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HUGE PLAYERS: Chapter 16

Morning comes and I’m feeling bruised between my legs. It’s a bittersweet thing to remember pleasure that will probably never happen again. That is, at least if Kameron gets his way. Sara returns my call, finally, and I tell her everything that happened at the hospital, up until Kyle came over. I ask her about Red and she tells me her lips are sealed, at least until we’re together in person. The girl is a serious tease, but I can’t complain because it’s not like I’m being open and honest about my own sex life.

I grab my things and head over to the house, feeling seriously famished. For a change, Kyle, Kameron, Jessie, and Joshua are all in the kitchen eating breakfast. There is a stack of pancakes on the counter. Kyle points. “Those are for you.”

“Wow. Who’s been busy this morning?”

“Kyle,” Jessie snorts. “For some reason he’s turned into Martha Stewart overnight.”

“Shut up,” Kyle says, tossing a balled napkin at his brother’s head. It seems to be a regular occurrence between these brothers.

“I don’t know who the fuck he’s trying to impress,” Joshua snorts, looking at me through narrowed eyes as he sips his coffee. He glances over at Kyle as though he can smell there is something going on under his very nose.

“I thought Mom could do with us helping out a bit around the house, now that she’s so stressed about Jameson.”

“Mom never makes us breakfast,” Joshua says.

“Thanks,” I say, helping myself to the pancakes, which are still warm. There’s a cup waiting for me to pour myself coffee too. Kyle certainly has been thinking about me and that fact warms my heart. If he’s trying to show me what kind of boyfriend he could be, he’s doing a good job in dispelling my suspicion that they’re all Mommy’s boys.

“You need to collect Jameson’s work from the main office today,” Jessie tells Joshua. “Mom’s arranged for it to be collated so that he doesn’t slip behind.”

“Doesn’t slip behind academically, you mean. He’s got to stay off that knee and that isn’t going to do anything for his fitness.”

“It is what it is,” Jessie says. “There’s fuck all he can do to change anything now.”

“It’s what it’s going to do to his mental state that I’m worried about,” Kyle says. “Festering in one fucking room while Mom fusses around him. He’s going to end up going out of his mind.”

There are nods of agreement from his brothers.

“Well, we’ll just need to cheer him up,” I say, chewing a mouthful of pancake that I have to admit is nicer than mine. I will have to ask Kyle for his recipe, but maybe not in front of his brothers.

There’s a rumbling chuckle from Joshua and Jessie. “And how are you proposing to do that?”

“Joshua, leave her alone,” Kameron says. “She’s got a point. We’ll need to do everything we can to keep his spirits up.”

“And Maisie wants to do that?” Joshua is watching me with those appraising eyes again. I swear I feel that he’s looking through my clothes right now.

“Of course she does,” Kyle says. “Jameson is her stepbrother, just like the rest of us. We’re family.”

Kameron chokes and Joshua fixes his eyes on his brother as he swipes for his coffee and takes a gulp to clear his throat.

“I’ll do what I can.”

Kyle nods and slaps Kameron on the back. “That’s all any of us can do.”

“Maybe you should go up and see him now,” Joshua says.

It’s Kyle’s turn to narrow his eyes on his brother. There is definitely something going on here that I’m not quite understanding.

“Sure. Shall I take him some breakfast?”

“That would definitely cheer him up.”

“Okay.” I pop the last morsel of my pancake into my mouth and stand to assemble Jameson a plate of food and a cup of hot steaming coffee. I leave my bag in the kitchen and carry the tray up the stairs until I’m outside my old bedroom. The door is ajar, but only by a crack, and it’s quiet inside. Maybe Jameson is still sleeping. Maybe that’s what Joshua’s game is all about. Making me wake his brother up so that I get an earful of abuse. Nice.

I tap softly but there’s no answer. I push the door open slowly with the edge of the tray. It slides smoothly until I’m standing in the open doorway looking at a very naked Jameson. Well, naked apart from his knee.

Oh God. I thought that looking at Kyle and Kameron naked was hard enough. They’re just too perfect for my eyes to take in. But this with Jameson is worse. He’s lying on his back, his good leg slightly bent and his face totally peaceful. But it’s the rock-hard planes of his body that have my heart racing, and his cock, which seems to be the only awake part of him. It’s standing straight and proud as though he’s having a dirty dream and his body is ready to fuck as a result. Lordy. My hands start to tremble, but my feet are frozen in place.

