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Drop Dead Gorgeous: Part 5 – Chapter 48

Morgan Narrates

My whole body trembled at the thought of this sweet meal. My skin tingled as if electricity coursed over me. The animal hunger I felt would soon give way to a feeling of warm ecstasy as I fed on Zane.

I teased him, tickling the skin on his throat with my teeth. My saliva ran onto his neck. Yes, I was drooling. Liam’s mother had been filling but oh so unsatisfying.

And now . . . I prepared my feast. Held him carefully in place. Fogged his brain so that he would willingly sacrifice, willingly give of himself, give me life!

“Hey, Morgan—here you are!”

The voice startled me so badly, I uttered a shriek.

I jerked my head back, pulled my teeth from Zane’s throat. I hadn’t even punctured the skin.

Struggling to regain my composure, I kept my back turned until my face returned to normal. Then I saw Delia stride into the room. She dangled car keys in one hand. “Your door was open,” she said, “so I—”

She stopped and her mouth dropped open when she saw my embrace of Zane. “Oh. Sorry. Did I interrupt?”

“Uh . . . no,” I said, taking a step back, removing my hands from his chest. “I was giving Zane a shoulder massage. He’s totally tense.”

“Who isn’t?” Delia replied, crossing the room to us. “How’s it going, Zane?”

Zane blinked his eyes a few times. He flashed Delia a smile. I could see the confusion on his face. He was completely dazed. I knew he didn’t remember a thing.

Delia waved her car keys. “I’m just on my way to school. To help Julie and the others finish decorating the gym for the alumni carnival. I thought maybe you’d like to come pitch in.”

“Yeah. Sure. Of course, I do,” I said.

I realized I was holding my stomach. The gnawing feeling inside me was so intense. Could she and Zane hear my stomach growl?

I was so close, I thought. So close.

Then Delia ruined my meal.

Well, now I have reason to pay you back, Delia dear. I never noticed what a pretty throat you have.

Well, I had many surprises planned for the alumni party. And now, I’d definitely have one for Delia.


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