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DECK OF DESTINY: A method of fortune-telling. Decks of Destiny contain thirty-two cards, comprised of a court of sixteen immortals, eight places, and eight objects.

THE FATES: According to the myths, the Fates pictured inside Decks of Destiny were once magical, corporeal beings. They supposedly ruled a quarter of the world centuries ago until they mysteriously vanished.


The Murdered King

The Undead Queen

The Prince of Hearts

The Maiden Death

The Fallen Star

Mistress Luck

The Assassin

The Poisoner


Jester Mad

The Lady Prisoner

Priestess, Priestess

Her Handmaidens

The Unwed Bride


The Pregnant Maid

The Apothic


The Shattered Crown

Her Majesty’s Gown

The Blank Card

The Bleeding Throne

The Aracle

Map of All

The Unbitten Fruit

Reverie Key


Tower Lost

Phantasy Orchard

The Menagerie

The Immortal Library

Castle Midnight

The Imaginarium

The Vanished Market

Fire Undying

LUCKLESS COINS: Coins with the magic ability to track a person’s whereabouts. When the Fates still reigned on Earth, if one became fixated on a human, they would slip a luckless coin into their purse or pocket so they could follow them wherever they went. The coins were considered to be bad omens.

ALCARA: The ancient city from where the Fates ruled, now known as the Meridian Empire’s capital city of Valenda.

RUSCICA: A book found in the Immortal Library that will reveal a person’s or a Fate’s entire history, if that person’s or Fate’s blood is fed to the book.


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