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Four Pucking Christmases: Chapter 3


I NEED a little post-game love from my girl. I always get energized (or pissed if we lose) after a game, and tonight I’m keyed up. We’re killing it this season, and I can practically smell the playoffs. The only thing I want more than a shot at that cup is my girl.

Our girl.

“Honey, I’m home! Give your favorite hockey player a victory kiss,” I announce as Doc and I arrive back at Nathan’s place. She left right after the game with Nathan, worried about having enough time to pack for our holiday house-hopping festivities. “Who’s ready for a road trip?”

My answer is a soft, low moan, and I’m greeted with the perfect shot of Dani laid out on the kitchen island. She’s still wearing her sweater, but it’s pushed up, and her jeans are on the floor by Nathan’s feet. Her ankles are propped on Nathan’s shoulders, and her cheeks are flushed as his tongue works her clit. Lust kicks me in the gut.

Now that’s the way to kick off the holiday break.

I turn to Michael and raise an eyebrow. “Looks like the party got started without us.”

“Looks that way.” He clears his throat as he yanks off his overcoat. “There’s a joke about packing somewhere here, but I don’t care.”

“Same.” I take my own coat and shoes off, never taking my eyes away from Dani and Nathan.

“Hi, guys,” she says breathlessly, forcing her eyes open to greet us. “Great game, Crew. I’m so proud—oh, God!—

Her sentence is cut off as she bucks her hips, blindly grasping for Nathan. “Yes, yes, Nathan, please, yes,” she cries out as she explodes in an orgasm.

Dani grips Nathan’s hair and grinds him deeper down into her pussy, and I rub my cock through my pants, so fucking turned on by how beautiful she is in her passion. Watching her grow into who she is, uninhibited and fully enjoying sex, has been amazing to watch.

Even with Nathan, that bossy bastard.

Not that I actually care, but I can read that motherfucker like a book. When we first all got together with Dani, he would do things out of jealousy. Now I like to think it’s more a form of teasing me, and maybe a way to assert his position as boss.

“He did that on purpose, didn’t he?” I ask Michael, sparing a glance in his direction.

Hughes gives a tight nod. “Oh, hell, yeah, he did.”

We’re both striding over to them, intent on getting in on the action, when Nathan pulls back with a smug smirk on his face. “Do what? Get our sexy little slut ready for you both?”

“Make her come in the middle of her compliment to me.”

“What are you talking about?” he asks, straightening up and easing Dani’s legs onto the island. “That never occurred to me.”

He does a decent job of sounding innocent. But he’s full of shit. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Here, sweetheart,” he adds, as if he’s the most congenial motherfucker on the planet, “time for McNeill and Hughes to taste you too.”

Dani nods eagerly and reaches her hand toward the two of us. “Come here.”

Peeling my shirt off, I gesture for Michael to take her outstretched hand as Nathan strips her sweater off and tosses it to the floor.

“Go for it, Doc,” I tell him. “Merry Christmas.”

Michael is so easygoing that he tends to hang back and let me and Nathan greedily do whatever we want with our sweet Dani. He may be our calming influence and mediator, but that’s all the more reason we should give him more consideration so we don’t take him for granted. It’s something I’ve been working on because I’m definitely aware that I’m not the most mature person in this relationship. I want to do this right so we can keep it going. Forever, if I have my way.

Damn, I fucking love this woman, I think as I watch Michael give Dani a slow, teasing kiss on the lips before he drops down and shifts his head between her thighs. Then I can see his tongue easing in and out of her pink pussy and how her thighs clench in response. My cock throbs, so I reach for my belt buckle, yanking it open.

“Jesus, Dani, I can see how wet you are from here. You’re so fucking hot and wet that pretty little pussy is just dripping down onto Doc’s tongue.”

“I’m so wet,” she agrees, her voice so excited and eager as I take my zipper down. “Michael, yes, that’s just perfect—oh, my God.”

The way she freely and enthusiastically invites Michael into her, the way she spreads her legs further and runs her fingernails across his scalp, and her heels dig into his shoulders, is sexy as hell.

“How does she taste, Doc?” I wrap my fist around my throbbing cock at the base of my shaft, studying Dani intently.

“Like the sweetest cookie I’ve ever eaten,” he murmurs, lifting his chin up and down to tickle her soft thighs with his beard the way Dani likes.

It gives her goosebumps on cue.

Nathan is leaning on the island, fully dressed, and he digs his fingers into Dani’s wavy red hair, forcing her to turn toward him. “Kiss me,” he demands. “Taste yourself on me because Hughes is right—your pussy is as sweet as candy, baby.”

