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5 Rounds: Chapter 25


I’m on my knees waiting for him when he walks into the room.

The sexiest smirk twitches the corners of his lips, making me squirm in anticipation. I bite my lip and squeeze my legs together in an effort to relieve some of the pressure that started building the second he told me what he wants to do to me.

It doesn’t help. He hasn’t even touched me yet and I’m already about to start begging.

He makes his way across the room and stops in front of me, reaching forward to run his thumb over my lips and forcing me to look up at him. ‘Remy baby,’ he murmurs in a deep voice, ‘how bad do you want to suck my cock right now?’

My breath catches at his words. I’ve had guys talk dirty to me before, but never like Tristan. Never in a way that sets my skin on fire and makes me stop breathing.

‘Bad,’ I breathe. I swallow and try again. ‘Please… I want you in my mouth. Please.’

I hear him suck in a breath of his own. His eyes blaze with passion and I know he’s just as affected as I am.

He brushes the back of his calloused knuckles against my cheek. ‘You’re so fucking pretty when you beg,’ he murmurs.

My gaze drops to his pants, only inches from my face, and my eyes immediately widen when I realize he’s already rock hard. I can see his entire impressive length pressed against his black slacks. I squeeze my hands into fists, desperate to reach for him, but also wanting to see where he wants to take this. I lick my lips and squirm impatiently.

A low growl rumbles through his chest at the sight of my tongue. He must be just as impatient as I am because he quickly strips out of his pants and steps closer to me, gripping his length and tugging slowly. I can’t take my eyes off of the sight.

I feel his fingers curl around my chin and lift my face to look at him. He studies me for a moment, the inferno burning in his eyes, before he leans down and places a tender kiss on my lips. When he pulls away, still bent over and only inches from my face, he whispers, ‘Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.’

I do as he says without any hesitation. With a final look of appreciation, he spits on my tongue and presses the smooth head of his cock inside my mouth.

My moan vibrates down his length at the erotic gesture, the manly taste of Tristan mingling with a faint aftertaste of his tequila from earlier. His hips jerk forward at the vibration of the sound. I eagerly take more of him in my mouth, licking the underside of his shaft before wrapping my lips around him and sucking hard.

‘Fuck,’ he hisses as he grips the back of my head. ‘You’re so fucking good at that. Take me all the way, baby.’

The sound of his desperate command sends another rush of arousal to my core, and I relax my throat so I can take him deeper. I look up when I hear a ragged breath fall from his lips. Sweat is glistening on his skin, dripping down his chiseled abs and reminding me that I’d want to lick every inch of his glorious body if I wasn’t already so invested in what I’m licking now. His muscles strain as he continues to fuck my mouth. The look of pure, male hunger on his face is driving a powerful bolt of lust through my body, drenching me even further and making me want to please him even more. I reach forward to grip his thighs as I take him down to the base, my eyes never leaving his.

His head drops back with a string of curses, and I feel him grow even harder in my mouth. I hold him deep for a moment.

He focuses back on me as his other hand reaches down to cup my chin. Between that grip and the one he still has on the back of my head, I’m powerless to move my head as he starts to fuck my mouth.

I moan happily at the sight of him taking his control back. His look of desperation, of wild passion, is the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop myself from spreading my thighs and sliding my fingers over my clit.

He groans at the sight and fucks me harder. My eyes start to water at the intensity, which only makes him crazier. At the sight of a tear rolling down my cheek, he pulls out with a harsh breath.

‘Get on the bed,’ he growls. ‘On your hands and knees.’

I scramble to do as he says. I try to look over my shoulder at him but he’s already next to me, already pushing my face down to the bed. With his hand on my neck, holding me in place, I whimper at the feeling of his other palm sliding over my ass cheek. And even though I know the slap is coming, it still makes me jump.

‘Look how wet you get when I’m rough with you,’ he murmurs appreciatively. ‘You’re already drenched and I’ve barely even touched you.’ His hand slides over my other cheek. ‘Tell me, is it being spanked that makes you so wet? Or having your mouth fucked? Or is it knowing that I’m about to take your ass?’ Another slap lands on my skin.

I twist my face into the covers, panting heavily as I spread my legs and arch even harder, desperate for some kind of release. Just his words have me flying toward the edge, and at the first touch I know I’m going to lose it.

His hand leaves the back of my neck and trails down my spine. I whimper when he reaches my lower back, as he slides further and runs his fingers between my ass cheeks. Just before he touches the puckered entrance, his other slides between my legs and begins gently rubbing my clit. I gasp and push my hips back, begging for more contact, for something to finally fill me.

