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Carving for Cara: Chapter 13


I watch my hardened cock slide inside her. Her tight pussy swallows each steel barbell of my Jacob’s Ladder one at a time like she was fucking made for me. Every inch confirms how mine she really is. I can feel it. No one has ever felt this fucking good, and I know they never will. She fights me, but as the seconds pass and she realizes how good it feels, how good I can make her feel, she begins to let go and allow herself to be completely consumed by the same hunger, the same need I have.

I know she wants it.

Wants me.

Her eyes roll into her head as I sink inside her fully. The vines wrapped around her wrists are tearing at her flesh, sending streaks of crimson blood down her arms, but she doesn’t care.


My girl, she likes the pain. She gets off on it. I knew there was a dark side hidden behind the nice girl facade; I knew I could break her, I had to. And now, she’s broken. Ruined.

It’s what she wanted.

My little nightmare wants this.

She fell right into my trap. Everything I had planned for tonight worked out perfectly. The band I hired made it impossible for anyone to hear her; Sloan is well entertained and won’t even notice my girl is missing. Nothing will stand in the way of our night, and nobody will stop me from making her mine. I’ve waited long enough to get my fix, and she’s waited long enough to get the type of affection she needs, the type of affection only I can give her.

I grip her top in my fist as I pause with my cock in the deepest parts of her. A hiss slips through my lips at just how fucking good she feels, how tight her pussy hugs me as it adjusts to my size and girth. Looking down at her, at how good she takes it for me, I couldn’t be more proud of my little nightmare. I lace my fingers through the thick locks of her dark hair, now matted with dried dirt and pumpkin leaves, and pull her hair up, forcing her to watch.

“Fuck. That’s it, baby. Look how good your pretty little pussy swallows my cock,” I growl as I pull out slightly, then thrust myself into her harder. The sweet little crying sounds she makes threaten to make me come undone, each moan laced with pleasure. A silent cry for help hides behind the plea for more, and it fucking gets my blood pumping.

I tug on the top of her little princess costume, pulling it down and freeing her perky little tits of their confinement. Gathering the saliva in my mouth, I spit on them before slapping one. She shivers at the sensation, biting down on her bottom lip as her pussy clenches down on my cock.

At first, I fight the urge to mark her with my bite, knowing it could easily get me caught if she reported me to the local police, but it’s useless. I need to taste her, to feel her flesh between my teeth.

Bending down, I run my tongue along the swell of her breast before taking her peaked nipple in my mouth, sinking my teeth into her inked flesh. She tastes like the forbidden fruit, sweet like honey with a hit of spice that makes my mouth water. I wish I could taste her, devour her for every meal.

She shivers at the sensation as a moan slips from her lips, and it makes my dick twitch inside her. I can feel my cock leaking inside her with my impending release.

I let go of her hair, allowing her head to fall back against the dirt as I pick up the pace. My hips roughly crash into her. I watch her, completely enthralled by how good my little nightmare looks when she’s taking my huge cock inside her fully. She has more of a hold on me than she knows; watching the supple pink flesh of her pussy clinging so tightly to my hard cock is something I’ll never tire of.

When she notices I’m watching her, her eyes flicker with guilt, like she feels she shouldn’t be enjoying this. She doesn’t want to like it, but she does. My girl fucking loves how I feel inside her, and she wants it. Her face flushes with embarrassment as she turns to look away from me.


I love watching her as she loses the internal battle with her morality. Bringing my fingers down, I flick her right nipple causing her to wince and snap her head back to face me, her eyes fierce and ready to challenge me.

“Eyes on me, little nightmare. There’s no one around to watch,” I growl, lowering my lips mere inches from hers. “It’s just you and me, now let go.”

“Fuck!!” she screams. “Fuck, plea–” she whimpers, trembling through the building pleasure.

“That’s it. Scream, moan, beg for it to stop when we both know you want to ride this pumpkin, princess,” I smirk, finding amusement in the pun as I bring my hand down to smack her other tit.

Before she has time to process the smack, my mouth is over her peaked nipple, pinching it between my teeth. Fear flickers in her eyes as she’s forced to watch me have my way with her, unable to stop me with her hands tightly tied above her head.

Sitting back up, I pull the cob of corn I fucked her with from my pocket, and run it up her body as her eyes stay locked with mine. When I reach her lips, tears spill from her eyes, and the hatred in her glare threatens to burn through me.

“Open,” I command, my tone stern. Being the fighter that she is, she does her best to avoid it, to keep her head turned away from me. I pause mid-thrust, and grip the hair at the top of her head. A whimper leaves her chest as I force her face back in my direction. I push the cob of corn through her quivering lips as she tries to protest. It hits the back of the throat, her teeth scraping along the rigid exterior as she mumbles pleas around it before choking. Her eyes clench shut, and tears stream down her cheeks as she does everything she can not to gag.

“Fuck,” I growl, doing my best to calm myself down. She feels so good, and I’ve been waiting so long, it takes everything in me not to combust and fill her with my cum.

