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Four Pucking Christmases: Chapter 10


I’M TRULY FEELING like a kid on Christmas Eve as we sneak down the hallway past Kevin and Mary’s bedroom door, down the steps, and past the Christmas tree in the living room.

Crew’s not on the couch, but I have a pretty good idea where he is.

We don’t even bother to grab our coats on our way out the front door. Dani’s only got a hoodie and some old sweatpants on, along with some slippers she found in her closet. I sweep her up in my arms on the porch, and she’s giggling as we jog down the front walk to the RV.

Nate knocks on the door, then tries the latch. It’s unlocked, and he pulls it open just as Crew appears in the doorway.

His hair is sticking up, and he’s in only his boxers. They’re all black except for the panel in the front right over his dick that has a bright red wrapped gift in the center and says Stop Staring At My Package in big white letters.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

It doesn’t seem like we woke him, and I wonder if he was having trouble sleeping too.

He focuses on Dani in my arms. “Is she okay?”

Nathan pushes him back and climbs into the RV. “No. None of us are fine. Move.”

“What’s wrong?” Crew looks concerned even as he backs up.

“We haven’t touched each other for hours,” I say, swinging Dani’s feet to the floor and pulling the door shut behind us.

“And there’s an air mattress on the floor in her bedroom,” Nate bitches.

Crew laughs at that. “I couldn’t even cut it on the couch.”

“You’re all spoiled,” Dani says, looking at us all with amusement and love.

“Yes,” I agree. “And now we’re going to remind you that you are spoiled and that no touching rules are bullshit.”

“Such bullshit,” Crew agrees, reaching for Dani. But he has to reach around Nathan to get to her, and there’s not much space.

It’s an RV full of four adults, three of whom are big men.

Crew’s already got the thing warmed up and doing whatever RVs do overnight when people sleep inside them. I can admit that camping isn’t something I’ve done, and I have no idea how RVs work, especially RVs that are fifty years old.

But it’s clear Eddie didn’t just restore the exterior of this one. While the exterior could double on the set of Christmas Vacation, the interior did not look like this in the seventies. It’s cramped because it’s a damned RV and there are four of us, but it’s definitely been modernized, and the back bedroom area was gutted and redone. There’s a double bed back there now, but it’s not even a queen-sized mattress. There’s not room for much else, but at least there’s that.

And up here in the main area behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats, where the table, kitchenette, and eating bench are, we can at least all stand, though we’re essentially in a single-file line.

Nathan elbows Crew. “I know that hard-on isn’t for me, but I’d appreciate not having it pressed against my ass, McNeill.”

Crew grins. “Trust me, Boss, I have about a dozen places I can think of where I’d rather put it too.”

“A dozen?” Dani asks. “Do tell.”

I feel some of my own stress melting away as our dynamic starts shifting back to normal and our girl is clearly feeling a little flirty.

I’m behind her, so I move in, my hands on her hips, moving her forward to press into Nathan. What we all need is some sweaty, naked time where we are all firmly in our usual roles. We need to remember that no matter what is happening around us, no matter what other people may come in and out of the outer circle around us, the four of us are at the center and the same, always.

Nathan’s hands settle on her hips, and I run my hands up and down her arms. “So, we’re going to have to be creative,” I tell them. “There’s not a lot of space in here.”

“I don’t want a lot of space,” Dani says, one hand on Nathan’s chest as she lifts an arm to loop it around my neck.

“We’ve had too fucking much space today,” Nathan growls, his hands sliding up under her sweatshirt, stroking her sides.

He leans in and takes her mouth in a deep kiss. She arches close.

Crew reaches around, clearly not caring what Nathan can feel. He squeezes Dani’s hip, and she moans.

I lean in, my knee knocking against the ‘kitchen’ counter. Nathan tries to move to give Crew some room to get closer, but his head knocks against the cabinets over the bench seat.

“Fuck,” he mutters, pulling back and staring at her with heat. “If you won’t let me buy a house, we’re at least getting a goddamned hotel room.” He reaches for his phone again.

