealth.

He swung around and loosed his fist which was caught, cupped with ease in midair. But it wasn’t three criminals as he had anticipated, but one. And it was, a woman. In the dull light, he could still see her black leather jacket, tight pants and

long glossy hair.

‘You punch like a girl’ her voice quickened. ‘I must say, you’re either very brave or stupid in walking here alone’

He squared his shoulders, regaining his composure. ‘I have been insulted enough for the day by strangers and I certainly won’t condone it from a lady’

She came a bit closer as if assessing his eyes. ‘Are you lost?’

‘No, not that it concerns you but I know exactly where I am’

‘Sure you do,’ she added with a tone thick with sarcasm. The tall beautiful woman studied him a little more and clearing her throat, she said, ‘I think we’ve started on the wrong

island, my name’s Kate,’ she reached out.

‘I am one who preferred not to be bothered this time of the night.’

‘Ouch, that was awfully rude’ she replied mockingly, ‘If you weren’t so damned cute, I would have let your three little friends harass you,’

‘You know the people who were following me?’

‘Not that it concerns you, but you should thank me. I could smell your fear from a mile away.’ She said. ‘You really shouldn’t be moving this late if you’re going to punch like that.’

‘I am not going to be counseled by a woman who also happens to be walking alone’

‘I can take care of myself,’

‘So can I,’

Kate laughed. ‘I like you. What’s your name?’

‘Ethan,’ he said, ‘Ethan West’ He braved a quick look at her. Everything about her was screaming danger and fire. But she had the beauty that made every other woman in his thoughts appear gaunt and ugly. ‘You are brutishly strong for a lady’

‘Compliments will take you everywhere mister,’ she said. ‘I’d love to chat but I’ve got to run.’

‘Am I boring you to death already?’

‘I beg to differ. I’ve just got a ravenous hunger and I need to get home.’

‘If it’s food you want, my house is just around the corner. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I allowed a woman to continue alone this hour of the night’

‘And here I thought chivalry was dead’ Her eyes had a strange glow in strange glow in them. ‘I gladly accept your offer, but I think I’ll only have a drink instead,’ the way she said and looked at him made Ethan back away but he was drawled to her. A drink.

Adira’s POV

After hearing about Kate’s first encounter with Ethan, I was smiling, it warmed my heart but unfortunately, she couldn’t tell me more and I had to leave before Wyatt sent people to look for me.

‘Thank you Adira,’ Kate said when the mansion lights came into view.

‘For what?’

‘For staying with me, I needed someone or I’d go crazy in that cottage,’ she said. I held her cold hand and squeezed it.

‘Anytime. You have my number, please call me when you need me,’ I told her and she nodded. I petted Wolf a few times before kissing him good night.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw my mate, shouting and pointing at the security who lowered their heads. I approached quickly and he froze when he sensed my presence. He turned and exhaled.

‘Dismissed,’ he said coldly to his men who were more than happy to scurry away. He rushed to me and cupped my face.

‘Are you alright?’ I moved away from him and attempted to go inside but he grabbed my hand, however, he didn’t say much.

‘I want to sleep,’ I said and he nodded, leading me in. Once we were in the bedroom, he took me to the closet where he got me pajamas and I changed into those and went to bed. Wyatt followed and got in bed with me, wrapping his arms around me.

‘Sleep well,’ he kissed my neck softly. I didn’t like going to bed without talking to him, so I said quietly.

‘You too,’ he was happy, and he kissed me again.

The next morning, I woke up early for training. Leaving my mate in bed, I wore my training clothes and went to the gym to train with the master for over two hours. The training was intense but I was stronger now so, I endured it. After training, I went straight to Luca’s room.

I pushed the door open but a scream left my mouth as I rushed out of the door again, shutting it.


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