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HUGE PLAYERS: Chapter 14

Who the hell is knocking this late?

Kyle scrabbles on the floor for his pants and pulls out his phone. “Shit, Kameron’s been trying to get hold of me.”

“You had it on silent?”

He nods. “We’re going to have to answer it. It could be about Jameson.”

“How?” I hiss. “Do you not see what I currently look like?”

Kyle chuckles lowly. “You look like you’ve just been fucked good.”

My eyebrows hit my hairline. “Exactly, and I stink of sex.”

“You’re perfect,” Kyle says.

“And you’re naked.”

“Kameron’s seen that almost every day of his life, and he has an identical matching dick so none of this will be a surprise.”

I shake my head but slide off the edge of the bed to find my robe.

Maybe Kyle isn’t bothered about his nakedness but I am.

Kyle doesn’t bother with his shirt, just tugs his workout pants on and ambles to the door. I want to punch him in the head he looks so amazing. Why do guys have it so easy? When I catch a glimpse of myself in the bedroom mirror I look as though I’ve had an argument with a raccoon in a bush. Even some frantic smoothing with my hands doesn’t have much effect.

I can hear mumbling at the door and then footsteps and the door closing. When I stick my head into the den, Kameron is standing next to his brother.

“You’re doing it here?” he asks incredulously.

“No one knows I’m here. Mom’s got her mind filled with other things right now.”

“Do you not realize how risky this is?” Kameron shakes his head and then notices me listening.

“Hey,” I say with an awkward little wave.

Kameron shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Maisie. Kyle should have known better.”

“Maybe we both should have known better.” I step from around the door and come to stand next to Kyle, who puts his arm around my shoulder protectively.

“There is nothing wrong with this,” Kyle says. “We’re not related and we’re not dating anyone else.”

“Did you tell Maisie about your idea?” Kameron says. I see Kyle’s eyes widen in surprise at his brother brazen outburst.

I know about Kyle’s intentions but I can’t admit that without admitting that I’m a snoop.


“This isn’t the time or the place,” Kyle says taking hold of his brother by his upper arm and steering him toward the door.

“You need to be honest with her,” Kameron says, turning to me. “Kyle doesn’t just want to be with you alone. He wants us to all be with you.” He shakes his head. “That didn’t sound right. Kyle wants to find one woman who’ll be with all of us…and he thinks that woman is you.”

I take a step back, shocked that Kameron has thrown this all out in the open. I don’t know what to say because I don’t know how I feel. Confused would be the top emotion followed by aroused and worried. Mostly I’m concerned about acting surprised right now.


“Polyamory,” Kameron says.

“Fuck.” Kyle turns to me, his face grave but he doesn’t deny a thing.

“Is that true?” I ask.

Kyle nods, leaving his brother to stand in front of me and take hold of my hand. “Kameron has made this sound worse than it is.”

“How?” Kameron says exasperatedly. “All I’ve done is state the truth, plain and simple.”

“Yes, without the reason.” Kyle’s eyes find mine. “I…I don’t want our family split apart by relationships. If we could find one woman it would bring us all together…link us forever. Do you see what I mean?”

“Yes…but all of you?”

Kameron makes a disagreeable sound. “Like this would ever be accepted by Mom.”

“Mom doesn’t get to decide everything,” Kyle says.

I turn to Kameron, wanting to know where he stands. “And you…you don’t want this?”

Kameron shifts on his feet, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “It’s not that I don’t want it…”

“So you do want it?”

Kyle turns to his brother. “He feels the same about you as I do, but he’s holding back because of the circumstances.”

“Circumstances?” My mind is scrambled and I don’t seem to be able to follow what is being discussed. Kyle and Kameron fix each other with steely, narrowed eyes, both brothers convinced the other’s actions are wrong.

I shift my feet, gathering my robe closer and just at that moment, I feel something trickling down my legs. Kyle’s seed. I look down, mortified, and then up, just in time to see that Kameron has spotted it.

He takes a deep breath and groans, his eyes closing slowly as though he’s in pain. He shakes his head as though he’s trying to dislodge some sense in it. Then, when he opens his eyes again, there’s something new in his expression.


He takes a step closer and gazes down at me, his blue eyes like fractured sapphires. Then he bends, his hand going between my knees, sliding up the inside of my thigh, gathering his brothers cum onto his skin. “You let him fuck you without protection?” he asks, his hand at the top of my thigh, just an inch from my pussy. I’m mesmerized by his actions and jewel-like eyes so it’s all I can do to nod.

