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Hitched: Chapter 23


I wake up in bed without Lex. Last night came to an ugly head for both of us. I had the chance to leave, and I almost did. I got in the truck, wrestled with the pistol in my lap, and decided to go back inside. But my anger still ripped through me, coursing through every cell in my body, and that’s why I pulled his gun on him. I needed to know why he sometimes seemed like two different people. Why was he always so willing to push me away? Only he could answer that for me.

I climb out of bed and hold my sweat-soaked shirt away from my skin. I hear the water sluggishly running outside. The sound beckons me and when I walk outside, the steamy air assaults me. It grows hot so early in the day here. I follow the sound to the shower stall in the back of the house and find Lex. He’s turned away from me as he washes his hair beneath the rusty showerhead. I strip my clothes off and come in behind him. He doesn’t turn around at first, his demeanor as cold as the water raining down on me.

“Lex?” I whisper. He puts his hands on the grime-coated wall. I reach around his slick body and rub a hand over his healing stab wound.

“I was a mess when I thought you were gone,” he says. His words make me shiver more than the cold water. “I didn’t want to live without you, bunny.” He finally turns toward me. Water drips from his nose and slides past his full lips. “I’ll stop pushing you away if you’re sure you can deal with the half of me I try to keep from you.”

I lean into his broad chest. “Maybe you should stop keeping it from me. I can handle all of you, Lex. I’m not afraid of you. The person you become when you try to fight yourself is the one I fear. It’s this neck-breaking pendulum of emotions. It’s even more erratic when you try to make sense of that part of you. Even if there were a hundred dead bodies around us, I’d love you. Yeah, I was upset when you killed that man, and I felt a lot of guilt, but I wasn’t surprised. I expect you to kill a man who thinks about touching me. I knew a clock was ticking above his head. What I don’t expect is for you to push me away every time. Like you say to me, stop running from what you are. What you’re capable of.” I look up at him, blinking away the water as it wets my hair. “I accept all of you, Lexington.”

“How, Selena?” He tugs me into him. “How do I deserve you after hurting as many people as I have? After all the times I hurt you? That’s what I couldn’t figure out yesterday. After everything I’ve done to you, you still want to stay with me. Someone like me doesn’t deserve someone so fucking forgiving.”


Selena cleans up and gets out of the shower. She hates the cold water. I stay beneath it for a while longer, reflecting on everything that happened. I stay there until it becomes too much to bear.

I turn off the water and step into the sun. Its powerful rays warm my skin almost immediately. I grab the pair of jeans I set out and pull them on, letting the sun kiss my skin a little longer before heading back inside.

Selena is sitting on the couch in front of a fan, dressed in a pair of black shorts and a cami. Sweat beads on her forehead. I smirk. She doesn’t like the cold or the heat. She’s a picky little rabbit. She gets off the recliner and steps into me. I wrap my arms around her and forget all that happened between us last night. It’s as if we never extinguished someone’s life.

Selena is fucking insane for wanting to stay with me, but she’s not stupid. Of all the things she is—a little spoiled, stubborn, and bratty—she’s not dumb. I need to accept that she’s crazy enough to risk her life to be mine. She understands I could hurt her one day. I have to accept that she’s unconditionally mine, even when I murder a man for thinking of her.

I lean down and kiss her, tasting the salt of sweat on her lips. I brush her nipples through the thin material of her cami. She shivers at my touch. I grip both sides of her head as I kiss her, and there’s not a hint of fear in her, even after she’s seen what I’ve done with nothing more than these two hands.

She moans against my mouth.

“Oh, bunny,” I growl, stepping deeper into her and gripping her perfect ass. I hook my fingers into the waistband of her shorts and tug them down. The moment I expose her pale skin, I grow rabid. I’m hungry for her in a way this freedom allows me to be. The freedom we worked so fucking hard for. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt free in any way, even before I got locked up.

I pull off her cami. Her perfect tits relax and spread, and my mouth waters for them.

She pushes me down on the bed. Well, I let her push me down. She climbs over my lap, straddling my waist. I grip her hips and move her bare skin along my fly, letting her leave a trail of wetness on my jeans. She moans at the friction.

Her hands reach for my zipper, and I love how her hunger comes through the motions of her fingertips. When I met Selena, she wouldn’t have put her hand on me like this or taken charge of her pleasure. I like when my little rabbit becomes a predator when it comes to getting what she wants, especially when she wants my cock.

She pulls my cock from my jeans and when she lowers herself, I feel the end of her. Her absolute limit. She gives me all of her body, just like she always has, as if last night never happened. As if I hadn’t killed a man and she hadn’t pulled my gun on me.

