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Heir of Broken Fate: Chapter 50

I wake up covered in sweat, a scream leaving my burning throat as I jolt awake.

Knox is beside me in a heartbeat, rubbing my back. “It was just a dream, Angel,” he soothes.

I shake my head, throwing the covers off me as I get out of bed, rushing into the bathroom just in time as bile burns my throat. Knox’s large hands sweep my hair behind my head, rubbing circles along my back as I hurl the entire contents of my stomach.

I stand on shaking legs, my ears ringing and hands trembling as I get changed. “I need you to take me to the mermaids,” I wheeze.

Knox wastes no time. Without questioning me, he changes into his fighting leathers, blades strapped to his back. “Do you want to fly or teleport?”

“Teleport. I think I’ll vomit again if I’m in the air,” I whisper hoarsely.

Knox pushes my hair behind my ears, gently kissing my forehead as white light surrounds us, the floor beneath me disappearing and the forest’s ground replacing it.

I lift my head, stumbling into Knox’s arms as I find the entirety of the mermaid pod in the swimming hole, waiting for me. The leader of the pack bobs in the water at the front, her white hair glowing in the moonlight, shining brighter than the mermaids around her.

I kneel on the edge of the riverbank, threading my fingers through the forest grass to stabilize me.

Her face is just as cold as the first time I saw her.

“It isn’t over, is it?” I croak.

Fear like no other fills my heart as horror flashes across the mermaid’s eyes.

“It is only the beginning,” she whispers.


  1. Fai says:

    Hi! I really loved this book, is there any way you can upload the second book of this series, Heir of Broken Kingdom?
    Thanks x


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