His fingers travel higher, just one running over the seam of my pussy, tantalizingly slowly.

My heart skitters as I hear Kyle making a strangled noise from behind us. He’s not jealous like any normal man would be. He’s turned on that his brother is taking steps to seduce me. He wants this, even though it’s crazy.

I reach out and grab Kameron’s bicep, needing something solid to steady me. My knees feel as though they might give way, I’m so aroused.

“Close the door,” Kameron murmurs. “And lock it this time.”

I hear the click of the door and latch but my eyes never leave Kameron’s. Damn, he’s so tall that my neck is aching. His finger finds my clit and it presses softly, lingering while I’m desperate for it to circle.

“You want this?” he asks. I could tell him that his question comes a little late in the proceedings. He already has his finger on my button and his brother’s come on his skin. I’d say I’m a bird in the hand rather than one in the bush at this point. Telling him yes is hard to do, though. Hard because this is all happening so fast. Hard because I know that any bystander would tell me that I’m a slut for wanting this so hard that I’m trembling.

They are my stepbrothers. They’re twins for heaven’s sake. Their mom would have an embolism and my dad would be so disappointed with us all.

But they’re not here right now. It’s just us, all practically vibrating with need.

My throat is tight but I manage to nod, and when Kameron’s eyes close slowly with relief and arousal, I have to grip him even harder.

Then he takes his hand away.

Was all of this a big game? Let’s see if we can fuck Maisie. Maybe they’ve set up cameras and they’re going to share all of this on campus. I’ll be the girl that becomes an urban legend. “She did what? Fucked her stepbrothers?” It’ll be whispered and gasped over for years to come.

This shiver of doubt takes my breath away. My stepbrothers have always been big mean bastards. How can I trust that they’re any different now? I want to hope that this isn’t a terrible setup, but I have years of history pricking my nerves.

But then Kameron scoops me up and throws me over his shoulder. He laughs in a boom that’s straight from behind his rock-hard abs and slaps my bare bottom with his palm. Through my hair I see Kyle following behind as I’m carried back into the bedroom.

I’m dropped onto the bed like a sack of potatoes, my hair straggled over my face. I swipe to clear my eyes, only to find myself staring at Kameron, who is tugging his shirt over his head in one sexy movement. Oh God, his body is too much. Too much because a carbon copy of him is standing at his side.

Twins who are so gorgeous I feel like my eyeballs might crack from looking at them.

“Open your legs,” Kameron orders.

I do as he’s asked, conscious that I’m messy down there. I think that’s what he wants to see.

“Why did you let my brother come inside you?”

I look up the ceiling because telling him my rationale will give too much away about how I feel about them, but what will they think of me if I don’t tell them? A girl who doesn’t care about her safety. A girl who’s done this kind of thing before.

“I’m on the pill…and I…I trusted him.”

Kameron nods. “Do you trust me?” There’s a tinge of doubt in his voice. He thinks that I like his brother more than I like him. Maybe that’s a little bit true. I’ve seen more of Kyle’s true personality than I have of Kameron’s, but I’ve seen enough to know that he’s a good guy just like his twin.

A man with standards, who loves his family enough to put his own urges second. At least until he’s tempted one step too far.

“Yes,” I say and his eyes seem to sparkle. His mouth quirks up on one side, revealing a dimple that gives him a cuteness that jars with the sheer size of him. When he pushes his sweats and boxers down, the sheer size of him is the only thing on my mind.

Kyle wasn’t wrong about them having identical cocks. I get to compare them when he drops his trousers too. Kameron turns to his brother. “You’ve had your turn,” he says.

“Maybe, but there’s plenty of Maisie to go around.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was making a dig about my weight but I know he’s not referring to that. The way they’re both looking at me is hungry and appreciative.

I’ve seen enough porn to know what happens when two men fuck one woman, and they’re right. There is plenty of me to go around. Pussy, hands, mouth. Maybe even ass, although the size of them and my virgin status in that area would make that prohibitive.

Kameron climbs onto the bed, his hands shoving my robe aside until my breasts are bared to him. His finger traces around my nipple and to a raised pink blemish that’s been left behind by his brother’s overzealous mouth. “He marked you,” he says. “Did you like that?”

I touch the patch that looks like a hickey. “I didn’t even notice.”

Kameron grins. “Too caught up in the moment. I guess that’s a good thing.”

Kyle climbs onto the bed, coming to kneel next to my head. He touches the hickey too. “I like my mark on you. It looks good.”

“It looks like I got mauled by an over excited teenager,” I say, raising my eyebrows.