I hear his deep chuckle behind me. His touch against my pussy stays the same lazy tempo, but the thumb on my ass starts to slowly move in gentle circles.

‘I’m not usually one for teasing but I can’t quite get enough of the sounds you make when you’re this desperate for me.’ His fingers continue at the same slow pace. ‘I knew the first time I fucked you that we would be the perfect match in bed. Our chemistry is too good. I get off on the power, and I know your strong, independent personality begs to give up your control to me when it’s just the two of us like this.’

He pauses, then removes his hand from my clit. I squeak in protest, pushing back for more, but then I feel him shift his weight and press his lips against my ear.

‘Am I right?’ he breathes against my skin. ‘Do you want me to take control and be rough with you?’ He pulls his thumb away.

I nod, panting, desperate for him to stop teasing me.

I yelp when his hand drops a slap onto my ass. “I need your words, Remy,” he growls.

I start panting, wriggling my ass in the air as my desire builds to nearly unbearable heights. “Yes,” I gasp. “Yes, I want you to take control. I want you to be rough with me.”

Still, he doesn’t give me what I want. What I need. Just as I open my mouth to start begging, I feel his wet thumb slide in my ass.

‘Oh my god, Tristan,’ I gasp.

I can practically hear the grin in his voice. ‘I love when you say my name like that.’ He straightens and shifts behind me again, his thumb never moving from where it’s pressed inside me. When he rubs his cock between my lips, coating himself in my arousal, I think I’ll die of anticipation.

Finally, he presses his head against my entrance. When I try to shift my hips back to take him inside me, he stills me with a firm hand on my waist. To emphasize his point, he drops another slap on my cheek.

‘Don’t move,’ he scolds.

Slowly, so slowly, he presses inside me. I fist the sheets in my hand in an effort to stay still. It isn’t until he’s seated all the way that we both exhale a groan of relief.

Then, his thumb starts to move.

As he fingers my ass, he also starts to fuck me, increasing his pace with each thrust. His dick and his thumb move in tandem, and I’m held powerless by the orgasm that’s already growing so quickly inside me. My whole body heats as it rolls toward me.

‘That’s it, come for me,’ he growls as he drives deep into me. ‘Come all over my cock, baby.’

He pushes his thumb even deeper and the feeling of that is what undoes me. I scream at the force of my release.

‘Good girl,’ he mumbles as he slows his pace. I vaguely feel him pull out of my ass while my body sags into the bed. But just as I think he’s going to give me a moment to catch my breath, I feel something cold replace his thumb.

‘Oh god,’ I whimper, realizing he just spit on me. He spreads the wetness around and inside of my ass, even as he continues to slowly fuck me.

‘I love that you’re so wet right now,’ he murmurs thoughtfully. ‘I don’t even need to use lube on you. You just came so hard that my dick is already drenched from you.’ To emphasize his point, he pulls out and slides his length between my ass cheeks, moving easily because we’re both covered in my release.

I turn my face into the bed and fist my hands in the sheets again. I’m desperate for him, for his cock to finally fill me, but I’m also oversensitive right now and a little nervous about his size.

He must feel me start to tremble because he reaches down to grip my arms and pull me upright so that my back is against his chest. He wraps an arm around my waist and murmurs sweet nothings in my ear as he kisses along my neck, soothing me and giving me a chance to calm down.

When he feels me steady myself with a deep breath, he plants one last kiss along my jaw before reaching down to press the tip of his dick against my puckered hole. Slowly, gently, he shifts forward to push past the tight ring of muscle.

I gasp at the feeling. He pauses, giving me a chance to adjust, and then reaches around me to start rubbing circles on my clit.

That feeling is the perfect distraction. As his fingers make my nerves start to tingle, he gently presses in another inch. And then another.

I drop my head back against his shoulder with a moan. I grip the arm that’s banded around my waist, desperate to cling to something in the onslaught of overwhelming sensations.

Tristan pulls out slightly, then pushes back in, just a little bit deeper. He starts to increase the intensity of his fingers on my clit. The feeling is so distracting, so powerful, that I can already feel another orgasm start to build. I dig my nails into Tristan’s arm.

‘Good girl,’ he murmurs. I’m held so tightly against his chest that his lips are close enough to whisper his dirty words directly into my ear. I shiver at the feel of his breath on my skin.

‘You take my cock so well,’ he murmurs, his fingers continuing to fly over my drenched cunt. ‘I’ve been thinking about how you’d look in this position since the very first night I fucked you. You look just as hot as I thought you would.’ I whimper at his words, digging my nails in even deeper. ‘How does it feel, baby? Do you like my cock in your ass?’

