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Detained: Epilogue 2


With a box of blue decorations firmly in my grasp, I stride into the dining room. My eyes find Zara at the table cradling our baby, Leonardo, with a smile on her face that makes my heart flutter.

Setting the box down on the table as instructed by Maddie, I make my way over and slide in next to Zara.

“So, how are you finding being a dad?” Grayson asks with a grin.

“Perfect,” I reply without hesitation.

Because it’s true. Every day I wake up with the two loves of my life, I’m a happy man.

My arm snakes around Zara’s shoulder, and I pull her flush against my side. She looks up at me with a grin. I cast my eyes round the room, filled with blue balloons and a play area in the corner where the rest of the kids are already causing havoc.

“Sorry we’re late!” Rosa calls from the door. Luca follows behind her, holding their new baby boy, Elio. He was born just two weeks before Leo.

Maddie jumps out of the booth and rushes over to them.

“Looks like you’ll be adding to the crew again soon.” I gesture my drink at the shuffling blonde before knocking back my scotch.

Grayson grins and looks over at his wife.

I shake my head with a chuckle. “Fucking hell, I told you we should have just made this into a daycare,” I mutter and they all laugh.

Not that it’s a bad thing. We have a new bloodline, a legacy here. Sienna has Nico, their newest son, in her hold. Max is busy on his computer game in the office while Darcy and Hope play in the kiddie zone.

Luca and Rosa slide into the adjoining booth.

Maddie cuddles Elio while beaming at Grayson.

“Anything to tell us, Maddison?” I ask, biting back my grin as I watch her cheeks flush a bright red.

She shoots a scowl at her husband. “Grayson! I told you not to say anything for another two weeks!”

“I said nothing,” he laughs and blows her a kiss.

“Congratulations,” I say, holding up my glass. “Now, pass me my nephew.” I hold out my arms and reluctantly Maddie carefully places the little one in my arms. Rosa’s watching with a smile on her face as she sits herself down next to me.

I lean over. “I’m proud of you, little thorn,” I whisper.

“And I’m proud of you, Uncle Frankie.” She nudges me back.

“Where the hell is Jax? He’s supposed to be here,” Keller asks.

He was back in New York for his brother’s wedding yesterday, so he should be here.

“Probably still wasted,” Grayson chuckles.

“Hold on, let me call him.” I slide out my phone from my pocket with one hand and dial his number before putting it on speaker.

After a few rings, Jax’s croaky voice comes through the speaker.

“Where are you?”

“Frankie, I fucked up. Big time.” There’s a panic in his voice that has me straightening my spine.

“What do you need? Where are you?” I look up to Grayson with a warning look. I’ll need him to be ready if we have to leave.

“I’m good, boss. I just gotta get out of the city before I end up killing my brother.”

I blow out a breath. Since Kai’s death, he hasn’t been himself. More reckless than usual. I’m keeping tabs on him with Mikhail. They’re happy with his work, but they don’t know him like we do.

“Why, what’d he do?”

Jax’s laughter makes me relax slightly.

“He isn’t the one who did anything. I am. But I’ll have to kill him if he starts anything. I can’t stand the asshole.”

“I get it.” Blood doesn’t make a family.

“Jax, what did you do?” Grayson shouts.

There’s a pause as Jax clicks his tongue bar. “I fucked his wife.”

I burst out into laughter. It’s typical Jax style. The King of Chaos living up to his name.

Zara’s hands fly over her mouth as she tries to hold in her hysterical giggles.

“It’s not funny!” Jax whines over the speaker.

Once I get a hold of myself, I ask the important question. “Well, was it any good?”

Zara nudges my side, still snickering next to me.

“Oh, fuck yeah, totally worth it.” He didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Well, get your ass over here, Jax. You’re family. We want to see you before you head back. Okay?”

“Yes, Dad. I’ll be there soon.”

I hang up just as Elio starts to wriggle in my hold.

Luca is whispering into Rosa’s ear as she smiles. We made it through the other side. Life has never been better. Leo’s cries distract me from my thoughts.

I hand Elio over to Rosa and pick up Leo from Zara.

“Come on, son. Let’s go for a walk,” I say, resting his head on my shoulder.

Zara’s hand lands on my thigh and electricity shoots through me.

“I’ll come with you.”


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