No.” I stop him, pressing Dani closer to him again. “You don’t need to call anyone to fix this. You just need to take care of our girl.”

We just need to be us. Right here and now. Where we’re at. We all need to know that we can do that no matter what’s going on around us.

Nathan needs to take control and boss her around. Hell, he needs to direct this whole thing. He’s been out of control the entire day, and I know that’s eating at him.

Crew needs to play with her and just let go and be himself without worrying about her mother thinking he’s too young and immature.

And I need to treat her like our princess.

Nathan’s jaw tightens. His eyes are still on Dani, but I know he hears me.

“Okay,” he finally agrees.

“No, it’s fine,” Dani says, stroking his face. “This is weird, I know. There’s not enough room in here. Let’s just go back to the bed, and we can just–”

“Take your clothes off, Danielle,” Nathan interrupts. His voice is low and firm, and his expression says there will be no arguing.

But this is Danielle.

Probably the only person on the planet who can push Nathan Armstrong and not suffer dire consequences.

Of course, it helps that she likes his punishments.

“Nathan, you’ve been so great today. I know you’re tired and frustrated. I’m sorry today was so much. I know my parents were a lot. I knew this would be…difficult. Let’s just sleep tonight. You don’t have to ‘take care of me’ any other way.”

Nathan growls. “Danielle.”

She hesitates. I squeeze her sides. “Yeah?” she asks quietly. Clearly, she knows Nathan has reached a breaking point.

“Take your fucking clothes off,” he orders.

I decide to be helpful, and I sweep her hoodie up over her head and toss it toward the front of the RV. I unhook Dani’s bra and toss it up front as well. I cup her breasts from behind, playing with her nipples as Nathan watches. She presses her ass back against me, almost instinctively.

Nathan takes a deep breath, seeming to relax. “I don’t want you to think right now, Danielle,” he tells her, cupping her face and dragging his thumb over her lower lip. “I don’t want you to worry or think about how any of us are feeling or how anyone else is feeling. This is about how you feel and getting you out of that pretty head.”

I nod. Exactly. We need to help her forget about all the things she’s been worrying about trying to mediate between her parents and the three of us. We just need her in this moment with us.

And all of us concentrating on her, our very favorite subject in the entire world, will get all of us out of our heads.

I put my mouth against her ear. “We need you, Cookie. Let us lose ourselves in you.”

She shivers, and her head drops back against my shoulder. “Oh, yes, please.”

Crew adjusts himself behind Nathan. “I just need to hear one time, ‘Crew, this RV was a great fucking idea after all. I apologize for ever doubting you.’ That’s it. Just once.”

“Crew,” Nathan says.

“Yeah, Boss?”

“Get Danielle naked.”

Nathan moves to the side.

Crew grins and slides past him to stand in front of Dani. “Okay, he can say it later. After we fuck your beautiful brains out.”

She laughs softly. He hooks his fingers in the top of her sweatpants and panties and strips them down her legs, kneeling to pull them and her slippers out of the way, then tossing them toward the front seats.

He starts kissing up her thigh, and I pinch her nipples harder. She moans, and her fingers tangle in Crew’s hair.

He starts to lift one of her thighs to his shoulder, but Nathan stops him.

“No. Not like this.”

Crew runs his hand up and down her thigh, and I kiss her neck.

“Then what?” Crew asks Nathan, looking up at Dani.

“I’m going to give you part of your Christmas present, McNeill,” Nathan tells him.

Crew’s eyebrows arch, and his gaze settles on Dani’s pussy. “I’m in.”

“Bring her back here.” Nathan starts for the back of the RV, where the bedroom is.

Crew rises, slowly, dragging his mouth up Dani’s body as he goes. He kisses her deeply, then takes her hand. “The Boss needs us in back.”

“Whatever you say,” she tells him.”

Crew gives her a wink and tugs her down the very short hallway. I follow, watching her sweet ass as she walks. The energy is definitely feeling familiar.