That question is what ruins me. This whole thing is so taboo, his words so vulgar, that a rush of heat immediately runs through me and demands more of it. I arch my back with a moan and press my ass against him, taking the last inch of him inside.

Fuck,’ he hisses. The hand that was wrapped around me now grabs my waist with a bruising grip, even while the fingers of his other hand stay buried in my pussy. Then he starts to fuck me.

I reach one arm above my head to grip the back of Tristan’s neck and arch my body. ‘Fuck me,’ I gasp. ‘You feel so good, I need you to fuck me. Fuck my ass, Tristan.’

Another string of curses falls from his lips as he picks up his pace. I feel my release building, knowing it’s about to completely consume me.

And as he thrusts deep at the same time that his nail slides across my achy and swollen clit, it does.

My orgasm explodes through my body, filling me with a kind of pleasure that I didn’t even know existed. I’m completely powerless as it rolls through me and all I can do is cling to Tristan’s neck as he continues to fuck me through it.

It vaguely registers that his hand has moved from my pussy to grip the front of my neck.

‘You’re so fucking perfect,’ he growls in my ear. ‘But I want you to come again. I want you to come from just my cock in your ass.’

He squeezes my neck, and it feels like that’s all I’ll need to do as he says. But then his grip tightens on my waist and his thrusts become harder, deeper—his fucking has become primal and desperate.

This side of him is the sexiest side, and definitely my favorite in bed. This animal side of him. I love when he owns me like this. And he was right before, about my wanting to give up control in the bedroom and let him take what he wants.

And right now, he wants to fuck me into submission.

This explosion shatters me just as much as the last one did. I was already weak from that one so this one absolutely ruins me. I hear Tristan’s loud curse at the same time that I feel his hips jerk, and then he’s filling me, fucking us both through to the very end of our orgasms.

I’m trembling in his arms by the time he stops moving. He places a soft kiss on the arm that’s still gripping the back of his neck, then he gently slides out of me and lays us down on the bed.

He settles behind me and pulls me tight against his chest. ‘I might not be able to fuck you that hard again until after the fight so I’m glad we got to do it tonight. I’ve been distracted thinking about doing that since the first night I had you.’ I turn over to face him and find him grinning down at me. ‘Definitely surpassed expectations.’

I lean forward to nip his chin. ‘I hate you,’ I mutter.

His smile only grows wider at that. ‘Pretty sure that’s your way of saying ‘I love you,’ so I’ll take it.’

I shake my head with a smile. Then I realize something about what he just said and look up at him with a small frown. ‘I know you need to focus on the fight now. The last thing I want to be is a distraction so whatever you need, wherever you want me to go, I’ll—’

He cuts me off with a kiss. When he pulls away, he gives me a hard look. ‘You’re not a distraction. I always thought having a girlfriend would split my focus, but that’s not going to happen here. I don’t know if it’s because you’re in the sport and you understand it better than most people, or if you and I just mesh that well, but having you around could only be good for me. I want you with me through all of this. You’re stuck with me, Remy baby.’

I roll my eyes at the nickname, but a smile still stretches across my lips. He just smirks and starts to rub circles along my lower back.

I trace his collarbone and run my fingers along his chest, already watching his eyelids droop with exhaustion.

‘I’m proud of you,’ I whisper. ‘I always knew you’d make it, even when I hated you. And you’re going to be champ one day, and I’m going to be right there next to you, telling you again that I knew you’d make it and that I’m so fucking proud of you.’

For a moment I think he’s already asleep, but then his arms tighten around me and he presses a kiss to the top of my head.

“I’m such an idiot for not seeing what was right in front of me all this time,” he murmurs as we both drift off to sleep.

It doesn’t occur to me that Jax might be home until we pull up in front of the guys’ house. By the time Tristan turns the car off, I’m practically fidgeting in my seat.

‘What if he hates us for not telling him?’ I blurt. ‘What if he hates the idea of us together? I knew I should’ve told him what was going on. I can’t handle Jax being mad at me, it’ll kill me.’

Tristan chuckles and lightly tugs on my hair. ‘Stop panicking, he’s not going to hate us. Jax doesn’t hate anyone. And he might not even be here. You know how he gets at his parents’ parties, he probably passed out in their pantry last night.’

‘I don’t think I’m that lucky,’ I grumble. But then I sigh in defeat and reach for the door handle. ‘Fine, let’s just grab your gym stuff and get this over with.’

As we walk down the sidewalk, a quick glance at the stark contrast between what Tristan and I are wearing soothes my nerves enough to force a giggle out of me. He raises an eyebrow at me in question.