What the hell should I do? Backing out of here would be the sensible thing to do. Take the tray downstairs and tell the boys he’s asleep.

Then I realize what Joshua was doing when he told me to come upstairs. He must know his brother sleeps naked. Maybe he looked in to check on Jameson before he went down for breakfast and knew exactly what I’d be faced with.

What if Janice or Dad emerge into the corridor and see what I’m looking at right now with eyes that are bugging out? What would they think? That I’m a pervert.

Why the hell did I agree to do this? I should have known that it was a trick. It’s their way of operating, after all. I was lulled into a false sense of security by Kyle, and, to a certain extent, Kameron.

Joshua hasn’t changed though. He’s still an arrogant and spiteful ass.

Even if I did want to be with Kyle and Kameron, their brothers are definitely another story.

“You gonna stand there all day looking at my cock or are you planning to come in and give me my breakfast?” Jameson says and I nearly jump out of my skin. His eyes are still closed but he’s obviously very aware that I’m here. I stumble into the room, trying to avert my eyes from his erection and find a place to rest the tray. Jameson makes no effort to cover himself or to sit up.

“Sorry,” I say. “I didn’t know.”

“That I’d have my cock out? Which one of those bastards downstairs sent you up here?”

“Joshua,” I say, staring at a poster of a girl in a cheerleader’s costume that leaves next to nothing to the imagination; currently pride of place on Jameson’s wall.

“That’d be about right.”

“I bought you coffee and pancakes, and I’m going to go now.” I sound like a room service maid who’s stumbled into a guest bedroom while they’re having sex.

Jameson’s hand goes to his cock, pressing it flat against his abdomen, but unable to fully conceal it. He turns his head to me and opens his bright eyes slowly. “You sure stood there a long time,” he says, his mouth quirking into a lopsided smile. “You never seen a cock before, or just never one this big?”

I want to tell him that I’ve seen two that are just as big as his just last night, but that would be foolish.

“I was checking out what you did with my room. I have to say the posters aren’t really to my taste.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to like staring at women’s tits,” Jameson says. “But it might be interesting to know if you did.”

I shake my head, a traitorous blush rising up my cheeks. Jameson licks his lips. “You were staring at my cock, princess, weren’t you? I could practically feel your greedy eyes touching it.”

“My eyes aren’t greedy and it’s nothing special.”

Jameson snorts. The arrogant asshole. “I know it’s special. You know how. Because of the sounds that leak out of women when I fuck them. Whimpering begging sounds.”

“Begging for you to stop?” I say.

Jameson chuckles. “Sometimes, when the pleasure just gets too much.”

A shiver runs up my spine and across my scalp because I know exactly what he’s talking about. It’s how I felt last night when his twin brothers were both buried inside me.

“You ever fucked a man with a cock like this?” Jameson asks. As if I need reminding of what it looks like, he moves his hand and it springs up to attention again.

“That’s none of your business,” I say.

“Would you like to?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“It’s the question a horny man asks his pretty stepsister in about seventy percent of the porn on the internet.”

“Well, this isn’t a porn movie, and you should really cover that,” I say. “If my dad or your mom stumbled upon us like this, it wouldn’t be me looking like a sexual predator.”

“Are you sure about that? It’s you who’s in my room, staring at my naked body after all.”

“Not anymore,” I say, turning to leave the room.


“What?” When I turn Jameson has tugged his comforter over his lower half and is struggling to pull himself into a seated position.

“Can you give me the tray?”

I want to tell him to get it himself because he’s been such an ass, but seeing such a big and powerful man wincing and struggling hurts my heart. He might be an ass, but he’s a wounded ass and I have way too much empathy for my own good.

I stomp my way back to where I rested the tray and pick it up. By the time I’ve turned, Jameson is settled against his pillows, waiting.

“Thanks,” he says when I rest it on his lap.

“You gonna be okay?”

“In a minute I’m going to need to get up to pee. Want to help me with that too?” He winks and my hand itches to slap his grin off his face even as my body flushes at the thought of wrapping my fingers around his perfect dick.

Sexual urges are a blessing and a curse. But mostly a curse.

“I think I’ll leave that fun job to your momma. She changed enough of your diapers. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

He’s still chuckling when I reach the top of the stairs. I guess I did do something to cheer him up. Maybe this will be what I do to keep his spirits high. Lots of banter before and after classes. I can relay gossip and he can make jokes dripping with innuendo.

I’m kinda looking forward to it already.


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