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Blindfolded and Spread-eagled: Story

I have passed Level One of my Initiation into Phi Kappa Omega. Now Level Two fills me with dread. What cruel shocks does the blond Adonis Max Devlin have for me? What torture do my poor throbbing clit, moist pussy lips and bruised, chafed nipples have to further endure?

“Let’s go for a ride,” Max Devlin says.

We’re in his quarters at campus. I’m dressed in a shocking red spandex skirt and a pink boob tube that is so tight that my rather large nipples are outlined clearly against the thin fabric. My thick mahogany hair falls to my shoulders. My panties have long been discarded. The skirt is ultra-short, so short that if I bend over, my full, lush buttocks and the undersides of my quivering pink labia can be seen.

To demonstrate this, Devlin makes me bend over so that I’m almost folded double. I do so, my heart pounding against my ribcage. My breasts strain against the boob tube, and I’m aware of how exposed my cleavage is, and how my red areolas can be almost discerned through the semi-transparent material.

He observes me like this for a minute, squeezing large handfuls of my buttock flesh in his rough, callused palms. His large fingers jab and prize the closed petals of my pussy lips apart and slide into my vaginal orifice.

I gasp.

His fingers explore my sticky walls – probing, stroking, massaging.

“Still tight,” he says in satisfaction as he withdraws them. He gives my asshole rim a pinch. “Now get on that chair and spread your legs.”

I straighten myself hastily. I look to where he indicates – a deep leather armchair with high armrests. I’m wearing my two-inch pink heels and I trot to the chair, lower my buttocks onto its plush brown exterior, and sit. I hike my legs up and spread them wide apart. Naturally, my skirt rides up. I hook both my legs around each armrest so that my pussy and anus are very, very exposed to the casual viewer.

The way Devlin likes it.

I can’t help gazing at Devlin even as he inspects my achingly naked groin. He’s wearing a tight white wife-beater and even tighter jeans. His blond hair is short and his features are carved like a Greek god’s profile – an image on an ancient coin. His swimmer’s torso tapers to a delectable ‘V’ at his waist. The muscles on his well-exerted arms bulge.

I’m leaking again, and he must surely see that. A flush spreads across my cheeks. Down there, my vulva trickles a continuous stream of warm white liquid. The area between my vaginal hole and anus is one wet, sopping mess.

He strokes his chin. “It needs a certain . . . embellishment.”

My heart leaps. What does he mean – embellishment?

Devlin strides to a chest-of-drawers. He withdraws something from the top drawer and cups it in his palm so that I can’t see it. He turns back and walks to me.

“Don’t move,” he says, kneeling in front of my splayed legs.

I’m aware that my flowing pussy is now staining the polished leather of the seat. I wonder if Devlin will make me lick up the mess later.

I dig my fingers and thumbs into the armrests as Devlin seizes the tiny nub of my wet clit. He clamps it with a small device that looks part hairpin and part tweezers. A sudden pressure immediately enfolds my sensitive clit, with the Y-part of the loop gripping the top of my nub firmly. Trailing from the ends of the clit clamp are two short strands of tiny pearl-colored beads.

A wave of electric sensation swarms from my imprisoned clit to the rest of my pussy. Tears spring to my eyes. The flow from my vagina is becoming a deluge.

Devlin’s hot eyes rake my face and my moist, parted lips. He pinches my right pussy lip and stands up.

“Come on,” he says, “we have someplace to go.”

With the new tugging sensations assaulting my pounding clit, I force myself to lower my legs from the armrests and get up. I smooth my skirt down to conceal my pussy and ass. Devlin is already opening the front door and I hurry after him in my heels, the tiny beads going clackety-clack uncomfortably beneath my skirt. It’s difficult to walk with a clit clamp.

Outside, students passing by on the college grounds stare at us. The boys in particular never take their eyes off my heaving breasts, with their hard nipples almost popping out of the thin fabric.

Devlin leads me to a parked motorcycle. With one sweep of his long muscled leg, he strides it gracefully.

“Get on.”

My skirt is so tight that I don’t know how to get on without hiking the material up. Devlin grins as he watches my helpless attempts to stride the bike while keeping the hem of my skirt desperately pressed down.

