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Touched by Darkness: Chapter 27


I throw back my beer, pointing across the room where a human brunette, dressed in leather hot pants and a white crop top, shakes her ass to the heavy beat. “Her. I want her.”

Dariana rolls her eyes and jumps off the bar chair. “You dragged us to the human world to hunt, and we left Aurelia trapped in a circle of flames back at the mansion, while there’s a stalker on the loose.”

I snort, gesturing to the barman for a refill. “The stalker won’t get past the flames. Besides, I have my most trusted security stationed outside the bathroom. If anyone tries to get past, I’ll know about it.”

“Your father is really going to be impressed when he finds out how you utilize your security.”

“Keyword being ‘mine.’ Do you ever see me walking around with security at the academy?”

“Not the same thing. That place itself has better security than Eden, since it houses the children of the rich and famous.” Dariana makes quotation marks.

“The rich and famous?” laughs Alaric.

Dariana shoots him a glare. “You know far well what I mean. It’s a prestigious school.”

No one argues with that.

I down my drink in one go, then stand up. “I’m going in.”

“If you want to make the angel jealous, why not just fuck someone in front of her?” Ronan asks.

Without taking my eyes off the human girl, I reply, “It’s not the same thing. I’m teaching her a lesson.”

“Right…” replies Alaric, “and when was the last time you managed to fuck a human as part of the hunt?”

I frown, looking back at Alaric. “What’s your fucking point?”

Did he have to bring it up now? I’m here to soothe my ego, not fucking incinerate it. I don’t know what weird voodoo shit the angel is doing to me, but she’s all I can think about and apparently also all I can touch. And that pisses me off. No one gets to have that power over me.

“My point is that you can pretend all you want, but we all know you won’t be able to go through with it.”

I point my finger in his direction and narrow my eyes. “Watch and learn.”

They chuckle when I stride toward the woman with determined steps. I don’t care what it takes; I will get her scent on me so I can go back to the mansion and taunt the little brat with it. She says it’s part of the hunt, so I’ll give her a taste of her own medicine.

Part of the hunt…

My teeth gnash as my vision turns red. The human whose cock she bounced on is fucking lucky he’s in pieces, or I’d make her vicious treatment seem like a fucking trip to the spa.

The sickening scent of lilies, musk, and sweat fills my nostrils as I walk up to the woman. I’d normally like it, but not anymore. It doesn’t smell like my little angel.

My little witch…

Hunting humans is fairly easy, as they’re hard-wired to find us attractive and fall under our spell. I don’t have to do much work on my part other than to pull her into me, grip her waist, and guide her hips to sway in time with mine.

“You’re so big,” she shouts over the music, then blushes. “I mean, your shoulders and your height.”

“And you’re so small,” I reply. And easy to break.

Five minutes. That’s all it takes before I’m leading her outside. She tries to steer me into the bathroom, but I pull on her wrist, and she follows willingly. For some strange reason, I release her from my spell.

Call it curiosity.

As far as I can gather, Aurelia gets off on the fear. She feeds on it for hours while toying with her prey and inflicting as much pain on their damaged bodies as she possibly can.

She drags out death, like a lover seducing the reaper.

A frightened whimper escapes the girl’s throat when my friends step through the door and exchange confused glances. I know what they’re thinking. Why am I not trying to seduce the girl?

I should. I’m here to hunt, but it’s quickly dawning on me that I’m trying to understand Aurelia’s darkness.

How else can I own every last part of her?

But unlike Aurelia, I don’t feed the monster inside me with my prey’s fearful cries. If anything, my own darkness is restless, pacing its cage and demanding we go back to Aurelia so we can unleash our pent-up frustration on her instead.

“What are you doing?” Dariana asks, alarmed, when I band my arm around the human with the sole intention of dragging her back to Hell so that I can bring these games to my little witch.

“Playing with my prey,” is my simple response before taking flight.

Dariana and the others soon catch up. “I think we all know the human isn’t your prey.”