Moving in on the other side of Dani’s thighs, I fully enjoy the view. Nathan’s tongue teases between her lips as Michael’s flicks over her clit. I casually reach out and take one of her tight nipples between my thumb and forefinger and roll it. Dani gasps in approval, momentarily breaking the kiss with Nathan before he drags her back in.

She’s stopped wearing panties at our request. Or command. The thought makes me grin a little. Dani likes being told what to do, and I find that sexy as fuck. She skips the bra too when she’s layered up like she is today. She’s wearing a tank top under her festive red sweater, and it’s still shoved up over the peaks of her breasts.

“Thanks for getting these out for me to play with, Nate,” I murmur as I pinch harder, then soothe the sting by enclosing my mouth over it and suckling it gently.

Adding my mouth to the mix changes the timbre of her breathing. She’s quivering and panting. Closing my eyes, I revel in that sound. I flick my tongue over the curve of her breast as I move my hand up and down on my hard cock. She tastes so good, her skin so smooth and soft that my need intensifies. I want a kiss, that intimate connection that she manages to share with all of us with ease.

I tap Nathan on the shoulder. “Switch with me, Boss.”

He does without hesitation. He really is in the holiday spirit today. I may have to ask him to drive his car later before his awesome mood evaporates. Which it will once he both sees my surprise tomorrow and he’s forced to endure three Christmases with people he’s never met.

Dani is reaching for me. “Crew. Kiss me.”

I want to more than anything, but I’ve learned to read her body and her voice. She’s on the verge of coming again. That little tremble in her thighs, the raspberry bloom across her cleavage, her head lolling back, and the hitch in her voice are all giveaways. A little teasing right now will go a long way in making her orgasm as hot and intense as possible.

She jolts a little when Nathan takes her other nipple into his mouth with a, “You like that, baby?”

“Oh, yes.”

Doc is stroking his tongue in and out of her like a champ, and he’s added his thumb, which explains her hips rocking and her back arching.

“I’ll kiss you in a second,” I tell her. “Come for Doc, baby. I can see how much you need to. Don’t hold back.”

Nate understands what needs to happen. This one belongs to Doc. Nathan eases off of her right as Michael shifts his tongue to her clit and hooks a second finger inside of her. Dani almost levitates off the island as she bursts apart like the firecracker she is, a cry of “Michael!” flying off of her lips. Nathan holds her firmly in place so she doesn’t accidentally disengage Doc’s tongue as she shakes and screams through a powerful orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I growl, stroking my dick harder and harder. I can’t even comprehend how hot this woman is. “Now I’ll kiss you.” I take her mouth, hard, wanting her to pant and cry the remnants of her orgasm into my kiss.

As she opens for me, I grip her hand and pull it down onto my cock, moving her up and down my hard length. “That’s it. Touch me while you come down.”

“Damn, Cookie,” Michael says. “That was sugar and spice, baby.”

I sense him rising to his feet. My eyes are closed as I pour myself into the embrace, pumping Dani’s petite hand harder and harder over me. I need more. I need all of her. I’m barely aware of my other hand seeking out her breast, cupping soft flesh, and squeezing hard. I need to fuck her.

I’m pulling my dick out when Nathan interrupts me.

“McNeill, bedroom, now,” Nathan orders.

He’s right. It’s easier for Dani to take all three of us on the bed. With extreme willpower I rip myself away from her.

Dani is primed for more. She’s all pink cheeks and goosebumps, her eyes glazed over with desire. Her legs are slack, her chest heaving up and down. Her pussy is all pretty and pink, moisture trailing down her inner thigh that I want to lap up.

Michael raises his fingers and sucks the essence of Dani off of him. I almost moan, jealous, but in a good fucking way. I’m not a patient guy, but I know I’ll get my turn to taste her sweet little pussy, if not tonight, then tomorrow, and it will be worth the wait.

I do bend over and indulge in flicking my tongue over her tangy sweetness easing down her thigh. She shivers and reaches for me, trying to direct my head between her legs.

“Nope.” I stand back up. “Get over here, gorgeous,” I tell her as I scoop her up. “Let’s go where we can all worship you head to toe.”

She wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her nipples brush against my bare skin as she turns, questing for another kiss. Her lips are swollen and shiny, and I know exactly what I want next— my dick sliding in between them. I want to watch her eyes go wide and tear up as she chokes on my cock. Dani is always ready and willing to take me deep.

I give her the kiss she’s seeking, but then I turn back to Nathan and lift her up a little under her knees to display her backside. “Seems to me there’s a hot little ass hanging out that might need to be spanked.”