Nathan is on the bed, sitting with his back against the wall at the head of the mattress. Crew stops behind Dani at the foot of the bed, and I stand at the side. There’s just enough room for us to stand. There’s not enough room for all of us on that mattress, though. I lean back against the narrow built-in countertop. There’s maybe an extra inch of space above my head back here.

“Come here,” Nathan says, holding his hand out to Danielle.

Nathan and I are still fully dressed, and Crew’s in his boxers, while she doesn’t have a stitch on.

She crawls up to join Nathan. I can’t help but reach out and run a hand over her ass. The advantage of a small mattress and no space around it is that she’s within reach no matter where she goes in this bedroom.

Nathan pulls her into his lap but turns her so her back is against his chest, facing us.

He spreads her thighs, hooking her feet over the outside of his calves.

Crew and I both groan.

“Loving my gift, Nate,” Crew says, running his hand over his cock through his boxers.

Nathan runs his hands over Dani’s body, cupping her breasts, tugging on her nipples, and then skimming his hands down her body to her thighs. He runs his middle finger over her center, making her gasp as he rubs over her clit, then he holds her open with two fingers.

“Jesus,” Crew mutters, squeezing the front of his boxers.

“Danielle, tell Crew how many points he’s scored this season and what his shooting percent is.”

“Um…” She wets her lips and then focuses on Crew. “Thirty-seven goals and twenty-one point seven percent. Which is really good.” She gives him a sweet smile.

Then Nathan dips a finger inside her, and her smile drops as she moans.

“Very good,” he tells her.

Crew’s eyes are wide. “You’re learning my stats, Dani?” His hand rubs up and down his cock.

She nods. “Nathan’s teaching me what they all mean and what yours–”

Nathan slides his finger deep, and she breaks off as she gasps. His mouth is against her ear. “How many games has Crew played?” He pumps his finger in and out, and she grabs his thighs.

“Um…” Her eyes drift shut.

Nathan’s finger stops. “Danielle, answer the question.”

Her eyes open and she focuses on Crew. “Um… games,” she says, as if reminding herself of the question. “Forty-one. You haven’t missed a game this season.”

Crew nods. He actually looks touched. And incredibly turned on. “Right. That’s right, sweetheart.”

Nathan continues moving his finger in and out of her pussy. “So, Crew, you get to decide…do you want to hear our pretty girl recite all of your stats that she’s learned just for you? Or…” He adds a second finger, and her head falls back against his chest as she moans. “…do you want to eat this sweet pussy so well that our dirty little slut can’t think of anything but coming all over your face?”

Crew groans, his head falling forward. “So as long as she can remember my stats, I’m not doing a good enough job?” he asks. But he’s already moving into place. Crew gets on his stomach between her thighs. Nathan even pulls her legs wider for him.

“Yep,” Nathan says, looking smug. “You can have one or the other. Your favorite fan knowing all of your numbers…or your sweet slut screaming your name.”

Crew licks Dani’s inner thigh. “There’s only two numbers Dani needs to care about right now. How many orgasms she’s going to have and how many inches of cock she can take.”

Crew,” Dani groans.

“Move your fucking hand, Nathan,” Crew mutters, his hands gripping Dani’s knees.

Nathan complies. He lifts his hand to her mouth, sliding the fingers that were just in her pussy between her lips.

She sucks, and my cock pulses at the site.

Then Crew licks over her clit, and she cries out.

Nathan takes both breasts in hand again, tugging and pinching her nipples. Crew works her pussy with his tongue and mouth, and she’s soon writhing between them.

“What’s Crew’s average time on ice?” Nathan asks her.

Her head moves back and forth. “I um…”

He lets go of her nipples and moves his hand to the base of her throat, tipping her head back. “Answer me, Danielle,” he says firmly. “Crew’s average time on ice.”

She swallows, but I can see that Nathan is applying gentle pressure.


Crew is still licking at her clit, and now he adds a finger. She lifts her hips slightly, but Nathan puts his mouth against her ear. “Answer. Me.”

“Twenty-two minutes, nine seconds,” she gasps.

Nathan smirks, then kisses her neck. “Come on, McNeill, I thought you were good at this.”