‘I’m wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, which is totally acceptable for a Sunday morning,’ I laugh, ‘and you’re wearing a day-old suit, looking all kinds of rumpled and sexy. I’m just enjoying the fact that you’re the one doing a walk of shame right now.’

Tristan grabs my hand and yanks me against his chest. I gasp in surprise, but automatically settle against his body. He fists his hand in my hair and grins down at me. ‘How could anyone possibly be ashamed of spending the entire night inside your sweet little body?’ he whispers against my mouth, leaning forward to bite my lower lip. Another gasp escapes me, which he immediately swallows with a heated kiss. I cling to his white button-up shirt, wrinkling it even more than it already was. It’s all I can do to hang on as Tristan kisses me so hard that you’d never guess we spent the last twelve hours in bed together.

I’m panting by the time we break apart. ‘Okay, we should probably go inside before I start fantasizing about dragging you into the alleyway again.’

Tristan keeps me pressed tight to his body with the arm he has wrapped around my waist. He cocks an eyebrow, a mischievous sparkle flashing in his eyes. ‘Again?’ he asks with a smirk.

I swallow roughly and I’m sure that I’m blushing right now. ‘Yeah. That kiss in front of Sabrina gave me all kinds of dirty thoughts.’

A grin stretches across his face. ‘Remind me to dive further into those dirty thoughts later tonight. I can’t wait to hear what else you thought about over the past few weeks.’

I roll my eyes and push myself away, but I can’t stop the edges of my mouth from twitching into a small smile. I turn to continue walking toward the guys’ front door. ‘You need to focus on the fight. Stop thinking about fucking me.’

Tristan sighs but lets me go. ‘Fine. But don’t think I’m going to be celibate for the next two weeks. That would make me even crazier.’ He emphasizes his point by slapping my ass.

I cover myself with my hands and shoot him an angry glare. He just smirks at me and tosses his suit jacket over his shoulder.

I realize as I climb the steps to the house that I’ve completely forgotten to be nervous about Jax. Until now.

I swallow nervously as I unlock the door. Tristan must feel the shift in me because he places his hand on the small of my back in a comforting gesture. His touch forces me to take a deep breath and push open the door.

Jax is sprawled out on the couch, a blanket covering his half-naked form, and he’s scrolling through Netflix with a sleepy gaze.

We all freeze. For a moment, we all just stare at each other, trying to wade through the confusion of the sights before us: Jax sleeping on the couch, and Tristan and I walking in together wearing what are clearly morning-after clothes.

I want to ask the first question, but I can’t find the breath when Jax’s eyes narrow at us. I can practically see the wheels turning in his head. Even Tristan is tense beside me as we wait for his reaction.

After a few seconds he gives us a stiff nod and then turns back to the TV. ‘It’s about time,’ he grumbles. ‘I thought you two would never figure it out.’

My mouth opens in shock. I had a feeling Jax guessed what was going on, but I didn’t think he knew before even we did. Leave it to him to beat everyone to it.

Something occurs to Jax and he turns to shoot a glare at Tristan. ‘Although I gotta be honest, dude. Even though I love you like my own brother, I have to warn you that my allegiance lies with Remy. So don’t fuck her over. Because I’d hate to have to kill you after everything we’ve been through.’

Tristan lets out a startled laugh. ‘Fair enough,’ he concedes.

With that, it feels like the whole room relaxes. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.

But then I remember my own confusion, and my frown reappears. ‘Why are you sleeping on the couch?’ I finally ask.

My gaze narrows when Jax looks away quickly and starts fidgeting with the remote in his hands. My friend is a confident, larger-than-life stud, and I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen him look self-conscious. This is one of those times.

‘I gave Hailey my room last night,’ he finally answers. ‘She… got into a thing with Steve and needed a place to crash. I didn’t want to put her on the couch.’

My frown deepens, and I reach to pull my phone from my pocket. Glancing down at the blank screen, I say, ‘Why didn’t she call me? What kind of thing? What happened?’

Jax rubs the back of his neck nervously. ‘They broke up. Hailey ended it.’

My mouth drops open for the second time in five minutes, at the same time that Tristan stiffens next to me and mutters, ‘Good.’

‘Why didn’t she call me?’ I whisper in shock.

At that, Jax finally looks at me. ‘I don’t know if she was going to call anyone. I called her when she didn’t show up to Mom and Dad’s party and that’s when she told me. She was drunk as shit. I wasn’t going to leave her alone in that house, so I picked her up and brought her here. She might still be passed out.’

My heart drops as I gaze up the stairs to where my little sister is sleeping. I’ve always known Steve wasn’t good for Hailey—and it’s probably not a secret that I’ve pushed her multiple times to reevaluate her relationship with him—but no one ever wants to see a loved one in pain. I just hope she doesn’t shed too many tears over the asshole.

