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A Pucking Wrong Christmas: Chapter 8

Ari: Anyone have a Santa hat I could borrow?

Lincoln: Do you really think I carry a Santa hat with me?

Walker: But also…what do you need it for?

Ari: Does that mean you have one? You do, don’t you?

Walker: I mean…maybe.

Lincoln: Why exactly do you have a Santa hat with you?



Ari: Okay…but just checking…has it been anywhere near your dick yet?

Walker: What? No!

Ari: Phew.

Lincoln: This is weird, even for the two of you.

Ari: I’ll be up in five to get it.

Walker: Wait! Are you planning for it to be anywhere near your dick?



Walker: Yeah, you can keep it.


New York City was more than ever, a place of contrasts for me—filled with memories both beautiful and painful. But on this crisp December morning, I was determined to embrace the magic of the holiday season with my friends and Ari, making new memories that would replace the old.

Our day started with a visit to the iconic Rockefeller Center. The towering Christmas tree, adorned with thousands of shimmering lights and ornaments, still took my breath away. The ice rink below was a hive of activity, with skaters of all ages twirling and gliding to the tunes of classic holiday songs.

Of course the guys couldn’t resist the lure of the ice, and soon, we were all lacing up our skates, ready to take on the rink. Ari held me tight as we glided across the ice, his strong arms holding me up since I was a terrible skater.

“I think you’re getting better,” Ari offered as I almost took us both out.

I giggled and grabbed onto him tighter. “You think?”

“Definitely. We managed not to take out that kindergarten class. Major improvement.”

We watched as Lincoln hoisted Monroe up on his shoulders and casually skated across the ice like it was nothing.

“Show-off,” Ari muttered before scooping me up into his arms.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked as he suddenly jumped in the air and did a 360 degree spin with me in his arms, landing smoothly on the ice.

“Just making sure Golden Boy knows who’s truly the excellent skater in the group,” he replied cheerfully as Lincoln scowled at us.

Just then Walker whizzed by, somehow managing two spins in the air before he landed. The skaters around him cheered.

“Walker wins,” I quipped as Ari growled at me.

“No cheering for Disney.”

“I didn’t cheer.”

“You smiled at him!”

“Okayyyy,” I said sarcastically, and he winked at me.

Once the guys were done showing off, we headed over to the bustling holiday market in Union Square. Stalls were set up as far as the eye could see, offering an array of handmade crafts, festive ornaments, and delicious treats. The air was filled with the scent of freshly roasted chestnuts and hot cider, and the atmosphere was vibrant and merry.

We strolled through the market, sipping on steaming cups of cocoa and admiring the handcrafted goods. I couldn’t help but pick out a few unique ornaments to adorn our Christmas tree back in Los Angeles, a reminder of this special day in the city.

“Too bad there isn’t a tattooed dick ornament,” muttered Ari as he and Lincoln watched Monroe and I pick out ornaments.

“Tattooed dick?” squeaked Walker, giving them the side-eye.

Ari nodded seriously. “In honor of Linc.”

“You tattooed your dick!” Walker whisper-yelled, and an angry mother covered her daughter’s ears as she hurried them away.

“Want to tell all of New York?” drawled Lincoln, not sounding particularly upset about the idea of that.

I turned my attention back to Monroe and the ornaments…not wanting to imagine Lincoln’s dick.

“What exactly does he have tattooed on there?” I asked Monroe, not able to stop myself.

“My name,” she said nonchalantly as she examined an Empire State Building ornament. She side-eyed me after a moment and then we both erupted in peals of laughter.

A second later, tattooed arms were wrapping around her and Lincoln was nuzzling into her hair.

I jumped when Ari pulled me into his chest. “What’s so funny over here, sunshine?”

Monroe and I locked eyes again. “Nothing,” she squeaked, and we burst into laughter again.

Lincoln growled, but there was a gentle smile on his lips. A quick glance over at Walker, and he just looked uncomfortable.

I giggled again.

“Love the sound of your laugh, sweetheart,” Ari murmured to me, brushing a kiss against my neck. “Are you having fun?”

I turned in his arms so I could stare up at him. “The best,” I whispered, amazed at how good he was at replacing memories of my past with good ones.

He stared down at me, something I couldn’t read in his gaze. “Good,” he finally said, stroking his hand down my cheek.

After we paid for our ornaments, we made our way to Bryant Park, where a winter wonderland had been created with an ice-skating rink and rows of quaint holiday shops. The giant Christmas tree in the center of the park glittered with multicolored lights, and the scene was straight out of a holiday postcard.

Lunch found us at a charming little café in the West Village, where I introduced the group to the best hot chocolate in the world. After taking one sip, Ari somehow convinced the shop owner to ship us a few pounds of his homemade mix.

As the sun began to set, we headed to Fifth Avenue, where the holiday window displays were out in full force. The storefronts of famous department stores had been transformed into elaborate scenes of holiday enchantment. We took our time wandering from window to window.

There was one final stop to make before dinner—the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

We stood there at the railing, Ari’s arms wrapped around me, taking in the magnificent view of the city that never slept.

“I think you’re a little bit magical, Ari Lancaster,” I whispered as we stared at the city skyline, with its sparkling lights and skyscrapers reaching for the heavens.

“Yeah, sunshine? And why’s that?”

I turned in his arms, like I had earlier, thinking that the view from this angle was much better than the one behind me.

“I didn’t think I could ever come back here…and like it.”

“Baby steps,” he murmured, staring down at me intensely with that stunning emerald green gaze of his.


“I said I would make you happy. And happiness is a process. One that I intend to succeed at Every. Fucking. Day.”

My breath hitched and wetness slid down my cheek.

“Is that alright, sweetheart?” he whispered so tenderly, my heart literally ached.

