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A Game of Hearts and Heists: Chapter 32


Malachi’s fever is gone, his skin returned to its normal olive tone. When he woke, the fever had broken. While his voice wasn’t fixed, he could make sounds, which was more than he’s been able to do for years. I suspect with a few more teas mixed with the Sanatio, he’ll be healed. But I’ve planted a clipping from the branch, in the hopes I can grow our own crop. Yes, it’s not technically legal, but after what I did for the Queen, I think she’ll turn a blind eye.

I shower, washing the stink and grime off me, cleaning the crusted blood and dirt from under my fingernails. The water washes through my hair, cleanses me of the last few days. I raze the hair from my calves and between my legs. When I’m preened and clean and smelling like a floral dream, I pull on some underwear and a silk robe.

I find Scarlett in my old bedroom. It has a four-poster bed with curtains that close the mattress off from view.

I lean against the door. “Comfortable?”

“I’d be more comfortable with your ass over here.”

I smile, kick off the frame and shut the door behind me, turning the lock until it clicks. I walk across the room and drop my robe, leaving it where it falls.

“I guess we’ll be kicked out of here soon. Once the Queen repairs the land and secures her palaces.”

“Then I guess we better make the most of being here while we can,” Scarlett says.

“Mmm. And how should we do that?”

“Well, first, I’m going to take these here hands.” She waggles her fingers at me as I climb onto the bed. “And then I’m going to rip you out of those lace panties.”

“Must you ruin a per—”

She grabs my arms and flings me onto my back. I giggle. “I do like it when you play rough.”

Scarlett climbs on top of me, she draws my fists above my head and, with one hand, pins them in place.

“I won you,” she says.

My pussy tightens at the command, the dominance, the ownership.

“Say it,” she growls.

I shake my head, a grin forming on my lips.

“Say it, or I’ll ruin these pretty little lace knickers.”

I’m wet already, my core swelling at the thought of what she’s going to do to me, how hard she might spank me. She pulls my knickers and releases them, letting the lace ping against my skin. I close my eyes, hissing at the sting and pleasure.

She slides her hands between my breasts, my nipples firming in response. She yanks the knickers so hard they split in half. I let out a moan of desire. She grins, the light glimmering in her eyes.

Her mouth roams my skin, her tongue sliding over my chest. She bites my nipple through my lace bra. I gasp, the pain and pleasure mixing and flowing through me. She presses down with her teeth. Takes me to the edge.

“You won,” I say, breathy tingles racing through my breast.

“Say it again,” she growls against my nipple. The vibrations making the nub harder. I need her to take me, to run her hands and fingers over my skin and body like she owns me.

“You won me,” I pant. “I’m yours. I was always yours, Scarlett.”

She picks the middle of my lace bra and tears it in half with her hands. It falls away, my breasts freed. She runs her fingertips up my legs, slowly teasing. Sensations thrum in my veins, yearning for her.

With my hands released, I reach up and pull her to me, crushing our mouths together. My tongue slides across hers. She’s sweet, like wine and honey. I kiss her hard, with the fury, and hurt, and fear I spent the last few days with.

I kiss her like I’ll never kiss her again. Like it’s the first time I’ve laid my mouth on hers.

She pulls back, slides her head close as if she’s going to kiss me, and then doesn’t kiss. She pauses, grinning at me.

It’s a game.

I surrender, because while I’ll never surrender outside, I will always surrender in the bedroom. I lay back, letting her take charge.

She places her lips on mine, slow and teasing, and sucks my lip. My body melts at her touch. I reach for her hand, push it down my hardened nipples, down my stomach and between my thighs.

She sucks a sharp breath through her nose. And then drives her fingers over my clit, again and again, the sensations building, my wetness growing. I curl my leg around her waist, making it easier for her to reach.

She pushes her fingers inside me, and I moan against her, my back arching as she pulses in and out. Everything builds until I’ve soaked her hand, and my nails dig into her shoulder.

I thread my fingers into her hair and push her mouth down my body.

“I need you,” I moan.

She growls against my stomach, biting and nipping the flesh until I moan her name. Hearing it in my mouth lights fire in her eyes. She runs her tongue down my skin, and then as I pulse higher and higher, as she winds me tighter and closer to climax, she pulls her fingers out, leaving me empty.


She pulls me upright. I slide her jacket off, unbutton the rest of her shirt. I reach around and unclasp her bra and fling the pair away. I grin at her and then lie back, admiring the soft bulges of her breasts against the hard lines of her abs. The way the muscle cuts over her hips and disappears into her trousers.

I lock eyes with her and spread my legs, displaying my pussy. A deep guttural sound rips from her chest. She grips my thighs hard, and then she slides her mouth to meet my apex. I stop breathing.

The world melts away as she licks and kisses, sucks and moves her tongue between my flesh. I moan and my body arches. Her hands grip my arse tight as she pushes her mouth over me. I’m climbing higher, my pussy tightening under her control. And then she releases my ass and slides her fingers inside me, continuing to lap at my core.

I’m panting her name, moaning against her, rocking my hips into her face until my world explodes and I come apart. Tingles ripple through my body, and I sag against her. She settles on the bed next to me and pulls me into her arms, kissing me, making me wet all over again.

I need to taste her, to feel her against my fingers. So I pull away, reach for her trousers and unbuckle them. She slips them and her underwear off.

When she’s naked, I run my hands over her, letting my nails scrape against her skin. Goosebumps cover her body, her eyes roll back. I take a breast in my mouth, placing her nipple between my teeth until the coolness of my breath hardens it to a peak.

I can’t take anymore. I push her down. It’s my turn. She’s laid bare in front of me, and I want her.

I want all of her.

I crawl up to her face, sinking my pussy onto her mouth. She moans into my heat as I soak her face. I arch back, sliding my fingers over her clit as she slides her tongue over mine. When I can’t take any more, I release her and move down between her legs. I grip her knees and push them apart, sliding myself between.

I take her pussy in my mouth and suck at her core, tasting her sweet juices as she gets wetter. My tongue moves rhythmically, and as her nub hardens under my tongue, I slide one finger in, then two. I push until I find her spot, and then I caress and brush, throb in and out until she tightens against my fingers and builds against my mouth. Her panting making my cunt swell as she rides my hand, forcing my pace, forcing my movement. Still controlling me even as she cries my name and releases on my hand.

She collapses against me, satisfied.

I lean in, place a delicate kiss against her lips.

She smiles softly at me. “Okay, Quinn. You definitely won that one.”

I laugh. “I love you more than games, more than winning.”

She runs a finger against my cheek. “I loved you even when I hated you.”

I lean against her chest, giggling. “Then I guess you win the ‘who loves who the most’ game.”

She rolls her eyes, but she’s grinning. “Shut up and spread your legs. I’m going to make you come all night long.”

So I do.

And trust me, she does.


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