“You’re an asshole,” Crew says. But he grins up at them. “But…I’m going to reward you so well for knowing that, sweet girl.”

She’s breathing fast, but she says, “You’ve had forty-three assists.”

Crew growls and lowers his head, sucking on her clit hard as he thrusts two fingers deep.

She cries out, and he doesn’t let up.

“What’s his PIM?” Nathan asks as she starts to lift her hips closer to Crew’s mouth.

“Ask her how many hat tricks I’ve had, you dick,” Crew says.

Nathan actually chuckles. Hell, I do too. Instead of asking about Crew’s league-leading, very impressive five hat tricks for the season, Nathan’s asking about his time in the penalty box.

“I don’t…” Dani shakes her head. “I mean, I know it. But I can’t…remember.”

Then Crew does something–it’s hard to see exactly what from my vantage point–that takes her up and over the edge with a loud, “Oh my God, Crew!”

He kisses his way up to her belly, slowly removing his fingers. Then he shifts up to kiss her.

When he leans back, she says, still breathless, “Five. You’ve had five hat tricks this season.”

He grins and kisses her again. “My very good fucking girl.”

“And twenty minutes in the box,” Nathan mutters.

“Come here,” Crew says to Dani, ignoring Nathan. He pulls her down the mattress until she’s fully underneath him. He kisses her deeply, running his hands up and down her body, just pressing her into the mattress for a moment.

“Fuck her,” Nathan orders.

Crew reaches down and lowers his boxers, freeing his cock. He lines up with Dani’s entrance and thrusts.

She gasps his name again, wrapping her legs around him.

He pounds into her. “Jesus, God, you feel good,” he says against her neck.

“Yes, oh, yes,” she agrees, her fingers digging into his back.

“There’s no room for us to take you together, so you’ll have to be an extra good slut tonight and keep those legs open until we’re all done with you,” Nathan tells her, brushing her hair back from her head as Crew fucks her.

She moans, and Crew’s rhythm picks up.

“Fuck, I can’t hold on,” he says through gritted teeth. “Dani… Jesus, Dani.”

“Fill me up, Crew,” she tells him. “Just let go.”

And he does. He comes with a muttered curse, pumping his hips a few more times before he stops, dropping his forehead to hers. “Dammit, girl, you destroy me every time.”

She runs her hands through his hair. “I love you, Crew.”

“I love you too, Dani girl.”

He kisses her, and Nathan says, “Get off her.”

Crew lifts his head, laughing. “Next.” He winks at her. “What a good dirty girl, just laying here, taking us one after another.”

A little shiver goes through her that says she loves all of that.

“She’s not just going to lay there,” Nathan says. “Hands and knees, Danielle.”

Crew whistles and moves off of her and the bed, pulling his boxers back up. “Fuck, yes.”

She rolls to her stomach.

“Head towards me,” Nathan says. “I want to see your gorgeous face while you take Hughes’s cock.”

A shaft of heat stabs me in the gut. I immediately straighten.

Dani looks over at me. She gives me a smile that makes my cock absolutely ache. “Be gentle with me, Dr. Hughes.”

“I don’t think you’re worn out at all,” I tell her, pulling my shirt over my head and shoving my pants off. I kick my shoes and pants to the side and reach for her, running a big hand over her ass.

“I’m feeling very energized,” she tells me. She licks her lips. “I might be able to come up with some more hockey statistics, in fact.”

“Oh really.” I run my hand over her ass, and dip down between her legs. She’s hot and sticky. I dip a thick finger into her pussy, and then run it up over her tighter back entrance. “Tell me, Cookie. Give me a few stats.”

She catches her breath as I press into her pretty ass.


“What’s that?” I ask, leaning over her, bracing my hand on the mattress, pressing my finger deeper. “I can’t hear the impressive list of numbers you’re rattling off.”

“Two,” she pants.

I grin. “Two? Two what?” I slide my finger in and out, then add my thumb against her clit.

She swallows. “Skates. He wears two skates.”

