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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 22

Ashley's pov

It feels like the tables had turned, Blake was now the one avoiding me like the plague for the rest of the day. I couldn’t blame him, I had done the same thing. But it didn’t lessen on how painful it was to see him brush pass me in the hallway.

He walked with so much confidence and so much pride but didn’t once glance my way. It hurt so bad as I watched him walk away, hoping he would turn and look at me. But he never did.

It felt like we had now become strangers and I hated it. I didn’t want to lose Blake, but I didn’t know how to fix this. It was my fault that our friendship now had an invisible barrier between us, I should’ve never gone to that party.

I walked out of the school building, relieved that I’m finally going home. All the whispers and stares had taken a toll on me. They got into my head until I too began to believe those words. I was a slut.

A heavy arm slings over my shoulders. Turning my head to see who dared, I groaned seeing my brother’s smirking face smiling down at me. ‘Home time sister.’ He chuckles as he walks together with my fast pace.

‘Arden get your arm off my shoulder.’ I hissed even though I didn’t try to remove it. He laughs it off as we walked over to Ryan’s car. Not spotting Ryan anywhere close by, we waited for him beside the expensive car.

Arden moves a couple of feet away from me. I lean back on the metal of the car door, avoiding Arden’s stare. I knew he was itching to ask me what I really didn’t want to answer. But there was no going around this, I had to face this sooner or later.

I sighed crossing my arms and looked at him. ‘Go on ask away.’

I’m surprised to not see judgement in his eyes. I had been seeing this the entire day and it was honestly draining. I knew deep down that the judgement of everyone was the main reason I couldn’t seem to let go and enjoy what Blake and I shared.

He crosses his arms in a protective brother mode. Even though I was older Arden seemed to think that he was the first child. It was honestly annoying to have your little brother bossing you around like a toddler.

‘I’ve been hearing rumors circulating around the school. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on?’ He asked calmly.

I sucked in my bottom lip, my fingers pressing into the flesh of my arm. ‘What exactly did you hear?’ I asks.

He snorts.’ Well there are many but my favourite is hearing how you slept with Blake at the party last night. Oh and how Stacy broke up with Blake after catching you two in an empty room, in their words ‘fucking each other’s brains out’. He laughs at the end, clearly finding it amusing.

But it wasn’t a bit amusing for me, in fact my stomach began to cramp with unease until I felt nauseous. Arden sees my unease, the horror written on my face and lets his features soften.

‘Ashley you don’t have to answer.’ He mumbles.

Tears blurred my vision and I blinked them away, turning my head away from Arden. ‘It was a dare, he was dared to kiss me, that’s all. I swear that’s all Arden.’ I whispered.

I was such a hypocrite, a liar. That wasn’t all we had done, in fact I feared that if those girls’ words hadn’t brought me back to reality, we would’ve done so much more.

‘Your sister is a slut man!’ A boy Arden’s age laughs as he passes us with a group of his friends. They all laugh at his lame excuse of humor. His hair was the color of flaxen, eyes a bright blue color. He turns to me and winks.

‘What the fuck did you just say?’ Arden says calmly. My heart increases its pace as I saw the murder in orbs that were similar to dad’s. Arden turns around to face the boy who smirks. Clearly proud of himself as he halts and stares at me.

‘I heard you have a business going on,how much do you ask for a night? I should have a dog home that hasn’t fucked a bitch in months, you should do perfectly.’ He directed at me, his eyes flashing in mockery.

I gasped pressing my back more into the car door. Where’s Ryan? I want to go home. A small scream leaves my lips when Arden rushes to the boy, punching him squarely on the jaw. He doesn’t give him time to retaliate as he throws punch after punch at the boys face, intent on causing damage.

‘Arden please stop!’ I scream, but he doesn’t, instead his punches are now ruthless, brutal.

‘Who’s the bitch now?’ He roars in the boy’s now bloody face.A groan only leaves his burst open lip as he unsuccessfully flinches away from Arden blows.

The guy’s friends try to break the fight, but even to them Arden’s was too strong to be held down. My heart is pounding painfully, not knowing what to do.

‘Arden stop, you’ll kill him!’ I cried walking towards the fight. The boy’s eyes are half closed and I knew he was fighting to stay conscious.

I gulped reaching for the hand he intended to inflict pain but he wretches out of my grasp and continues to show no mercy. I stumble away not wanting to be the end of his rage. Fear crawls in my body suffocating me to no end.

Footsteps are rushing here and I knew a crowd was forming. I lift my head and stared at the students that were staring at the fight. I scan the crowd looking for a particular blue eyed boy who could help me in this situation.

‘Please stop them!’ I shout at the crowd. But no one seemed to want to get in between the two boys.

Arden was too strong for me to stop on my own. But I’m disappointed when I don’t spot Blake. But then the crowd parts and I hold my breath then let it go when it was Ryan who was pushing students away to get to me.

‘What the fuck is going on?’ He hisses as he spots Arden still pummeling the boy. He cringes when the sound of a broken bone makes everyone gasp. I looked at Arden horrified.

‘Please make him stop, please.’ I pleaded. He nods and rushes towards Arden and with a bit of struggle manages to get him off the unconscious boy. I gasp looking at the boy’s face that was hardly recognizable.

‘Let go of me.’ Arden growls.

‘Calm down man.’ Ryan hisses.

I strutted towards them and got in front of Arden’s face. Lifting both my hands, I place them on his cheeks. My vision is blurry from tears but I could still see the rage in his eyes. ‘Please brother, please calm down.’ I begged. His eyes soften when he sees my desperation and stops struggling in Ryan’s hold.

The sound of sirens nearing has fear swirling in my stomach. Someone must’ve called. ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here now.’ Ryan rushes.


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