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Wicked Games: Chapter 11

I reached down and trailed my long, freshly manicure, red tipped nail along the length of Jason’s dick print, trying to entice into pulling it out. He knocked my hand away.
“I’m not wasting cum in your hands. He whispered into my ear, needlessly. The music in the VIP area was low enough so you didn’t even have to raise your voice to be heard
“Just pull your skirt up a bit and sit on my lap, I need to cum. “He slurred.
Crossfaded. Jason was high off the THC in the meal the private chef he’d hired had prepared for us and tipsy from the thousand-dollar bottle of brown liquor somebody in VIP had sent him. I wasn’t drinking and hadn’t eaten any of the dosed food at dinner. He decided one of us had to remain clear headed out in public and it was going to be me.
I chuckled despite being on the verge of orgasming. My pussy muscles constricted around his fingers.
With one hand on the bottle and one between my legs Jason was working me into a frenzy while trying to coax me into very public sex. Being finger fucked under the table in the club was vastly different than being bent over it. I didn’t care that he had sent everybody away or how dark the corner of the VIP section ⁠— he had us tucked away in ⁠—was. I wasn’t going for it.
That’s all I needed ⁠— was for some paparazzi to get a picture of me fucking him in the club. Social media was already dragging me enough. People were calling me all kinds of names for no reason. Giving me advice about my weight, without a doctorate. There was a rumor that Jason was using me as a publicity stunt to get better brand sponsors, but it wasn’t as bad as it could be. My divorce hadn’t been brought up. Jason had been right. Everybody was more interested in the circumstances surrounding his birth. Random white people kept the media busy by coming from every corner of the globe to claim they were one of his birth parents or a long-lost sibling or cousin or aunts. His agent and team lawyer had been doing their due diligence by having the ones who could possibly be telling the truth screened and tested. A week after the story broke they’d DNA tested nearly sixty people, all no relation.
“Please,” Jason ran his tongue across my ear. The gruff, lustful undertone of his voice pushed me closer to the edge.
I felt electric.
His fingers sped up as he applied more pleasure to my clit with his thumb rubbing in small circles
My entire body was coiled and ready for relief
“Just give me a couple minutes to put this nut in my pussy where it belongs.”
I whimpered at his dirty words. My head lolled back on the seat. Everything started to spin. I closed my eyes and hid my almost cum face behind both of my hands. Finally, I spread my legs giving him full access, I still managed to shake head no.
“You’re so mean to me, too stingy with my pussy,” he chuckled ducking his head he took my pebbled nipple, and the fabric of my red, nearly see-through blouse and suck it all into his mouth. He bit down slightly, catching the flesh between his teeth at the same time he crooked his fingers hitting my spot. Cum seeped from my slit. My toes curled. My face warned. I. arched into him and came so hard it left me lightheaded.
He took his time pulling his finger from me, gathering my wetness as he left. It took him longer to remove his mouth from my breast. I dropped my hands to my side, leaned into the booth away from him. trying to catch my breath. He made breathing harder by taking the wet fingers he’s just had inside of me and glazing the top of his bottle with it. Then he put the bottle to his mouth, taking a long swallow. The eye contact we had, while he did it had my nipples aching. Jason’s ass was belligerently nasty all the time and I wouldn’t admit it aloud, but I loved it. Sliding my leather skirt the rest of the way up my thighs I decided to give in to his request.  I wanted to return the favor.
Jason watched like a predator as I reached under my dress, I got a hold of my soaked panties and started inching them down my thick thighs. He watched me. His’ teeth digging into his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. He caught on was I was doing and started to work at freeing himself from the tailored navy-blue slacks he had on.
Lust swirled around us like smoke.
Seeing him so turned on and anxious made me feel sexy as fuck. Fresh cream gushed from my pussy. I knew I was going to leave a wet spot behind. Jason managed to get his zipper down. He reached over and snatched my panties from hand. He took them and brought them to his face before shoving them in his pocket, then suddenly his face went tight, the muscle in his jaw flexing
My eyes followed his line of sight to the object of his irritation. Seeing Julissa walking in our direction behind the tree sized VIP bouncer made me remember what we’d come there for in the first place.
I closed my eyes and concentrated on just breathing as I smoothed my skirt down and fixed my blouse. Jason shifted next to me fixing himself. I thought inviting to Julissa to the club to talk wasn’t a good idea, but Jason said the more public the better. He said if something happened or she decided to show her ass, she couldn’t cry foul and lie on either one of us. He expected the meeting to go sideways after the calls and messages he had received. She’d sent me a text message after the draft, saying she was going to expose him for who he really was before I changed my number.