“It’s not meant to be kept down,” he says. “Now put your arms around me and grind your body to my back, very close.”

I do as he bids, aware that my skirt has ridden up again and is exposing the bottom moons of my buttocks to the world. To straddle the bike seat and press myself as close to Devlin as possible, I have to open my legs wide. My skirt is raised around my hips. My wet pussy is mashed against Devlin’s covered buttocks. The rough cloth of his denims chafes my already sore clit, squeezed by the merciless clamp. My firm breasts squish against Devlin’s muscled back in its sexy wife-beater.

He grins as he starts up the bike.

“Nice. Very nice,” he says.

We roar out of the campus grounds, people staring at the sight my half-bare buttocks which are raised delectably on the large seat of the motorbike.

We trundle down the freeway. Each bump on the road causes my ass to jump off and land smack on the hard seat again. As Devlin weaves deftly through traffic, each turn causes my poor clit to grate against the rough skin of his jeans, triggering further spasms that spread across my belly and thighs. The black leather of his bike seat is already smeared with my embarrassing juices.

Finally, we arrive at a rundown strip mall. Devlin stops outside a shady-looking Mexican canteena with boarded-up windows and a door almost hanging off its hinges. Low Mexican music streams out from inside the canteena.

“Get off,” Devlin instructs me.

I raise my skirt to vault my leg over the bike seat. The area is deserted, but some of the windows on the other stores are shaded and I’m not sure if anyone is peering at me from behind the curtains.

I follow Devlin into the canteena, feeling self-conscious.

Inside, the lights are turned down way low, and my eyes have to adjust to the sudden dimness. A bartender wipes empty beer mugs at a long bar where several men are hulked. A TV is turned to some cable channel where a stripper is sliding down a pole. Dark wooden booths are lined against the walls while in the middle, tables hosting dirty plates and glasses are left untended. Very few patrons sit at the tables. None of them are women.

The men look up as we enter. I’m aware of how I must look – a silhouette against the open doorway, my breasts thrust out like pistons.

“Come.” Devlin has his hand on my right buttock. He has claimed me right in front of all these men and the mustachioed bartender, who briefly pauses in his cleaning to look up.

Devlin leads me to the back of the canteena, where a dark booth with mahogany paneling hides a table for six. Two long and spacious seating berths meant for three people each line a table laden with empty beer mugs – foam still frothing the sides of the glass – and crushed cigarette butts in an overflowing ashtray.

The booth is filled with three college-age youths – smoking and languorously leaning back against the tattered red seats. They look up as we arrive.

“Devlin.” One of them grins. He’s a dark-eyed, dark-haired man with a slight goatee on his strong chin. I find myself wondering what that goatee would feel like rubbed against my throbbing clit. He’s also dressed in a white wife-beater and he sports a tattoo of a naked woman on his right bicep.

“Good to see you, my man.” Another youth stands up and claps Devlin’s outstretched palm heartily. He’s a Latino with bronzed skin and almond-shaped eyes. He is stockier and shorter than the long-limbed Devlin, but his arm muscles are bigger and more pronounced. He looks like a commando.

The third man nods and blows smoke rings into the direction of the single lamp hanging above the table. He’s a big, black, hulking brute. I tremble to think about what the size of his cock must be.

“Who do we have here?” the black youth growls softly.

All three roam their eyes over my protuberant nipples and the lines of my tight skirt.

“A freshman in need of initiation.” Devlin grins, squeezing my right buttock underneath the slithery material of my skirt. “Her name is Gina but I prefer to call her Gia. Gia, meet Thomas . . . ”

The goateed man nods, smiling lasciviously.

“ . . . Santos . . . and Grady.”

Thomas scoots into the far end of his berth while Santos and Grady continue to lounge on the other side, grinning.

“Surely you don’t need an invitation.” Thomas pats the empty seat beside him.

Devlin motions at me to sit. My pulse hammers my throat as I slide my buttocks across the hard seat. Devlin gets in after me. I’m hemmed in by Thomas on my right and Devlin on the other. The beads of my clit clamp clicks softly like miniature castanets.

“That’s not how you sit, freshman.” Devlin’s voice is suddenly hard.

