The Dinner Party: Chapter 4


The next day, my heart skipped a beat when I logged onto the Fantasy Feast website and saw a notification in my inbox. I clicked on the message and read it with bated breath.


Congratulations on pre-qualification for membership to the Fantasy Feast club. The next step is to schedule a date to attend one of our dinner parties.

We’ll complete the final qualification with a personal interview on the approved date. Please arrive three hours before the scheduled dinner time to complete the process and receive your personal spa preparation.


I clicked on the Schedule tab. It displayed a calendar for the current month with the first two weeks blacked out. I took this to be a good sign that they were popular enough to be booked up. I clicked on the first available Saturday, which pulled up a new window. An agenda displayed on the screen:


6:00 p.m. — Personal Interview

7:00 p.m. — Spa Treatment

8:00 p.m. — Final Preparation

9:00 p.m. — Dinner Party

11:00 p.m. — Guest Room Rendezvous (optional)



I loved the double meaning with the ‘Submit’ imagery, and I had to admit I found it a turn-on to click that button again. Those weren’t the only buttons that were being pushed!

I was also a little intrigued by the cryptic agenda items ‘Final Preparation’ and ‘Guest Room Rendezvous’. It was all so mysterious and exciting. My mind began to wander again imagining the surprises that awaited me as my legs parted and my erect nipples pressed against my silk blouse.

On the scheduled date, I could barely contain my excitement as I prepared for the mysterious event. I visited three costume shops before I found a masquerade mask that suited my style. I settled on a black lace eye mask that concealed enough of my face to disguise my identity, but still permitted my skin to breathe with comfortable facial movement. I didn’t want any rough edges getting in the way of my—or anyone else’s—pleasure. Thinking about all the things I could do in the guise of my fantasy Asian beauty was beginning to drive me wild with desire.

As dusk approached, I drove out to the address of the country estate and pulled up to a wrought iron gate at the end of a long driveway. A call box sat on the driver’s side of the entrance. I pressed the button and an unfamiliar woman’s voice answered.

“Good evening. May I help you?”

“Yes, I have an appointment for this evening’s Fantasy Feast.”

“May I ask your profile name?”

I liked how they protected my privacy at every stage of the affair. I hadn’t had to provide any revealing personal identification information, not even my credit card. Apparently, my profile name would be my pseudonym for the rest of the evening.

“It’s Jade,” I said. It was such a thrill to vocalize my new name. I could feel myself already getting into character.

“Please come in. A hostess will meet you at the front door.”

The gates swung open, and I drove slowly up the long tree-lined driveway toward an enormous floodlit villa. It was a magnificent chateau in the French Renaissance style, clad in pale yellow limestone with tall Palladian windows rising three stories above manicured gardens. It had to be five times the size of a normal home. To my provincial eyes, it looked like the Palace of Versailles.

I parked my car in the designated area and walked toward the large double entrance door. Soft incandescent light shone through the glass sidelights and an overhead crescent window into the gathering dusk. I tapped gently with the brass door knocker and heard the sound of high heels on a tile floor coming toward me from behind the door.

A gorgeous young woman wearing a cat mask opened the door and motioned me inside. She was completely nude except for her skimpy mask and tall stilettos. Her slender, toned legs rose to the perfectly bald ‘V’ of her pubis, framed by hourglass-shaped hips. Her breasts were full and firm and swayed gently as she moved toward me. I couldn’t help but glance downward to take in her breathtaking beauty.

“You must be Jade,” she said softly. “Please come in. May I take your coat?”

“Thank you,” I practically choked, my mind still swimming in shock.

The young woman stepped behind me and helped me remove my coat, then hung it in the large closet in the entrance foyer. Even just the soft touch of her hands on my fully clothed shoulders put a charge of electricity through me.

“Please follow me,” she said. “Our hostess is expecting you.”

I followed the nude woman across the expansive open foyer as her heels clicked on the marble floor tiles. My eyes were locked on the perfectly shaped globes of her ass as they flexed and bounced with each forward step. I could barely keep myself erect as my knees weakened beneath me.

The woman escorted me into a large private study with mahogany paneling and leather armchairs.

“May I get you a coffee or glass of wine?”

“A coffee would be fine, thank you,” I said, trying my best to sound sophisticated. “Black, with just a bit of sugar.”

“A hostess will be with you shortly. Please make yourself comfortable.”

The woman exited through a side door, and two minutes later a slightly older woman in her thirties entered carrying a cup of coffee on a platter. She too was completely naked, other than the feathered Mardi Gras mask partially covering her eyes. She placed the platter on a table beside my chair and extended her hand to me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jade.”

I recognized the sultry voice immediately. It was the Scarlett Johansson voice from my earlier phone conversation.

She took a seat in the leather chair directly opposite me and crossed her legs, barely concealing her bare vulva resting on the edge of the chair.

“My name’s Blair. I just wanted to take a few minutes to ask you a few brief questions before you begin the festivities. Just to clarify expectations and ensure you’re comfortable moving forward.”

