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Bestfriends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste: Book 1: Chapter 7

Ashley's pov

It felt like an eternity. Just being in this position and staring into his alluring eyes. His gaze flickered down to my lips, his own parting slightly.

I puffed out some air. ‘I think I’m able to stand now Blake.’ I joked and forcefully let out a laugh. It comes out strained and awkward.

His blue eyes widen slightly, as if just realizing he was still holding me. Within a second I was standing on the ground, brushing my palms over my skirt awkwardly.

I looked at Blake catching him already staring at me. He reaches over and twirls some curly strands of my hair, tugging it playfully. ‘I love your hair.’ He compliments. I had left it down and slightly curled it. He smirks when his eyes drop down to stare at my leggings.

‘You look sexy.’ His tone had taken on a husky one, one that has my heart pounding in my chest, it’s rhythm uncontrollable. His eyes travel back up my body slowly, the intensity leaving a tingling sensation in my lower regions.

His blue eyes glaze over as they fall into my own. ‘Though I would’ve preferred if you didn’t wear the leggings.’ He grunt biting his lower lip.

My breathing accelerated, coming in short puffs. I should be used to Blake’s constant playful flirting but I wasn’t.I wished he meant it.If only you knew what your flirting did to me.

‘Are you guys going to stand here all night and gaze into each other’s eyes?’ Arden question. Hearing his voice felt like an instant switch and I immediately felt my face heat up with a blush.

Blake backed away a little, scratching the nape of his neck.’Well we should get going, I’m sure Ryan is waiting for us.’

I nodded and we began to walk over to Ryan’s car. It felt awkward but that was just probably me. When we were both inside the car, it honestly felt tense. I stare out and noticed Arden already had closed his window and put down his curtains.

‘I have to pick up Stacy on the way.’ He voices and starts the car.

I stiffen and turn to him. ‘Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? I would’ve sat in the back.’

He removes his eyes off the road for a second to stare at me. ‘Stacy wouldn’t mind sitting in the back Ley.’

I don’t answer him, instead I opt for silence. Stacy was his girlfriend but I knew her. I knew the cruel, vindictive girl that lays under all those heavy pounds of makeup. It wouldn’t take a genius to know that she’ll be furious when she sees me in the front with Blake.

The minutes tick by and the car comes to a complete stop. I look at the two story house. It was huge. A few seconds later the door opens and a tall blonde walks out. Her long legs are on display as she walks with those high stilettos heels of hers.

Her red shiny dress barely left anything to the imagination as it stopped just below her bum.I tear my eyes away and wring my hands together. She looks perfect while I look like something out of the gutter. It’s no wonder Blake only sees her.

My thoughts are depressing but I couldn’t stop. I jolt when she knocks on the window. I hold my breath and turn to face a seething Stacy. She definitely isn’t pleased. Her eyes have turned to steel, red tinted lips curling into a snarl.

She gestures for me to roll down my window and I do just that. Cringing when her angry eyes land on Blake then flicker back to me. ‘Move.’ She says calmly.

I nodded and reach for the handle but a hand on my thigh stops me. I stilled, the contact of his palm leaves a tingling feeling where it rest. ‘Stay.’

Stacy’s eyes blared with fury when her eyes zoned in on Blake’s hand on my thigh. He notices her line of vision but doesn’t retract his hand. He looks at her and nods to the back. ‘Stacy go sit in the back.’

I squirmed when her heated eyes fall back to me. I suddenly had the urge to just call it quits and go back home. ‘I’m sitting in front Blake.’ She hisses. ‘Get out Ashley.’ She snaps. My hand reach back over to the handle but a firm squeeze from Blake has me drawing back.

‘Stop acting like a spoilt brat Stacy, just get in the back.’ Blake groaned.

Her eyes narrow. ‘I’m acting like a spoilt brat?’ She asked in disbelief. After a few minutes of them glaring at each other she finally sighs in defeat. ‘Fine.’ She spits then walks to the back and enters, banging the door shut.

What’s wrong with Blake? The question floats through my mind as I turn to face him. He only smiles, not revealing exactly what’s on his mind. Was Blake always this hard to read?

He retracts his hand away from my thigh. I hated to admit it but even with these layers of clothes I had on, I suddenly felt cold.


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