He makes me raise my buttocks. Then he lifts the back of my skirt and makes me sit down again. This time, my entire ass and pussy are in contact with the torn and dirty seat. A particularly sharp edge of a peeling hole, sprouting old and yellowed foam, digs into the skin of my anus.

“Open your legs,” Devlin commands.

I hasten to obey. The grins on the faces of the youths spread wider. Thomas grabs my right thigh as it brushes against him.

“Put it right here, baby,” he whispers. He vaults my right leg across his lap so that it is hooked around his left knee. His hand rests on the soft underside of my right thigh.

“So smooth,” he murmurs, stroking my silky, milk-white skin, “so virginal.”

A shudder ripples through me.

Devlin repeats this with my left leg, so that I’m spread-eagled in the middle between them. The berth is placed a fair distance from the table, so that whatever wares I’m displaying can be clearly seen by Santos and Grady from across. The overhead lamp is yellow and stark. The light throws my mount into stark relief. My pussy – soaking in its own juices – is once again exposed . . . to three strangers this time, not just Devlin.

My clit pulses within its pincer-like confines. I feel so vulnerable.

I sit like this as they stare at me, light up more cigarettes, laugh and make small talk. In the booth beside ours, male Mexican voices laugh raucously. Anytime, I expect someone to peek around the peeling wooden board that separates us and catch the sight of my groin in all its naked glory.

I hear footsteps approaching. I whimper and writhe, but Devlin runs his finger down my clit.

“Ssssh,” he says, “you’ll be all right.”

Thomas tightens his grip around my thigh, just in case I’m in a mind to close it.

A young Mexican waiter appears, sees in my embarrassingly splayed state, and starts.

“Excuse me, senor,” he begins, but Devlin waves him closer.

“It’s OK. Approach us.”

The waiter is nervous, tentative, but he sidles to the edge of the table anyway. Devlin makes no move to cover me as he orders another round of beers. The waiter stares at my gaping pussy as he listens, gulps and takes a long lingering look at my clit clamp before he scoots.

I’m flushed a deep red from shame.

Thomas begins to rub my clit and pussy lips with two nicotine-stained fingers.

“Hey,” he says, “nice beads.”

He plays with them, teasingly tugging at them and clacking them together. Each time he tugs, my clit sends paroxysms of new sensations up my belly.

Santos leans across the table and pinches my right nipple through my boob tube. He pulls down the material to reveal my large pink areola.

“Hey, she’s got a huge one.”

“Yeah,” Devlin drawls, tugging down my tube on the other side to reveal my whole left breast. He begins to play with the nipple, twisting it painfully, squeezing it.

Grady makes no move to touch me. He merely tips his head back and regards me out of his burning coal eyes.

Thomas inserts two fingers into my vulva. I’m already very wet, so they slide right in. The waiter comes back with a tray and almost trips over his own feet. I eye him, my lips parted in a dazed “help me” kind of way. The waiter partially recovers and lays the frothing beer mugs on the table. His eyes never leave Thomas’s fingers in my vaginal hole for a second.

“What are you looking at, boy?” Devlin says dangerously.

The waiter stumbles, ashen-faced, and runs off with the empty tray.

Grinning, Thomas retracts his fingers, slicked by my fluids, and dips them into my puckering asshole instead. I gasp as they slide in easily.

“She’s real tight,” Thomas remarks.

“What did I tell ya?” Devlin says.

Santos leans back and takes a long, deep puff of his cigarette. He blows smoke into my direction. Then he passes Thomas the cigarette.

“Have one on me.”

With his left hand’s fingers still exploring my tight asshole walls, Thomas takes the burning cigarette from Santos’s fingers with his right hand. I’m suddenly engulfed by a deep, sharp terror.

“Please,” I whisper to Devlin, “please don’t let them hurt me.”

Devlin moves to caress my pussy lips. He peels them from my clamped clit and massages their innermost grooves. Shudders of pleasure spill through me even as Thomas curls his hard-knuckled fingers inside my rectum.

“Don’t worry, Gina Wesley,” he murmurs in my ear. I’m shocked he has called me by my real name. “Just do everything they tell you to do and I won’t let them hurt you . . . terribly.”