“Good girl, bunny,” I groan as I drop my head back and let myself feel the weight of her on my lap. I listen to her growing moans. We’ve made love and basked in each other’s pleasure so few times.

Her body gleams with sweat as she rides me. She forgets how much she hates the heat when it’s me that warms her. Her hands drop to my chest, and she grinds on my lap. I grip her nipples and make her whimper as I squeeze. I pull her chest to mine and kiss her. She spasms around me, squeezing the base of my dick. I pull out so she can tense around my swollen head. I groan and let her pleasure please me. She feels incredible, even once her pussy relaxes and stretches around me.

“God, bunny,” I growl. “I can’t get enough of your pussy. Can’t get enough of you.”

“Lexington,” she groans.

I look up at her and fight the flicker of frustration as she says my full name again. I don’t want him to come and change how I’m fucking her. How she’s fucking me. I don’t want him to come and fuck her selfishly when I want her to be selfish as she chases her orgasm.

There’s a darkness that creeps over her expression, completing the transformation into my little wolf with my cock deep inside her.

“Have you ever been spit on?” she asks, a sly grin on her face as she leans forward and rocks on my lap.

Oh, rabbit. “Not the way you’re thinking,” I say.

“Open your mouth.”

I consider shaking my head and telling her no. I’m not into that. I’d spit on her pretty face, in her mouth, on her perfect little cunt, but I’d never considered taking her spit.

But I’ll do anything for her, and if she wants to spit in my mouth, I’ll let her.

I put my hand behind her neck and drag her toward my mouth. Her lips are so close to mine. I spread my lips and wait for her move. Selena pouts and releases a slow and sensual mouthful of spit that hits my tongue.

Fuck. I didn’t think I was into that, but the moment her spit lands in my mouth and she raises herself to ride me, I’m done for.

I pull her down and kiss her again, with our spit still mixing together. I grab her hip with one hand as I coach her movement until she makes me come.

“Dirty fucking rabbit,” I growl as I come inside her, filling her as deeply as I can. She doesn’t climb off me, not even as my come drips down my shaft and pools on my pelvis. Her hips just rock and coat her pussy in it.

I lift my hip and lay her on her back once more. She kisses me. Someone like her shouldn’t let someone like me inside her, let alone allow me to fill her up as much as I have. I’ve made her take every drop of me since the first time I fucked her.

I pull out of her, and my come drips from her, covering every arch of her perfect pussy. I push her legs apart. “Keep them spread for me,” I tell her. Her inner thighs shine with silky cream. “God, I love seeing my come dripping from you. Such a sweet-faced little bunny who has no fucking idea what she’s gotten herself into.” I run my hand up her thigh, cleaning my come off her skin. “Or maybe you know exactly what you got yourself into and you just don’t care.”

I push my come back inside her as I lean over and kiss her. I fuck her with my fingers, and the wet sound of our come is like music to my ears. When more drips from her, I drop between her legs and give her a long lick to clean her up. She moans and fists my hair as I curl my tongue and catch every drop.

I sit up and fist her hair, tugging her up until her lips part against the pressure. I spit into her mouth, making her take the last bit of us—our spit and our come. She moans and swallows with a bite of her lower lip.

She’ll always take everything I give her.

“I love you, Lex,” she pants against my mouth as I shove my fingers deep inside her. She releases a moan, and I chase her words with the tips of my fingers. Her chest rises to meet mine.

I’ve never said I love you to anyone. It feels unnatural. Too foreign. It’s a concept I can’t wrap my mind around. I don’t understand the word or how it came from her husband’s mouth so easily when he clearly didn’t love her. How can it matter so much and so little from one person to another? I pull away from her mouth, and the words stick in my throat. I want to say it to her—I’m full of that feeling for her—but it’s just not as easy for me to say them. I try to show her how I feel, but for a woman like Selena, that will never be enough. She needs to hear it from me, and I’m trying.

I swallow hard. It’s as if I am preparing to speak a new language for the first time in front of a room of people. I’ll never understand how natural it is for her, how it just rolls off her tongue without a hint of hesitation, especially after everything I’ve done to her and everything she’s witnessed.

I wrap one hand behind her neck and lift her toward my lips. I pull my fingers out of her and put them in her mouth. She takes my come-coated fingers and swallows them whole. God, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

“I love you, bunny,” I let the words roll from my lips and drip into her mouth.

If anyone had told me the scared young thing I carjacked at gunpoint would be the sexy, strong woman beneath me who just spit in my goddamn mouth, I wouldn’t have believed them. Not her. Not the sweet little bunny. Now I know what she really is and that she’s right where she needs to be.

With me.


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