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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 42

Ashley's pov

Even though dad agreed to let me train for boxing he’d also let me know that I wouldn’t start right away. I was bummed that I wouldn’t see Blake today but hopefully dad would let me tomorrow.

After letting Blake know that my dad agreed to let me train with him I’d gone to do my homework. An entire stack of it. By the time I was done, I was so exhausted that my eyelids felt like they were weighted down by anvils.

Mom had brought dinner for me in my room and seemed to be less stressed. I knew she was embarrassed about breaking down in front of me earlier, I could tell by her leaving as soon as she set the plate down on the small table I do my homework on.

I ate dinner like a slug and when I finally succumbed to exhaustion I woke up to another day. I could feel the ache in my body as I stretched.

The house was quiet and tense as we had breakfast this morning. The tension was so thick you’d be unable to cut through it using a knife.

While I entered dad’s car, you could sense someone’s presence was missing, Arden. I looked out the window as we drove pass houses and kids who were playing in the streets instead of going to school. I sighed and wished I was this young again.

The car ride was silent, neither I nor dad tried to start up a conversation. I could feel his nervousness and I knew he was in no mood to converse. So I let him be knowing that whatever I would say wouldn’t ease his mind.

When the car came to a stop, I could feel the tension grow thicker by the second. Dad was worried. I would be too if I was going to try and persuade a principal about letting my son come back to school.

‘Dad you got this.’ I promise as I place the bag straps over my shoulder. This was the first word I said to him for today.

He nods and sends me a forced smile. ‘Yeah, I better go and speak to him now.’ He sighs and open the door of the car.

I sucked in my bottom lip between my teeth and got out aswell.

My converse hit the pavement as both dad and I strut towards the school.

‘I’ll see you home.’ He says when he has to leave me to head to the principal’s office.

The hallway wasn’t packed with students, there were only a few. It was early after all and I doubted that even Blake was here as yet. As for Ryan he’d be late as usual.

The rest of the day went by like a blur. Ryan had missed an unplanned english test since he’d come right after class was done.

Blake on the other hand became more touchy with me throughout the day, though I loved it, it was becoming difficult to keep our relationship a secret.

We wanted to always be near eachother more than how we used to and that was saying something.


The energy had suddenly shifted in the house from earlier. I could feel the tension had lifted as I shut the door softly behind me.

Mom’s cherry voice is chirping from the kitchen area along with dad and Arden’s. It made a tiny smile grow on my face as I headed that area.

I was surprised to see my family eating pizza as they sat around the counter. The scent is pleasant and it makes my mouth water.

They looked happy, a very drastic change from yesterday and earlier. Something good must’ve happened.

They finally notice my presence and they call me over.

‘What’s the special occasion?’ I joked as I threw my bag on the floor without a care in the world. I reach for a slice of pizza and start to gobble it down.

Dad is the one to answer.

‘Principal William has agreed to give Arden another chance.Though he’ll be suspended for another week until he can go back to school.’ He smiles happily. He still wore his suit which made me believe that he just came back from work.

A huge grin splits on my face at hearing the news. It was indeed good news, in fact it was great. I ruffled Arden’s hair playfully since he was beside me. He groans and pushes me away.

‘I knew you could do it dad!’ I praised and reached over for a high five. I readjust my glasses afterwards. Dad bought a new one for me yesterday and had given it to me earlier.

Somehow he had forgotten to give it to me right away. I understood, he was busy attending Arden’s problems.

‘So since everyone’s in a very cheerful mood today. Can I now have permission to train today?’ I asked him hopefully.

Blake was probably at the gym by now and I was eager to learn. Or maybe I was just eager to be in his presence again.

Mom’s brows raised in confusion.’Train? For what baby?’

I smile shyly. ‘Boxing.’

Arden spits out the pizza on the counter and starts choking. Dad comes over and starts slapping his back. When he recovers he turns to me.

‘Like boxing stuff to ship right?’ He asked.

‘No like fighting. Blake’s going to teach me.’ I say cautiously as I looked over at mom to see her face had turned a shade lighter. She looked ready to vomit.

‘Are you alright baby?’ Dad asked as he came over to her. She shakes her head no.

‘Are you out of your mind Ashley? I won’t allow you to mess up your beautiful face. I spent hours pushing you out and you came out perfect. Over my dead body you’ll ruin your face.’ She hisses.

My heart drops. ‘But dad already agreed to let me go and I won’t ruin my face mom. It’s just basic stuff he’ll teach me, I already promise dad that I wouldn’t do anything extreme.’

Mom glares has suddenly shifted to dad. I could see him visibly gulp. ‘You agreed to let her put her body in danger without telling me!’ She hissed at him.

Both Arden and I wince at her volume. Dad looked ready to crawl into a hole. ‘I’m sorry baby it must’ve slipped my mind, you know I was busy doing other stuff.’ The secretive look he sent her way let me know exactly what he meant. I cringe inwardly.

‘Asher you agreed to something like that without consulting me first. I feel like the odd one out.’ She says hurt.

Dad sees this and pulls her into his arms, kissing the top of her head.

‘I’m so sorry baby, it won’t happen again. Besides, I trust Blake to keep her safe from any danger. I don’t think their training would be extreme.’ He tries to ease her thoughts.

‘Yeah mom, it’ll be like exercising. I promise it will not harm any part of my body.’ I promise.

‘I say let her go, she does look like she needs exercising. I mean look at her.’ Arden jokes and points at my tummy. I turn to glare at him.

Mom sighs and moves away from Dad’s embrace. ‘Fine.’ She agrees. ‘But on one condition.’

I chewed my lip as I waited for her to continue. ‘Make Blake wrap it up before tapping it.’

Now it’s my turn to start choking on my own spit. Dad looks mad at mom’s words. ‘Blake will not be touching Ashley until they’re married!’

Oh god please kill me now.


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