When the bouncer stopped her at our table she barely acknowledged me. Her full attention was on Jason whose mouth was drawn until a thin line of distaste. A beat of silence passed. I nudged him with my elbow,. Somebody had to say something to her and I wasn’t going to. At that point I really couldn’t stand my sister. He cut his eyes to me then shot her a fake smile.” Have a seat” he raised his hand and gestured to the stool across from us. The table divided us. Julissa smoothed her hands down the red mini dress she’d worn, bringing attention to her shapely body before sitting. She was putting on a show and not for my benefit. I made myself not look to Jason for his reaction
“You want something to drink?” He lifted the bottle he’d been nursing all night and held it in her direction.
I reached across the table and snatched it before she could even think about taking it. He threw his head back and laughed. I glared at the side of his face. When he finally sobered a few seconds later he looked at me raising his hand in surrender. “I’m sorry, but you know that shit’s funny.”
I shook my head. Julissa cleared her throat. Leaning I sat the bottle down next to the Black Very Privé Louboutin heels Jason had gifted me along with dinner. I hadn’t even tried to make him take them back, they were too beautiful to pretend I didn’t want them. I’d rather have given the Jeep back. Julissa would die if she saw them on my feet. The petty part of me smirked as I rose back up.
“What did you want to talk about, Julissa?” Jason asked her.
“ I have a solution to our problems.” She opened her mouth to tell us her solution, by the time she closed it I was livid.
I leaned over the table, making sure I was close enough to hear her clearly. “Repeat that last part.” I just knew I had to be hearing things.
Julissa rolled her eyes in my direction. “You can be with him in private and I’ll be the one the public sees him with.”
I blinked hard. That’s what I thought she had said. I glanced over at Jason, his jaw was hard set.. He looked so much more sober than he had just minutes ago glaring at her.
Julissa kept talking
“The news and social media are —’
I opened my mouth to shut Julissa down but Jason beat me to it.
“No” he barked. He rolled his head on his shoulder.”Just name a price so we can get this nonsense over with.”
I snatched my head in his direction, “you’re going to pay her?
Jason squeezed my thigh under the table and slightly shook his head. I tucked my lips into my mouth.
“Five hundred thousand and I won’t say anything.”
My mouth fell open. “A half of million dollars? You’re out of your fuck-”I started.
Jason cut me off. “Deal” He said.
My mouth fell open wider.
The smile on Julissa face made me want to reach across the table and snatch her lips off.
I turned to Jason, “you’re not paying her. You said y’all weren’t together and she has no proof that you were.”
Julissa chimed in, “I don’t?” She challenged as she pulled her cell from the little pink, diamond studded bag she had been holding. She swiped across the screen a few times, then she held up for me to see. There on the screen was a muted video of her and Jason in the backseat of a car. She had her back to him, gyrating her hips up and down. Jason was holding the phone. He recorded his condom-covered dick slipping in and out of her before, turning the camera on himself and throwing up a peace sign, then he handed the phone back to Julissa. My stomach rolled. I cut my eyes to Jason who was glaring even harder at Julissa. If looks could kill…
I was fucking devastated.
I waited for him to say something, even if it was denying what I clearly saw with my own eyes. Julissa spoke first. “He has a type. There are three or four girls who look more like me than you with the similar videos. He’s already paid two of them, why not me?” She laughed pointing to herself.”
I could feel my nostrils flaring. I wondered what I had done that was so bad in life to have my own sister treat me in such a way. There was nothing. Which was exactly why in that moment I could have murdered her right there and not felt an ounce of remorse.
I could have murdered both of them.
Standing abruptly, I very nearly knocked over the table. I needed to get away from her and Jason.
Jason grabbed my elbow. I resisted the urge to snatch away. “I looked down at him.” I could see the regret and sorrow in his eyes but I didn’t care. He could have warned me. If only he had warned me, my heart wouldn’t be feeling as if it were going to explode from my chest.
“I need to use the restroom.” I didn’t even try to be fake and smile. I knew even under the dim lighting he could see the barely unshed tears in my eyes. “I’ll be right back, I managed to choke out. He hesitated but eventually let me go.
I rushed away from the table without looking at my sister. Her revelation had skewered me. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing how badly.
I heard Jason yell something at Julissa as I walked away but I couldn’t make out what. I made my way to the restroom that was about hundred feet from the table and twenty feet from the stairs you used to exit VIP. I glanced over my shoulder to make sure Jason wasn’t watching me and saw that Julissa and him were in a heated back and forth Jason had stood and was towering over her small frame yelling. Any other time I would have objected to a man trying to intimidate her in such a way, but at the moment I didn’t care. I exited the VIP, taking the stairs down to the main club as quickly as my heeled feet would allow me. I made it to the first floor without falling just to collide with someone in front of me. The smell of Frederic Malle  Superstitious sent my heart plummeting to my stomach. I hadn’t prayed in so long but I prayed enough to make up for years in the one second before I looked up and my eyes collided with my ex-husband’s. The intensity in his was unnerving. My hands shook. I shrank away. His big hand wrapped around my wrist, his grip firm and bruising. He snatched me to him. I collided with his wide chest. He leaned down to speak loud enough to be heard over the music.
