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Knot Your Damn Omega: Chapter 44


Luke carried me up the steps and into the house, the mixture of all of our scents meeting me like an old friend. This was home now, not just me wondering if it was.

I was home.

Tucking my face into Luke’s neck, I held him tighter. He seemed to know, squeezing me right back.

“Hungry?” Avery asked.

“Not for food.”

Ben laughed. “I feel like we should make this more romantic. There’s nothing saying we all have to bond at one time, or right away.”

Looking over Luke’s shoulder at him, I pinned him with a stare. “We’re going to have all the time in the world for romance. I want to feel all of you. Please?”

I’d informed them before we left the hospital we were bonding when we got home, and I still wanted it. They were mine and I was theirs, and I didn’t want to wait anymore. They even agreed to a photoshoot like my mom wanted. That was, if I agreed to the sexy photoshoot they wanted to match the pictures I had with Ben. Or rather, to go further than the one I had with him.

Whoever ended up taking those photos would sign a hell of an NDA if we didn’t end up taking them ourselves.

Ben kissed me over Luke’s shoulder. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m really fucking sure.”

Luke laughed. “Nest?”

“Yes, please.” I couldn’t imagine anywhere else for it.

My nest. It was a relief to say it now. Everything was mine. I almost couldn’t breathe with all the joy packed into my chest right now.

“I’ve been thinking about where I want to bite you,” Luke whispered.

Arousal dropped through me like a stone in a clear pond, creating ripples through everything. “Did you decide?”

“Not yet. I’ve got a few places in mind.”

“And they are?”

He smirked. “Secret. For now.” I made a face, and he laughed. “I’m sure everyone else has been thinking about theirs.”

We entered the nest and he lowered the lights before gently setting me on the cushions. The hospital gave me crutches, but I was pretty sure if they were around I wasn’t going to be allowed to use them. Maybe if I went to my studio, but that was it. They hadn’t even let me sit in the wheelchair, passing me from one set of arms to another.

I put up a fuss, but I loved it. Being held by them was another reminder this was real and I was theirs. Soon, there wouldn’t be any doubt for any of us.

“Does my bite on Rylan act the same?” I asked as they filed into the room. “Is it touch sensitive?”

Rylan nodded. “From what I know, yes.”

Rubbing my hands together, I grinned. “Interesting. Any requests?”

“Nope.” He tugged my shirt up over my head. “Bite me wherever you want.”

Thankfully, I’d showered at the hospital. It hadn’t been easy, and I’d had to do it mostly sitting down, but I was glad to have all the mud off me, and it made this faster.

I still felt a bit awkward after everything. But they wouldn’t hear of it. They were too understanding, and too good.

And they were mine.

“You know,” Ben said. “Some packs exchange rings and some don’t. We had another idea. A gift for the bonding.”

I leaned back, allowing Rylan to pull my skirt off my hips. “You don’t have to give me gifts for every occasion, you know.”

“That’s debatable,” Avery said. “But for this one? Yes. Yes, we do.”

Ben knelt in front of me as I sat back up next to Rylan. “We’d love to give you a sleeve. Made up of all of our styles. It’s not something that can be lost or taken off, and it’s even more visible than a claiming mark.”

My mouth popped open. “Really?”

“Really.” He grinned. “And we’d each get something as well. Not all of us have room for sleeves, but something.”

Yes.” There wasn’t any hesitation. I didn’t care about the pain. I wanted them on me. “Yes, absolutely. And I want it before Eva gets her tattoo because like hell is my pack going to tattoo her before me.”

Ben climbed over me, pushing me back onto the cushions. “You know mine’s going to be a cupcake, right?” He traced a hand down my arm. “And it’s going to be so realistic people will want to take a bite out of your arm.”

I burst out laughing. “That’s going to be so weird, but I can’t imagine anything else.”

My Alpha kissed along my jaw, working his hands beneath me to take my bra off. “We’re all getting tattoos with you. Matching ones. Your choice.”

I couldn’t even fathom all the options there. “Maybe I could design something.”

“Hell yes,” Ben said, tossing my bra aside. “And None of us are going to knot you now. Because after we’re finished bonding with you, that’s only the beginning.”

“What do you mean?”

I was breathless, already overwhelmed by the feeling of him and the scent of all of them and the realization this was about to become permanent.

“It means we have to be careful of your ankle, but other than food, we’re not planning on leaving the nest tonight.”

The frenzy Eva mentioned. Like a heat, but not quite. “Yes.”

Ben’s hand skimmed down my stomach and beneath my underwear, finding my clit and teasing me. “It doesn’t matter what order we do this in,” he whispered. “Choose who feels right. We’re all going to bond with you, and I can’t fucking wait to make you mine.”

A moan slipped out of me at the same time he slipped a finger inside me. “Do it,” I breathed. “Make me yours.”

Thumb circling my clit, he kept teasing me, drawing me into pleasure and arousal, enough to overcome the soreness in my body and the occasional pulse of pain from my ankle.

I shuddered and arched, impatient for all of him. “Ben, I’m going to need you to fuck me.”

