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The Wrong Bride: Epilogue


I slip into my wife’s dressing room and lean back against the wall, taking a moment to just watch her. Her makeup artist is putting the final touches on her, and she looks fucking magnificent. Tonight, her long hair is loose and wild, spread all over her body, accentuating the cream-colored gown she’s wearing.

It’s the same gown I watched her draw on Hannah’s birthday. Seeing it on her tonight is surreal. Her creativity knows no bounds, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Her eyes light up when she sees me, and I push off the wall. I grin when she dismisses everyone in her room, no doubt reading the look in my eyes.

“Ares,” she says, smiling. I’ll never tire of the way she says my name. On her lips, it’s simultaneously a prayer and a sin.

“Baby,” I whisper. “You look far too fucking beautiful in this. I can’t take this. I can already imagine what all your pervs will have to say about the photos of this show.”

She chuckles. “It’s the last one, my love,” she promises. “This will be the last show I walk as a professional model. Going forward, I’ll only model for my own brand whenever I feel like it.”

“It’s only fitting that the last show you walk is also your own first fashion show. One door is closing, but another is opening for you.”

She nods. “I thought it would be nice symbolism, don’t you think?” She grabs my tie and twirls it around her fingers. “Though, I will say… I’ll miss Iwanttolickravensknee’s comments on my photos. I wonder what he’ll have to say about this final show.”

I chuckle and shake my head. “I have it on good authority that he’s obsessed with you and will continue to DM you perverted shit.”

“Is that so?” She laughs. “Maybe I should start giving him private shows.”

I nod. “I really think he’d like that.” I wrap my hand around her waist and pull her closer. “Moment of honesty… I’ve always hated the way everyone looks at you on stage.” I lower my lips to hers, smearing her lipstick with a kiss. “I never interfered because I have the utmost respect for you, my love, but I always wanted everyone to know that you’re mine.”

She lifts her hand to my face and cups my cheek. “I’m relatively certain that my wedding ring is visible even to those sitting in the back rows.”

I smirk as I pull her dress up until I’ve got it bunched around her hips. “It’s not enough, Cupcake.” I lift her on top of her dressing table and spread her legs. “As every man stares at you, I want to make sure that your thoughts are only on me.”

She grins at me when I trail a finger up her thigh. “No fucking panties again,” I growl.

Raven giggles and buries a hand through my hair. “Ares,” she says, her voice husky. “When you’re in the room, other men just fade away. You’ve always been the only one for me.”

I smirk when I realize that she’s rapidly getting wet for me. Just one touch, and she’s desperate for my cock. I slip two fingers into her, loving the way she moans for me. “I fucking love you,” I groan as I unbuckle my belt.

I free my cock, and she gasps. “Ares,” she warns. “I need to be on stage in twenty minutes.”

“I know,” I tell her as I align my cock. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll still be feeling my cock when you walk down that catwalk. The whole world is going to want you, but with every step, you’ll be reminded of who you belong to.”

I push into her, and her eyes fall closed in delight. “Look at you, baby. You’re such a fucking slut, my love. You’re smiling so happily as you take my cock in your dressing room. Anyone could walk in at any moment, but you don’t care, do you?”

She shakes her head, her eyes glazing over as I thrust into her deeply. “Don’t stop,” she pleads.

I chuckle as I lift her hips up slightly to make sure I’m hitting her g-spot, fucking her the way she loves. “Ares,” she moans. “Fuck, Ares.”

I will never get enough of her. I could listen to her moaning my name all day, and soon, I’m going to. After this fucking show, I’m taking her home, and I’m not letting her leave our bed for more than ten minutes at a time for a week straight.

“Oh God,” she moans. “More.”

I smirk as I fuck her harder, giving it to her the way she needs. “I don’t want to hear a single complaint about your pussy being sore later. Remember, you’re asking for it.”

She looks at me, her lips parted, her eyes filled with lust. “Give it to me,” she tells me, and I do.

I fuck my wife with all I’ve got, sending countless bottles and brushes flying off her dressing table as I take her. Her pants come quicker, until I’ve got her saying my name like it’s a fucking prayer.

“I can’t…” she moans, and then her muscles contract around my cock, taking me right off the edge with her. I come deep inside her, making a mess of her pretty pussy, and I smile as I do so.

“Fuck yes,” I groan, pulling out to take a look. I smirk as I push my cum back into her pussy. “You’re going to walk down that fucking catwalk with my cum dripping down your thighs,” I tell her. “So you don’t forget for even a single second who the fuck you belong to.”

She nods at me, her eyes filled with equal parts love and lust. I can’t believe I made this beautiful woman my wife. She makes me feel like a fucking king, and I can’t wipe the smile off my face as I kiss her.

“I’ll leave you to get ready, Cupcake,” I whisper against her lips. “I’ll be sitting in the front row, cheering you on.”

I take a step away from her, but she grabs my hand and pulls me back. I chuckle as she kisses me one more time before pushing against my chest, sending me off. Yeah, this is a fucking obsession. Just leaving her for a few moments hurts.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Sierra asks as I join her in the seats reserved for us. I smirk at my sister, and she pretends to gag. “You two are disgusting.”

I elbow her, indicating for her to shut up as Grandma walks up to us, Raven’s dad in tow. I smile at him, and he shakes my hand. Raven no longer speaks to either her mother or sister, but her dad continues to show up to support her in every way he can. “I’m grateful you’re here,” I tell him, meaning every word. He nods at me, a hint of regret in his expression. He no doubt wishes he didn’t come alone, but I much prefer it. Hannah and her mother are made of the same cloth, and Raven is better off without them.

She doesn’t need them. I glance at everyone that showed up for her final show. My Grandmother, Zane, Lex, Sierra, and even Silas and Alanna are here. Dion flew back for her show and should be here any minute now. She’s loved, and she doesn’t need anyone but us. We’re her family now.

Luca walks up to us, and we all freeze when we notice Valentina behind him, their hands entwined. He smiles at us while Val keeps her gaze downcast.

“Grandma,” he says as he takes a seat next to her. He seats Valentina next to him, in the seat we reserved for Dion. Then he turns to Grandma and grins. “Valentina and I got married,” he says simply. “I’ll need you to cancel my engagement.”

Grandma’s eyes roam over the two of them, her disbelief apparent. “We’ll see about that,” she says, turning away from them to look at the stage instead.

What? I was so certain that Grandma would instantly accept Valentina, so what the fuck is going on? Luca shoots me a helpless look, and I shake my head, at a loss. When we egged him on, we didn’t expect him to fucking go out and marry Val, but then again, that was the end goal, and Luca is nothing if not efficient.

The lights dim and the show starts, and everything else fades away when my wife walks onto the stage. She’s beautiful, as always, and I can’t believe she’s mine.

I’m not worthy of her, but for as long I live, I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure she never realizes it. I’m going to make her so happy that the future ahead of us always overshadows the past that haunts us. For the rest of our lives, I’ll show her what it’s like to truly be someone’s priority, because that’s what she is to me. She’s everything.


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