“Perfectly alright,” I answered softly.

As we gazed out over the city, I felt a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the chance at happiness it felt like Ari was giving me after a lifetime of tears, for the friends who had become my family, and for the magic of the holiday season that surrounded us.


We’d just gotten back to the hotel room after the most Christmassy day I could recall…but it wasn’t over yet.

I had a little surprise of my own planned for my girl.

‘Wait right here for a second,’ I told her with a mischievous grin before disappearing into the bathroom. I swiftly changed into a pair of red Santa bottoms I’d gotten the hotel to drum up for me, leaving my upper body gloriously shirtless to display my toned abs.

With Walker’s Santa hat perched jauntily on my head, I opened the door that led back into the bedroom, and leaned against the doorway, striking my most inviting pose.

‘Want to sit on Santa’s lap?’ I asked, my voice laced with playful suggestiveness.

Blake’s reaction was priceless. Her mouth opened and closed as if she were searching for words, her eyes dancing with a mixture of amusement and surprise. I’d caught her completely off guard…understandably. Her gaze dragged up and down my body, getting caught on my abs…exactly my intention.

‘I hear if you sit on a bearded man’s lap, you get what you want,’ I teased.

She pretended to think about it for a moment, tapping her finger on her chin. “But you don’t have a beard.”

I gasped. ‘Hmmm,’ I mused, ‘I am feeling a little bare down here.’ I motioned theatrically to my chin, feigning seriousness.

She burst into laughter, and I grinned.

I may not have been Santa Claus, but I was certainly ready to grant her wishes.

I stalked towards her, falling to my knees and abruptly cutting off her laughter. “I wonder what I could…wear instead?” I slowly pulled down her leggings and underwear. “What do you think?”

Blake was staring at me, a flush creeping up her chest. “I can think of something.”

I admired her pretty pink folds, already glistening with arousal. I’d have to watch my back—Santa obviously turned her on.

“Tell me, sunshine. Have you been a good girl this year?” I gave her one long lick that had both of us groaning.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted.

“So you’re not on the….naughty list?”

“No. Definitely not.”

“Damn,” I said, pushing away from her perfect pussy.


“Only naughty girls get tongue fucked by Santa,” I told her seriously.

She stared at me for a second. “Oh, I’ve been really naughty,” she amended desperately. “The naughtiest. I’ve been a bad, bad girl..”

I smiled up at her brightly. “Oh good. I was hoping you’d say that.”

I licked into her again, dragging my tongue from her clit…to her ass…somewhere I was desperate to fuck. “You taste even better than cookies,” I told her, my voice muffled as my tongue rimmed the opening of her core. It was getting harder to roleplay. I just wanted to fuck her.

“That’s good, Santa,” she whimpered as I speared into her.

Not sure I liked another man’s name coming from her lips…

My nose nudged her clit and I licked and sucked desperately. She needed to orgasm so I could get my dick into her sweet cunt. It was a need at this point.

“So good,” she cried as I used my fingers to fuck in and out of her so I could concentrate on her clit.

Thanks to the fact that I knew her body better than she did, I had her coming a minute later…

I jumped to my feet and held out my hand, making a big show of licking my lips so I could catch every bit of her delicious taste.

“Ready to sit on Santa’s lap?” I asked, walking backwards as I pulled her with me.

“Only if you promise me more…presents,” she said.

I grinned. “Definitely.”

A second later I was plopped down in one of the high backed chairs, tearing at my belt so I could whip out my dick.

Dammit…I should have put a bell on the tip. That would have been way more festive.

I forgot all about that when she straddled my lap. My hands automatically went to her hips, holding her against me, trying not to come just from the feel of her wet pussy against my cock.

“Santa’s going to fuck you now, sweetheart,” I growled as I lifted her up and then slammed her onto my dick.

Her head fell back, a gasp falling from her lips, and I was right there with her. Nothing felt as good as my cock buried deep inside her.

It was where I belonged.

“That’s it, baby. Let Santa fill you up.”

A half-hearted snort passed from her lips, but I wasn’t going to let her laugh at Santa.

I fisted a hand in her hair, tugging her face towards me as I claimed her lips in a hungry kiss—licking, sucking, and biting at her mouth so she definitely wasn’t laughing at “Ole Saint Nick” anymore.

Using my other hand, I lifted her as I fucked up into her, a violent, savage hunger overtaking me.

“Fuck,” I growled as her dark blue eyes held me captive, like they always did.

Blake wasn’t content to go along for the ride though…she lifted her hips on her own and started to ride me, bouncing up and down in my lap frantically.

I desperately tore at the tanktop she’d been wearing under the sweater she’d already taken off, ripping it in half so I could get to her perfect tits. I sucked the rosy peaks into my mouth, suckling and biting gently at them as she continued to fuck herself on my dick.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Sleighbells, gingerbread…why the fuck wasn’t anything helping! I was about to come and it was way too quick.

“I need you to come,” I gasped frantically, taking over and slamming her down on me. “Right the fuck now.”

“What’s wrong, Santa?” she teased, her voice thick with lust.

“Blake,” I growled. “Fucking come.”

A few more bounces on my dick and I finally felt her clenching around me. I couldn’t stop myself from following her over the edge, ecstatic pleasure rushing through me as I pumped my cum into her.

I buried my face into her neck, groaning because it felt so fucking good. Every time with her was the very best.

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” I muttered when I finally could actually speak.

There was a beat of silence, and then her body was shaking against me as she laughed.

I huffed, because the movement was too much against my sensitive dick.

“Give me a second, and Santa will show you what’s in his bag of toys,” I tossed out.

She lifted my face from her neck and stared at me, a beautiful smile on her fucking perfect face.

“Merry Christmas, Santa,” she whispered.

And fuck, I was suddenly ready to go again.


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