“Bossy little Omega.” He removed his fingers and stripped my underwear off to toss them aside. Kade caught them and inhaled right where my pussy had been. A combination of embarrassment, shock, and lust ignited in me.

Ben bent his head, licking up the center of me and sucking my clit between his lips briefly. “Just needed a taste.”


His stare held me still, and it felt like he grew taller as he stripped. “You told me you’d suck a dick all day if it tasted like a cupcake. Well, turns out since meeting you I love tea.” Bracing himself over me, he brushed my lips with his. “And I will suck a clit all day if it tastes like tea.”

“Fuck,” I moaned.

“Yes, ma’am.” And he slammed into me.

Oh. My. God.

There wasn’t a warm-up, and I didn’t want one. Ben unlocked all of his Alpha, fucking me with every ounce of his strength. Raw, wild, and deep, my Omega woke up and took over.

This was different, and we both knew it. Claiming in every sense of the word. Marking himself inside just as he was about to with his teeth.

“Bite me,” I gasped. “Bite me, Alpha.”

Ben growled, moving faster. Harder. Untamed pleasure was a storm inside me, breaking open for him. I didn’t need to climb the peak, I was already there soaring through the clouds.

I bared my neck for him, turning my head to the right, and arching. He hadn’t told me where he wanted to bite me, and I didn’t care. I just needed him, and I needed it now.

His mouth moved over my skin, drawing a whine from me. “I love you, Esme Williams,” Ben said.

And then he bit me.

I came, the pleasure a fucking fiery tornado ripping me apart and putting me back together the same and differently. Suddenly I didn’t just feel myself, I felt him. In the center of my chest, there was a joy and a sweetness that felt like Ben.

He was drowning in just as much pleasure and awe as I was. And Love. There was so much love it stole my breath. It went down to the core of his being, rooted there so deeply it couldn’t be shaken.


He loved me.

“Yes,” he whispered in my ear, both of us trembling with the newness of this. “I love you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” It wasn’t hard to say it now. The words were the most natural thing in the world. How could I have held them back?

Ben licked over his claiming mark, sending another blizzard of pleasure swirling through me, strong and sharp. “I’m going to like doing that,” he murmured. “Every day.”

“Every day?”

“Every fucking day.” He kissed me and finally pulled back far enough for me to breathe. I could still feel him in my chest like a miracle. Nothing I’d ever heard about mating bonds made them sound like this. Like souls being twisted together so tightly they could never separate.

It was incredible Eva and her Alphas made it all the way through the ceremony.

My other men were already naked, and I was feral. Rylan was the closest, and I didn’t wait for him to come to me. I was barely conscious of the movement but for the brief pain in my ankle.

Shoving him back onto the cushions, he laughed, catching me before I collapsed and helping me ease down onto his cock. “God, yes.”

“You gonna ride me, Esme?”

I couldn’t answer him—I could only move. Rolling my hips, I took him all the way down to the place where his length could reach, making stars shine behind my eyes.

My first orgasm still lingered under my skin, new pleasure catching it and spinning up into everything new. I was an addict needing a fix of each of them. It wouldn’t be enough. Not nearly enough until I carried all of them with me.

“Ry,” the word barely made it past my lips.

He was looking up at me and never away. In his eyes I saw everything we didn’t need to say—everything he’d already told me. That I was pack and belonged with him, and he belonged with me.

Pleasure stole my strength, and I collapsed against his chest, following the instincts driving me. He was my Beta. My Beta. The place where his neck met his shoulder smelled the sweetest, and I bit before I could hesitate.

Rylan groaned, climax taking him a second after it took me. He was there in my chest alongside Ben now, and it was no less a miracle to feel him there. The way he looked at the world and saw me, so different, and yet the thread of love was the same.

“I choose you,” I told him, gasping for the air in my lungs. It was what he’d told me that night, that he felt like I’d already chosen them, and I had. “I choose you, Rylan.”

The emotion on his face was clear, echoed in our new bond. I turned, looking at Ben. “Can you feel him?”

He nodded. “An echo.”

My smile was so wide it hurt. Not only would they be able to feel me, but each other. And that was incredible.

I kissed Rylan until neither of us could breathe and both of us were laughing before I slid to the side and off him.

An arm snaked around my middle and pulled me backward. “Come here, sweetheart.” Luke was underneath me, my back to his chest, and Avery was there in front. They were entering me together, and I could no longer see a single thing.

“Oh fuck, I’m never going to get used to this.”

“Better not, baby girl. Cause I like the sight of you squirming on two cocks.”

Luke growled, and it was the hottest thing I’d ever heard. “Get her up.”

They moved together, both standing while deep inside me, and gravity made them slide deeper. It was like I weighed nothing, trapped between them, both of them driving in. One and then the other, then together, and back again.

My head fell back onto Luke’s shoulder. It was too much pleasure too fast. So, so good. “I can’t breathe,” I told them. “Too much.”

“I decided,” Luke said, grabbing my left hand and rubbing his thumb over the underside of my wrist. “Right here. So when I tie you to my bed, every time you struggle, you’ll remember who you belong to.”