“Now scoot your butt a little further down and spread your legs wider,” Thomas says to me. He withdraws his fingers from my now slick asshole.

I struggle to comply. The blood is rushing in my ears. I spread my thighs further apart so that my legs are almost at a hundred-and-eighty degree angle from each other. Devlin pulls my left pussy lip roughly towards him, while Thomas seizes the right. My pussy lips are stretched far apart, as wide as my legs, as Santos gets to his feet to take a better look. My poor clit is stripped from its fleshy cocoon – bared to the elements. My vaginal hole gapes like a deep shadowy mouth.

I gasp as Thomas inserts the non-smoking end of the cigarette into my vagina. Tears of gratitude sting my eyes. I’m so glad he hasn’t burned me that I don’t even mind when Devlin squeezes my left breast roughly so that my nipple flares into an angry red. Thomas slides the cigarette in further.

“Now smoke it with your tight cunt,” he says in my ear.

I’m bewildered.

“Suck at it with your cunt muscles, then let go,” Thomas instructs. “Then suck at it again. You can do it. You’re tight enough.”

With their rough fingers still holding my tender pussy lips wide apart, I comply. Across the table, Santos is rubbing his bulging crotch as I contract all my pelvic muscles. The end of the smoking cigarette lights up in red embers. As I release, the redness diminishes and a trail of smoke curls upward.

Santos chortles gleefully.

“Do it again,” Thomas commands. “And again.”

I repeat this many times until blackness descends over my eyes and a long stick of ash clings to the stick of the cigarette. The ash falls onto the seat, already damp from my pussy juices. Santos has unzipped his fly. His long, hard cock, lined with purple veins, whips out. Breathing heavily, he pumps his shaft with his right hand.

“Devlin,” Grady drawls, seemingly unperturbed, “I think it’s time to get us a room.”




The canteena has a room at the back. It’s every bit as dingy as the restaurant itself. A large bed with suspicious dark stains occupies one wall. There are two large armchairs against another wall, and a low table between them. The window is boarded up.

“We’re going to play a game, Gia,” Devlin says as he removes my boob tube.

Around me, the men are beginning to casually undress, casting off T-shirts and wife-beaters and unbuttoning jeans. None of them are wearing underwear.

Devlin unzips the side of my skirt and lets it fall to my ankles. I stare at the cocks one by one as they are revealed. All the men have muscular bodies. Santos is built like a Roman gladiator with his compact muscles and toned butt. Thomas is lithe and sinewy. He has another tattoo on his belly – that of a green Chinese dragon.

Grady is six foot five and pure black muscle – he looks like he can rip the necks off bulls. I cringe as I stare at Grady’s cock. It’s easily the largest cock I have ever seen – all twelve mocha-colored inches of it. His balls are like balloons dangling from his groin.

All the cocks are standing at attention, so painfully erect that their shafts are almost stroking the men’s bellies. Inwardly, I shrivel at the thought of them pounding into me.

“What game?” I ask fearfully.

“In this game, we’re going to blindfold you.” Devlin pulls the clamp off my pulsing clit. The sudden freedom is intense. My poor liberated and throbbing flesh expands.

I breathe in sharply.

“See these cocks?” He grabs the back of my head and forces me to stare at the penises. Santos already has his thick shaft in his hand. Thomas is grinning as he strokes his own balls. “You’re going to take them in whatever hole they want to fuck you, and you’re gonna guess whose cock it is.”

Chuckles and guffaws all round. They’ve obviously played this game before.

My tongue dries. “What if I guess wrong?”

“Then we’ll have to punish you. You’ll have three tries to get one right, or you’re out of the initiation.”

Alarm shoots through me.

Thrown out of the initiation. All my dreams to get into Phi Kappa Omega . . . shattered.

Devlin forces me to my knees. The men crowd closer, blocking out the ceiling light. They are so close than I can scarcely breathe, and if I reach out with my hand, I can grasp their cocks. I’m completely naked but for my pink strappy heels.

“Take a good long look.”

Panic seizes me, blurring my vision. The cocks seem to pulse, bulging purple veins running on the tops of their shafts. They are blending into one another.

Devlin slips a black blindfold around my eyes before I can cry “Wait!” and the world suddenly vanishes.