Kameron splutters with laughter. “I think she just owned you, bro.”

Kyle bends down and takes my nipple between his lips, biting gently and sucking hard. “She better be careful because I can own her right now.”

“Not before I get my chance.” Kameron’s fingers go between my legs, stroking through all my slipperiness before pushing inside me. I groan, arching off the bed as he begins to press me rhythmically. Oh God, where did he learn to do this? My toes curl, my eyes closing because it’s too much. Kyle’s mouth goes to my nipple again and the sucking and pressing is an urgent rhythm. They’re going to make me come so easily that it’s embarrassing.

“Mmmm…” I groan and I can feel Kyle smiling against my skin. “No…Oh…” I’m stuttering, charging toward the precipice of so much pleasure that I’m scared I’m going to break apart. They’re playing me like virtuosos and… “Shit…shit…Oh…”

“She’s coming,” Kameron says huskily, and I am. Oh I am. He stops moving his fingers as my pussy clamps down around his hand, rippling and rippling with an orgasm that seems to go on forever.

Just three big fingers and a hot mouth. That’s all it took to break me open.

My heart is racing so hard and fast that I imagine they can see it fighting against my ribs. They give me enough time to come back around and then Kameron is rolling me over and grabbing me around the stomach, tugging me into a kneeling position, although my elbows still rest on the bed. His big rough hand strokes over my hips and ass and up the inside of my round thighs. “Damn,” he says appreciatively. These boys really do love my curves. His legs fit between mine, nudging my knees until they’re spread wider. The cold air caresses my sensitive flesh for a moment until I feel the blunt head of Kameron’s very hot cock slotting against my entrance. “You ready?” he asks. What a gentleman.

“She’s ready.” Kyle shifts until he’s kneeling in front of me, his cock fisted tightly. Oh God, is he going to do what I think he’s going to do?

He strokes his cock over my bottom lip. “Open up, baby,” he says.

I lick out my tongue, tasting his arousal and mine. Kyle groans at the same time as his brother, as they both bury themselves deep inside me.

It’s hard to breathe, Kyle is so big. He grips my hair but he doesn’t force me to go deeper than I can handle.

There is something so unbelievably sexy about being owned this way. Two men taking their pleasure from my body, as they work to give me mine. Two men worshiping at my altar.

Kameron’s finger finds my clit as Kyle reaches to twist my nipple. Every nerve ending in my body seems to fire up as they thrust into me in matching rhythms. Kameron’s cock feels so good. Big and thick and deep. A flash of how my pussy looked stretched around his twin enters my mind and I groan around Kyle’s cock, the vibrations making his thighs tremble.

“Shit,” Kameron says, gripping my ass, the movement of his hips speeding and becoming irregular. He’s getting close and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Too much pleasure too fast is a head rush.

My clit is swollen beyond anything I thought possible, his finger rubbing slow, around and around until my legs begin to shake too. Kyle leaks pre-cum into my mouth, the taste of his arousal intensifying.

I want to gasp out. To moan. To groan. Anything to let them know how amazing they are making me feel but I can’t do anything because my mouth is filled with so much cock. I’m so close to coming that my arms start to give way and Kyle has to hold me up.

“Gnnnnn…” is the only sound I can make as the orgasm that’s been building hits me like a brick. It’s short and powerful and gut-wrenching in the best possible way, only made better when Kyle fills my mouth and Kameron unloads in my pussy.

I swallow and Kyle jerks, taking hold of his cock and easing it from my lips. He’s sensitive now and when I gaze up at him, the pinkness in his cheeks makes me want to laugh with a big bubble of delight. Kameron flops forward, resting his weight on one arm. His lips find the small of my back and he kisses the dimples I have there as he pants his way through the aftermath of his orgasm.

His cock slides out from inside me, and I feel the trickle of his cum run over my clit and drip onto the bed. I take a finger and put it between my legs, loving the slipperiness of all of our pleasure combined.


There isn’t any other word in the English language that can cover what that was.

Better than any sex I’ve ever had before.

Better than any sex I’ve been able to imagine.

And it was with two of my stepbrothers.

“Maisie,” Kameron murmurs against my spine. “Where you been all my life?”

“I told you,” Kyle says. “She’s perfect.”

“She’s our stepsister,” Kameron says pulling back. “And what we just did could blow this family apart.”

The high I was experiencing disappears like an exploded balloon, pieces of my happiness and euphoria drifting to the floor like torn rubber, but before I have a chance to say anything, a phone starts to ring.


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