He pulled my wrist to his mouth and bit, and I was weightless in a crystal blue sea. Nothing but light and water and the scent of the ocean. Every particle and drop was filled with him and his scent and the pleasure ringing between the two of us.

Our bond settled in my chest—the calm steadiness of who he was. All that power and dominance, and love so strong it felt like steel.

Pain spiked through my other hand followed by another wave of orgasm. Avery’s teeth bit into my palm below my thumb, filling me with warmth as our bond locked into place as surely as his knot. The four of them echoing inside me—it felt like chaos, and yet it wasn’t.

It was right.

“You’re mine now, baby girl,” Avery whispered. “Can’t get rid of me.”

Luke kissed me under the ear before he stepped away, and Avery pushed me against the cushioned wall of the nest, thrusting deep once more. I was dripping, a mess with all of them, and I wanted more.

Avery held me long enough for Kade to take his place, still pinning me to the wall, my knees at my shoulders, all of me open for the taking.

And take me he did.

Every ridge of his piercings made me moan, and they were lost in his kisses. The ring in his lip was another reminder of who he was, anchoring me as I slowly lost myself to the frenzy of the moment and the newness of bonding with the men I loved.

“The next time I chase you—”

“Next time?”

He growled, thrusting harder. “I hope you didn’t think it was the only time.”

“I’m glad it’s not. Oh!

Kade’s hands gripped under my knees, pressing me more into the wall so I was held there more by his cock than anything else.

“The next time I chase you, it will be far harder for you to hide.”

The image painted itself in my mind, feeling him hunting me and the sharp, primal nature of his need. And he was going to feel everything. Every shattered breath and burst of fear. It would make him hard, and every step he took toward me, stalking me like prey would make me wet.

I came, spasming around his cock and throwing my head back against the cushions and baring the other side of my neck. “Yes. Please, please, please.”

“Always, baby.” Kade’s teeth sank into my neck, the twin bite to Ben’s, and I exploded.

My vision went dark, and I heard my ragged cries echoing through the nest as I took what I needed, thrusting against Kade just as hard as he was fucking me. All of them were there with me, bonded, permanently a part of me, and the orgasm wasn’t done with me. I was merely a vessel for all the sensations, going on forever and rippling through the entirety of our pack.

Our pack.

I had a pack.

Tears were on my cheeks when I came back to myself, curled on my side on the cushions with Kade behind me.

“Happy tears,” I said. “Happy fucking tears.”

Their happiness echoed in my chest, and it made mine brighter. “Wow, that’s going to take some time to get used to,” I said, sitting up.

“No kidding,” Ben laughed. “We’ve been a pack for years, and I feel like we’re brand new.”

“You’re the strongest,” Luke said to me. “But the others are there too. Dimmer, but I can still feel them.”

“I love that.” My whole body flushed pink with pleasure. “I love you.”

Kade reached out and ran a finger over his bite. Instantly, I was a puddle between my thighs and desperate for a knot. “How long will it be like that?” I asked. “Not that I’m complaining, but if I collapse into an orgasm whenever you touch my bites, none of us will ever leave the nest.”

Rylan snorted. “And that’s a bad thing?”

“I almost bit you here,” Avery reached over and slapped the back of my thigh, just below my ass. “So I could use it when I spank you. But it was too tempting. I’d have you over my lap every day.”

“You’re all going to kill me,” I moaned. “Death by orgasm.”

Ben laughed, the sound filling the room. “But what a way to go.”

Bringing my knees up to my chest, I looked at all of them. “I know you don’t want me to say it anymore, so it’s just this once. I’m sorry. I know there are reasons I reacted the way I did, but I still shouldn’t have run. I promise from now on the only time I’ll run from you is when Kade is chasing me.”

He purred in response. “Name the day, baby. I’m ready to hold you down and fuck you till you scream.”

Now that we were bonded, he felt every detail of how much I liked his idea.

“I love you,” I said, addressing all of them. “And it didn’t just happen. It’s been happening for a while, and I’m so—”

A sob choked off my words.

I’d cried more than enough, but I was so relieved and so happy to be here with them. To have a pack and have a family. Now I didn’t have to say the words for all of them to feel it.

“We love you too, baby girl,” Avery’s voice held wavering emotion too. “You’re our Omega now.”

All of us moved at once, suddenly a tangle of limbs and mouths. Rylan was kissing me and then Luke’s mouth was there. So many hands on my skin it felt like heaven.

All of their marks were touched, and I was simply an inferno. “We’re not leaving the nest, right?”

“We are not,” Ben confirmed.

“Thank fuck,” I said. “Because I need a knot wherever I can take one. And Rylan—”

“Oh, I forgot.” Rylan sprinted out of the nest like his ass was on fire, and we all laughed. But he was back in less than a minute, holding something I’d only seen in ads. “I can knot you too.”

He slid the toy onto his cock, where it rested, forming a knot at the base, and my eyes went wide. Rylan smirked. “Surprise.”

I swallowed. “Then what I said stands. I need knots wherever I can take one. Until I can’t anymore.”

Luke took my hand and kissed his claiming bite, making me dissolve into nothing but need. “As you wish, sweetheart.”

The frenzy took us, and Ben was right.

We didn’t leave the nest.


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