We arrive at the mansion, and I toss the screaming human over my shoulder, slap her ass, then enter the house. Anticipation and excitement swirl in my gut. I can’t fucking wait to torment my little angel while she’s trapped behind the flames and unable to act on her desires.

The guards nod their heads and step aside.

“Look what I brought back from the human world,” I say as I enter the bathroom, where she’s pacing the circle like a trapped animal.

Her head shoots up and her nostrils flare as I slap the human’s ass again just to piss Aurelia off.

And it works.

She bares her teeth, causing the frightened human on my shoulder to cry even harder.

The others file in behind me, too curious not to witness this little show. Ronan leans back against the wall, and Alaric and Dariana take a seat on the bathtub’s edge.

“Now what?” Ronan asks.

“Now we play with her darkness.”

“Not this again.” Alaric shakes his head disapprovingly and crosses his arms. “Nothing good will come from it, Daemon. You know it’s not wise to bring the darkness to the surface. What you should do instead is to help her adjust to a life without the light.”

“Listen to yourself,” I drawl, placing the human down on the floor and turning her to face Aurelia. “Could you be any more boring? Relax a little, Alaric. Who cares what’s wise when our little angel from Heaven is growling like an aggravated lioness?”

“Daemon, listen to me, thi—”

“I don’t fucking care,” I cut him off. “The darkness is a part of her so much as it’s a part of us. She’s not in control of hers yet in the absence of light. I want to understand her darkness.” I look between them. “We can’t help Aurelia or know what we’re up against if we shy away from this part of her. And she can’t learn to tame her own darkness if she shies away from it. This is the only way forward if we don’t want enemies to use her as a weapon against us.”

Alaric looks away, his jaw clenching as he crosses his arms.

“Any other objections?” I ask. “Now is the time to speak up.”

Silence. No one speaks.

“Good.” With a slow curl of my lips, I bring my attention to the pacing angel in front of us. Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I’ve felt drawn to the heat in her gaze, the way she commands my attention. Other girls want me to notice them, but Aurelia demands more. She wants me to see her.

And see her, I do.

Circling my hand around the human’s slender arm, I pull her back against me and make a show of carefully and slowly moving the strands of her silky hair off her shoulder to bare the curve of her creamy neck. Her pulse flutters wildly against the translucent skin, inviting and tempting.

I dive down and breathe her in while keeping my eyes locked on Aurelia.

Pacing in her fire prison, she pauses. The tension in the air crackles as a shadow falls over her eyes.

My lips, moist from when I wet them, drag over the human’s neck in a slow tease toward her ear. If it were my little angel, she would shiver and push her bubble ass back against my groin. But it’s not my little witch. If I want to seduce this girl, I’ll need to put her under a spell. I’m not fucking a terrified, crying girl, even if it’ll make Aurelia’s monster salivate.

I shake those thoughts. I can’t fuck this girl anyway. Aurelia has made sure, with her doe eyes and snarls, that I can’t touch and enjoy other women.

I’m a fucking pet.

I palm the human’s breasts, more to get a reaction out of the angel than any real desire to feel this girl up. It hits the mark, and a smile lifts my lips when my little angel stalks closer to the fire before retreating with a growl.

Cupping the girl’s chin and bringing my lips to her ear, I whisper, “This will hurt.” Then I sink my teeth into her neck, ensuring blood flows down her front. Blood always brings the evil inside Aurelia to the surface.


Fearful pleas.

The loud snarl that mixes with the crackling fire, more monster than angel, has my smile growing.

“There she is,” I breathe into the girl’s ear as I slide my hand down her front to cup her pussy through her leather shorts. “Let’s play with her a bit.”

I lift my head and smirk at the monster in front of me. Because that’s what she is now. “It’s part of the hunt, right?”

I squeeze, drawing a gasp from the girl. Aurelia grows eerily silent. She stands unmoving. Her eyes are two dark pits of Hell as my thumb drags over the human’s clit through her leather shorts. She cocks her head, almost as if she’s listening to the hitch in the girl’s breath.

