Wicked Games: Epilogue

It had been five months since I’d killed my ex-husband. Five months since I’d married the man of my dreams. Five months since I’d found out I was pregnant and five months since my sister was arrested as an accessory to my assault. Five months since I’d got my revenge.
The sound of a metal door clunking open drew my attention to the other people on either side of me talking to their loved ones. The buzzing chatter made me anxious. I was ready to go.
“Why did you call me here, Julissa?” I asked without looking at her.
 “It’s hard here, Tempest. You know I wasn’t going to let Malcolm hurt you, you have to get me out of here.”
I finally turned to give her my full attention to her. Sitting behind a stained plexiglass partition, there were a glimmer of tears in her eyes. I used to hate seeing her cry. I had to stop myself from softening.
“I know it’s hard for you Julissa, that’s why I’m not paying your bail or for your lawyer.” I said, twisting my lips. I gave her time to let my words sink in.
Julissa banged her hand against the Plexiglass, it shook but didn’t break.
“You’re trying to keep me in jail. Why would you do that?”
A guard cleared his throat.
I turned and smiled in the direction of the one who was watching us, hoping it conveyed reassurance that she would calm down, before turning and chuckling at Julissa. She didn’t look as bad as I’m sure she was doing.
Her natural looks worked better for her than a full-face beat, which aged her. Her hair was pulled into a bushy ponytail and her skin was clear and healthy. I sighed. I wanted her to physically look in the mirror and see what being a crappy sister had cost her, but since we had good genes, I’d have to settle for her spending some time in jail.
“Why would I do that to you?”
I leaned in. I had a memory I wanted to recount for her.
“You remember on your eighteenth birthday? You wanted a big party. I told you I didn’t think Malcolm would approve so I said no, but you insisted. You bugged me for a week. I gave in. Remember the beer mug to the head I received as a result?’
She dropped her eyes and whispered, “no.”
I nodded. ‘Oh yes, you remember. Malcolm gave you the car you still drive when someone isn’t chauffeuring you around, while I was laid up in the hospital. After repeatedly calling you and him for a ride. I took a cab and came home to find you naked in my bed with him.
“That wasn’t even what it looked like,” she tried to defend.
I waved my hand, cutting her off. “It wasn’t Julissa? How about the weekends y’all went away on trips together? Y’all thought I wouldn’t notice? Or how about when I would wake up and find him sneaking out of your room. What about his name being on your apartment lease? You didn’t think I knew he paid most of your bills since you turned eighteen and moved out?’
She opened her mouth to say something again and I cut her off yet again. I hadn’t come that day to talk to her about what she’s done to me. I just wanted her to know, I knew.
I sighed. ‘I really didn’t care, Julissa, about you and him. Not when you fucking him was giving me reprieve from having to. You could have had the whole man, ass whooping’s and all. What did bother me was how you treated me when I lived in your home. After I spent years taking care of you.  After you fucked my husband. And look what all of that got you?’
I tucked my lip and shook my head. “Nothing… And now you’re the reason Malcolm’s dead and the reason I’m living the life you thought you deserved with Jason.’
I lowered my voice “I already knew I’d probably have to one day kill Malcolm. I used to fantasize about it. Killing him. The cherry on top is seeing you here. Be thankful for where you are now. It’s better than being dead. I thought about killing you too. You could be in your grave…’ Before Julissa could respond I hung up the phone, stood and walked towards the exit. I could hear her calling my name and banging at the divider as I walked off. When I pushed open the doors that led outside, I Instantaneously laid eyes on Jason. He was leaned against his truck with his phone against his ear, he hung up and came to me placing his hands on my belly.
“How did it go?” He gazed down at me.
“It was fine. We came to an understanding.’
Jason allowed me to leave my answer vague as he led me to the truck and helped me in. He didn’t ever really want to talk about Julissa. I knew he was scared it would remind me that he’d fucked her and it was documented. Lowkey I was over it and had already forgiven him. How could I not? He had literally done everything in his power to make sure I didn’t spend a day in jail for murdering Malcolm.
I watched him walk around the front of the car — thinking one day we’d have to talking about him switching out my birth control though. I’d been taking them since I was fifteen to regulate my period. How he figured I wouldn’t notice the change in colors is beyond me, but today was not the day. Maybe never. Maybe I’d let him think I wasn’t a willing participant in my pregnancy forever. I don’t know. For now, I was going to enjoy having someone put my needs first and taking care of me for once.


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