I can see nothing but deep blackness. Around me, I can hear the heavy breathing of the men. Devlin is stroking my hair, my neck, and my tits.

“Now for your first cock,” he murmurs wetly in my ear. “It wants to be in your mouth.”

A sudden warm presence fills the space in front of me. I smell the bitter almond tang of pre-cum. The head of a large throbbing cock presses against my lips and parts them forcefully. I take the cock into my mouth, running my tongue over the shaft. He’s not as huge as Devlin. My tongue slips into the salty aperture of the head, and the cock squirms in my mouth. Large hands grab the sides of my head.

“Suck it harder,” Devlin says behind me.

I suck it, increasing the pressure on the head and shaft with my cheek muscles. The cock begins to slide in and out of my mouth, its tip pressing against the back of my throat. Thanks to Devlin’s previous ministrations, I no longer gag easily. The cock increases its rhythm, fucking my mouth with increasing urgency. My teeth graze its flesh. Hands claw at my hair. I can feel Devlin behind me, his hands squeezing both my nipples and his own cock pressing against the back of my neck.

A gasp sounds above me. I don’t recognize it.

The cock continues to pound the back of my throat, its tip slipping in deeper and deeper each time. This goes on for minutes. I no longer have the strength to suck at it. I pray the petite confines of my mouth are good enough to give it friction. The breathing before me becomes more labored and intense, until finally, a loud gasp – and a spurt of fluid ejaculates into the back of my throat.

I hold the cock in my mouth, drinking in its juices, draining it until it leaks no more. My mouth is swimming with the acrid taste of cum.

Devlin is stroking my hair, saying “Good girl, now guess whose cock that is.”

Blinded to the world, I lick the insides of my mouth nervously. Not Grady. He would be too huge. I have a fifty-fifty chance of getting it wrong.

“Santos,” I say before I can stop myself.

Devlin pulls the blindfold from my eyes. A grinning Thomas stands before me, his pubic hair damp and his cock now limp and slick from my saliva.

“You’re a nice bitch,” he says. “Your whore mouth sucks well. Now show me what you’ve got in it.”

He makes me open my mouth wide so that he can see his thick sperm on my tongue.

Santos and Grady are sprawled on two armchairs, their legs flung wide open and their hard cocks in their hands. A sinking feeling descends in the pit of my stomach.

Devlin tweaks my nipples painfully. “Now for her punishment. What do you want to do to her, Thomas?”

Thomas leers at me. “Blindfold her again, and we’ll let her find out.”

A cry escapes my throat as Devlin ties the blindfold tightly around my eyes once again. Hands seize me roughly and drag me to another part of the room. I am thrown over a hard surface – what I believe is the small table between the chairs. My breasts, arms and abdomen are squashed against the wood and my buttocks wave helplessly in the air. Hands separate my thighs roughly so that my pussy and asshole are once again exposed to the eyes of the men in the room. My legs trail limply on the cold floor.

“Bring it,” I hear Thomas say. I’m immensely frightened.

I whimper, my tears staining the black blindfold. “Please, master.” I raise my head.

“Keep still,” Devlin scolds me.

The sharp smack on my buttocks takes me by surprise. The pain immediately flares like a starburst. Another sharp blow follows. I cry out, more from humiliation than the pain. From what it feels like, it’s a paddle with a hard, flat surface. The kind used in kitchens for cheeseboards.

“Open your legs wider,” Devlin commands.

The paddle descends again. Smack! I squeal. Hands seize my thighs and further separate them. I’m pressed even more roughly against the table’s surface. Smack! The slap catches me on the lower half of my pussy lips this time as well as my buttocks. My pussy burns and stings.

Smack! My buttocks are an inferno of rushed blood and streaking sensations.

“Please, please, please, no,” I moan.

Smack! This one is right against my pussy lips this time, as though the paddle’s wielder has changed its angle to hit me where I’m most vulnerable. I strain to close my legs but strong arms are hooked around my knees and holding them very far apart. These arms raise my legs even higher, so that my buttocks and pussy are even more exposed.

Smack! Another one aimed between my legs for my pussy. My entire clit flares up in pain. Somewhere in the room, I realize someone is screaming. It is my voice.