I know it’s coming, but what happens next is nothing short of miraculous. My fingers tease the edge of the shorts, threatening to slip underneath, when Aurelia’s body engulfs in flames that spread like a wildfire over her skin.

“Holy fuck.” Dariana’s spooked voice shatters my own stasis, and I stagger back, taking the human with me.

Aurelia reaches out, almost as if she’s curious about the circle of fire in front of her and wants to see if it burns. Her eyes find mine as she slides her fingers through the flames, back and forth, toying with my greatest weapon—my hellfire. And then, she holds her hand over the flame, closes her eyes, and draws the fire into her.

In my periphery, Alaric—seated on the edge of the bathtub—slowly stands up, his eyes wide.

The human in my arms is forgotten while we watch the little angel manipulate my fire as if it were hers to command at her will. Most angels our age can barely create a small fireball, yet she…

Aurelia opens her arms and throws her hand out with a feral shriek. I step back with a curse as the human erupts into flames.

Bone-chilling screams echo through the room, making us wince. Death by burning must be the worst way to go if the agonized cries and the smell of burning flesh are anything to go by.

The little angel holds my gaze the entire time, a small, wicked smile pulling on her lips, almost as if daring me to retaliate.

I’m so damn hard it’s painful at her display of power.

Who the fuck is she?

And where the fuck did she come from?

The screams soon die down, and Aurelia steps over the charred remains on her way over to me. Fiery red eyes hold me hostage, trapped in her spell.

When she speaks, the darkness that seeps from her vocal cords pulls at my heartstrings, tying me to her as though I’m her leashed dog.

“Don’t play games with me, pretty boy,” she whispers low enough so only I can hear. Then she cups my hard dick possessively, and I swear I nearly come on the spot. “There’s a good boy. Now drop to your knees.”

Strangely enough, or maybe not so strangely at all, my knees connect with the floor.

“Did you think you could trap me? Lock me up in your tower while you touch other girls?” She tuts, dipping her thumb into my mouth before slipping it back out and placing her thigh on my shoulder. “Now, apologize for treating me like anything less than a queen.”

Sliding her skirt up to her waist, she moves her panties aside, revealing her very smooth, very wet cunt.

I recognize it for what it is. She’s placing me under a spell, the way we do when we hunt humans.

Aurelia is hunting me.

I should put a stop to it, but I can’t. For once, she’s more powerful than me, wielding all the cards.

“Daemon?” Alaric asks from behind me as I drag my nose through her soaking slit.

I can hear him faintly, his concern threatening to disturb this moment of utter fucking bliss. Is this what the girls feel right before death takes them? Adrift in a sea of pleasure, breathing in the scent of wet pussy and desire.

My tongue darts out as I grip her hips and pull her closer to my hungry mouth.

Her clit… her sweet fucking clit pulsates beneath my teeth. I graze it before sucking it between my lips.

Fingers drag through my hair, then pull and twist, guiding my movements, speaking a language I’m so fucking fluent in.

I’m suddenly pulled off and thrown to the ground. Groggy and dazed, I push up on my elbows. My head spins, and the room blurs in and out. I blink, trying to take in the scene in front of me.

Alaric, Ronan, and Dari stand at the ready with their hands held out in front of them, flames dancing in their palms. “If you want him, you’ll need to go through us.”

The loud laughter in the room is mine. What the fuck are they talking about? I shake my head again. The fog is clearing somewhat. Enough for me to push up to standing. I sway on the spot, reaching out to the nearest wall for balance. “What the hell is happening?”

“She put you in a daze as part of the hunt,” Dari says tersely.

“That’s impossible,” I reply, rubbing my face and pushing off the wall. “Angels can’t use their magic on other angels to place them under a spell.”

“Yet she fucking did. On you.”

The rest of the sentence is left unspoken. But it’s there, hovering in the air.

One of the most powerful angels around.

I drag my hand down my face, only to realize my mouth and chin are wet and smell of pussy.

“Believe us now?” Ronan asks, a slight tilt to his lips. Unlike the other two, he’s amused by the situation.

It’s the first time a girl has ever gotten one over me.

