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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 15

Ashley's pov

‘Don’t worry daddy we’ll get a ride on Ryan after school.’ I said then closed the door of the car. The window rolls down.

‘Don’t forget you’re grounded young lady, so no coming home late.’ He warns.

I rolled my eyes before adjusting my bag. ‘I know dad.’ I huffed.

Arden comes out of the car, banging the door louder than needed. ‘Such a baby.’ He mocks and sticks out his tongue when I shoot him with a glare.

Dad’s head snaps to face him and smiles. ‘Bye to you too son, don’t get into trouble.’ He teases. With a silent groan Arden nods. He hated when dad teased him in public, not that anyone was paying attention. Or were they?

‘Take care of your brother Ashley.’ He says before telling us he loves us then drives off. I stare at his disappearing car and sighed, turning around.

‘I don’t get why dad thinks I’m causing trouble, I’m totally innocent.’ He grunts winking at a very older blonde girl who was passing by. I arch a brow before walking up to the school building with him following beside me.

‘Yeah innocent alright.’ I snorted clutching the straps of the bag tighter than necessary. Somehow I felt there were too many eyes on me. It was normal for Arden but for me it was unusual.

‘What I am!’ He argues, his long legs seemed to make him walk at a much faster pace than me.

‘Considering the many phone calls mom and dad has gotten because of you and Liam’s stupid pranks aren’t exactly innocent.’ I uttered, and looked around.

There were many people huddled around on the school grounds. Some were whispering amongst themselves as they stared at me. Squirming in uneasiness I gripped the straps tighter.

‘Hey those pranks were legendary!’ Arden proclaimed before darting his eyes around. He must’ve seen the attention the students around were giving me because his brows furrowed in confusion.

He turned towards me and raised his brow in question. ‘What did you do last night?’

I’m startled with his question and turn away from him. Pushing some hair behind my ear I look forward and opened the school’s huge wooden doors.

‘ What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.’ I shrugged and continued to walk towards my locker. The bell would ring any minute now and I really didn’t want to be late for biology.

The halls are filled with hormonal teenagers as we walk pass. Some were on their own business while the majority seemed to be focused on me.

With a sudden determination to get out of their sights I walked faster to my locker. With a breath of relief I had finally reached beside it. With quick fingers I reach for the lock, turn the dial to the right numbers until it opens swiftly.

Arden is still beside me and leans on the locker beside mine. ‘You did do something to have them look at you this way Ashley. Is it something that I should be embarrassed about?’

Turning to glare at him, I started throwing in some of my books, not caring that I used unnecessary aggression.’ I didn’t do anything okay!’ I hiss.

Then suddenly the image of kissing Blake flutters in my head and I instantly feel my throat become dry. I could feel the blood move from my once flushed cheeks. It couldn’t be that could it? Weren’t everyone too drunk to remember what even happened?

Arden’s eyes narrow. ‘You did do something!’ He accuses.

‘You little slut!’ A very familiar voice whispers beside me, in a joking manner. Noticing the new presence Arden groans in displeasure before rolling his eyes. ‘And the devil is here.’ He says boredly.

‘You’re not an angel yourself Arden!’ Rosalie spat before redirecting her attention to me. I groan hitting my head on the cold locker. Later regretting it when a dull pain stays in its wake.

‘Well this conversation is boring I’m going to look for Liam.’ Arden announces before walking around us to head in the opposite direction of his class.

‘Liam’s on the field moron!’ Rosalie shouts after him and earns the middle finger from Arden. I rolled my eyes. Those two never got along even though we considered each other as cousins.

‘You know I don’t get why you and Arden argue so much, we’re cousins.’ I tell her closing the locker. I turn around and lean my back on the cool metal.

Today she had worn the school’s cheerleading outfit. Her blonde hair was curled to perfection. Mascara coated her long lashes, circling around honey colored orbs. She was beautiful and she definitely knew it.

She shrugs. ‘I guess your brother and I just don’t click. It’s a mutual hate anyway.’

She then wraps her arm around my own and starts dragging me to the way to my class. ‘Now stop trying to change the subject. Tell me, how was it?’

‘How was what?’ I asked in a cool and composed facade. She huffs. ‘How was the kiss with the hottest guy in school? Did he push his tongue-‘

‘Okay stop!’ I came to a complete halt and turned towards her. She looked ready to pop balloons and celebrate. What the hell was going on?

‘What exactly did you hear?’ I asked in a hushed whisper as my eyes darted around. I felt smaller than usual. I wasn’t invisible anymore. And I hated it.

‘Oh nothing just that you finally kissed Blake last night!’ She squeals and does a slight jump. My heart lurches in my throat and suddenly I felt visible to everyone’s accusing eyes.

‘How did you get to know about this?’ I whispered. Was this the reason for the hushed whispers earlier?

‘I heard it from one of the girls from the team, in fact the entire school is talking about it. Don’t worry I slapped one of those bitches that had something to say-‘

‘The entire school?’ I gasp cutting her off.

The bell rings and Rosalie groans in irritation. ‘I fucking hate that bell.’ She then smiles and winks. ‘Well we’ll talk later cousin and I want every single detail.’ She says and turns around to walk towards her class. She was the same age as Arden, yet she acted like I was the younger one.

I stand there looking at her retreating form disappear inside the classroom. I feel frozen in place, feeling the accusing and disgusted looks everyone sent me as they brushed past me not too gently. Everyone knew.


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