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For The Fans: Kyran’s Epilogue

Nickystix66: Backwardz you’re the luckiest dude ever

Am_luv13: His_Baby you’re an inspiration!

A_side_of_steve: Backwardz_Avi & His_Baby return! Coming out & revealing your relationship… You’ve made my life!

3 Months Later…

“Ooh, yea, baby. Shake that ass.”

Stuffing my face deeper into the comforter, I wiggle my hips, using leverage on my knees to sort of twerk backward, up into the air.

“Okay… Hold on. I need to adjust my boner,” Avi rumbles, and I laugh.

“Just record the damn video!” I shout at him through my chuckles.

“I got it,” he sighs, and I flip over, aiming a glare at him that no one’s buying. It’s too full of love. He tosses his phone onto the bed, then crawls over me, grasping my wrists and pinning them above my head as he straddles me. “I think this would get us even more likes…”

He rubs his dick on mine, and I’m shivering.

“Don’t be naughty.” I grin up at him. He pouts. “I think we gave the Fans a proper send-off. They’ll have to settle for the PG-13 content from now on.”

“I know, I’m just visualizing all that glorious money floating away in the breeze,” he hums.

He leans over me, and I kiss each stone of his abs, considering his words.

Three months ago, Avi and I caved and started making content for the OnlyFans again. As it turns out, he was able to reinstate his account since I guess he’d only temporarily deactivated it. There was a penalty fee, but it was chump change compared to what we went back to earning the second it was on.

Of course, it was a little obvious that it was me in the videos, but with my face blurred, there was still no way to prove it. We figured we could keep it up long enough to save some more money, and then delete all the videos of the two of us, and he could keep it as a solo account.

And so that’s what we did. Two weeks ago, we let everyone know it was going back to a solo account for Avi, and that the mysterious Not_Your_Baby wouldn’t be featured in videos anymore.

But here’s the kicker. Since the first time we disabled the account, people have been clamoring for us. And not just for the sexy times… They’ve wanted to see us together as a couple. So we started making content on Instagram, reels and stuff like that, just of us goofing around, being silly and stupid and in love. And we’ve been getting paid for it.

Kyran and Avi, the social media couple, break millions of views on damn near every video. It allows Avi to focus on his art, which is now his full-time job, and me to focus on the huge, life-changing event I’m about to start this summer…

The NFL.

That’s right… Your boy was drafted last week. Two months from now, I’ll be in training camp as a second-string quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

From one Eagles to the next… Is that the coincidence of a lifetime or what??

The whole thing still feels like a dream. I remember getting the call, and feeling like I was going to collapse. Third-round draft pick. I was prepared to go anywhere that would have me, but the word was it would come down to either Philly or New York.

Philly won.

Avi is freaking thrilled, despite the fact that I’m not going to New York. He would’ve loved to move back to New York, but then Philly will be just as cool. It’s like a New York-y Boston anyway, so we’re really excited about it.

We’ll be traveling a ton, but he doesn’t mind that either. And I’m just excited to have him coming along on this journey with me, cheering me on and supporting me as he does. Because he’s my sidekick, my partner, my mascot… My sweet, strawberry-flavored angel.

We’re finalizing paperwork on a townhouse on Federal Hill next week, and Avi already has a whole list of things planned for us to do when we get to Philly.

It’ll be tough for him to leave Hannah. We even offered to bring her with us, but she likes her job in Boston, and already found herself a nice place in Cambridge, so she’s happy to stay. As much as I know Avi’s going to miss her, he insists that it’s time for him to spread his eagle wings a little. So damn cute.

They’ll always be best friends, but we’re going on this adventure together. Just the two of us. Well, us… and the fans.

“Don’t worry, angel,” I hum, licking up his chest while he shivers. “Your NFL quarterback boyfriend will bring home the bacon for you.”

“I fully intend on becoming a football wife,” he teases, and I cackle, trying to buck him off of me. But he’s still pinning me down with his weight.

We’re too busy horsing around, we don’t even hear the footsteps.

“Guys, I’m going to—Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

My eyes fling to the doorway as my dad is covering his eyes with his hand, diving away from the room like it’s about to blow.

Avi bursts into hysterical laughter, and I just shake my head, scoldingly. “Get the hell off me! Look what you’ve done… You horrified my father.”

Avi slumps off of me in the bed while I rush to get up and put on pants. “Relax. I’m pretty sure he already heard us fucking the other night. You wouldn’t stop screaming my name…”

I glare at him. “That is false. I was not screaming…”

“Uh, why do you think I stuffed my underwear in your mouth?” he sneers.

“Because you’re a filthy pervert.” I give him a look, to which he shrugs.


“Come on.” I grab him by the arm, yanking him out of bed. “Please come with me to apologize to him so he doesn’t think we were just fucking with the door wide open.”

Avi sighs and lets me yank him along, out of our bedroom and down the stairs.

We’ve been living at the house in Somerville with my dad for the past three months, and yes, it’s been a little awkward at times. But really, I thought it was the best option for me and him to spend more time together and focus on repairing our relationship.

When I returned to school, I chose not to move back into the dorms, mainly because I can’t stand being away from Avi for more than a few hours at a time. I definitely miss living with Guty, but moving into Avi and Hannah’s place in Brighton while we looked for our own place just made more sense.

But then the more I thought about it, the more I started to feel bad about my dad being all alone in that big house while going through a divorce. So I decided to move back to Somerville to keep him company.

It’s crazy. After all I did to avoid living in this house, and now I’m back here willingly. And I brought Avi along for the ride.

