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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 39

Ashley's pov

‘Turn to page 52-‘ The teacher’s voice is drowned out as I worry about Arden.

Was he okay? Did they call mom and dad? Questions upon questions keep floating in my mind making me all the more anxious.

‘Hey you okay?’ Blake’s hot breath hits the side of my neck bringing me out of my thoughts. The double school desk and chair made it possible to be this close to him.

So close that I could feel the heat radiating off of him. It made me want to snuggle closer to him.We were seated at the far back away from prying eyes. No one paid attention to us since they were busy reading whatever Miss Livia requested.

‘I’m just worried about Arden.’ I mumble turning to face him. Our lips are so close that if I move a bit we’d basically be kissing. It’s tempting but surely not appropriate or a good idea since we were currently in class.

His blue eyes flicker down to my parted lips. I was sure he was thinking the same thing. ‘Stop worrying before you get wrinkles on that beautiful face of yours. ‘ He smiles and rubs his thumb over the skin of my forehead. ‘Besides, Arden can handle himself pretty well.’

I smile and nodded. He was right, Arden can handle himself, always have. Hopefully his punishment would not be extreme. Because surely he’d not get off the hook when he goes home.

‘Miss Grey and Mr Reed, do y’all have anything to add to the class?’ Miss Livia asks loud enough to gain everyone’s attention. Blake and I pull away completely. It’s so hard to keep this relationship a secret.

Many eyes were on us, some looked confused whilst others looked jealous. I shake my head. ‘No miss.’ I answered her pending question. Her lips thin into a frown as she glares at the two of us.

‘Then do what I requested and stop talking!’ She hissed.

I nodded feeling heat crawl up my neck and settle on my cheeks. Flaming red from embarrassment.

‘And for the love of God, the rest of you mind y’all business and get to work!’ She roars and goes back to grading papers on the mahogany desk before her. Everyone did just that.

‘What page did she mention again?’ I asked sheepishly.

Blake chuckles lowly as to not gain Miss Livia’s attention. ‘Page 52. We’re supposed to read the entire page and answer the questions.’

I nodded, opened the book and flipped through the pages until I reached page 52. I had just finished reading the first paragraph when a warm big hand settles down firmly on my upper thigh. Really close to my private regions.

Electricity is humming through my body in shock waves as his thumb rubs innocent circles on the soft skin of my thigh. The dress I wore makes it really easy for him to do whatever he pleased.

Alarm is ringing in my head as he slowly trails his fingers up until they disappear under the opening of my dress. I sucked in a sharp breath and squeezed my legs together. A futile way to stop him from doing what he planned.

I looked up and turn to face him. He has a mischievous crooked grin etched on his face. A pencil between his teeth as he pretends to be focus on the book before him.

‘Blake!’ I hissed quietly. I really didn’t want anyone to know what was happening right now.

I quickly snap eyes towards Miss Livia and heaved a sigh of relief to find her too focused on the task of grading the papers to notice what was going on in her class. Blake’s head turns to face me and he sends me a naughty wink.

I suck in my bottom lip to stifle the moan that nearly passes through my lips when his fingers finally touch my sensitive bud.

I find myself opening my legs, submitting to whatever he wanted to do to me. I couldn’t help it, he made me weak.

He sucks in a sharp breath when he touches my wetness through the thin material of my panties. I was already so wet for him and I knew it shocked him. Hell it shocked me too. His breathing quickened as his fingers added more pressure.

I look around us, thanking the heavens that everyone was too engrossed at their task to care about us right now. His fingers tease my slit through my panties before slipping into the material to touch my bare pussy.

I’m left gasping for air as my heart pace increases. I clench the end of the desk tightly as he starts rubbing his finger on my clit. I’m soaking his fingers with my juices and he loves it by the way he clenches his jaw.

I’m biting my lip so roughly that I’m drawing blood but I do not care. I wanted to feel him. He starts rubbing my clit furiously before plunging a finger into my tight opening before I could even blink.

I flinch away, not expecting the swift move but relax when I get used to the large digit inside of me. He’s now staring at me in desire as he licks his bottom lip. I’m shaking as he finger fucks me in class and all I could do was bite my lip to stifle the moans of pleasure.

My hips roll as I ride his hand, wanting more. He curls his finger inside me and it’s enough to throw me over the edge. I slump on the desk and bite the skin of my forearm to stop the scream of pleasure.

I squeezed my thighs shut as my pussy clamped on his finger, milking him.

He groans lowly in hunger. I’m panting as I lift myself off the desk and unclench my legs to let him pull his finger out. I stare at him wide eyed when he pulls it to his mouth and starts to suck my juices off his fingers.

‘Always taste so fucking good.’ He whispers lowly and winks before going back to reading the book like he hadn’t just made me orgasm.

I’m left breathing harsh as I tried to understand what I had just done, what we had just done. I just let Blake finger me in class.


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