Smack! I’m being pussy paddled now. The pain is excruciating. My tears streak the blindfold and down my cheeks.

“Please, master, no!”


Smack! This one catches me on the underside of my right thigh. Smack! Another one right between my pussy lips.

Finally, after an interminable spell, the smacks cease. My entire pussy is on fire. The hands lower my legs. Devlin removes my wet blindfold.

“Hush now,” he says gently, wiping away my tears. “Now look at your ass.”

I turn to look. My buttocks are a red hot mess of crisscrossed bands. I dread to think what my pussy lips must look like. The paddle in Thomas’s hand is exactly what I envision it to be – hard, wooden and shaped like a long, flat spoon.

Without mercy, Devlin blindfolds me again while I’m still straddling the table. “Now for your second cock.”

“Wait,” I cry out, but someone seizes my head. I hear the sounds of a bottle cap being unscrewed. Feet move around the room, positioning themselves.

The tip of a large cock abuts against my asshole.

The terrifying sight of Grady’s humungous twelve-inch cock flashes before my eyes.

“No, no, wait,” I scream as the cock plunges into my anus.

It slides in easily, which is surprising, and it feels sticky and cold, as though it is covered with some sort of Vaseline. But the cock is immense, and my rectal walls are stretched beyond comprehension. Beneath my blindfold, my eyes bulge.

I’m too shocked to even cry out.

The cock burrows into my asshole until the hilt. It stops for a moment, as though to let me get acclimatized to its size, and then it begins to move.

I moan. My buttocks feel as though they are being torn in two.

The cock gains momentum. It begins to establish a rough thrust-withdraw-thrust-withdraw sort of rhythm. Its head is buried so deep within my rectum that I can no longer distinguish where it begins and ends. My pussy juices are leaking in front of my stinging asshole. The cock slips out of me completely, and then before I can recover, plunges in again.

I scream. The rhythm begins again, this time harder and rougher. Hands hold my head and body down against the table. Fingers squeeze my buttocks. The giant cock continues to slam into me, splitting my asshole apart. I moan, cry out, scream, and moan all over again – but no one pays me any heed.

The cock pounds me and pounds me, driving me deeper and deeper against the table as though it’s trying to nail me into the wood. My weakened legs flop helplessly on the floor. I grip the undersides of the table hard as tears continue to stream from my eyes.

Then finally, when I’m almost blacking out, something spurts inside me in a hot continuous stream. The pounding slows, as does my breathing, and I’m aware of the cock withdrawing from my poor, abused rectum.

Footsteps. Devlin’s voice in my ear. “Guess whose cock that is.”

The cock was too huge, too merciless.

“Grady,” I gasp.

Devlin tears off my blindfold. I turn. Behind me stands Santos, his face flushed as he holds the limp cock that has just tortured my asshole in his hands.

In the armchair, Grady begins to laugh.

“Punishment time.” Devlin straps the blindfold around my eyes again. “Has what we ordered arrived yet?”

Grady’s voice. “It’s on its way as we speak.”

“Devlin, no,” I groan softly. I’m already so sore than I’m not sure how much more I can take.

“Hush, this is good for you. Now be a good girl and take your punishment.”

I wait, my blood pulsing around my burning asshole and buttocks, as a timid knock comes on the door. The door whines open.

“Sir.” The waiter’s frightened voice. “Your salami.”

My chest tightens with fear.

“Is it raw, as I ordered?”

“Yes, sir.”

Chuckles all round.

“Well,” Santos says as the door quietly closes, “it’s certainly huge.”

I curl in dread.

Hands seize me once again and carry me off the table. I am thrown on my back onto the hard bed. Once again, my thighs are pried wide apart. Someone pinches my nipples and shoves a pillow beneath my ass so that my pussy is lifted higher than my belly, once again proffered to my torturers.

Moist fingers slick some sort of cold ointment around my tender, throbbing anus.

“No,” I softly moan. Not again.

Devlin holds my head. “Run it between her tits so she can feel how huge it is.”

Someone rolls a huge cold object in the valley of my breasts, and then runs it down my belly. The salami feels tremendously huge.

Tears flood my eyes.