It will be the last.

Shouldering through them, I grab her by the chin, force her up against the wall behind her, and growl, “You hunted me as though I’m a fucking human?”

“Think of it as an honor. I don’t bother placing humans under spells; I just kill them.”

My molars grind together. “Is that a threat?”

“Do you take it as one?” Her hips push out, seeking the thick bulge in my pants.

“Should I take it as one?”


Locked in her red misty eyes, I make quick work of my belt and free my rock-hard dick. I need to be inside her, and I need to be inside her now.

Claim her tight cunt as mine.

I lift her leg beneath the knee and drive into her in one swift move. Her lips part and the red mist recedes enough for me to catch a glimpse of the angel beneath. She’s in there, fighting to resurface.

I pull out to the crown, then thrust forward until I’m seated to the hilt, buried so far inside her wet heat that I’m going fucking cross-eyed.

The others watch me fuck her as though they expect her to kill me at any moment. I’m too lost to worry about that shit when her tight cunt strangles my dick, and my mind has one goal and one goal only.

Own this girl.

Possess every damn part of her.

Make her scream my name.

I grip her by the throat. “I know you’re in there, baby, but right now, I want your darkness to see what happens when it tries to play games with me.”

My cock claims her over and over again. Stretching and filling her. Making her pussy spasm around my veiny, hard length.

“It’ll never win. I’ll bring it to heel every time.”


“I’ll fucking own it.”


“Make it beg for mercy.”


“This. Fucking. Pussy!” I let out a tortured groan as I slide my dick out, palm the length, and run the thick head through her soaking slit, before pressing forward again. “There’s my good little cunt,” I whisper, rubbing her clit. “Swallowing my dick the way I like it. So fucking greedy.”

Her soft moans escalate in volume until she’s screaming and panting, pleading with me to fuck her harder, rougher, dirtier. Who am I to deny her when she’s begging me so nicely? But if she thinks we’re done anytime soon, she’s wrong. While her monster is retreating back into the shadows, mine is coming out to play.

Sliding my dick out from her tight pussy, I shift her ankle onto my shoulder, then palm my shaft and press into her ass.

Every time I have her at my mercy like this, I have to fuck her tight exit. I’m a glutton for the way her breath hitches and her face screws up in a heady mixture of pain and pleasure.

She doesn’t disappoint, holding her breath.

“Don’t push me out,” I command, squeezing her throat until all she can manage are small sips of air.

Her tight ass slowly relaxes around my girth as her skin breaks out in a cold sweat. I drag my thumb over the swell of her parted lips. She’s so sexy like this, with my cock in her ass and that look of trepidation, adoration, and trust in her eyes.

She shouldn’t trust me. Not after she let her darkness play with me like I was her fuck toy. She’s my fuckdoll. Not the other way around.

“Want me to claim this ass? Fuck it raw until you can’t sit tomorrow?”

She nods eagerly, her heavy eyes holding mine.

“Such a good girl.” I slide my dick out and slowly fill her back up. “Tell me you love my cock in your ass.”

“I love your cock in my ass.”

I groan, fucking her harder.

Her ankle is right there by my lips, so I turn my head and bite it, my hips slapping against her groin. Everything about her is delicate yet fierce. Whenever I think I have her where I want her, she surprises me with her untapped power.

Palming her chin, I bite and nibble on her plump bottom lip.

“Such a good girl,” I whisper before dragging my tongue through the blood on her chin and claiming her mouth once more. Fuck, I’m home.

“Daemon,” she moans, breaking away from my mouth as an orgasm steals her breath, and I pull out and release all over her wet folds.

With my hand on the wall for support, my other hand moves over my dick in expert strokes. Aurelia looks down just as the last string of semen rains over her pussy, coating her swollen clit and dripping down between her ass cheeks.

I step back and zip my dick away while she pushes her dress back down. Then she looks up at me, chewing nervously on her plump lip. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, you can apologize to my friends on your knees.”

I’ve not even made it through the door when the distinct clanking of belts rings out in the small space.


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