“Hello, Tempest. Seems we need to talk about how my wife should act in public and you better pray I don’t snap your fucking neck for embarrassing me.”
The menacing tone in his voice sacred the shit out. Started me to trembling. It was the same tone he used before trying to beat my ass half to death the night I finally said enough was enough.
I couldn’t move, but I screamed as he grabbed me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and started dragging me towards the exit, elbowing his way across the dance floor. It was dark so I’m sure nobody noticed my distress or could see well enough to know what was going on.
We’d made it almost to the club doors before it snapped in my brain that I had to help myself. Just at the exit I saw that there was a fire alarm. I reached out and pulled it. The sound of it going off reverberated through the building. One of the guys guarding the door had saw me doing it and came barreling towards us. I just knew I was saved until Malcolm lifted me off my feet and slammed out of the door. A slight chill in the outside air made me shiver. Just before the door closed I saw Jason rushing through the crowd in our direction. I started to struggle then. Kicking out, people rushing out of the club and bumping into us helped get me free. I didn’t have to worry about my shoes hindering me, they’d been lost in the fray. As soon as my feet hit the ground I propelled forward in preparation to run, just to be snatched back by my hair blown out hair. My scalp screamed. I reached up and pried at his fingers.
I had lost sight of Jason until he was right up on us. His fist was flying over my head. I heard his knuckles connect to Malcolm’s face. Malcolm’s hand slipped from my hair. I was pushed to the side. I watched in horror as Jason and Malcolm exchanged blow for blow until Jason grabbed Malcolm, lifted him then slammed him to the ground. I heard all the air leave his body. I grabbed Jason just as he was about to bring his handmade leather bespoke booted foot down onto Malcolm’s ribs.
“Jason, stop!” I yelled. I didn’t want him going to jail or ruining his career for me.
The rage filled expression he turned on me with tightened the knots in my stomach. “Why would you leave the VIP area without me?” He yelled. I was about to answer him when Julissa came out of nowhere and grabbed my arm, snatching me around to face her. Julissa screamed indistinguishable words in my face, pointing at Malcolm on the ground.
It took me a minute to get my bearings together to understand that she was accusing me of being the reason the men were fighting. I lost it. I cocked back and swung; my hand connected with Julissa’s cheeks. Her head snapped to the right. I saw a spittle fly from her mouth. This bitch was accusing me of being the cause of this bullshit when it could only have been her who told Malcolm where we were meeting. I was ready to beat her ass for the old and the new “You bitch!” I hollered; I was hysterical. I lunged toward her. A bouncer lifted me from the ground before I made contact with her face. Jason shoved him “Get your fucking hands off of her. He snatched me around the waist and hauled me away from the bouncer.
“Calm down, Tempest” He ordered with too much bass in his voice for my liking at the moment.
I snatched away. Out of the corner of my eyes I watched as one of the other bouncers grabbed Julissa, restraining her. Giving me freedom to direct my wrath at Jason. I faced him. Fist balled at my side, ready to sock him in his mouth too. I swung and connected with his shoulder. I tried to swing again. Again, Jason got mad at the clubs employee when he tried to handle me. Touch her afuckinggain and I’ll break your fucking hand.
Jason grabbed my hand and pulled me to his side, I snatched away “Fuck you. Don’t touch me and don’t fucking tell me or him what todo. You let her come here tonight and humiliate me. You don’t get to tell me anything anymore.”
Oohs and laughs filled the air and for the first time I became cognizant of the fact that we were surrounded by spectators, of course everyone’s phones were out. I hated a public scene but I was too wired to calm myself down.
Jason and I started yelling back and forth, turning our anger and frustration on each other, then we heard the sirens and snapped out of it. Jason pulled keys to his Range and pressed them to my hand.
“Go straight home and wait for me.”
I listened without protest, there was no way I could keep my job if I got arrested for fighting and pulling the  fire alarm. I took them and headed straight for the car. I was going to his home but I wouldn’t be staying. I just needed to get my bags. Fuck Jason. He’d set me up for failure and embarrassment by not telling me my sister and several other women had sex tapes with him.