“Take a deep breath,” Devlin says.

“No, please don’t do this to me.”

Someone pinches my clit.

“Take a deep breath,” Devlin repeats in a more commanding voice.

I obey, my breasts rising within the hands that cup them and my nipples grazing callused palms. The salami’s tip – I can only envision in my head how large it must be – spears my rectum. I gasp. Its size is even larger than the cock which has brutalized me. The cold salami penetrates me, pushed in roughly until I’m completely filled and stretched by it.

“Oh oh oh,” I moan.

I release my rectal muscles so that they grip the round of meat on their own.

“Now for your last cock,” Devlin says.

But wait! Sure he doesn’t mean to leave the salami inside me! I can’t bear it, I will surely break!

“No, master, no, don’t let them hurt me!”

“Ssssh. You’re not going to be hurt.”

“I don’t think I can take it, master. I’m too small!”

“All the better to be stretched now.”

Arms grapple my legs and bend them at a hundred-and-eighty degree angle to my hips, all the time keeping them wide apart. I’m now folded in two. Hands wrap my ankles in what feels like leather bonds. My feet are tied securely to the bedposts at the head of the bed. My skin chafes within my bonds, and I’m finding it difficult to breathe.

I’m now blindfolded, spread-eagled, tied up and wantonly displayed – my soaking pussy bare to the world while my red-hot asshole is completely stretched to the maximum by the huge, cold salami.

A large body descends onto me. From its size, I know that it’s Grady.

“Grady!” I cry.

“You’ve got that right,” Devlin says.

Someone prizes my pussy lips apart as Grady’s huge, huge cock lowers itself onto my twitching vulva. I writhe against my bonds, whimpering, but Devlin holds my wrists together above me in his merciless grip.

The head of the bulbous black cock pauses at my vaginal entrance, as though assessing its size.

“Spread her a little more,” Devlin urges.

“Slick on more KY jelly,” says Santos.

Moist, rubbing sounds. Wet fingers dip into my vaginal hole and attempt to stretch it in circular motions.

The sticky cock butts against my vulva once more.

“Breathe in,” Devlin says.

I scream as Grady slides his monstrous cock into my pussy. I’m opened and stretched like I’ve never imagined in both holes. The cock continues to climb my vaginal passage, smoothened by the cold ointment, stopping only when it reaches the very tight mouth of my cervix. My discomfort in both holes is extreme.

I lie there in a mindless torpor, spent even before Grady begins to move. Devlin strokes my hair and my cheeks, murmuring “Good girl” and “Darling” as Grady’s cock begins to ram into me. The cock slides thickly in and out, and as my pussy walls moisten, I begin to take in more and more of it. My vagina seems to lengthen and widen as the cock hurtles into and against me. The flesh of the cock is warm, and coupled with the cold salami – it’s a sensory overload that sends paroxysms of pleasure shooting up my belly and breasts to my cheeks.

“Oh oh oh oh,” I scream.

“There you go, I knew you can do it,” Devlin soothes me.

The cock slams into my G-spot again and again, and I cry out. I am stroked by it, pounded into mindless submission. The thin flesh between my vagina and rectum is abraded between the cock and the salami – two very different pieces of meat. And still the cock continues to hammer me. The wave rises again. A flush spreads from my groin to my neck.

The intense pleasure consumes me in rising waves, until my muscles all turn into quivering jelly and my brain explodes with fireworks.

I don’t even realize I’m screaming endlessly until Devlin grasps my jaw and says “Hush, now, hush.”

A jet of molten liquid spurts deep inside me and floods my entire vagina in one massive deluge. Sly tendrils creep into my womb. I’m suddenly swimming in come.

The cock writhes for a moment in this melting burrow, and then withdraws, leaving a feeling of profound emptiness in its wake. Someone withdraws the salami from my bruised asshole as well. I now feel hollow. I suddenly possess a deep longing to be filled again.

“What a marvelous cunt she has,” Santos breathes.

“Tight as a drum,” Grady agrees.

Hands remove my blindfold and untie my bonded ankles. I have no energy left to do anything but sink into the mattress as the fluids trickle from my orifices.

Devlin grins as he slaps my tits.

“Now for Level Three.”


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