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Lilac: Chapter 68


A door slammed behind me, and I flinched from the unexpected sound as keys scraped inside the lock before I heard the click from it turning.

“How long do we have?” Houston asked cryptically. I knew it was him that took my arm a moment later and began steering me forward.

“Not long,” Loren muttered. It was his birthday today, and for his present, he asked me to wear a blindfold.

I drew in a nervous breath.

Hopefully, today wouldn’t be a repeat of Houston’s birthday two and a half months ago. We had to delay the tour again while my brain healed, and it wasn’t scheduled to resume until the end of summer—pending my doctor’s approval, of course.

I was already back to feeling normal. Mostly.

There were still no phantom smells or tastes, but as promised, I was adjusting. I was learning how to identify my emotions without my superpowers, as Loren dubbed them. Emily’s attack had changed us all, but it wouldn’t define what we became.

Suddenly, my brows dipped, but not from that memory. From another.

Why did this place smell so familiar?

I recognized that sweet, warm, and woodsy incense. It only grew stronger as the wooden floor creaked underneath my feet. I was being led…somewhere.

I still wasn’t allowed to see.

We’d flown three hours to get here, drove for thirty minutes once we landed, and the entire time I kept my blindfold on for them.

Houston, Loren, and Rich.

The four of us rarely separated for longer than a couple of hours since I was released from the hospital. Where one went, we all went.


I was slowly led up three short steps.

“Do I get to see now?” I asked once we finally stopped.

The floor was softer here. I could feel the thick carpeting underneath my feet, and for whatever reason, my mind conjured red fibers.

“Not yet,” Rich whispered.

And then the buttons keeping my dress together were slowly being undone.

I knew by the clove soap that Houston was the one who came up behind me and peeled the tight dress from my shoulders once Rich had finished with the buttons.

Appreciative groans echoed around the room.

“I take it you like it?” I asked them with a small smile. I may not have known what they were up to or where they’d taken me, but I knew where the day would eventually lead.

Houston’s hands fell on my hips—I knew because his fingers were softy teasing the light purple lace between my thigh and center—and then he kissed my shoulder. “Yes.”

“And we’re going to show you how much in a minute,” Rich warned.

My legs trembled even as my head swiveled as if I could actually see through the pitch-black cloth. It only heightened my other senses. “Where’s Loren?”

“Over here, baby.” My head turned in the direction we’d come from—toward the smile in his voice. The birthday boy wasn’t standing as close as Houston and Rich, and I wondered why. “They’re going to play with you first,” he announced, reading my mind. “I want you ready for me.”

I drew in a sharp breath. Ready for what exactly?

Unfortunately, I was too tempted by the unknown to ask.

Houston removed the corset pushing my breasts damn near to my chin while Rich disposed of my boots, garter, and panties.

As usual, they left the socks that reached my thighs.

Rich, who must have been kneeling, kissed and sucked on the skin there while Houston palmed my bare breasts with both hands from behind. I could feel his erection against my spine. Eager to get his thick cock inside me, I moaned as I turned my head toward him.

He didn’t need much more convincing to kiss me.

Feeling the pad of Jericho’s fingers push between my lips below, I began to squirm in Houston’s arms. Jericho caressed me—my clit, my entrance—no part of my pussy went untouched. I was dripping now as Houston tweaked my nipples and swallowed the sounds I made.

I heard wood creak a few feet away and imagined Loren shifting in his seat.

Why was I picturing him on a long, wooden bench? Was his cock in his hand? Was he stroking himself as he looked on?

My thoughts were stolen by Jericho’s fingers when he pushed them inside of me and pressed until he was knuckle-deep. He gave me his tongue next, flicking my clit and fucking me hard with his fingers simultaneously. It didn’t take long at all for me to come. Either he was that fucking good or my feelings for him were just too strong. My gut told me it was both.

Houston’s hands left me once I stopped shaking, and he stepped back.

And then Jericho was pulling me down to the floor with him.

My knees dug into the thick carpet with my hands planted on Jericho’s chest as he hurriedly undid his belt. I listened to his clothes rustle as he shoved his jeans and boxers down enough to free his cock. Even the coarse hair peppering his thighs turned me on when he brought me down. I almost came a second time when I felt the thick head of his cock brushing me as he searched for my entrance. Finding it, his hands gripped my hips, and then he pushed me down, burying himself inside me without a word.

Only a groan that mixed with my whimper at his size.

He was so long and thick and unrelenting that each time was like the first time.

I almost understood why Emily had been willing to kill me over him, why she had been ready to kill Jericho than let me have him.

I cried out at the unexpected and harsh slap on my ass as if Jericho had heard my thoughts and wanted to punish me for them.

“Ride me.”

Smiling, I dug my nails into his chest, making him grunt as I did just that. And as I blindly bounced on Jericho’s cock, I vaguely heard the sound of something popping open.

I paused.

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” the three of them said at the same time.

My stomach burned with anticipation because I knew they were lying. I also knew I’d enjoy whatever they had up their sleeves.

“Come here.” With an unforgiving grip on my hair, Jericho brought my top half down until my naked breasts were pressed against his chest, still covered by his T-shirt. “Did I tell you to stop?” he asked me. I could feel his lips moving against my neck when he spoke.


“Then why aren’t you moving?”

“Jericho…” There were no words left to be said once I flooded his dick.