“You read my mind,” Nathan says, rubbing his jaw as he stares intently at Dani’s bare flesh.

“What did I do?” Dani asks, sounding full of fake concern.

Nathan gives her tight little ass a resounding smack. “You distracted me with all your sexiness, and I never packed a bag.”

“I’m so sorry. You’re right,” she says eagerly. “I should definitely be punished.”

“She sounds way too excited to be contrite,” Michael says, shifting in on my opposite side, a grin on his face. “She’s even wiggling her ass for more.”

Dani giggles because Doc is right. She’s definitely arching her back to give Nathan better access.

“Now that deserves another smack,” Nathan says, doing just that.

The sound of his palm connecting with her bare flesh has my dick throbbing, as does her reaction. She moans, deep and low, her adorable little laugh cutting off instantly.

“You like that, you naughty girl?” I growl.

She nods. “Yes. I’m such a bad girl, aren’t I?”

“So bad,” Nathan agrees. His eyes are dark as he runs his palm softly over the curve of her ass then gives her another light crack.

Dani likes Nathan’s dominant style. Hell, she likes all our varying personalities, but in the bedroom she loves when Nathan goes full dom. Which I love to watch. “You’re our naughty little plaything, aren’t you?” I ask as I start walking again, entering Nathan’s bedroom.

“Yes. You know you all can do anything you want to me. Anything.” Her voice and expression shine with sincerity and love.

That level of trust makes my heart just about burst open with love for her. She’s fucking amazing.

I glance over at Nathan, and he’s paused in the middle of taking his pants down. He looks stricken by her words, nostrils flaring with emotion and desire. Dani’s trust means everything to him because it’s a level of intimacy he’s never had with a woman.

With all of us.

I never have either. This relationship we have going is deeper than any I’ve had before, and nights like this give me something I didn’t even know I needed.

“Oh, we’re going to punish you, and then we’re going to love on you all damn night,” Doc says, leaning over and giving her a teasing kiss, his tongue dragging across her bottom lip.

When he eases back, he adds, “Put our sweet Cookie down, Crew. We need to decide what we’re going to do to her.”

I toss her down on the bed because that’s the vibe she’s clearly craving. It’s not hard, but it makes a point. She’s not getting gentle loving tonight, and we’re all clearly on the same page about it.

“I know exactly what we’re doing,” Nathan says, kicking off his pants. “Take that top off, then all fours, Danielle,” he orders. “And take your punishment like a good little slut.”

“Excellent plan,” Doc says, getting undressed and folding his clothes to deposit on the chair by the door.

I don’t have his level of tidiness. I shuck, drop, and kick my pants to the corner.

Dani instantly obeys Nathan’s command. The sight of her red hair tumbling down over her shoulders as she presents her ass for a spanking has me moving around to climb on the bed in front of her. When my hard cock is in front of her, she looks up at me from under her eyelashes.

“May I?” she asks.

“Hell, yeah. I’ve been waiting all day for this. Open your mouth.”

Her lips, swollen from our kisses and her own tangy sweetness that Nathan kissed onto her from his own mouth, part readily for me right as Nathan shifts around the opposite side of the bed from Michael and slaps a crop into his hand.

Dani’s eyes widen. She turns to see what the sound was right as I slip the head of my dick between her lips. I groan as the moist heat of her mouth covers my swollen tip.

“We have another gift for you,” Nathan tells her. He slides the edge of it along his palm and whacks it on his flesh again in demonstration.

Goosebumps appear on Dani’s back and arms as she flicks her tongue over my cock and watches Nathan intently.

The four of us had discussed introducing some toys into the bedroom because it’s clear Dani wants to explore more, and we had a consensus on a few different options. One was spanking with a crop, which really seemed to intrigue Dani. Us guys had done a little online shopping together, teasing Dani about it for the last week.

I hadn’t realized the package had arrived.

Seeing Nathan drag the black leather over the curve of Dani’s peach has my balls tightening and my mouth going dry. Burying my fingers in her thick hair, I turn her head back to face my dick directly. I don’t want her to know or anticipate when a blow might occur. “Look at me,” I tell her. “Open nice and wide and take that dick like a good girl. Make me come.”

She licks her lips and gives me a sweet sexy smile. Then she encloses her mouth over my cock and starts to take me deep. Except Nathan lands the crop on Dani right then and she jerks in shock, her lips tightening on me.

I groan. She moans around my cock.

Michael makes a sound of approval, reaching under Dani. “You need something else, baby?” he asks. “How about my finger?”

