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Cannon (Carolina Reapers Book 5)
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Cannon (Carolina Reapers Book 5)

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Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: February 20, 2020 Native Language: English Posted by: The-Books-Collector Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Cannon (Carolina Reapers Book 5)

I’m the fastest and most feared skater in the NHL. With a temper like mine, I can’t afford to make mistakes. But one insane night in Vegas, and I wake up married to the biggest mistake of all: Persephone VanDoren—the head of our team’s charitable foundation. Sure, the petite blonde is sweet enough to give the entire state of South Carolina a toothache, but I’ve never been one for the debutantes. She’s everything I’ve fought against my whole life—wealthy, perfect, gorgeous, and her sharp little tongue presses every single one of my buttons. Our fights are almost as electric as our chemistry and there is no denying the tension sizzling between us. But I’m a monster with a dark past that will ruin a princess like her. She needs this marriage to appear real. And I need to remember it’s fake. Because the longer we stay hitched, the more I want to be her forever. The whole world views me as her personal Hades, but I’ll go to war with both our demons to save her happily ever after.


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