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Mafia Kings: Dario: Chapter 57

Later in the evening, all the brothers came over to me and Dario.

“Are you ready for the honeymoon?” Lars asked.

“Can’t wait,” Dario said.

“Are you and Massimo still coming along?” I asked.

“Of course,” Lars said.

Massimo smiled. “Somebody has to protect the don and his blushing bride on their honeymoon so they can relax.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll stay far enough away that they can’t hear you at night,” Valentino teased.

I smacked him with my bouquet of flowers.

“Is that even possible?” Roberto asked. “They would have to be miles away!”

I hit Roberto even harder, and both he and Valentino laughed.

I looked over and saw Dario and Adriano talking quietly amongst themselves.

I didn’t catch everything, but I did hear something about ‘Florence’ and ‘the Agrellas.’

When Dario and Adriano came back over, I asked, “Is everything alright?”


“What were you two talking about?”

Dario replied, “When we return from the honeymoon, Massimo and Lars will go with Adriano to Florence.”


“To talk to the Agrellas.”

“Who send their kindest regards but sadly couldn’t be here tonight,” Niccolo said with false saccharine sweetness and a mocking smile.

“Adriano’s going to reestablish our territory,” Dario explained. “He’ll serve as our family’s capo in Florence.”

Capo meant ‘boss’ and was short for caporegime.

Like consigliere, it was another term for the hierarchy within the mafia.

It meant that Adriano would become the family’s representative in Florence…

if he didn’t start a war first.

“It’s fine,” Adriano said reassuringly. “The Agrellas are nothing. Plus I’ll have Lars and Massimo with me.”

I still felt worried.

These were my new brothers-in-law, after all.

“No more business talk tonight!” Niccolo said. “A toast – to the bride and groom!”

“To the bride and groom!” all of the brothers cheered.

We talked and laughed and went around to each of the tables so Dario could greet both friends and enemies –

When we saw Valentino slip off with a giggling Caterina into the nearby gardens.

“Now they have the right idea,” Dario murmured in my ear.

“Don’t you need to say hello to more people?”

“I think I’d rather start the honeymoon early.”

He led me back to the house, where we slipped upstairs to his bedroom.

I started to take off my clothes –

“No,” he said in a lustful voice, “I want to fuck you in your wedding dress.”

I laughed. “Standing up?!”

“Standing up,” he growled.

I gasped as he reached under my dress and pulled my panties down to my ankles. That still left my stockings and garter belt.

I quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was only halfway hard…

But I felt his manhood grow thicker and longer in my hand by the second.

The feeling was indescribably sexy…

And I luxuriated in stroking him to full hardness as we kissed.

I couldn’t stand the anticipation for much longer.

“I need you inside me,” I whispered.

“And I need to be inside you,” he murmured in my ear.

He gathered up the bunches of my wedding dress…

And lifted me effortlessly into the air with one hand under my bare ass and the other around my waist.

I moaned as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He pressed me up against the wall…

And kissed me as he slowly eased the swollen head of his cock into my pussy.

I moaned as he entered an inch, then pulled back.

With his shaft now wet with my juices, he slid in a little bit more and withdrew.

Inch by inch, he sank deeper and deeper inside me…

Until he filled me up completely.

We had never done it standing up, with him lifting me in the air so easily –

And certainly not in a wedding dress and tux.

We French-kissed as he rocked in and out of me.

Pleasure slowly built inside of me with every stroke.

He had a way of grinding his pelvis against me that rubbed deliciously against my clit…

All while his cock moved deep inside me.

And he was sooo thick…

I was moaning, getting closer and closer to an orgasm, when he pulled back enough to look at me.

“How close are you?” he asked as rocked back and forth inside me.

My eyes wanted to roll back in my head, but I forced myself to look at him.

“So close,” I moaned.

“Don’t come yet.”

“Ohhhh – ” I complained.

“Don’t come yet.”

His deep voice was so commanding that I had to obey.

“Alright,” I gasped as I struggled not to tip over the edge.

“Will you do something for me, amore mio? For our wedding day?”

“Anything,” I moaned. “Anything…”

I was so close –

Right on the edge –

It was so hard to hold back –

Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Will you come for me… Signora Rosolini?”

With those words, he made me come harder – and scream louder – than I ever had before.


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