I liked how she didn’t call it an interview, though I knew this was part of my final qualification to participate in the event. I was actually glad they didn’t take just anyone who walked in off the street and were careful to set expectations before jumping right in.

Blair was a contemporary, roughly my age. We both took care of ourselves and were equally attractive. We might even have passed for sisters, especially cloaked under our masquerade masks. The main difference between us was our hair color—mine was a shimmering brown and hers a silky blond.

Of course, she had the benefit of a superior position by virtue of her role as interviewer. But this didn’t stop me from imagining myself entwined with her in lots of less formal positions.

Her plump breasts pointed toward me, with dark nipples peering like amber eyes, daring me to make contact. A little lower, the shadow at the apex of her legs just under her thighs beckoned even stronger. It took every ounce of my power to keep my eyes leveled with hers.

Two can play this game, I thought. I decided to have some fun and begin role-playing.

“Ask away,” I teased, “I’m an open vessel.”

Blair paused briefly to appraise my figure and comportment. I was wearing a tight taupe-colored gabardine skirt, hemmed just above the knee, and a cream-colored silk blouse opened to the third button, revealing ample cleavage and my flawless alabaster skin. I’d intentionally gone braless, partly to put myself in an erotic mood—and partly to display my best assets.

I straightened my back and crossed my right leg over the other slowly. I could feel my nipples swelling as they protruded teasingly in the outline of my flimsy blouse. I was pretty sure I’d pass this part of the test.

Blair cleared her throat.

“That’s good to hear,” she said. “Actually, that was one of my first questions. How open are you to engaging with others this evening?”

“You mean besides enjoying the food and conversation?” I let a slight smile cross my lips.

“If the opportunity presents.”

“Well, as you suggested on the phone, I’m looking forward to exploring all of my senses.”

“Wonderful. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the potential to fulfill all of your desires.” Blair paused for a moment. “And if some of the contact is—unexpected—will you be comfortable engaging?”

The more Blair spoke, the more turned on I got by her sexy voice and subtle nuances of meaning. She was seriously hot, and her sophisticated manner was getting me all the more worked up. I knew exactly what she meant, but I wanted to extend the foreplay a little longer.

“I suppose that depends on what you mean by ‘contact’, and ‘engaging’.”

Blair looked me directly in the eyes as her lips curled in a faint smile.

“You understand that the Fantasy Feast experience will engage all your senses, including touch? Are you open to being touched, gently and with your full permission of course, at one or more times during the course of the dinner engagement?”

I was pretty clear on the terms of engagement coming in, but I still wanted to confirm a few details.

“On the phone, you said everyone would remain seated at the table until the meal is finished. Only then would we have an opportunity to approach other patrons directly?”

“That’s true. But there may be opportunities over the course of the meal for our own sensualists to engage you in various pleasurable ways. Are you open to that?”

I paused for a moment. The idea of being ‘serviced’ while others watched was in fact one of the main attractions for my wanting to come.

“Will I have the ability to control or stop the activities at any time?”

I was backsliding a little in my confident role-playing, but this was not a matter to be ambiguous about. This was my only hard and fast rule when it came to sex. “No” always means no.

“Yes. You’ll have a signaling device directly at your place setting and will be able to stop—or start—any of the activities at any time.”

Blair paused to ensure I was comfortable with what she’d said.

“Did you have any other questions or concerns before you begin your spa preparation?”

There was only one other concern that had crossed my mind. I wasn’t quite sure how to put it delicately.

“What precautions have you taken to ensure the…cleanliness of the participants and the utensils”? I wasn’t sure who, or what exactly, would be touching me, but I wanted to be sure everything would at least be sterile and disease-free.

Blair nodded, understanding my meaning.

“That’s an excellent question. All of our servers and sensualists receive a weekly medical checkup and blood test for any communicable diseases. Our dinnerware and other paraphernalia is steam-cleaned with organic detergents at 220 degrees-plus water temperatures to ensure absolute sterility.”

I could see that Blair was impressed by the type of questions I was asking.

“Of course,” she nodded, “we expect reciprocal disclosure from our guests. You’ve already verified your health when you submitted your online profile, but if you have any concerns regarding this matter, now is the time to share.”

I breathed a sigh of relief to get this awkward subject out of the way.

“I’m fine, thank you, Blair. I too have received a full check-up and clean bill of health recently.”

Blair stood up and smiled.

“In that case, if you’re ready to begin the process, I’ll take you to our spa where you’ll meet with our esthetician, who’ll prepare you for the main event. Please follow me as I escort you to your private room.”

I followed Blair out of the study and up a long winding staircase. From my vantage point three steps below her, I could see her thighs opening slightly as she lifted each leg, revealing the tantalizing cleft between her cheeks. It might have been my over-active imagination, but I could have sworn I saw her lips glistening in the bright light of the chandelier hanging above the foyer.

I wondered if I would see her again before the evening was over.


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