The sounds of her objections only make my cock harder. My little nightmare grows wetter with each thrust into her, moaning and pushing back into me, moving in rhythm with me. With each thrust, her walls break; one by one they’re crumbling, and by the time we’re done, the only thing left standing among the ruins of her mind will be me. With each wall that falls, she learns to welcome the pleasure, the pleasure that only I can give her.

She wraps her lips around the cob of corn, locking her eyes with mine as she teases me. My pulse increases as I dart my tongue across my lips, picking up the pace.

Finally, someone who gets me. My girl knows just what kind of games I like to play, and she is so fucking good at playing them. My head falls back and my eyes close as visions of her soft lips wrapped around my cock fill my thoughts, her tongue swirling around my piercings as she sucks me dry. Opening my eyes, I bring my gaze back to her as I thrust into her, harder, faster, feeding off the complete control I have over her.

The control she lets me have.

The control she needs me to have.

“Oh, God,” she cries as she pulls on the vines keeping her arms restrained. The more she struggles, the deeper they cut, each movement causing a new self-inflicted wound that leaves a trail of blood leaking down her inked arms.

“I said let go.” My command sends her into a frenzy, her body convulses beneath me as I thrust up into her hard and deep, her hips crashing against mine as she grinds on my cock, finally giving in to the hunger she’s kept hidden. Her pussy clenches tighter along my shaft as she does what she’s told and lets go.“That’s it, baby, give it to me.”

I fix my eyes on her, watching how her body looks as she comes undone. I want to remember this moment. I want to remember how good she looks and feels when she’s broken and cumming on my cock.

I want this memory to be what keeps me up at night.

My little nightmare.

I pull the corn from her mouth as her thighs quiver around me. Her orgasm hits her like an explosion, coursing through her body as she cries out and gasps for air. “That’s it, baby. You like it when I tell you what to do, don’t you? Filthy girl, cumming on my cock while you roll around in the mud. Yeah? You wanted me to plow you in this field, didn’t you?” I keep my rhythm, thrusting deep inside her as she rides out her orgasm, each thrust and clench of her tight cunt bringing me closer to my own release.

Women usually think I’m twisted when I get them to bed, none have been able to handle what it takes to get me off. But my girl, she loves this twisted shit as much as I do. She wants to be used. She wants to be filled with my warm cum. It’s why she made catching her so easy; she’s known since that night at Rustic Roast that she needed me to satisfy her craving. Her addiction. Coming down from her orgasm, her panting slows as her hips meet me with every thrust. She’s not fighting anymore, she’s seen what I can give her, and now my little nightmare wants more.

Staring down at her exposed flesh, I flick her swollen clit causing her eyes to dilate with a wild hunger for more. I push inside her deeper as I bring my hand between her thighs and rub her clit in circular motions.

Finally, I’m witnessing the show I’ve been waiting for. I watch as she comes undone, and any shred of fight she had, has been shattered.

She’s fucking mine.

Every broken piece of her belongs to me. Her body tenses as she whimpers, and I know she’s close to cumming all over my cock again.

“Don’t you fucking cum again. Not yet,” I command.

Her lust-filled eyes meet mine as she pouts. She grinds her hips against mine, craving more friction to feed the release I have forbidden her from having.

“Hold it. You don’t cum until I tell you to,” I growl as I pump into her faster, racing to meet her incoming orgasm. I grip her hips tightly, my fingers digging into her flesh as I quicken my pace. Her back arches off the ground and her head falls back into the bloodied dirt.

“Please,” she begs. “I can’t take it anymore. Please–”

“That’s right baby, beg for me. Beg for me to fill you with my cum.” I know she’s been waiting for it. She wants it, she wants me to claim her.

“Yes- I need it, I can’t,” she admits with lust in her shaky voice.

I slam into her hard one last time. My balls tighten, and my release hits me.

“Fuck.” I hiss. “Cum baby. Come with me like a good girl.”

She obeys, squeezing my cock as I fill her with my cum, claiming her. If she had doubts about being mine before, there is no way she will now. She’ll never forget me breaking down her walls, how I make her give in to the dark needs she has rooted deep inside her, showing her how to free it.

I slide my slick dick from her folds, causing streams of our mixed fluids to leak out and on to the dry earth as she lifts her flushed face to mine. I run my fingers through her cum filled cunt, coating them in the sweet combination of our releases before dragging them across her swollen lips. She looks at me with disgust, and I can’t help but find it funny.

“Oh come on, we both know how much you love pumpkin cream,” I add, cocking a mischievous brow.

When I’m finished tucking myself back into my pants, I reach over her head with my blade, cutting her wrists free from the thorny pumpkin vines. With her wrists freed, she quickly goes to cover herself, and I chuckle.

“No point in hiding now, Cara. Every inch of you is mine, and I’ve seen it all,” I whisper, offering her a cocky grin. “Now, let’s get you home. I have a surprise for you.”

She’s confused, unsure of how to feel about what’s happened. I expected this. I knew there would be some lingering feelings after I claimed her the way I did. After I ruined her. That’s why I have my little surprise waiting for her at home.

She’s going to fucking love it.


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