The hand that had been holding my hip slapped my ass once more when I didn’t move fast enough. Still pressed against his chest with his hand in my hair, I raised and lowered my bottom half, letting him split me open.

“Fuck,” I heard either Houston or Loren groan from behind.

Bent over like this, I knew they could see Jericho’s monster dick tunneling into me over and over again. The only sound Jericho made was the little puffs of air he released, telling me he was holding himself back from coming.

Even with the blindfold, my eyes were closed.

The feeling was just too good.

I heard soft footfalls and felt the rush of air and clove soap wafting the air when Houston crouched behind me. I stiffened, and as soon as my hips began to slow, Jericho slapped my ass again to keep me moving.

I wasn’t allowed to stop. Not until he was good and ready.

Houston waited patiently.

The three of them quietly listened to my cries echoing around the mysterious room, and I knew it was because they were also enjoying the sound of my sopping pussy being abused.

They didn’t relent until I came hard a second time, and then…

Jericho gripped my hips with both hands.

He didn’t take over fucking me, though.


I was kept seated to the hilt on his dick that was still very much hard.

Wet fingers skimmed my butt cheeks, and I knew they belonged to Houston. I also pieced together what he intended to do just before they pushed between. He circled the entrance to my ass, building up the anticipation until I began to shake in Jericho’s arms before he pushed the tip of his digit inside.

Immediately tensing when he continued pressing, I whimpered Houston’s name, and Jericho soothed me with soft kisses.

“Relax,” he implored me. I shook my head even as I tried to do just that. “You want it to feel good, don’t you?” I placed my head on his shoulder as he rubbed my thighs before nodding weakly. “Then let Houston take care of you, baby. He loves you. We all do.”

Houston placed a kiss on my back, punctuating Rich’s claim as he continued to open me up, slowly, with one finger, and then with two.

God, it was so tight.

There was so much pressure.

If I tried to imagine for a second how his dick would feel, I might not let myself go through with it. So I took my head out of the equation and let my heart and body reign free.

Once Houston worked both of his fingers inside, Jericho began to fuck me from below.

My lips parted at the sensation.

It wasn’t as intense as when they were both inside my pussy at the same time. At least, not yet. Houston stretched me by tunneling in and out, and soon, I was eagerly anticipating each press of his fingers.

Yes. Fuck yes.

I was starting to wonder how I ever lived without this and them when it all came to a halt. Houston had abruptly pulled his fingers free and moved away. Lifting my head, I started to beg him when Jericho stopped fucking me too and spoke.

“Do you trust us?”

I gulped when I realized I didn’t have to think about the answer. That frightened me. After what we’d gone through to get here, it should. Where they once made room for doubt, they now worked overtime to fill that space.


Jericho’s grip tightened briefly from surprise. He hadn’t been expecting my answer either. I heard the relieved exhale that left him and knew that I would find gratitude in his silver eyes…if only I could see them.

Suddenly, there was a tug on my blindfold as the knot was loosened, and then the cloth was pulled away.

It was dark in here too.

I blinked down at Jericho’s handsome face, which gave nothing away, and then I looked up. My gut-punch reaction told me it was a huge mistake before my brain could catch up.

Wordlessly, I gaped at the wooden planks forming a cross and nailed high near the ceiling. Guilt made my gaze shoot away.

It landed on the altar Houston was casually leaning against just a few feet away.

The very same altar I stood before for three days without food and water while the rest of the town stared and whispered “whore” as they passed by.

It wasn’t just any church Houston, Loren, and Jericho had chosen to fuck me in.

This was Angels of Purity & Faith.

We were in Faithful.

I sucked in a breath just as my jaw was seized from behind, and teeth nipped my cheek. “Ready to give me the rest of my present now?”


I listened as he stroked his cock while he waited. The wet sound as he distributed the lube over every inch told me he already knew what my answer would be.

“I shouldn’t be surprised, so why am I surprised?”

“Because you’re complicated,” Loren told me as he pushed me forward. My breasts were now pressed against Rich’s chest again as his hands kept my ass displayed like an offering for his best friend. “It’s what we love most about you.”

I didn’t get to respond because his dick was there in the next moment, pressing forward and making my lips part.

I’d been prepared for it to hurt, but not like this.

Not like this.


“I know, baby.” He continued to work his crown inside of me. “We’ve got you.” There was a pause, and then, “Distract her.”

I assumed he was talking to Rich, but then Houston was pushing away from the altar where he’d been silent.

My gaze rose from watching his feet carry him forward to watching him undo his belt with pure intent in his green eyes. By the time Houston reached me, his cock was out. I lifted my top half and eagerly swallowed as much of Houston as I could, bobbing my head and losing myself in the taste of him.

Taking advantage, Loren chose that moment to push past that initial resistance with a groan that, with the help of Houston’s dick down my throat, drowned out my cry.

“Fuck, I don’t know what’s tighter,” Loren remarked, his voice strained as he held himself still, “your pussy or your ass.”

I had a few things to say about that.

They were all forgotten when he and Jericho began to move.

Slowly, carefully, the three of them worked together to replace the memories I had of this place and this town. And they didn’t stop until they made themselves clear.

They were my home now.

And I could be as wild as my illicit heart desired.

But first…I had to free it.

Houston came first, then Rich, and finally Loren. Before we could even catch our breath, calm our racing hearts, and let the sweat on our skin dry, I met each of their gazes and they were already watching mine.



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