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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 32

Ashley's pov

‘Fuck.’ He groans and palms me through my pajama pants. I was sure that the wetness had now soaked through my shorts. My body reacts to his heated palm pressing into me and I start to roll my hips,wanting more.

One of his fingers pushed more into me until I could feel it on my core. I gasp and grip his arm. The only thing preventing him from entering me was the material of the shorts and my panty. His eyes are dark, hungry as he eats up at the sight of me turned on by him.

‘You’re already soaked bambina.’ He grunts pressing his finger more into me. I wiggle around wanting more as I suck my bottom lip between my teeth. His eyes follow the action in undeniable hunger.

‘I want to taste you so fucking bad.’ He hisses then reaches up to take off my jacket in one go.

I’m stunned at the swift action but moan when it sends a shock through my stomach until it settles in my pussy. That was hot. I want more.

‘Blake.’ I whined. My body was hot, overheated. I needed him so bad.

He smirks. ‘You’re a needy girl aren’t you Ley?’ He chuckles. I glare at him, not caring that I was indeed acting like a needy girl.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that.’ He comes forward, his lips brushing against my ear. ‘I’ll make sure you know exactly who that sweet pussy of yours belong to.’ He groans and bites my earlobe.

My heart pounds and my pussy throbs at his words. It does belong to you Blake, always had. ‘Then what are you waiting for?’ I moan, pushing my chest forward until my breast press against his heated flesh.

His sweat seeps into my thin shirt and it felt oddly nice. Was it disgusting that I wanted it on my bare skin?

His head dips in the curve of my neck and licks. I shiver and moan as I turn my head to give him more access.

His fingers brush up and down in between my legs until he circles them on my bundle of nerves. I sucked in a sharp breath and tangle my fingers through his hair.

His teeth graze the flesh of my neck then nips. I tug his hair and earn a tormented groan from him.

I could feel him swell beneath me, more than he was already. My legs tremble slightly when his fingers push my pants and panty to the side.

I could feel the cool air against my now bare pussy and I couldn’t help but let out a moan. His fingers quickly go to work and teases the lips of my pussy slowly.

‘You’re so fucking wet for me Ley, so fucking wet and ready.’ He groans on my neck. The vibration has my pussy clenching and creating more of those flowing juices. I was soaked. ‘Blake.’ I pleaded but didn’t know what for exactly.

One of his long fingers slips in between my folds but doesn’t go all the way in. He pulls it out and circles that same finger at the entrance of my core. I push more on to him, needing more of that amazing feeling.

My body is humming with electricity. My lips part and I let out a loud moan when he pushes the finger again between my folds, this time going a little deeper.

‘Relax for me, okay baby?’ He questions. His hot breath hit my neck in a delicious way and I couldn’t help but shiver. I nodded and rock my hips slightly.

He bites the flesh of my neck then licks away the sting. His head draws back from my neck and he was now facing me.

His eyes are so dark and filled with desire.I feel in between my legs pool and it starts to tingle so fiercely that I was afraid I’d cum right there and then.

The hand he held my waist comes into my hair and tangles into the loose curls.

I moan, biting my bottom lip and it’s exactly what he wanted because in a swift move he molds our lips. I groan as his tongue slips inside my mouth only to tangle with my tongue.

The sweet taste of him distracted me until I felt a slight pain in between my thighs. It was Blake’s long finger that drove into my wet core. He groans. ‘ So fucking tight.’

I squirm on his lap feeling stretched from just his one finger. He pulls out a tad bit then pushes back in. I gasp and break from his lips.

My head fall to stare between us. My breathing sped up when his finger, slick with my juices pulls out. I stare at the long finger that was just inside of me, so wet as it glistens.

My legs tremble when he pushes it back in my core. Just his one finger was stretching me out and it felt like I was full.

It was a tad bit uncomfortable so I wiggled around to see if it would help. And it does because now all I could feel was pleasure as his finger pushes deep inside of me.

‘That’s right baby, ride my finger.’ Blake gasp out as he pumps his finger into my core.

I hadn’t even realized that I was indeed riding his finger. My moans were uncontrollable as they came one after the other as Blake pleasures me.

His eyes are directly staring into my own. I could tell he was enjoying the sight of me.

His breathing was harsh as he continues to torture my pussy. I feel my legs tremble when he suddenly curls his finger hitting a sensitive spot.

I was about to cum, I could feel it as my stomach tightens and my pussy tightens around his finger until it was almost difficult for him to pull out.

‘Fuck.’ He groans and with one final thrust of his finger I was screaming in pleasure as I rode my orgasm.

I could feel my pussy suck in his finger, not wanting to let him go as I tremble into his arms. After I was done I slumped on his chest, resting my head on his shoulder, tired and spent. He slips out his finger and fixes my clothes back into place.

I pull back and watch as he pulls the finger that was glistening with my juices into his mouth. He closes his eyes in pleasure and groans.

‘So fucking good.’ He grunts and opens his heated eyes. ‘And all fucking mine.’ He finishes. I feel myself begin to throb again.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door, startling us both. My eyes widen as I realize that I had just let Blake finger me in a crowded gym. And I loved every single second of it.


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