She nods and shifts her hips so her legs are spread wider, accepting his touch. With one hand still in her hair, I trace the other down the curve of her spine, watching goosebumps appear in the wake of my touch. “You like that?” I ask her. “You like Michael finger-fucking you while you suck my cock?”

Dani pulls back enough to breathe, “Yes. I love it. So much.”

She does. She’s rocking onto him and each time she shifts backward, she draws in her cheeks, sucking me in tighter with her slick warm mouth. My thighs are clenched as I enjoy the sensation of this woman—our woman—taking my dick like it’s her job. A job she fucking loves.

“I love it too.” Enough that I’m not sure how much longer I can last. Tension is rippling through all my muscles, my grip tightening on her hair, taking over the rhythm and fucking her mouth.

“What about you, Hughes?” Nathan asks, running the leather crop down the backs of Dani’s thighs. “Enjoying feeling that tight little pussy before it gets fucked?”

“Oh, yeah. I think she’s nice and ready.” Michael’s voice is tight.

He wants inside her heat with more than his finger.

Dani is getting desperate. She’s trembling, her skin flushed with color.

I’m so deep in her mouth that her eyes are watering, and she’s pumping herself back onto Michael.

Nathan smacks her ass again and again, now in a steady rhythm, and after thirty seconds, she flies apart, writhing in her ecstasy.

The sight is so gorgeous, I can’t hold out. “I’m coming,” I warn her through gritted teeth, right before I fill her mouth with my own hot explosion.

My eyes drift close briefly, but then I force them open as I pull away, enjoying the view of my cum sliding down over her lips. She sucks in a shuddery breath then moans.


But Nathan is already rotating out to take my position. “Go for it, Hughes.”

Michael doesn’t hesitate. He shifts to the end of the bed and drives his dick into Dani from behind. She gives the most glorious cry of pleasure. I stand up on shaky legs and stand where Doc was previously, reaching out to tease at the tight little pebbles her nipples have hardened into.

Nathan eases himself into her mouth.

We’re in total sync now, working together to take Dani to that place where she’s a quivering mass of orgasm after orgasm, her moans drifting into each other, all our minds empty of any thoughts of anything other than the pleasure we share.

Michael’s palms tighten on Dani’s hips and he pauses briefly before he comes with a curse. Dani reaches up and squeezes the base of Nathan’s shaft as she glances back at Michael and murmurs, “I love you.”

His voice is tight. “I love you, too, Cookie.”

Then she stares up at Nathan and tells him, “I love you.”

He shudders and gives a low groan as he spills into her mouth. “I love you, too, Danielle.”

I release her nipples and pet the back of her hair, sensing her exhaustion. “You good, babe? You want more?”

Her green eyes lock on mine. “I want you.”

Giving my cock a couple of hard pulls to make sure it’s hard enough—which it is, because watching her, there’s no other option—I stalk to the end of the bed as Michael moves away, shaking his head in bemused satisfaction.

I’ll never get tired of this. Of her. When I run my fingers across the curve of her backside, I indulge in drawing out the moment, teasing between her cheeks, and finding her swollen bud.

But Dani’s having none of it.

“Please,” she begs. “Crew. God, I need you.”

“You heard the woman,” Nathan says. “Give her what she needs.”

That’s all the encouragement I need.

Once I’m inside her, there’s no going slow. I pound into her tight heat and tell her, “I fucking love you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Crew.”

Our orgasms blend together, while Nathan holds Danielle’s head and Michael watches her expression intently.

Then we’re all on the bed, holding Dani, petting her, spent and satisfied.

“I guess I really should pack,” she says, rolling on her side with a grin. “We have an early start tomorrow.”

“I’ll pack for you,” Michael offers.

“I’ll buy you new clothes,” Nathan says.

“I like you naked anyway,” I tell her, brushing back an errant curl from her cheek.

“That will make quite the impression,” she says dryly, her cheeks still pink from exertion.

“My parents already love you. And so do yours.”

“We’ll see when we get there.”

I don’t know fear. It’s not a familiar feeling to me at all. Not on the ice, not in my personal life. I don’t give a shit about spiders, or flying on airplanes, or standing on glass floors at high heights.

But Dani getting hurt?

Now that fucking scares me.

“What can go wrong? Besides, parents, especially moms, love me.”

They do. I can charm a rattlesnake.

Then again, my overconfidence is arguably my weakness.

But I shove that thought aside and cuddle with my girl until she falls asleep sandwiched in between me and Michael, Nathan taking the outside.

Between the three of us, we can get her through anything.

Even Christmas.


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