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Built to Fall: Chapter 28


I WATCHED CLAIRE AS SHE WAS BENT FORWARD, buckling a strap around her ankle. I hadn’t seen her wear shoes like this before, strappy and dangerous. I had to stop myself from tossing her on the bed and fucking the notion of going out without me right out of her.

“I’m coming.”

Claire’s head whipped up. “You can’t. Public place, Vegas, celebrity—doesn’t mix.” She smoothed her dress over her hips. “I didn’t think you had any interest in strip clubs.”

“I have an interest in you, in that dress, wherever you plan on being.”

Time had slowed down while we’d stayed in the house in Seattle. We wandered, cooked together, hung out with Marta and watched movies, and kind of just lived. I had concerts of course, but in between, I’d settled in. I’d gotten used to the comfort of having Claire everywhere I looked and Marta to talk to whenever I wanted.

The moment we’d boarded my plane, time sped up again. Claire sat in front, while I was in the back, alone. She was adamant about keeping our relationship a secret, and I had no choice but to respect that.

Except, I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around her going out with Adam to an innately sexual place while I stayed behind. True, Marta, Iris, and Rodrigo were going too, but that did nothing to appease me.

“Don’t be difficult.” She ran her finger along the collar of my shirt. “I’ll come back here and tell you everything.”

“I think I’ll go. My security will arrange privacy. If press happens to find me there, we’ll be with a group. You’ll be safe.” I gripped her waist, keeping her at arm’s length so I could look her over again. Her champagne dress spilled over her curves like liquid. The front wrapped under her tits, dipping low between them. There was no room for a bra in this dress, and the longer I looked at her, the more obvious that became. Her nipples strained against the silky fabric, and it was all I could do not to take them in my mouth.

“Do you really want to go, or are you jealous?” Claire never beat around the bush. Normally, I appreciated that about her, but not when she was calling me out.

“I’m boiling with jealousy, but I also want to go.” My hand splayed across her back, pressing her against me. “If you say no, I’ll accept it.”

Her eyes rolled, but the twitch of her lips said she wasn’t as annoyed with me as she wanted to be. “Fine, yes. Of course I want you there. I’m just worried about…well, I’m worried.”

“I’ve got you. There’s no need to worry.”

Her palms flattened on my chest. “All right. If you’re coming, I’m going to need you to dress your fine ass up and look hot for me.”

There was no holding back my laugh. “Again, I’ve got you.”


All it took was a call from my security and our group had a private area at the Red Velvet. I hadn’t been to this spot before, but I’d been no stranger to places exactly like it in my early years.

Smoky lights illuminated multiple stages, leaving the rest of the club dim. Black club chairs surrounded low glass tables now covered with drinks. Claire sat beside me, but her eyes never left the stage.

Marta leaned over from my other side. “I think Claire likes it here.”

I nodded. “She looks like she either wants to get up on that stage or pull the girl off of it and into her lap.”

Claire’s plump lips were parted as she watched the curvy, dark-haired woman writhe on the stage. Her hand covered her throat when the dancer ran her own hand down the length of her body with sensual slowness. Claire swallowed hard, shifting in her seat.

I didn’t dare interrupt her show, but I found myself unable to take my eyes off Claire, despite the beautiful women dancing feet away from me. I wasn’t blind, or a fucking saint, so of course I’d taken a long look, but Claire was where my true interest lay. There was something addictive about seeing her enthralled and turned on by this experience previously denied to her.

When the dancer left the stage, Claire released a long exhale and faced me. Her cheeks were stained red, eyes alight.

“Wow. I wish I could move like that.” Her voice sounded throaty and strained.

“You do move like that. I’ve seen it in my bed.”

Her hand covered her cheek. “Shut up. That can’t be true.”

Rodrigo appeared in front of Claire, grinding his hips in the air. “Want a lap dance, lady? I’ll rock your world with my moves.”

Laughing, Claire held out her arms. “Let me see what you’ve got, big boy.”

He plopped down on her lap, circling his hips in an exaggerated way that made her laugh even harder and didn’t make me want to murder him. I reached over, a twenty-dollar bill between my fingers.

“You earned this.” Rodrigo bent forward so I could drop the cash down the neck of his shirt, then he raised his arms over his head and gave Claire one last grind before hopping up.

She clapped for him, still giggling. “You’ve been hiding your true talent all this time, honey.”

“I was holding out for that Cantrell cash.” He rubbed his fingers together. “He’s got the big bucks.”

Claire stage-whispered to me, “It was nice of you to give charity to this hideous stripper who will never make it in the business.”

“I’m all about charity work,” I deadpanned back.

Adam joined Rodrigo, tossing his arm over his shoulders. “Claaaire…can I buy you a real lap dance?”

Rodrigo pushed him aside. “My girl just got the best lap dance of her life.”

Claire raised a finger. “True. Since that was my first and only, it also qualifies as my best.”

Rodrigo pointed at her. “Your words are daggers, girl. I’m not happy with you.”

Adam seemed undeterred. “So, for real, let me buy you a lap dance. I’d love to see that.”

She shook her head, blushing hard. “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Too many people watching.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Ah, if I was making bank, I’d get a private room for you, but alas, I’m not there yet.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m thoroughly enjoying my first strip club experience without any extras.”

And there was not a fucking chance she’d be going into a private room with any man other than me. Adam sure as hell kept shooting his shot, though. I wondered if she had any idea how that boy looked at her.

