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A Pucking Wrong Christmas: Epilogue


A few months later…

The tension on the ice was thick as the first period ended. I stood between the pipes, taking in every detail, every sound…every movement on the ice. Adrenaline was pulsing through me. I’d stopped every puck that came my way so far, and the anticipation was building as we inched closer to securing our playoff spot.

Hopefully Lincoln was coming through for us in his game.

Not that I doubted him for a second.

That man was a god.

Ari shot me a thumbs up as he skated by and I readied myself for the next period to begin. “Good fucking job, Disney. Circle of trust behavior for sure.”

I rolled my eyes, but I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

But then, amid the cacophony of cheers and shouts from the crowd, there was a distinct, piercing voice that cut through the noise. A girl’s voice, loud and unabashed, telling me that I…sucked. It happened all the fucking time obviously…but something had me turning my head.

And there she was, standing on the other side of the glass, her eyes locked onto mine.


I felt lightheaded as I stared at her, the world rearranging around me until all I could see…all I could feel…was her.

Time seemed to stand still as I blew her a playful kiss, watching in awe as her gorgeous face screwed up in disgust, gold flicked eyes unaware that she’d just changed my fucking world.

The buzzer sounded and I reluctantly dragged my gaze away from hers and towards the action happening on the other side of the ice, a new life goal in place.

To do whatever it took to make that girl fucking mine.

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