‘I’ll go check on her,’ I say softly. Then I remember why Tristan and I are here, and I turn to Jax. ‘What’re you doing today? Can you go to the gym with Tristan?’

Jax turns to Tristan with a confused look. ‘Training on a Sunday rest day? I figured you’d be done with that now that you’re not moping over Remy.’

I try to stifle my giggle as Tristan glares at his best friend. ‘I was not moping,’ he growls.

I squeeze his hand. ‘I ran myself ragged, too,’ I reassure him. Then a thought occurs to me and I perk up with a giddy smile. ‘Holy shit, I just realized I can go back to the gym now. I don’t have to avoid you anymore. Thank fucking God, I missed punching Jax in the face.’

Jax glares at me. ‘Fat chance you’ll land anything,’ he grumbles. Then he turns back to Tristan and his questioning look returns. ‘So why are we going to the gym on a Sunday?’ he asks again.

Now it’s Tristan’s turn to grin. ‘Because I have a fight in two weeks.’

Jax raises his eyebrows in surprise. ‘Against who?’

‘Kevin Holladay,’ Tristan answers smugly.

There’s a moment of supreme shock, and then… chaos.

‘HOLY SHIT, DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK!’ Jax explodes. He shoots upright as he stares at Tristan in disbelief. ‘Jimmy got you a fight in the UFC?!’

He jumps up and shoves his friend, but Tristan just continues to grin. Jax makes a move to shove him again—clearly being unable to handle news of this size without any kind of physical outlet—but then he stops and frowns. ‘If you’re fucking with me, man, I swear to God…’

Just then something creaks behind us and I turn to see Hailey coming down the stairs. I suck in a breath as I look her over and try to figure out how she’s doing.

She’s drowning in one of Jax’s shirts and she looks exhausted, but it doesn’t look like she’s been crying. By first glance, I wouldn’t guess that she’s a heartbroken woman the day after a breakup.

‘Why is Jax screaming at 8:00 in the morning?’ she asks with an adorably sleepy smile. She stops on the last step and leans on the banister, waiting expectantly.

Tristan is the first to break our stunned silence. He clears his throat and says, ‘I got a fight in the UFC.’

A pause, and then… chaos.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ Hailey screams. ‘Are you serious?! That’s insane, congratulations!’

‘Thanks,’ Tristan says with a grin. Then he turns to me with a skeptical look. ‘You know, I’m starting to feel a little hurt that my own girlfriend didn’t react by screaming. Everyone else seems to think it’s screech-worthy news.’

I shoot him a glare and swat his arm, but from behind me I hear Hailey gasp, ‘Girlfriend? What the hell happened last night?’

I look back at her with a hesitant gaze. ‘I think I need to ask you the same thing,’ I say softly.

She swallows nervously but only nods in answer. I turn back to the boys with a quirked eyebrow. ‘So… gym? I’ll stay here with Hailey. And you should call Coach.’

My words snap them both into action. Tristan nods once and then squeezes past Hailey to get ready upstairs.

Jax moves to follow his friend but he stops next to Hailey on the first step. He looks like he wants to say something but instead, he just presses a kiss to her temple. ‘I’ll be back later, don’t go anywhere,’ he finally murmurs quietly.

Hailey looks up at him with wide eyes and nods, a faint blush staining her cheeks. I make a mental note to ask her about Jax’s exceptionally protective behavior.

Jax continues up the stairs and for a second, Hailey and I just stare at each other.

‘It sounds like we have a lot to talk about,’ I mutter. She exhales a nervous laugh.

By the time the boys come back downstairs, Hailey is already making us some breakfast. Tristan walks over to where I’m sitting at the kitchen island and wraps his arms around me from behind, leaning forward to gently nip the side of my neck. I smile and turn my head for a real kiss.

‘If we could not make PDA a habit, that would be great,’ Jax grumbles when Tristan finally ends the kiss. I only roll my eyes in response.

Tristan adopts a somber expression as he pulls away. ‘Okay, let’s get the fuck out of here. I’m not going to beat Holladay from the couch.’

Jax immediately matches Tristan’s seriousness and nods firmly. ‘Let’s fuck this shit up.’

‘Good luck,’ I call out as they head toward the front door.

Before Tristan closes it after him, he grins and flashes me a wink. ‘That’s what you’re here for. Why do you think I went after you so hard?’

I glare at him and immediately reach over the couch to grab one of the pillows. I launch it at Tristan’s head but, per usual, he’s too quick for me.

Some things will never change.


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