I chuckle, press a kiss to her shoulder blade, and move my fingers even deeper. “Yes, he does. You’re such a good student, Cookie.”

She presses back against my hand. “That feels so good.”

“You want more of that?” I move my hand a little faster. I know she does.


“Where do you want me to fill you up, Dani?”

Her head drops forward, and she’s breathing faster. She’s quickly become a fan of being taken in both places at once. We can’t do that tonight, but I will do whatever else she wants me to, and we’ll give her as much pleasure as we possibly can.


“Take her ass, Hughes.” Nathan shifts, reaching underneath and running his hands along her belly to her clit. “I’ll fill up this greedy pussy.”

I lean back, and he thrusts three fingers into her at once. She cries out in pleasure, and I wrap a hand around my cock, squeezing.

I run my other hand up her back. “Dani–”

“I’m ready, Michael. Please.”

Her begging is my weakness.

“Fuck,” I mutter. I ease another finger into her, stretching her and making sure she’s ready.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she’s babbling.

Nathan is finger-fucking her hard, and Crew has reached out to play with her nipples.

I spit on my hand, coat my cock, and then line up. I press forward slowly but steadily, filling her.

She presses back against me, taking me. “Michael! Yes!”

My name on her lips makes me have to pause so I don’t slam into her. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I mutter.

She reaches back, grabbing my wrist. “Please, Michael.”

How the hell am I supposed to do anything else?

“How many hat tricks does Crew have this season, Danielle?” Nate asks.

I see him glance at our hockey star.

Crew lifts his middle finger. Nathan grins.

Danielle, on the other hand, just shakes her head quickly. She already answered this one, but she still says, “No. I don’t know. I can’t…”

Crew leans in. He wraps her hair around his hand and tips her head back. “Seventeen, pretty girl. That’s your number right now.”

She tries to shake her head, but I pull out a little and then push back in, and she can’t think. I fucking love that.

“That’s how many inches of cock you’ve taken so far, and that makes you a very good girl.” He kisses her forehead. “Just let us in.”

She whimpers softly, and I pull back and thrust again. Nathan keeps his hand moving. Crew keeps her head up.

Within minutes, my balls are tightening, and I’m going to come.


And she comes apart just then, crying out my name, and then Nathan’s, then Crew’s. I pump my hips and fill her up, my release so fucking satisfying.

I keep hold of her hips as I ease out of her to keep her from falling forward. Crew kisses her again and lets go of her hair. Nathan reaches up and grasps her chin. “Ride me, Danielle.”

He’s not going to give her even a minute.

He pulls her forward. She straddles his hips. At some point, as I was losing my mind in her, he freed his cock from his pants, and she immediately starts to sink down on him.

“Oh, God,” she murmurs. “I don’t know if I can…”

Nathan is gripping her hips, and he presses her down fully. “Take my cock like a good girl, Danielle.”

She has a safe word, and it’s not I don’t know if I can.

“Yes, oh, Nathan.” She grips his shoulders.

“That’s my girl.” He’s moving her. She’s not doing much, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

“I don’t know anything about hockey right now,” she says softly, almost to herself.

“Goddamned right, you don’t,” Nathan says, picking up their pace.

“Do you even know what day it is?” Crew teases.

“No,” she says. “I don’t care. I just want…this. All of this, every day.”

Mission accomplished in getting our girl out of her head and away from her worries.

Nathan is now thrusting up into her with a furious pace, and soon he’s shouting out his release.

Finally, Dani slumps against him, completely spent.

Nathan tucks her face into his shoulder, running his hand up and down her back and resting his head back against the wall. Crew and I both lean back against the walls behind us.

A few minutes pass with all of us just breathing and recovering and appreciating all of this.

But eventually Crew looks around and says, “Yes, I know this RV was a brilliant idea. You are all fucking welcome. And yes, I’m happy to be in charge of transportation for all future road trips, holidays, and vacations.”

No,” Nathan and I say at the same time.

But we’re all grinning.

Well, all except Dani.

She’s fallen asleep against Nathan.


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