I got in the car, pushed the start button, and took my time leaving the parking lot, as to not draw attention of the approaching police, though I wanted to speed away. It was an angry twenty minute ride to Jason’s. Pulling into his garage, I parked right next to my new jeep. I got out and hopped into it, cranked it, and backed out midway the driveway.. I guess Jason got his wish. I had to keep the jeep now since I was about to make it my get away car. After backing out I left the car running and popped the trunk. I only needed to get a few things. I was almost positive I’d be in and out before Jason talked his way out of being arrested.
Shaking my head at the fuckery that had transpired I unlocked Jason’s front door and headed straight upstairs. I grabbed my laptop bag and toiletries and took them to the car, then went back for my book bag. Just as I made it to the bedroom I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I sighed knowing Jason wasn’t about to make it easy for me to leave. Fuck it, not like he could make me stay. I grabbed my backpack and the couple of pieces of clothes I had on hanger and headed back own the wide spiral suitcase. On the last step I froze. Reflexive fear nearly stopped my heart, because instead of Jason coming in, it was Malcolm. Bloodied, and bruised he walked into the door I had left open, as if he owned the place. An indescribable feeling of dread settled on the pit of my stomach and my mouth went dry .
Malcolm scanned the foyer and living room once before his eyes settled on me.
My brain was telling me to take action but I couldn’t move. Conscious thought faded away. Every part of my body went on pause as my brain replayed every kick, punch and ass whooping Malcolm had given me like a movie in my head. I relived it all in the span of thirty seconds that felt like forever before I snapped out of it. When I did, basic instinct took over.
Reaching into the backpack I was still holding I snatched out my Glock, the steel was cold in my hand. There was no way I was taking another beating or rape. I couldn’t handle it.
I watched Malcolm moving in my direction, his mouth was moving but whatever he said fell on death ears as I aimed the gun in his direction. His eyes went big just before two bullets entered his chest. He stumbled back. His face twisted in pain. A scream followed the loud booms.
I cut my eyes away from Malcolm’s fallen body in time to watch Julissa fall to the ground right at the threshold of the front door. For a split second a dark part of me thought about shooting Julissa too. She was the cause of too many of my problems.
I didn’t get the chance to decide. I was knocked to the floor and although I’d only met Jason’s brother once I knew it was him, they smelled alike, but different. The gun was removed from my hand.
I was breathing so hard and so shallow it became nearly impossible for me to take a deep enough breath. I could feel everything going black and then suddenly everything was pitch black.
When I came to I was in bed. Jason, his agent, a middle-aged Black man with waist length dreads and his brother in full uniform stood just outside Jason’s bedroom door, talking. I remembered shooting Malcolm immediately, but what I wasn’t sure if it had been a bad dream or if it was real. I slightly shifted in bed. All eyes turned to me. I cleared my throat “did I kill him?” They all looked at each other before the agent and Jason’s brother walked away from the door.
Jason approached the bed. He ran eyes over me before he sat down. He rubbed the back of his neck. The way he looked at me, I knew Malcolm was dead. I tried to drum up an ounce of remorse or regret or even fear of going to prison and nothing came.
“I need to call Simone so I could see if the firm I worked for provided free counsels for employees.” I paused to look at Jason “are the police downstairs to arrest me? How long was I out?”
Jason frowned. “I wouldn’t let them arrest you. “
I frowned back at him “How could you stop them? I shot Malcolm. I didn’t even wait for him to attack so it wasn’t even self defense. I just shot him.”
Jason looked over his shoulder towards the door before turning back to me. He lowered his voice and head. “Let that be the last time you speak those words. After attacking you in the club, your ex and sister followed you home. He broke into our house to attack you in a fit of jealous rage after finding out we had recently been married. You shot him defending yourself. You don’t know what happened after that because you passed out.”
I reran what he said back in my head and still didn’t get it. “What?”
Jason nodded towards the door. “That’s the story  you tell when the detectives or anybody else who asks you what happened.’
I shook my head. ‘That’s a  horrible plan We aren’t married and it can be easily refuted by simply searching for a marriage license.’
“It’s all been arranged.” Jason reached over gripping my left hand, he pulled it to him, then held it up.
My eyes bugged.
“3.83 carats set on 9 grams of white platinum,” Jason informed me.
I covered my gapped mouth with my free hand as I stared at the huge round diamond on my finger. I heard the sound of papers crinkling. “As soon as you sign these papers you’ll be Mrs Jenkins as of yesterday.”
“What if I don’t want to marry you?”
He looked slightly despondent, then angry, his eyes narrowing to slits.
Just as he was about to speak, his brothers large frame darkened the door. He had a worried look on his face.
“Detective Jordan would like to speak to her now.” He warned.
Seemed I had decisions to make and in a very short time span.


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