I’m still amazed that my dad went for it. I know he’s been trying to be as supportive as possible, but I kind of expected him to freak out at the idea of his son sharing a bed with a guy right up the hall from him. I guess because it’s Avi, it made things a little easier for him to wrap his head around.

It’s just like when we lived here before college. Only now, instead of fighting, we’re fucking, and instead of hating, we’re loving, real hard. And sharing a bedroom… Avi’s old room, because it’s the farthest from my dad’s.

We were actually about to sign a lease for a place in Davis Square when I got drafted. Now we’ve only got about a month left living at home before it’s off to Philly. And the weirdest part is that I’m actually going to miss my dad—something I never thought I’d say. We’ve really bonded over the last three months, and it’s the best feeling in the world to have a real father.

Though I’m not so sure he’ll be missing us as much, judging by the way he’s storming around the kitchen all flustered, refusing to look either of us in the eye.

“Dad…” I grin to myself at how clearly uncomfortable he is.

“I was just, uh… going to tell you that I’m running to the store,” he says, picking up and putting down the same piece of mail over and over. “If you guys need anything…”

“Dad, we weren’t doing anything,” I tell him sincerely.

“Yea, we were just playing around,” Avi adds.

My dad holds up his hand. “It’s fine… I don’t need to know. It’s my fault, I should have… knocked.”

“The door was open.” I chuckle.

“I’m fine. Really.” He shoots us a quick, strained smile. “Just let me know if there’s anything you need at the store.”

“Condoms and lube.” Avi smirks.

“Avi!” I bark, and he laughs.

“I’m just kidding…” he sighs. “We don’t use condoms.”

“Oh my God, I’m gonna staple your lips shut!” I growl.

“Alright, boys. That’s enough,” my dad scolds, grinning in amusement.

And I know why. This feels very similar to when we were stepbrothers.

“I left a list on the counter.” I run my fingers through my hair.

My father nods, picking up the list and looking it over. His forehead lines in concern. “This is all junk food…” He glares at Avi. “What grown man eats Pop Tarts??”

“That would be my boyfriend…” I sigh. “He eats like a pregnant seven-year-old.”

“Ew, babe.” Avi scrunches his face at me. “Weird.”

“I’m just saying, you don’t even smoke anymore, but you still act like you have the munchies twenty-four-seven.” I shoot him a look.

“When you get older, all that crap will come back to haunt you.” My dad joins in, his eyes flicking to Avi’s shirtless torso. “Say goodbye to those muscles.”

“No need to worry about that, Papa Dukes.” He grins. “This xylophone ain’t goin nowhere.” He mimics playing a xylophone on his abs, and we both roll our eyes.

“Whatever you say,” my dad mumbles, shaking his head as he leaves the house to go to the store.

“You’re a fool and a half.” I grin at Avi as he sticks his leg out to poke me in the shin with his toes.

“He’s gone… Wanna play see how many times we can make each other come in the shower?”

“Mmm… my favorite game,” I hum, sidling up to him and grinding myself on his big, deliciously muscular body.

We give him a lot of crap about what he eats, but Avi does enjoy working out. We started doing it together, and he can almost keep up with me. I said almost.

The sound of my phone ringing upstairs catches my ear. “Ooh, babe, I’m waiting for an important call.”

“Alright. Hop on.” He spins around, and I grin, jumping onto his back so he can piggyback me upstairs.

We’re both breathlessly laughing as I answer my phone. It’s my accountant. And only a brief chat later, I’m freaking giddy.

“What’s up, superstar?” Avi asks.

“It’s all set!” I dance around in place.

“Which thing… the townhouse or the money?”

“The money!” I beam, and he mirrors my look of zeal.

“Baby! That’s so exciting.” Grabbing my waist, he hugs me tight while we both shimmy around together.

A month ago, I officially decided to donate my settlement money to a few special charities. I’ve never wanted to spend a dime of that money on myself, but it was stupid to have it just sitting there collecting dust. So I picked my top three charities, and made arrangements with my accountant to split it in thirds and make three donations.

One to RAINN, because they were so helpful to me when I was looking to talk to someone about my abuse, one to the Trevor Project, because they do wonderful things for LGBTQ+ youths, and one to the It Gets Better Project…

Because it does. Get better. I’m living proof of that.

All of these charities are special and important to our community, and to survivors of abuse, and it thrills me to be able to give this money to people who need it; to people who are out there providing support, so hopefully, no one has to feel as scared and alone as I once did.

“It’s such a weight off my shoulders,” I murmur while Avi kisses my neck over and over. “It’s like I’m closing a door that’s been left open for so long…”

“I’m proud of you, baby,” he croons. “You’re such a strong, beautiful human.”

I chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” He lifts his head to lock our eyes. “And the offer still stands, by the way…” My lips quirk. “Any time you wanna go piss on that asshole’s grave, I’m down.”

Grasping his face, I kiss him hard while he giggles into my mouth.

I know he’s just teasing because he knows it makes me feel better. Or maybe he’s serious, who knows.

In fact, I’m sure he is.

If I told Avi I wanted to piss on the grave of the asshole who abused me, he wouldn’t even hesitate. He’d just hand me a jug of water and say, “Fill the tank, baby.”

Because that’s who he is. He’s my support system, my lifeline.

My stepbrother I hated, turned porn co-star, turned friend, turned absolutely ridiculous, sexy, perfect love of my life.

He’s my savior, my first and my only.

From eagle wings to angel wings… he’s my Avi.

Dancing on the field of my heart.


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