He jerked his head toward his chair. “Come sit by me and Roddy. Help us pick a girl to dance for us.”

Her smile was pinched. “Yeah, maybe in a bit.” She picked up her full drink. “Let me down this first. I need a little liquid lube.”

Rodrigo dragged Adam back to their seats, giving Claire a wink that said he got her vibe and would take care of the kid who didn’t seem to want to take a hint.

“I almost feel bad for him.”

She burst out laughing. “You don’t at all.”

“I said almost.” It was dark enough, I took a chance and smoothed my palm along her bare thigh. “Tell me if you want me to arrange a private dance.”

Her eyebrow arched. “You want to watch?”

“That’s up to you. If you want to do it by yourself, or with Marta and Iris, that’s fine too.”

She pressed her legs together, trapping my hand. “I’ll think about it, okay?”

“Yeah.” My thumb dragged back and forth over her smooth skin. “I want you to enjoy yourself however you’d like.”

Claire had fun watching the boys get their dances and seemed to enjoy the other strippers who took the stage in front of us, but when the first dark-haired woman performed again, she reacted the same as the first time.

“You want her?” I murmured.

Her breath caught. “I—yes. I do.”

“Do you want me to come with you? Or Marta?”

“You,” she breathed.

My gut clenched from her blown out pupils and her teeth digging into her bottom lip. I couldn’t get enough of my sweet Claire letting herself be sensual and a little dirty.

I spoke to my security, asking them to arrange a private dance for us. A few minutes later, a man with an impassive expression showed up to escort us. I tapped Marta on the shoulder.

“I’m taking Claire home.”

She glanced at the man waiting for us. “Oh really? That’s your story?”

“If anyone asks.”

She sipped her drink, grinning around the glass. “I’ve got it, boss. You’re definitely not going into a back room with your girlfriend.”

I smirked. “Exactly.”

Once we were away from our group, I wrapped my arm around Claire’s waist and kissed her shoulder. “Are you excited?”

She nodded. “And so nervous.”

“Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.”

“What about you?”


She tipped her face up to mine, her fingers curling under my beard. “Are you excited?”

“To watch you? Hell yes. But this is all about you. Only you.”

We were shown into a small room with a mirrored back wall, a small platform with a pole, and a tufted leather bench. Claire and I sat down together, and a moment later, the door opened.

“Hello.” Claire’s dancer walked in, closing the door behind her. “I’m Raquel. What a beautiful couple you are.”

Her accent was soft and lilting. She sounded like her native language was Spanish or Portuguese.

I shifted away from Claire, giving her room. “You’re here for her and only her. This is her first time.”

Raquel walked up to Claire, squatting in front of her. “Hi, beauty. I’d love to take care of you. Do you mind if I touch you?”

Claire shook her head. “No. I don’t mind.”

Raquel hit a button behind the bench, turning on a Nine Inch Nails song. She rose to her feet, rotating her body in a slow circle while undulating to the heavy beat. She made eye contact with Claire, giving her a hungry smile, and my girl gave her one back.

Raquel approached her again, raising one knee onto the bench, and then the other, straddling Claire’s legs.

“You’re really beautiful,” Claire rasped.

Raquel lowered her ass onto Claire’s knees, her hands braced on the back of the bench. “You are too. Your breasts are amazing. Does your man love them?”

Claire nodded while Raquel rolled her hips. “He does.”

“He’s a lucky man.” She slid forward, grinding her core against Claire, then ran the back of her fingers along Claire’s cheek. “Your skin is so fine. He must touch you constantly.”

Claire reached for my hand, threading her fingers with mine. “He never stops.”

“Lucky him,” she cooed.

Raquel went on, moving over my girl in a languid rhythm. My cock strained in my pants, pulsing from the two beautiful women caught up in each other beside me. They admired each other’s bodies and hair, complimented scents and makeup, but underneath their quiet murmurings was a heady sexuality impossible to ignore.

“Are you wet for him, beautiful?” Raquel ran her hands along Claire’s sides, skimming her breasts.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Mmm…he’ll fuck you so hard when you leave here.”

“He will.”

Raquel flipped her hair over one shoulder to whisper in Claire’s ear, and Claire’s fingers flexed between mine.

For three songs, Raquel gave Claire her undivided attention. Her hands slid along Claire’s legs, pushing her dress up so their skin there could meet. Claire whimpered, but made no move to protest or stop her. She seemed to melt beneath Raquel, while I sat rigid, straining for control.

When the last song ended, I was close to losing it—to hauling Claire over my shoulder and dragging her out of the room so I could sink myself inside her.

“Thank you so much, beautiful.” Raquel kissed Claire’s cheek. “This has been my pleasure. Now, go have some fun with your man.”

She winked at me as I handed her a generous tip, then gathered her discarded clothes and made her way out of the room.

Claire shot me a shy smile. “Thank you, Dominic.”

I shook my head at her, more than pleased with this woman beside me. “You fucking loved that.”

She nodded at the bulge in my pants. “You did too.”

I pulled her into my lap, her ass pressing against my erection. “This is all for you. Your reactions, the way you were squirming when she touched you, how you let go of your inhibitions and allowed yourself to enjoy every second of it. I am so hard for you, Claire. Only you.”

Her hips rolled one torturous time. “Then I think you should take me back to the hotel so we can do something about it.”


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