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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 36

Ashley's pov

I fling open the locker and a small folded white piece of paper falls down at my feet. I furrow my brows in confusion and bend down to pick it up.

I stood up to scan my eyes inside the locker, looking to see if there was another piece of paper. But there is none. Sucking in my bottom lip I unfold the paper and smile.

You look beautiful today.

This was surely Blake’s doing. My heart flutters as I remember yesterday. We were now officially a couple. What I always wanted. It still felt unreal like it was just a dream.

Though we agreed to keep it between us for a while. It was my idea, I didn’t want to be another victim of vulgar rumors. It was bad as it is already. I wanted to let things calm down before announcing it to the world that Blake was now my boyfriend.

Boyfriend. That has a nice ring to it. I place the note back in my locker and start to unpack my bag.

‘What are you smiling at bambina?’ Blake’s breath is hot against my ears as he playfully pinches the skin of my waist. I giggle moving away from his torturous fingers.

‘Just remembering how you basically whined for me to kiss you yesterday.’ I teased and turned around to face him.

The blue shirt he wore hugged his form perfectly, showing off every muscle. I wanted to run my hands down his body and feel him shudder beneath my hands.

His blue eyes are lit with mirth and longing. ‘And I want to kiss you now too.’ He smirks and lets his eyes flit down to ogle at my lips. Instantly his eyes darken and lights up a burning flame inside my body that only he could diminish.

My eyes dart around us and spot some stares from those lingering around in the halls. They were intrigued as not once did they let their eyes stray away from us. ‘Not here.’ I whispered and turned around to push back one of my books inside my bag.

I hear him let out an annoyed sigh and feel him move away from me. He leans the side of his body on the locker beside mine and folds his hand over his chest. ‘I seriously don’t think I can last that long to not kiss you.’ He grumbles unpleased. I’m about to answer him but another looming presence joins us.

‘There you guys are!’ Ryan says in exasperation and punches Blake in the gut. Blake hisses and punches him on the shoulder. I rolled my eyes, this was their routine. Stupid but it seemed to work for them.

‘Thank God y’all are talking back. I was beginning to think that we’d never go back to the way we were.’ Ryan breathed out a sigh. Blake and I sent secretive glances at eachother.

‘Yeah he finally came back to his senses and realized that he could never stay mad at me.’ I joked and closed the locker. I zipped the bag and sling the strap on my shoulder.

‘You’re right, I could never.’ A tiny smirk grows at the corner of his lips. I send him a cheeky smile before I humpth at the weight of his arm on my shoulder. He pulls me closer to his side and playfully ruffles my hair.

The inky black tresses are now directly covering my face. I blow them away and look up to glare at a smirking Blake. ‘Don’t worry you look sexy with ruffled hair.’ He teases and leans down a bit. ‘Like you just got banged, hard.’ His tone is now husky and has a shiver of pleasure running down my spine.

‘Yep things are definitely back to normal. The sexual tension is unbearable.’ Ryan groans and starts walking towards his next class. ‘I’ll see you guys at lunch!’ He yells over his shoulder as his footsteps have now turned into a jog.

‘Shit sorry.’ He apologizes as he knocks into a dark haired girl. She tumbles down on the tiled floor and gets up quickly. Her face aflame with embarrassment as she turns to see Ryan’s disappearing form.

‘Asshole.’ She grumbles lowly but I heard her and couldn’t help but giggle. She didn’t look familiar. She was pretty, with dark hair that reached below her breast and very light brown eyes. She brushes her palm over her clothes as if it were dirty and literally storms away.

‘Who’s she?’ I ask Blake as she storms pass us. She looked enraged and as I got a better look at her, she was definitely mixed with Asian.

Blake shrugged. ‘Don’t know, she’s probably new.’

If Blake wasn’t familiar with her then she definitely was. ‘Ryan’s definitely not on her friendly list.’ I laughed as we strutted towards our class with Blake’s arms still around my shoulders.

A blonde haired girl rounds the corner and my heart drops. It was Stacy. Her blue eyes lift from the floor and widens when she sees Blake and I. Anger written on her features as she glares at the arm Blake had wrapped around me.

Feeling uncomfortable I moved away from Blake letting his arm drop from my shoulders. I could feel his confusion but don’t turn to face him. It was normal to see Blake this close to me, even when we were just friends.

But I don’t think Stacy enjoyed that. Yes she was a total bitch who needed to get the stick out of her ass. But she still was a girl who’s in love with a guy that’s in love with his bestfriend. Me. So I knew it hurt her to see Blake and I this close.

‘What’s wrong?’ Blake questions beside me, his hands in the front pocket of his jeans. It’s like he was unsure if to even hold me like he usually did.

I sighed.’Stacy’s watching.’ I mumble lowly as to not let her hear. We were almost near her. ‘Oh, I didn’t see her.’ He mumble in realization. Had he really not seen her?

I kept my head down as we pass her. ‘Blake.’ She calls out softly, longing in her voice. But he doesn’t answer and as we round the corner away from everyone he stops me. Pulling me into the janitor’s closet, he doesn’t waste time and hoist me up.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, my bag falling down on the mops and brooms. I thread my fingers through his hair as he brings his lips to mold with mine. Both of us let out a sigh of content at finally being able to kiss.

He pushes me on the wall and presses his body on my own. I could feel him swell as he pressed it closer to my core. I moan and nibble his lower lip until I could taste a bit of the coppery tang of blood. He grunts and kisses me harder whilst squeezing my ass until I felt the sting of it.

Pulling away he rests his forehead on mine and pecks my nose. ‘I’ve been dying to do that.’ He breathes out. I nodded agreeing with him that I too was desperate to feel and kiss him. The bell rings signaling the start of class. He sighs and places me down gently.

‘Guess we’ll have to continue this later.’ He smirks and picks up my bag. Handing it to me he kisses me one last time before leaving. I wait for at least two minutes before coming out as well. I’m surprised to see the new lunch lady standing there.

She smiles. ‘Don’t mind me darling, just need one of those mops.’ She points at one of the fallen mops that Blake and I had somehow knocked over.

I smile awkwardly and got out of her way. ‘Have a nice day.’ I rushed out as I speed walk through the now empty hallway.


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